Beds the hands: councils

Beds the hands: councils

When the house on the country site is built, all communications are brought and laying of paths is finished, it is necessary to think of flower bed – without this bright stroke giving will never be really cozy. Difficulties with the place of the device of beds should not arise: any raw island of the soil, the thrown corner at the end of garden or small clearing at porch will approach.

Composition and style variety of flower beds

The arrangement of beds, their species, form, use of annual and long-term flowers – everything is considered in the course of creation of uniform flower composition which can consist of single small landings or the combined design elements, similar the rock aria or the Alpine hill.

If the site is absolutely empty, for preliminary design it is enough to come to porch of the house and to provide as the surrounding territory could look. Perhaps, for the sake of several beds it is necessary to perform additional works: to lay couple of paths or to level the hilly area.

Some materials for registration of flower beds will be directly at the dacha: residues of gravel, sand or crushed stone from construction of the base, natural stone, scraps of boards and bars, paving slabs, brick. Even the tumbled-down trees can be useful: cover with pieces of bark soil, saw trunk on hemp for the device of paths, and from rod spin small fence.

What type of bed to prefer, depends only on desire of owners as the choice is really big:

  • raised;
  • border;
  • vertical;
  • traditional;
  • ring-shaped;
  • regular/irregular;
  • carpet;
  • monobeds;
  • multilevel, etc.

Each of them has the characteristics and set of plants, the most corresponding to form and arrangement.

Recommendations about selection of colors for beds

Having decided on the place for the flower bed device, it is necessary to choose the plants, the most suitable for the embodiment of the idea. At the same time everything is important: time and duration of blossoming, maximum height, shaded gamma, aroma and even features of leaving. Also it is necessary to consider, annual plant or long-term, his resistance to cold and heat, to surplus or lack of moisture. Some plants cannot just grow at row – such nuances usually become noticeable how they will gain color.

Using traditional rules of planting of plants and selection of compositions, do not forget about identity. There is remarkable opportunity to create original flower bed, differing not only in style and selection of flowers, but also in the way of the embodiment. There is a lot of examples of that: it and the cart forced by various flowerpots with violently growing roses and the old boot which has turned into mini-bed and the high fencing twined climbers.

Creating beautiful frame of the territory, it is possible to resort to cunning – to disguise flower bed piece of the uncomfortable territory, unsightly, but the necessary construction or technically necessary element, for example, the septic tank hatch. In this case it is necessary to select perennial plants of average or big height, the gentle shades which are not too drawing attention.

Sample of vertical composition – “candle”

The vertical compositions having quite speaking names are opposed to traditional flat, horizontal beds. One of them – “candle” which has set of composition options. By drawing up set of flowers preference is given creeping and to climbers, both just green, and having bright inflorescences. It is possible to carry ivy, grapes, bindweed, different types of lianas to them.

The simplest way to create “candle” — to construct design in the form of cone of any height. Tiers of flowers have in two ways: along vertical or across it. Selection of shades of flowers absolutely free, but stop on three receptions more often:

  • gradual transition of one color from pale to saturated;
  • opposition on contrast (white – black, white – red, etc.);
  • “rainbow” — any, but the bright combination of any shades is obligatory.

It is possible to reach unexpected effect, using the illumination located in composition. In night-time the “candle” lit from within completely justifies the name.

Beds the hands: councils

For registration of design it is better to stop on unpretentious, but impressive plants. Here some of them:

  • Nasturtium. This annual plant having the curling graceful escapes about 1-1.5 m long. Rather large flowers of yellow, orange, red color will be able to create positive spirit even in cloudy day.
  • Bindweed (imopeya). In mid-latitudes blossoms in April. The perennial having wide range of shades – from purple to celestial-blue. Loves the sun therefore the South side is more preferable to disembarkation.
  • Maiden grapes. The beautiful plant capable to disguise the most unattractive wall. Bright green (and in the fall – claret) carpets walls and other vertical designs. Clusters of berries of dark color supplement picture. It is frost-resistant, unpretentious.
  • Clematis. Climber with big, bright colors of various shades – from white to violet. The variety of types allows to experiment and create original combinations of flowers.

The composition “candle” is equally good also as the central element of flower bed and as single decoration of lawn or clearing.

Examples of multilevel compositions

Picturesquely and nobly the beds consisting of several (it is normal 3-5) tiers look. Diameter, the area and height of constructions are any. The most popular compositions – “pyramids” (tiers are maleficiated, top sharp), “cascade” (number of steps with flat upper tier), “crown” (ledges differ on height).

Let’s dwell upon the list of plants which harmoniously look as a part of multilevel composition.

  • Delphinium. Equally well feels in different conditions therefore it is possible to land both on northern, and on South side. White, blue, blue, purple shades of different types harmoniously form tiers.
  • Rose. More preferable than plant height to half a meter. Loves the sun and moderate watering. Serves for registration of the lower tiers of bed.
  • Lupine. Beautiful, but rather whimsical plant. Differs in set of shades. In form it is combined with delphinium.
  • Decorative onions. Releases the long arrows which are coming to an end with magnificent spheres of different shades. Is suitable for dressing of tiers with plants of average and big height.
  • Tsinniya. Large caps of flowers are painted in bright, cheerful colors: red, yellow, orange, pink. Actively blossoms from the middle of summer on September. Stalks reach meter height.

Multilevel beds usually are separate decorative object.

Flower beds with seldom planted plants look unattractive, and too dense plantings turn into continuous carpet. How to reach when landing optimum distance between flowers?

Planting perennials, on 1 m ² it is necessary to disperse plants in the following quantity:

  • creeping on the ground – up to 10 pieces;
  • low 7-8 pieces;
  • average 4-5 pieces;
  • high 2-3 pieces.

For example, when landing lavender there is enough 5 plants on 1 m ². Growing, it completely will cover this site, without creating additional narrowness.

Important councils for creation of flower beds and care of them

Many flowers, especially perennials, it is convenient to buy in flower shops and nurseries. They are on sale in small pots and are completely ready to landing. The hole for flower has to be slightly more pot. Before change from pot in soil it is necessary to take plant about 10 minutes in water.

Beds usually have on well lit place, but direct beams of the sun should not fall on plants for all day.

Certain plants should be planted in strictly allowed time. Time of crops is usually specified on packaging. Let’s assume, peonies or poppies need to be planted in the fall, aster or lavender – in the spring.

That flowers did not expand for bed borders, use border tape, driving it half in the earth. She acts over the soil the imperceptible side containing growth of flowers.

At design of the flower drawing on bed it is necessary to consider height of plants. The highest place in the center or on background.

You should not forget about such feature of flowers as the movement of inflorescences towards the sun. If the bed is located to the south of the house, beautiful heads of flowers will turn away from it.

It is possible to experiment with the choice of annual annually, long-term plants long time will decorate the seasonal dacha. Selecting interesting grades, arranging them in original compositions and decorating flower beds additional elements, it is possible to create unique, beautiful and cozy country world.

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