Bulk floor as basis under laminate

Bulk floor as basis under laminate

Laminate and parquet can be stacked only on the rigid equal base therefore it is obligatory to level floors before laying of such covering. Equal floor is guarantee of long operation not only laminate and parquet, but also linoleum. If linoleum lies on plain firm surface, then his operational firmness repeatedly increases. Judge for yourself, if to put heavy furniture on linoleum which lies on tuberous floor then it will surely press through and will break off it. Besides, equal floor is necessary for normal operation of furniture: normally established cabinets, bedside tables etc. will not have distortions of doors, to creak and be bent. And water in aquarium on plain horizontal surface of support will have the equal horizon.

How most to level floor in the apartment of the panel house? We will also say about it today. Work this not really heavy, but very responsible. It is better to carry out it three together: one person has to weigh dry mix, measure water, the second – to make mixture, and the third to fill in and level floor.

How to choose bulk floor

The range of bulk floors is presented at the market by the huge variety today. On sale products of domestic and import production at the most different prices. Can seem to the uninitiated person that difference only in the price, and he can be surprised such number of commodity names. Actually, dry mixes all different. Each name has the features:

  • different time of hardening;
  • different mixing ratio;
  • the differing percentage of components;
  • it is expected this or that thickness of filling;
  • the shrinkage percent can also differ.

There are polymeric bulk floors which in itself are finishing. Such floors are used for not premises: floor spaces, production workshops, etc. Decorative polymeric floors – for premises, public institutions: cafe, improving centers, etc.

Choosing bulk floor it is necessary to be guided by what coating thickness are necessary to you. The mixes expected the same coating thickness can differ at the price. The structure them is a little excellent. More expensive where more plasticizers are added. It is easier to apply plastic mix, it will have more pleasant smooth surface after full hardening. Even color of more expensive floors differs, they are usually lighter.

If you need big coating thickness, at the same time you want ideal finishing finishing, then choose 2 types of one producer of different marking. You should do filling twice.

We buy materials and tools for arrangement of bulk floor

Buckets, basins, rags, scales, measured tanks and drill, most likely, are in each house, but hardly you in economy will have materials and tools which will be necessary for arrangement of bulk floors. Therefore it is necessary to get:

  • special nozzle on drill for mixing of materials;
  • steel trowel or big palette;
  • the needle roller on the long handle;
  • big brush or roller;
  • the dry leveling quick-hardening mix;
  • dry mix for the finishing self-leveled bulk floor;
  • primer.

It is better to buy mixes and primer in one place and it is desirable one producer.
Prepare also bucket or basin with high boards of 10 liters, drill, scales and measured capacity for water measurement. Besides long wooden rails 3 – 5 cm wide can be necessary for you.

Bulk floor as basis under laminate

Surface preparation

Prior to the main works it is necessary to prepare floor surface. For this purpose it is necessary:

  • to remove floor covering;
  • to remove all exfoliating parts of plate;
  • to absolutely vacuum and wash plate with any cleaning agent.

Further it is necessary to define places where preliminary seal is necessary: these are sinks, big dredging, cracks. To apply on places of preliminary seal where it is possible, primer with brush or the roller. It is necessary to fill all sinks, deep dredging carefully and accurately with quick-hardening mix. Try to level horizontal surfaces well.

It is necessary to dissolve all mixes in the proportion recommended by the producer and to observe the specified way of preparation.

All “patches” have to harden and dry out well. The main layer can be put after full maturing which time is specified on packaging with material.

After hardening rough places need to be polished and to process all surface of floor primer. Time of drying of primer is specified on packaging, and after its keeping, it is possible to start the main works.

We carry out floor fruit liqueur

Close all windows in the apartment, before full hardening indoors there should not be drafts. On the poured floor direct sunshine and atmospheric precipitation should not get. Air temperature has to be positive, this requirement is specified on packaging.

Prepare solution in the recommended proportions and sustain time of its maturing specified on packaging. After that start floor fruit liqueur, begin to perform work from far corners, gradually moving ahead to exit. Pour mix accurately, do not spray it on walls. It is necessary to do everything quickly, to involve structure just before drawing. The next portion needs to be poured too quickly. Therefore it is desirable to work three together, having specifically and precisely cast. As limiters use long wooden rails. Use the palette for alignment, and the needle roller for removal of bubbles. It is possible to work only with the roller. Do not try to level floor ideally, the liquid consistence of the self-leveled floors allows them to spread spontaneously strictly on the horizon. You need to direct flows only a few.

If you do fruit liqueur only in one room, then after completion of works close door. Trace that the door “has not sat down” on floor. If there is suspicion that the door opening inside too low, is better to remove it from loops and to remove. In general doors need to be changed after arrangement of floors. If it is required to remove metal jambs, then apertures need to be prepared to floor fruit liqueur, and to carry out their arrangement after fruit liqueur and mounting of covering.

Whether it is possible to level floor by method of partial filling?

If you well measured and are sure that, generally the plate at you equal, but has only the hollow in the center or deepenings on perimeter, then it is possible to execute partial filling of floor. Of course, the quality of such floor will be worse, than completely filled in, but if the room is not intensively operated, for example, if it is the bedroom or the living room where you plan laying of laminate or linoleum, then it is possible to make partial filling. Most likely, such, partially filled in floor, will crack. It will need to be processed primer before laying of substrate. The technology of filling in this case is similar to method of performance of filling of all floorage. In some places where new floor will have border with plate, the stiffened waves therefore it will be necessary to polish them can be formed.

Consumption of mixes

Previously it is necessary to calculate quantity of bags with dry mix, it will be necessary to be guided what layer you to put:

  • at thickness of layer of 3-5 mm about 3 kg of dry mix on 1 sq.m are required;
  • at thickness of layer of 5-7 mm – 4 kg of dry mix on 1 sq.m.

Thus, than the layer is thicker, the consumption of mix will be that more.

Why to level floor under floor tile

Alignment of floor before laying of tile guarantees stronger facing covering, especially if floors very not equal. It is much easier to perform the main works on plain surface. If you have removed old tile and want to put new, that alignment is obligatory. When dismantling old ingots the firm basis is damaged, part it begins to exfoliate. Having made preliminary surface preparation under tile, you will be able to be sure that it will strongly keep.

What brand is better

It is necessary to read the instruction up to the end and attentively, information that on floor it is possible to go in 6-8 hours cannot be perceived so that it is already possible to work with this floor. It is necessary to sustain floor before full maturing and, as a rule, it is not less than 2 days. Only then it is possible to stack on it laminate, parquet, linoleum, etc.

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