3D panels: simply, it is practical

3D panels: simply, it is practical

Repair or finishing of the new house stimulate interest in novelties in the field of construction materials. Everyone wants to perform works in short terms, without special losses for purse and that at the same time the result of efforts was impressive. 3D panels relatively have appeared recently in the market, but already have managed to rivet on themselves attention and builders and designers. Possibilities of this material allow it to meet the most strict requirements, both the first, and the second.

3D panels: all about material

The covering established on wall or ceiling represents the relief drawing which is brightly selected against the background of smooth surface. Such way of finishing in itself is not new. However before emergence of 3D panels for achievement of the necessary result long laborious works on laying of special plaster, its competent coloring, etc. were required, at the same time the result could disappoint the customer. With use of new covering on everything few hours leave, and the result with guarantee will please the owner of the room.

All the matter is that each 3D panel is plate of certain size on which the relief drawing is already applied. It can be repeating, then the connected sheets form certain “background” pattern on any surface by the size. Or only the fragment of the whole drawing which gathers at installation on type puzzle is applied on one plate. In that case on the plane there is finished panel.

Use of 3D panels yields guaranteed good result. At installation which is carried out rather simply already ready, qualitatively executed image fragments are used. Easy mounting allows very quickly and without special efforts to change interior, having introduced in it non-standard decor. Additional treatment most often is not required to the installed panels.

Why choose covering

The modern covering becomes more and more popular, thanks to set of advantages:

  • Universality. 3D panels are used for the most different purposes, the range of application of plates is very wide. Them decorate ceiling, walls, furniture facades, partitions. They can hide roughnesses of the main surface, act as “highlight” of interior or, on the contrary, to serve as background for brighter parts.
  • Attractive exterior. The number of relief drawings which can be present at panels is practically not limited. Their complexity is also limited only to flight of fancy of developer artists. Material perfectly imitates the most different textures, including the made old options, and can even glow in the dark.
  • Durability. The qualitative plates made with observance of all production requirements with guarantee will serve very long. They are not afraid of mechanical influences, moisture and sunshine. Life cycle, for example, of plaster elements, makes about hundred years.
  • Heat insulation and sound absorption. Relief panels are not only excellent decor. Plates of all types are characterized by high rates of heat insulation and sound absorption that allows to consider them good means for warming and noise attenuation. In this area the acoustic panels from felt or felt allowing to turn any placement to professional recording studio are considered as leaders.
  • Simple mounting. Works are carried out without use of special purpose tools. Plates by means of glue or mounting corners are fixed on surface which does not even need to be leveled specially. It is possible to install relief panels on brick, gypsum cardboard, tree or concrete. For each type of relief panels the producer recommends special glue.

The quantity of shortcomings of 3D panels is minimum. The most significant of them – accumulation of dust on relief surfaces. If when finishing the room this material is used, regular wet cleaning of walls or ceiling becomes necessary. Especially relevant it if plates have been established not end-to-end, and at small distance from each other. In the formed seams dust very quickly gathers. One more negative line – irritation and exhaustion which causes excessive use of relief plates when the room is overloaded with them. It is very simple to get rid of such shortcoming: it is necessary to think over room decor especially carefully.

Variety of options of covering

Properties and cost of 3D panels depend on the material which has become basis on which the relief drawing is applied.

There are several kinds of plates:

  • From plywood and MDF. The relief over which the layer of protective lacquer or the polyvinyl chloride film imitating the most different textures keeps within is applied on the basis. They can be as standard – wood, stone, etc., and original – leather, gilding, etc. The main advantage of such plates – rather low cost which, depending on texture, can fluctuate. However they concede in durability to other versions.
  • Metal, it can be aluminum, stainless steel or copper. Are issued both in “natural” look, and in the form of imitation of different coverings. High strength and durability belongs to positive sides of metal panels except magnificent exterior. To negative – the high cost of plates.
  • Plaster. The durable, nice on the touch material allowing to create very interesting relief drawings in the most different styles. Besides the covering is among environmentally friendly therefore can be established bravely in any interiors.
  • Natural wood. As basis for panels the tree of different breeds including valuable that gives the chance to receive magnificent shades of decor for interior is chosen. Plates from bamboo also belong to the same group. Anyway the covering is very eco-friendly.
  • Glass. For production of panels the tempered material, about 5 mm thick is used in a special way. After processing of surface on it the set of edges which refract the rays of light falling on them is formed. Panels are very beautiful, give to interior ease and some fabulousness. Besides differ in durability and long term of operation.
  • Begasse. Basis for plates – the pressed reed cake. Despite it panels are unreceptive to moisture, are very strong and wearproof. Differ in low cost.
  • Decoacryl. Exclusively effective panels presented in the form of light-scattering or completely transparent sheets in which there is additional decor. It can be leaves, flowers, shells, etc. At competent arrangement of light accents give stunning effect.
  • Felt or felt. Soft textile materials allow to create acoustic panels which have the excellent soundproofing properties. Besides elastic material allows to apply on surface relief pattern easily.
  • Genuine leather. Is among the exclusive options allowing to give to interior luxury shade. Long-lasting, strong and environmentally friendly option.
  • Artificial stone. Externally does not differ from natural material, can imitate different types of stone. The durability and durability is characteristic of plates with small weight that facilitates their mounting.

Relief panels are issued in standard options. However the set of workshops of design suggests to make covering individually. Certainly, it will be more expensive decision. But all features, shortcomings and advantages of certain room will be considered and the optimal variant of decor is chosen.

3D panels: simply, it is practical

As it is possible to use 3D panels in interior

Relief panels erase borders of the real and fantasy world, allowing to create the stunning three-dimensional reality in house walls. At the same time they carry out two tasks at once: esthetic and practical. Plates are very practical. They are used for arrangement of partitions, by zonings of space, dressing of small defects of walls, ceiling, batteries or wiring. Also full-scale cloths – excellent additional sound insulation and heat insulation.

Panels can be stacked on all wall surface that absolutely changes perception of space of the room. The volume horizontal drawing “will visually extend” the room, having made it wider. Plates with vertical pattern “will lift” room ceiling, having added it height and scope. At the same time the unusual relief surface changes interior, doing it to more volume.

Small “inserts” from relief panels – excellent means to introduce bright accent in room decor. The decor of small zone will become way of attraction to it of special attention. On such peculiar background expensive furniture, the home theater or other “special” subject of interior will look very well. Small panels from 3D panels will become excellent independent element of decor, it is necessary to choose the drawing and the invoice only competently.

Relief plates with illumination which enhances three-dimensional effect are especially expressive. The deep relief illuminated by LED tapes or spotlights directed to fragment will play new bright paints. Use of side lighting which helps to emphasize drawing depth favourably is especially recommended.

Variety of drawings and textures of panels allows them to fit, practically, into any on stylistics interior. However there are also special recommendations. Plaster elements with noble structure will look especially well in traditional classical interior in which columns, ceiling eaves and stucco molding are inherent. The ethnic style demands use of the plates decorated by skin or tree. Also elements from noble bronze or copper will harmoniously fit in. Glass and stainless steel – traditional attributes of modern styles: hi-tech, contemporary or minimalism.

Mounting of relief panels from plaster

If desired it is possible to establish 3D covering independently. The panels which were purchased in enough will be necessary for the procedure. Specialists recommend to choose material very carefully: plates are rather expensive, their overexpenditure or the subsequent alteration because of the unsatisfactory choice can strike purse.

From tools and accessory materials will be necessary:

  • glue, it is necessary to buy the structure recommended by the producer for chosen like plates;
  • level and marking pencil;
  • water and clean rags;
  • sharp knife;
  • sealant and primer;
  • abrasive paper.

Mounting of 3D panels begins with preparatory stage. The covering can be qualitatively established only on rather smooth and plain surface. Therefore all openings, large slots or other similar damages of the plane have to be eliminated prior to works. The restored surface well dries and cleaned. On the dry plane there should not be dirt, garbage or dust. If the basis on which plates will fasten too smooth, for example, is painted with paint or glossy plaster is applied on it, it needs to be smoothed out emery cloth. Rougher surface on which panels will better keep is so created.

The bought cloths before installation have to “acclimatize” within 48 hours indoors where there will take place installation. Before works it is necessary to define mounting type precisely. It can be continuous installation from wall and to wall, strip, in chaotic order or in “floating” design. It is for descriptive reasons good to execute marking grid on wall or to spread out panels in the necessary order on floor. At this stage it is necessary to find optimal variant of the layout of plates that width of joints was minimum. In that case seams will be the thinnest.

Some types of panels before installation are recommended to be grounded. Operation is performed for the purpose of protection of plate against moisture. After priming it is necessary to dry well material, even the small humidity when mounting is unacceptable. On it some time which depends on temperature and humidity indoors can leave. We prepare glue which grade is chosen according to the recommendations of the producer for work. Carefully following instructions to the gluing structure, pasting of plate and basis is made. The panel, with the glue applied on it, is installed on the chosen place and with effort pressed. The excesses of glue acting at the edges delete with wet rag. It is necessary to do it very accurately not to deform the surface which is especially not grounded.

It is the best of all to spread the first row of panels in a straight line. It is necessary to choose the place where plates have to be rowed, without bends and distortions. By means of level the marking is applied on basis, the horizontal is carefully verified. Panels are pasted into place, at the minimum distance from each other. In the course of mounting the tilt angle of panels is once again verified by means of level. To minimize cutting of plates and to place as much as possible whole elements in the upper part of wall, most available to the overview, panels fix, moving from the corner located from above down.

Mounting from the center to edges assumes large number of scraps. It is necessary to cut off plates from above, from below and on both parties of covering. Before to begin laying of panels, it is necessary to calculate competently optimal variant of placement of panels to provide desirable result with the minimum losses. Cutting of panels is carried out by means of knife. For providing direct cut it is necessary to pass several times the tool on plate. The cut edge smoothes out by means of abrasive paper.

After mounting of cloths on joints there are seams. Their sizes depend on that how equal basis under covering. The more on it bends and roughnesses, the wider slots between plates turn out. Joints need to be filled with primer. Operation is carried out very accurately and carefully, without admissions. The excess amount of primer is removed by means of sponge or wet rag. Upon termination of works from panels all traces of primer completely are removed.

After full filling of all joints, it is necessary to dry parts. Then the small abrasive paper carefully grinds surface. If painting of panels is supposed, the surface is grounded. It is necessary for providing smooth surface under paint. The small fragments or ledges which have appeared in the course of mounting should be removed. The end result in many respects depends on accuracy of installation and attention even to insignificant parts at installation.

After drying plaster relief panels are completely ready to painting. Competently established plates can be painted paint of any type though the preferable option can be considered water-based solution. It is the best of all to use paint spray gun. Only with its help it is possible to receive the most uniform coloring. Regardless of type of the painting structure it is necessary to carry out instructions of his producers.

The fashionable relief surfaces created by means of 3D panels completely change interior. Plywood or glasses, and magnificent options from genuine leather, metal give such effect as plates, democratic at cost, from begasse, or decoacryl. Variety of decorative decisions allows to choose the most successful of them practically for any interior. Unusually beautiful panels which if necessary can be mounted independently will decorate for many years the room.

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