Advice to the beginning builders

Advice to the beginning builders

Much of those who for the first time thinks of construction of the house, apparently, that this process not and is difficult if, of course, not to be engaged in construction independently. It is enough to address professionals: to realtors, designers and builders who will finish business. However here, as well as in any other serious question, there is mass of reefs about which you will hardly hear from people, which purpose – to sell the services. We will also try to acquaint readers with these questions.


You will carry out inspection of necessary documents after you choose the suitable site, but we will begin with this point as if you, for example, get the site relating to the agricultural land or to water and forest funds, then opportunities for construction will be or are significantly limited, or in general are prohibited.

The earth relating to the settlement with permission of individual housing construction will become the best category suitable for building. Also ideally the site has to have cadastral number, and the available buildings are already registered. It is necessary to find out surely whether there are no restrictions for target use of object, whether there are no legal disputes in which it is. The site can be owned not, and to be rent subject – these details need also to be found out and in difficult cases it is better to consult with the lawyer. At least, there has to be conditional cadastral number by which the transaction can be issued in the form of simple written form.

Usually the owner has boundary business with exact coordinates of binding of borders of the site. If there is no table of binding of the site to the area, this procedure needs to be undergone. Such approach will save you in advance from many troubles which could arise later.

The choice of the site for purchase

Now we will pass to the procedure of selection of the site. First of all, the site has to be pleasant to you. And if you not the local historian, the pathfinder or the experienced realtor who is familiar with any secluded corner of area and is capable to give total characteristic to the site by one name of the area it is necessary — to travel one around the native land for independent studying of the sold sites. So you gain impression about in what difference between areas, than private housing construction differs from gardening and that is hidden by the abbreviations characterizing some or other objects in bulletins of the real estate.

Without personal visit it is impossible to evaluate neighbors, it is quite possible that availability near by of the constant loud music having fun the companies or night discos on the next lake not too will be pleasant to you.

After number of trips you will be able to understand much better what area to choose, there will be enough how many hundred parts for entire happiness and concept accepted in the market of the country real estate will become much more available to understanding.

The site has to be pleasant really, it is necessary to fall in love with it, the place of future housing should not cause rejection. In any other case and the actions connected with construction and further life in the new house will not give true pleasure. Neither the low cost of the site, nor any works on its arrangement, will be able to change environment and the initial attitude.

It is worth listening to councils and not to try to save too on purchase of the site. As a rule, such expenses will be much low costs of construction, but if the house can be changed and reconstructed, then it will never not be possible to transfer the site.

It is necessary to evaluate not only the size of the site, but also its form and also height differences. Also how also the bought land grounds, and adjacent territories look is important. It is necessary to select the territory and recognizing their own addictions, and how it will be used. So, it is quite clear that fan of fishing have to are interested in near reservoirs, mushroom pickers – the wood, and fans of agriculture – opacity of the site adjoining houses or the same forest area.

If the sizes of future house are approximately known, then it is worth evaluating them with form and the size of the site. Optimal variant – proportion 1/10 when 10 sq.m of the area of the building are the share of 1 hundred part. Of course, it is impossible to consider it dogma, but nevertheless it is undesirable to accept serious deviations in such ratios. Besides those who dreams to build the palace on six hundred parts should remember town-planning norms in which certain conditions are discussed. For example, the house cannot occupy more than a third of plottage, closer be than on 6 meters to other residential building and 3 meters are closer to fence.

Also assessment of transport availability which consists of three components is important: departure from the city, entrance to the site and condition of the road throughout all way. If exclusively seasonal accommodation is not planned, it is important that drive up to the house you could at any time, without attraction of the tractor in impassability of roads and the snowplow in the winter. It is necessary to consider, hundred during construction on the site will approach both long logs, and cars with trailers and heavy concrete mixers. Of course, it is possible to knead concrete and manually, and to transport logs also by small trucks, but, except nervous overloads, it will cause also additional expenses.

It should be taken into account not only remoteness from the permanent residence, but also what is even more important — all road, especially in rush hours and in days in which many citizens go for the weekend to the country what is the time will borrow. 50 kilometers in one direction can borrow as much time spent on driving of 100 kilometers through another.

It is necessary not to be too lazy and pass the chosen route of its greatest load in time, it is quite possible that it will force you to change opinion on whether it is worth making this purchase. Not superfluous will be to find out also possibilities of public transport even if you are going to reach to future place of the residence only by the car.

Soil, water, electricity and other conveniences

Soil type – one of the most important indicators of the site. So, on the site with peat soils it will be almost impossible to build how many the serious building. Or, for example, the site which can seem the present fairy tale in the winter will be the real swamp in the summer. Talk to neighbors, examine the trees growing at row as far as bend sickly or healthy. Find out whether meliorative works were carried out to areas.

In some areas the question of providing with potable water can develop into the real problem. Even the well which is dug through on 200 meters can give water which is absolutely non-drinkable. No well in such situation will be able to save and it is necessary to build the real pipeline from the next farm or even the settlement that will lead to considerable expenses.

One more painful question – electricity. It is ideal if on the site there is connection to available capacities and their volume quite will suit you. It is much worse when in the settlement electric lines are available, and you should be connected to them independently. First of all, not the small sum have to be spent only for hypothetical possible connection. And after it it is necessary to agree and sign the agreement with owners of substation (it also individuals, and firm can own), to resolve the issues connected with the regional or regional energy company, to pay for cable, installation of columns and other services.

It is desirable to find out availability of gas supply or perspective of laying of gas, connection to the centralized sewerage and water supply. Gas – economic fuel most today. Of course, gasification costs the considerable money invested in the project, the equipment and connection. Even normal connection to the line which is already existing in the settlement can demand the considerable sums.

One more point which it is necessary to find out — availability in the neighborhood of the industrial enterprises, dumps, nearness of busy roads, etc. Not superfluous will be also information on perspectives of building of the area selected by you. These data can be learned in regional administrations and to look independently on the Internet. For some areas there are also cards of ecological security.

Consider that what time you would not intend to spend in country house, such benefits as civilizations as shops, drugstores and another can surely be necessary for you. That is it is worth getting acquainted with area infrastructure in detail. It is necessary to learn also whether there comes to this area on call the ambulance and fire service. The question of ambulance especially will be relevant if elderly family members temporarily live in the house at least.

Three delusions of builders

You should not save in such serious affairs as construction of the house including on creation of the project. Its cost is incommensurable to costs of construction, and absence can lead to very sad consequences. Therefore it is recommended to develop or pick up surely from the existing projects what will suit you. Besides, if the house is not among the buildings which are subject to “dacha amnesty” or you just will not manage to meet its deadline, the project will be indispensable condition for receiving construction permit.

The question concerning where to order the project, has no definite answer. On the one hand, there is sense in that the project documentation was developed in the same company which in effect will be engaged in its implementation. In this case there will be no opposition between designers and builders, and responsibility cannot be separated and transferred to someone another. On the other hand, can concern the designer of construction company more not your requests, but possibilities of own firm. As a result the project will adapt not to you, and to builders. Unambiguous the answer about what of options to choose, it is hardly possible to give.

It is necessary to prevent from three main delusions which are repeated by very many inexperienced builders:

  • Remember that the floor plans found in the Internet or the colourful picture of facade taken from the magazine have no relation to the project on which it was possible to begin construction.
  • The project which is completely developed for construction of the house, for example, brick, cannot be suitable to the existing view for construction of the house from bar or log, it will need completion.
  • Even if you have found the project which completely we are suitable for construction of the house of dream, surely it is worth communicating to the architect who specializes in design of houses from this material. Only after such consultation it is possible to start filling of the base.

Surely it is necessary to pay attention to what type of the building and from what material it is provided in the project. So log houses, unlike brick, are similar on living beings: they decrease in sizes in the winter and lot because of drying and, on the contrary, increase on height and in volume in the fall and in the winter. The design of press has to be whole, elements of roof and felling, siege of windows and their apertures have to have opportunity to move on the relation to each other at expansion of wreaths or in the course of shrinkage.

Cases when at first, because of lack of funds, the base is filled in are frequent, and after it the address to builders follows. And here it can become clear that the filled-in base will demand serious processing or in general essentially does not approach. Why it can occur?

At design of wooden house or bath it is necessary to define previously its location on the site and orientation to parts of the world. For this purpose, in turn, it is necessary to understand what zones will be broken on the site where they will be located. Among such zones there can be recreation areas, the place for farm buildings, for the well or well, septic tank, silage hole, garage or the parking of the machine, the place for fuel, kitchen garden and so on. Naturally, it is better if windows of the main room come to the most beautiful party. For example, if to turn them on the southwest and previously to provide lack of additional constructions, then every evening from here it will be possible to admire beautiful declines. And on North side the quantity of windows can be reduced for heat saving.

On narrow sites it is necessary to provide that future house did not cut it and did not leave narrow inconvenient passes sideways.

Naturally, each previously design decision can be modified is quite normal practice.

Even before communication with the architect it is necessary to decide on quantity and purpose of rooms necessary for you. It is necessary to find out the number of bedrooms taking into account guest rooms, to define desirable orientation to parts of the world and so forth. It is worth solving, whether to equip the bedroom on the first floor, for example, for elderly. Planning the area of rooms it is possible to lean on rooms in city apartments.

It is necessary to decide on the area of kitchen and on whether it is reasonable to combine with the living room. Viewing of objects already ready and offered for sale becomes good help for understanding of own desires. It is better not to regret time and to go to look how will look not on the picture or the plan, and in reality, the 3-meter living room combined with the kitchen block or the 10-meter bedroom on the mansard floor. It to allow to understand the necessary areas of rooms and all house, based on the number of certain rooms. As a result also the number of storeys of the building will be investigated. Besides, such acquaintance to ready objects will help to decide also on questions of design. For example, it is possible to understand whether the gallery over the first floor is necessary to you, whether it is necessary to arrange “the second light” for the living room. It is necessary to remember that any complication will cost certain money.

It is good to decide also on what household appliances will be placed in the bathroom or in kitchen, the planned area of these rooms in many respects depends on it.

Thanks to this minimum knowledge it is possible to set task for designers more specifically. Certainly, the additional questions and specifications necessary for optimal solution on configuration of rooms and creation of the integral project of the house will follow. It is necessary to remember that the good architect not in everything in everything will agree with the customer — its task is such offer which will not only satisfy the customer, but also will become technically implementable.

It is necessary to pay attention and to how guest and master’s zones, rooms intended to youth or parents will be separated. Well thought over project will allow to feel comfort everything living, nobody will interfere with each other.

It is important to define exterior and arrangement of ladder. It has to be convenient (this main thing), and, for any family member. It is worth thinking also of whether the ladder will give the chance to lift bulky objects on the second floor.

If desired build the house to 3 or more floors, it should be taken into account such decision well. Of course, three floor house will occupy smaller part of the site and to look beautiful. However many from chosen such buildings, say afterwards that the choice two floor option would be more preferable – over time desire to rise from the floor by the floor vanishes. Besides, there are special restrictions regulating multistorey housing and the restrictions valid in this area.

Modern computer technologies allow to see future house from any party, to estimate its external attractiveness, to make virtual “walk”, to see view from the window or to walk upstairs.

But the basic that it is necessary to receive from the architect – set of outline documentation with plans of floors, types of facades, plans of roof, the base and interfloor overlappings, house cuts. This package not only allows to carry out qualitative construction works, but also will help to coordinate permissions, and further to register the real estate.

In cases when the planned budget exceeds financial opportunities of the builder, the project can be specified and one of decisions is accepted:

  • the area of the house can be reduced due to refusal of unnecessary corridors;
  • height of ceilings is reduced that will reduce also costs on operation later;
  • to refuse additional rooms;
  • taking into account increase in prices to order materials in advance, having started construction process later. So, the wood which is prepared in the winter will be cheaper, but is more qualitative than “summer”;
  • to use materials, more available at the price;
  • to reduce decorative finishing.

For reduction in cost the penthouse can be frame, partitions and in houses can be also frame. However, at the same time in timbered of the house such partitions have to be supplied with floating fastenings. It is impossible to list all possible options of reduction in cost of construction, the designer will make a start from the existing option and available opportunities.

As a result you have to come to reasonable compromise which will allow to start after the end of all preparatory procedures construction of the house satisfying all your requirements.

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