Ceiling paint: the existing types and nuances of performance of painting works

Ceiling paint: the existing types and nuances of performance of painting works

One of popular finishing materials for work on registration of the room are paints. Them there is large number, and all of them differ on type and properties. Certain nuances of drawing are inherent in each look. Number of such moments and ceiling paint has. As it is correct to put it what tools it is for this purpose better to use and what it is necessary to pay attention when working to, it will be considered in this article.

The existing types of ceiling paints

Popular producers offer large number of different types of paints. All of them perfectly are suitable for registration of the room: glossy, opaque, water emulsion and acrylic, any of them will give to the room accurate and well-groomed look. Each of types of paint has the advantages and shortcomings which need to be considered, selecting material for finishing work.

For painting of ceiling the following types of paints are used:

  • acrylic;
  • silicone;
  • water emulsion;
  • water and dispersive;
  • latex.

The choice of these versions is connected with large amount of their advantages. They do not allocate unpleasant pungent smell, when drawing perfectly lay down and quickly dry. If necessary such paints can be washed away or purified easily from the painted surface. It is necessary to consider features of the room: the increased humidity, sunny side, etc.

Ceiling paint in the apartment: what is better

Making the decision what to buy ceiling paint, it is necessary to understand what result is going to be received after painting. The ceiling can have as a result opaque, semi-gloss or glossy surface. The following step after that – ceiling material definition. The floor, gypsum cardboard, tree or plaster can do it.

When choosing paint its resistance to abrasion and washing, resistance of color to influence of sunshine and emergence of mold is considered. Ecological security for the person and lack of unpleasant smell is not less important.

Helpful advice! Choosing ceiling paint it is necessary to take its adhesive properties in attention. The they are higher, the more intensively the covering will turn out after drying.

The shelter indicator is not less important. It shows how many layers need to be put to receive evenly painted surface. The this indicator is higher, the smaller consumption of paint is necessary for covering.

What paint is better for ceiling from gypsum cardboard

Material of which the ceiling is made has great influence on the choice of paint.

Quite often in modern apartments for these purposes the covering is used by gypsum cardboard. Then spackling works are carried out, and the completion phase – painting is carried out only after that. On question what paint is better for ceiling from gypsum cardboard, definite answer – water emulsion. She well lays down, creates beautiful opaque surface and is available at cost. It is possible to put it both with the roller, and paint spray gun.

Sometimes the ceiling is sheathed tree. This material has certain requirements for coating application therefore quite often for its painting invite professional masters. At the same time, the price of painting of ceiling aqueous emulsion ink includes pretreatment special means.

Glossy and opaque ceiling paint

Gloss paints which after drying create plain surface allow to receive smooth mirror ceiling. The main advantage of glossy ceiling – visual increase in the sizes of the room. Therefore this type of paint perfectly is suitable for rooms with low ceilings and small-size apartments. It is easy to look after ceiling, he perfectly washes, besides dirt and dust badly sticks to glossy ceiling.

Despite availability of set of advantages, glossy ceilings have also number of essential shortcomings. Ideally plain surface as when drawing gloss paint all roughnesses and hollows will be accurately visible to ceiling is necessary for putting such paint. If the ceiling has no ideal plain surface, then you should not choose this type of paints.

The lack of the reflecting properties belongs to advantages of paints of opaque type. Thanks to it they perfectly hide the available defects. The dullness is reached thanks to porosity of the received structure, because of it this surface becomes soiled more, and is washed worse. In this regard, opaque paints are not used for ceiling in kitchen and in other rooms which demand constant wet cleaning.

Helpful advice! Deciding what paint to choose for ceiling, consider the frequency of cleaning of surface and way of its carrying out (wet or dry). These factors influence class of resistance of covering to influence of moisture and abrasion.

Acrylic, latex, silicone or aqueous emulsion ink: what is better for ceiling

For registration of ceiling in inhabited or office room it is possible to use one of five types of paint. Each of them has large amount of advantages. Paints on the basis of water or polyvinyl acetate well lay down, and in need of them it is possible to wash away easily water. Paints on the basis of silicone or latex allow to receive smooth and beautiful surface. Let’s dwell upon each look.

Painting of ceiling aqueous emulsion ink

Most often for painting of ceiling is chosen water and dispersive or aqueous emulsion ink.

It is connected with number of advantages:

  • usability;
  • low cost;
  • perfectly is suitable for any types of surface;
  • has no pungent unpleasant smell;
  • it is easily washed away by soap solution;
  • it is possible to use for registration of ceiling in kitchen;
  • well transfers wet cleaning.

For obtaining antibacterial properties add anti-fungal components to ready paint. In spite of the fact that after coloring the plain and beautiful surface turns out, the owner not always stops the choice on this type of material as it is necessary to prepare ceiling for painting by aqueous emulsion ink very carefully that leads to additional time and monetary expenditure. Because of it many choose other type of material for painting of ceiling.

Water and disperse paints on the properties are similar to water emulsion. They perfectly are suitable for all rooms in the apartment. Whitewashing of ceiling aqueous emulsion ink does not represent big work therefore it can easily be executed independently, without involvement of specialists.

Acrylic ceiling paint

The second most popular for painting of ceiling is acrylic paint. Its cost is higher than water emulsion and water and disperse analogs.

It is explained by availability at paint of number of advantages:

  • high resistance to abrasion. This property allows to wash often ceilings, without being afraid of the fact that the surface will lose the color;
  • resistance to influence of direct sunshine. Especially it is important if ceiling multi-colored;
  • perfectly is suitable for use on uneven surface. The dense structure masks all cracks and hollows;
  • has no unpleasant smell.

Pay attention! White acrylic ceiling paint is considered the ideal option suitable for any interior. When using this type of paint it is necessary to consider that material darkens when drying.

Latex paint

Basis of this paint is latex. Because of it the cost of latex paint is much higher acrylic and water emulsion. It has number of advantages from which it is necessary to distinguish resistance to abrasion. The ceiling painted by means of this paint is not afraid of constant washing. The covering received after drying differs in high strength and beauty. Paint does not allocate unpleasant smell and quickly dries.

It has also essential shortcomings among which it is possible to note instability to low temperature impact, the high cost and tendency to burning out in the sun.

Paint on the basis of silicone

This type of paints perfectly transfers influence of external factors. To it influence of the increased humidity and direct sunshine is not terrible. The covering received after coloring also differs in resistance to abrasion. Many producers of this type of paint guarantee maintaining excellent exterior of ceiling even after 5000 wet cleaning using brush.

Silicone white ceiling paint is ideal for kitchen and the bathroom. Paint has no unpleasant smell, is easily applied and quickly dries.

Popular producers of paints

The modern market of building materials offers large number of acrylic, aqueous emulsion, silicone and latex paints from different producers. It is included below TOP-10 popular brands. Products of each of them have number of merits and demerits. The choice of specific type of paint depends on personal preferences, financial opportunities and desirable result.

Caparol aqueous emulsion ink

Making the decision to use Caparol paint for finishing of ceiling, the owner makes right choice, this German producer offers the best product quality among other popular brands.

For coloring of ceilings the company offers aqueous emulsion environmentally friendly inks. They perfectly lay down, have high resistance to abrasion, well transfer influence of direct sunshine, do not contain plasticizers and solvents.

After painting of ceiling Caparol aqueous emulsion ink the smooth opaque surface with which it is easy to remove any pollution turns out. This type of material perfectly is suitable for any surface of ceiling: tree, concrete, gypsum cardboard, etc. The ceiling painted by Caparol paint will serve long, at the same time there is no need every year it to tint. It allows to save money.

The main lack of this brand is the high cost of products.

Ceiling paint: the existing types and nuances of performance of painting works

Ceiling paint of Tikkurila

The Finnish brand of Tikkurila offers large amount of quality different paints. They can be used for work with any surface, they perfectly lay down on gypsum cardboard, tree, plaster.

Components which are part of paints give the chance to receive thin, smooth and plain surface. Thanks to high shelter, it is possible to apply paint of this brand in 1-2 layers. The special antibacterial component which interferes with development of mold is its part. Therefore paint perfectly is suitable for ceiling in kitchen or in the bathroom.

The ready surface turns out opaque and differs in brightness and saturation of shade. The manufacturing company offers the broad range of color schemes thanks to what paint of Tikkurila is considered optimal solution at registration of non-standard interiors.

After drawing the surface dries in two hours. Paint has no pungent smell, it perfectly is suitable for the bedroom or the children’s room.

At all advantages of paint of Tikkurila have one essential shortcoming – high cost. However operation duration without additional painting compensates the expenses spent for acquisition of this material.

Sniezka: the best ceiling paint

The Sniezka brand exists in the construction market more than 20 years. For painting of ceilings the company offers environmentally friendly paint with hypoallergenic properties. After drawing it on ceiling in two hours the plain opaque surface turns out. She is not afraid of influence of moisture and direct sunshine.

The ceiling painted by means of this paint has plain beautiful surface on which dirt and dust do not linger. In need of it it is possible to clean with wet sponge easily. The ceiling painted by means of Sniezka is steady against temperature drops and has good vapor-tight properties.

Pay attention! Standardly paint is offered by the producer in white color, for receiving other shade it is necessary to add colorant.

By means of products of Sniezka it is easy to carry out whitewashing of ceiling the hands — aqueous emulsion inks of this brand differ in simplicity of drawing.

Dulux ceiling paint

The British company Dulux offers wide choice of paints for finishing of ceiling: acrylic, latex and water emulsion. All of them differ in high quality and good adhesive properties. Water and alkyd resins form basis for them.

The Dulux ceiling paint has good shelter, when drawing it on surface there is tightening of small cracks and hollows. As a result the smooth plain surface turns out.

Pay attention! Paint has no pungent smell and well transfers moisture influence therefore it can be used when finishing kitchen, the bathroom and corridor.

Material differs in high cost, however the long term of operation will allow to save funds for frequent renovations.

For children’s rooms the company produces special aqueous emulsion ink for ceiling, the price for which is higher, than at all other row. It is connected with availability of ions of silver as a part of material. It enhances antibacterial properties of paint and prevents emergence of mold.

Acrylic and Dufa aqueous emulsion ink

The German producer Dufa deservedly is considered one of the best in the modern construction market. From series of ceiling paints produced by the company it is necessary to allocate acrylic and water emulsion type. These paints possess good shelter, it is easy to apply them, they have the high speed of drying. At the same time the smooth opaque surface turns out.

If necessary to peel aqueous emulsion ink from ceiling, as a rule, of rather plain soap solution.

The ceiling painted by Dufa paint is not afraid of influence of moisture and the sun therefore it is possible to do safely wet cleaning so many time how many it is necessary. At the same time exterior of ceiling will remain the same.

Paint of this company can be used in any room. Lack of these products one – high cost. It makes it less available, than products of other producers.

Teks: excellent ceiling paint

Choosing ceiling paint, it is necessary to study offers of the Teks company attentively. Use of this material allows not only to resolve issue how to whitewash ceiling aqueous emulsion ink without stains, but also to prevent mold growth. It is connected with availability as a part of antibacterial components.

The small shelter belongs to shortcomings of products of Teks. To receive plain smooth surface, it is necessary to put 2-3 coats of paint. It increases its expense and expenditure for acquisition, however after painting the ideal surface on which traces of brush or the roller are not visible turns out. Paint has no pungent unpleasant smell and differs in low cost.

Pay attention! The ceiling painted by Teks paint badly transfers frequent washing therefore this material is not suitable for kitchen.

Alpina: combination of the price and quality

This brand offers quality and available products. The Alpina ceiling paint allows to receive smooth and plain surface on condition of preliminary thorough training. Otherwise, all shortcomings of surface will be visible.
Paint well lays down, it has no pronounced unpleasant smell, it quickly dries. Such paint can be used in all apartment, and it perfectly resolves issue – what paint to choose for ceiling from concrete.

Considerable shortcoming is low resistance to abrasion because of what to carry out frequent wet cleaning of the ceiling painted by this paint it is impossible. Besides, it is necessary to resolve correctly issue what roller to paint ceiling with aqueous emulsion ink. The unsuccessful choice of the tool will result in sad result.

Paints of the Alpina company combine the affordable price and high quality. However for rooms with the increased humidity you should not use them.

Marshall aqueous emulsion ink

Products of the Marshall company for finishing of ceiling are not so popular as all other brands. It is connected with the fact that the producer is more oriented to products for coloring of walls.

The company has offered the series of structures for performance of work on registration of surfaces which, including, can be used for painting of ceiling on whitewashing. Both aqueous emulsion ink, and latex type of material are offered by the producer in white color. If necessary the colorant for receiving the necessary shade is used.

Paint has no strong smell, differs in speed of drying and good adhesion. It well is suitable for carrying out wet cleaning. However it is frequent it you should not do, otherwise the ceiling will lose the former look. It should be noted that work demands thorough preliminary training of ceiling to painting by aqueous emulsion ink.

Textured Aura ceiling paint

The covering received by means of this paint differs in beautiful exterior. It is well purified from pollution. On surface dirt and dust therefore paint the Aura perfectly is suitable for kitchen or verandah practically does not lay down. Paint possesses good shelter, it can be used on any material and with any tool.

After drawing paint quickly dries, it has no pungent unpleasant smell. It is worth paying attention that not always the expense on 1 sq.m. declared the producer matches practical result. It leads to additional financial expenditure during the work with paint the Aura.

Acrylic Ceresit paint

The Ceresit company offers wide choice of different types of paints for finishing of ceiling, however among all row it is considered the best acrylic. It has no unpleasant smell, well lays down, differs in high rate of shelter and availability of antibacterial properties. The painted surface is simple in leaving, well washes and does not lose attractive exterior.

The lack of this type of material consists in need of obligatory preliminary preparation. Without it paint does not keep, and the ceiling covering turns out poor quality. However this material well is suitable for works on mineral plaster. At the same time there is no need to carry out cleaning of surface, and it is possible to begin painting works at once.

Products of this brand differ in high quality and get prettier shelter, acrylic Ceresit paint does not burn out in the sun, does not burst and does not lose the exterior even in several years. As well as other brands, this company offers to acquaintance video tutorials of painting of ceilings acrylic paint the hands.

Features of painting of ceiling different types of paints

After the issue with what paint to paint ceiling is resolved, it is necessary to choose the corresponding tool and to carry out preparatory work.

For coloring it is possible to use:

  • wide brushes;
  • paint rollers;
  • paint spray gun.

From the provided list most often for carrying out painting works the roller is used.

How to paint ceiling with aqueous emulsion ink without stains the roller

That the surface of ceiling has turned out beautiful, equal, without splashes and stains, choosing the roller it is necessary to consider:

  • handle length. The telescopic option is optimum. If to buy such opportunity is not present, choose handle length not less than 25-40 cm;
  • production material. At its choice it is necessary to pay attention to quality of pretreatment of ceiling. The worse it is carried out, the more long there has to be roller pile. It will allow paint to fill all cracks, roughnesses and hollows for receiving smooth and plain surface. You should not choose rollers from foam rubber or velour, during the work with paint they give many splashes, leave drips. Besides, during the work with such tool the paint consumption considerably increases;
  • material density. The roller for aqueous emulsion ink for ceiling has to have good density. It is very simple to check it – it is necessary to take the roller in hand and to squeeze strongly. If after that it has returned to initial form, then density at the tool good. If it has not occurred, such roller is not suitable for painting;
  • availability of seams. The tool should not have rough seam, otherwise on ceiling stains and strips will be formed;
  • pile. It has to stay put and not drop out strongly. If when carrying out hairs remain palm on the roller on hand, it is not necessary to choose such tool for work. After painting on ceiling there will be fibers.

Choosing what roller to paint ceiling with acrylic paint, it is necessary to consider the listed above requirements.

How to paint ceiling with paint spray gun

Quite often, to receive beautiful and plain surface without stains and drips, use paint spray gun. This tool is suitable for all types of paints. If it is worth – carrying out the choice painting of ceilings by acrylic paint the roller or paint spray gun, it is better to choose the second option. It is more economic, fast and convenient.

Choosing paint spray gun, it is necessary to make a start from own requirements and financial opportunities. For example, if it is necessary to paint independently ceiling with aqueous emulsion ink without stains, as a rule, the preference is given to more expensive and qualitative models.

Buying the tool, it is necessary to consider the following:

  • the best material for the body – aluminum alloy with nickel. Availability of corrosion-resistant coating is desirable;
  • openings in the body have to be from brass or aluminum. There shall be sealing gaskets from teflon. This material is steady against influence of chemical components of paints;
  • there are no special requirements to material of tank of paint spray gun. The tank from nylon will allow to control easily paint level in the course of whitewashing.

These are highlights which will help to choose optimum paint spray gun for painting works. Also, it is in addition necessary to consider specific features of painting of ceiling aqueous emulsion ink the hands: the room size, quantity and quality of lighting in the room, availability of other construction tools and other.

Main stages of painting of ceiling

Further we will consider how to paint ceiling with aqueous emulsion ink.

Main stages of performance of work:

  • the choice of type of paint depending on material of ceiling and desirable color scheme;
  • the choice of the tool for carrying out painting works. At this stage it is necessary to solve, to paint ceiling with the roller or for acceleration of process it is necessary to use paint spray gun. It is possible to invite professionals, however in this case the price of preparatory work joins in the cost of painting of ceiling aqueous emulsion ink;
  • preparation of ceiling for painting. The better works are carried out, the more beautiful the surface will turn out. If the ceiling has been earlier painted, then it is necessary to wash away it soap solution. If necessary certain places are smoothed out by construction bar;
  • painting. Doing coloring independently for the first time, once attentively the recommendation studies specialists who will prompt how to paint ceiling with aqueous emulsion ink it is correct.

After a while after coloring, it is necessary to examine surface attentively. If necessary paint is applied once again.

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