Apartment renovation after the fire

Apartment renovation after the fire

The complexity of repair after the fire consists in elimination of ashes, soot and the specific smell which has impregnated as occasionally it seems, through all surfaces and materials. You should not calculate that the reminder on caustic smoke will gradually disappear after washing and airing of the room.

Cardinal measures ashes hazardously to health will be required – to breathe. In addition to headaches, deteriorations in health, weakness, threaten organism more serious effects from inhalation of air with carcinogens.

Features of repair after the fire

It is the best of all to secure itself and relatives in advance, having taken care of fire extinguishing equipment and the equipment in the house. We consider that case when the disaster has already occurred and it is necessary to liquidate fire effects. It is necessary to make major repair of the room for full disposal of traces of ignition and at the initial stage to remove all finishing, to bring down plaster. To leave materials, even untouched fire, it is impossible – the smell will not allow to forget about the fire.

It concerns also parquet in spite of the fact that after scraping it will look quite adequately, and other types of facing. If the apartment has strongly suffered from fire, it is necessary to dismantle also floor tie. Of course, the electrical wiring at removal of finish coats needs to be removed too, and then, certainly, it is necessary to lay new communications.

Having brought down completely damaged and partially remained coverings, start survey and clarification of air vents and flues. After removal it is recommended to wait for soot some time from there until the smell of smoke disappears finally.

Apartment renovation after the fire

How to remove soot

If to remove finishing there is no opportunity, and the soot has covered all surfaces, then for cleaning of the room of traces of the fire it will be required to put a lot of effort. In advance we will make a reservation that at once to wash walls, ceilings and floor it is impossible as soot will even more deeply get into time of the bases.

In shop the special napkins intended for similar needs and containing substances for effective fight against soot are got.
From all surfaces the garbage broom and the vacuum cleaner is removed.
Take dry napkins with micro fiber for cleaning, accurately brush away dirt, watching I sit down to rubbing even more deeply.
Further the napkins impregnated with chemical components are used. Soot needs to be brushed away, without pounding.
After the termination on the cleaned surface it is recommended to walk the grinder and to get rid of other products of burning.
Only after these actions it is possible to start washing of the room. Work will require means of household chemicals and a lot of water.

Primer use

Recovery of the house or apartment after the fire will not do without treatment of surfaces mixes of deep penetration. Processing should be made twice: after removal of the damaged layers and on new covering before finishing finishing. So, at first primer is applied on walls and ceiling in draft option, and then – on plaster. As for floor, the concrete bed becomes impregnated before. After performance of tie the basis is grounded too. In addition, surfaces of air vents and flues become covered by impregnation.

The sense of processing by structures of deep penetration is that for knocking over of smell of burning it is required to close time in materials. The most effective result can be achieved only with use of quality mixes therefore you should not save on primers.

Treatment of surfaces of difficulties does not cause. Before work it is necessary to stock up with the roller with pile of the average length, bar and capacity light on weight and with low lateral faces. In it you will pour primer. The metal or plastic tray, basin will approach. The roller fastens to bar.

The final stage of repair after the fire consists in traditional finishing and dressing. The main thing – to refuse the materials which have endured the fire and then nothing will remind of ignition. Throw out everything. The carpet, for example, should not be born in dry-cleaner how many it cost. Otherwise the smells which have remained from the fire will always pursue you.

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