Aluminum rack ceiling

Aluminum rack ceiling

False rack ceilings personify all ideal characteristics of finishing materials. They are simple in mounting, are reliable, practical, very esthetic and are suitable for the embodiment of difficult design projects. Made of aluminum, they perfectly fit into interior of bathrooms, corridors, kitchen zones, but also are demanded when carrying out street works – finishing of balconies, verandahs.

Aluminum rack ceilings: description

The false ceilings collected from aluminum rails externally represent monolithic covering. Actually, it is type-setting design which basic element are panels from aluminum. Standard dimensions of rails fluctuate in the following ranges:

  • Length – 3-6 meters;
  • Width – 0.05-0.2 meters;
  • Thickness – less than 0.6 mm.

Strips are issued covered with colored or colourless lacquer that allows to choose ceiling not only in almost any color, but also to combine when mounting rail of different flowers. If to consider the rating of coloring, then preferences of customers are traditionally distributed in the following sequence:

  • White – opaque or glossy;
  • Chromic;
  • Mirror or superchromic;
  • Gold;
  • Opaque aluminum – metallic;
  • Color options.

Easy mounting and simple design of rack aluminum ceiling allows to create the most bizzare shapes and patterns. The most normal decision is linear laying of panels where the high esthetics can achieve only at the expense of color combinations and different width of rack strips.

Except linear laying, ceilings from aluminum are allowed to be mounted according to more fantasy schemes. For example, to strengthen on one guide of the panel of the most different design, or to make vertical mounting of rails of false ceiling.

The release of curved metal strips has allowed to project ceilings of curvilinear form and also to create two-level designs. Possibility of combination of versatile sites – direct and arc-shaped, opaque and mirror, color and neutral – has provided to designers high creative potential for implementation of the ideas and projects.

Advantages of aluminum ceilings

Very seldom meets when finishing material is equally loved by builders, designers and users. False ceilings became that unique decision which satisfies all. The reason of such popularity is in advantages of design and material. They allow aluminum rack ceilings to compete with other types of suspended options adequately. The list of advantages of aluminum ceiling is really huge:

  • Universality – the extensive color gamma, easy mounting and “not capriciousness” of material allow to use aluminum panels for installation of ceiling everywhere.
  • Trouble-free mounting / dismantling – provides excellent maintainability of all design and also fast access to the communications located behind covering.
  • The elasticity – when mounting metal does not get out of shape even when pressing by hand, that is is not curved and not almost deformed.
  • Strong fixing of rails when fastening does not allow further emergence of vibration, noise or jingle.
  • Gives the chance to hide shortcomings of the main ceiling covering and also to hide electrical wiring and all possible communications from public eyes.
  • Safety at operation and mounting – the small weight of rails is easily maintained by the simplest suspension system.
  • Environmental friendliness – aluminum belongs to those metals which do not emit in air harmful compounds during the heating, the increased humidity or contrast temperature drops.
  • The chemical inertness of aluminum does it steady against any influences of hostile environment, at the same time metal does not rust, does not grow old, does not lose initial exterior.
  • Panels differ in good strength indices and the increased resistance to mechanical damages and also they are hygienic and plastic.
  • Possess high sound-proof rates.
  • Are fireproof.
  • Have long life cycle – more than 50 years.
  • Do not demand special leaving.
  • Are issued in big color variety and also in different constructional decisions.

Types, configurations and designs of rack ceilings

Classification of aluminum false ceilings differs in variety as there are differences and in basic elements, and in features of mounting. Usually ceilings subdivide on:

  • Modular;
  • Cassette;
  • Rack.

Modular systems are always mounted on specially collected suspended designs. At the same time as basic elements panels are used. Similar decisions most often use at registration of office rooms.

Cassette ceilings are option of modular system when as the basic constructional elements cartridges of square, rectangular or any shape are used. Mounting can be made with creation of cellular design when each cartridge has accurately expressed borders. Or assembly of ceiling is allowed by continuous array if cartridges are mounted low suspended framework.

Rack ceilings collect from thin and long aluminum strips. The end result can be monolithic, that is the ceiling of the closed shooting gallery is created, or to differ in ridged / perforated surface – design of open type. Open options become possible when rails stack with intervals which or close special inserts, creating relief, or leave free, for example, for ensuring additional ventilation.

Aluminum rack ceiling

The rack ceiling has rather basic equipment. Enter it:

  • Rail – the basic constructional element.
  • Tires (stringers) – special levels to which cloves directly rails are mounted. It is very important to pick up tires compatible among themselves and rails.
  • Suspension – the fastening element connecting design of tires and rails to ceiling overlapping. It is desirable to choose the options of suspension regulated on height.
  • Plinth – the decorative element closing intervals in position of joints of walls and false ceiling.
  • Lamps – raster or dot. Ideally it is possible to get rails with the openings which are already prepared under lamps.

Correctly picked up elements of rack aluminum ceiling will facilitate and so simple mounting of suspended design.

Installation of false ceiling

That the end result pleased with attractive design, it is worth showing consideration to before mounting, preparatory stage of works. Special attention at the same time is paid to linear parameters of draft ceiling and walls. On them there have to be no roughnesses and sharp differences, differently geometry all designs will be broken, and, as a result, the ceiling will turn out curve.

After check of the linear sizes it is worth processing surface of draft ceiling antiseptic structures. It is relevant for all rooms as in the closed space under suspended design even at appropriate ventilation the mold can begin to be formed.

Further mounting of aluminum rack ceiling begins directly

  • Stage first: marking
    As the geometry is very important for design of this look, works on marking are allocated in the very first and main stage. There are normative recommendations about distance between elements:
    1. from wall to the tire (stringer) – 0.3 m;
    2. from wall before fastening of the tire – 0.4 m;
    3. distance between fastening elements – 1.2 m;
    4. distance between the bearing profiles – 1.2 m.

At marking it should be taken into account linear parameters of rails, that is their width, length and the direction. All noted elements are recommended to be lined on surfaces of walls and ceiling. That the accuracy of marks was maximum, it is worth “arming” with construction level.

  • Stage second: mounting of profile on perimeter
    The angle section which rigidly fastens on ceiling perimeter by means of self-tapping screws or dowels is for this purpose used. The distance between fastening elements should not exceed 0.5 m. When mounting it is important to watch that the upper part of profile precisely adjoined to noted lines of future arrangement of aluminum rails.
  • Stage third: installation of suspension
    As fastening element are used anchor. The main requirement to suspension – their arrangement at one level. It is easy to achieve it if elements are regulated on height, otherwise it is worth being especially attentive when mounting and to carry out constant control by means of the laser level.
  • Stage fourth: mounting of stringers
    At installation of load-carrying structures it is important to consider two moments:
    1. Tires have to be perpendicular to the direction of aluminum rails;
    2. Stringers fasten strictly in parallel each other.
  • Stage fifth: mounting of the first rail
    The most complex works already behind, but all the same to relax early. For installation of the first aluminum rail of false ceiling it is necessary to latch it between “uvulas” of stringers, previously having removed protective film from the panel. Problems can arise if the rail and the tire belong to products of different manufacturers and do not match in parameters among themselves.
  • Stage sixth: installation the others of rails
    Aluminum panels are cut according to width of the room minus 3-5 mm. Not to be mistaken with sizes, you should not cut all rails at once, and to prepare panels in lots, measuring every time distance in installation site. Mounting of rails is carried out according to the scheme:
    1. The strip keeps within extreme profiles diagonalno in relation to stringer.
    2. It becomes straight and fixed by “uvulas” on the right place.
  • Stage seventh: laying of the last rail
    Special difficulties do not happen here. The panel is brought to edge profile of one of walls, then is bent and inserted into edge profile on opposite wall.
  • The final stage check quality of laying of rails of all ceiling. Dents, excesses, damages or other roughnesses – only continuous surface with the set drawing or without it should not be observed.

Recommendations of designers

Independently it is simple to carry out installation of rack ceiling. However such ceiling not always ideally fits into rooms of different type. Professionals advise to follow the following rules:

  • Not to make mounting of suspended design in rooms with low ceilings as losses on height can reach 12 cm when mounting.
  • Rack ceilings well look in rectangular and long rooms as it is possible to install with the minimum quantity of joints and connections.
  • The aluminum ceiling is considered the most suitable option for registration of bathrooms as it completely corresponds to the room on esthetics, moisture resistant characteristics, the compatibility with any material of walls and gives the chance to arrange lamps in the most advantageous way.

Perhaps, metal is perceived as suitable material for residential building not at once. However, having estimated exterior and properties of aluminum rack ceiling, the opinion often changes on opposite. Then in rooms there is ceiling issued by one of the best modern materials.

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