Ceramic tile to the bathroom: design of modern finishing

Ceramic tile to the bathroom: design of modern finishing

In this article such popular type of finishing as ceramic tile to the bathroom in detail is considered: advantages and shortcomings which material, technical and decorative characteristics has. The text contains information on modern options of tiled products, quotations on them, photo of interesting options of design and also interior decisions with use of this material.

Ceramic tile to the bathroom: features of products

The bathroom belongs to discharge of rooms with special operational conditions. Finishing of walls in it is exposed to continuous influence of such negative factors as high humidity and temperature differences. Availability of constant dampness affects condition of covering adversely and creates optimal conditions for development of fungi, mold and other microorganisms hazardous to health of the person therefore it is necessary to approach question of selection of finishing thoroughly. The ceramic tile is suitable for these purposes best of all.

Why it is favorable to buy ceramic tile for the bathroom as finishing

Ceramic tile – the most demanded material used as finishing in the bathroom. It is explained by moisture resistance of covering. Tiled products are not inclined to accumulate moisture and dirt thanks to what microorganisms, harmful to people, cannot breed on their surface.

The surface of stoneware does not absorb smells and shows resistance to influence of chemicals. This advantage allows to eliminate without problems pollution from covering, applying any cleansers. At the same time the tile is capable to serve several decades, without having lost the attractiveness. The most long-lasting option of covering is created on the basis of the products received using technology of double roasting.

Pay attention! The tile covered with glaze has the highest moisture resistance.

In catalogs the price of ceramic tile varies in the big range. Huge number of producers and collections allows to pick up the beautiful finishing corresponding to financial opportunities and requests of any buyer. It is possible to find both the budgetary options of finishing, and product of elite class with author’s design in sale. Taking into account practicality and long life cycle, purchase of ceramic tile is much more favorable, than acquisition of other materials.

This type of covering is eco-friendly and safe. As raw materials for tile manufacture clay which has natural origin is used. In material almost completely there are no toxic substances, the most part from them evaporates in the course of roasting under the influence of high temperature. Besides, the tile differs in the due level of fire safety.

The covering is not conductor of electric current. This material properties is undoubted advantage to the modern bathroom where there are such devices as the hair dryer, the washing machine, the electrorazor, etc.

Producers offer the products differing from each other in such parameters:

  • coloring;
  • invoice;
  • sizes;
  • decorative registration;
  • form.

The offer of the modern market of finishing materials gives the chance to consumers to buy to the bathroom tile with simple design in classical execution without excess expenses or to use exclusive options of products for creation of unique interior. On photo the design of ceramic tile for the bathroom looks not only attractively, but also is various.

What shortcomings the ceramic tile in the bathroom possesses

As well as any kind of finishing material, ceramic tile has both advantages, and shortcomings. The most important minus of this covering is the labor-consuming and complex system of mounting. Finishing of walls tile is carried out only on plain surface therefore it is necessary to work at preparatory stage.

Process of laying of products is also followed by difficulties. Even insignificant discrepancy between lines is not allowed. If row turns out uneven, it is necessary to redo completely work, otherwise the laying will be not only unattractive, but also subject to fast destruction.

Helpful advice! It is better to entrust laying of tile to professionals. Mounting of covering demands skills and knowledge, and material quite brittle. The average price of wall decoration ceramic tile, is small price for qualitative and long-lasting result.

The ceramic tile can be used for finishing of floors, however, this type of covering quite slippery and cold therefore material selection process, as well as its mounting considerably becomes complicated. In catalogs of ceramic tile for bathtub it is possible to meet options of products with the anti-sliding covering. The problem of cold floors can be solved, having only resorted to additional tricks. For this purpose it is necessary to use concrete tie with heat-insulating layer or to execute mounting of the Heat-insulated floor system. Both demands financial expenses.

In space of intertiled seams in use dirt gradually collects. Seams darken and spoil exterior of finishing. These zones difficult give in to cleaning and can create optimal conditions for reproduction of bacteria. That not to allow it, it is necessary to watch carefully purity of intertiled seams and several times a year to process them by means of special anti-septic tanks.

The price of stoneware is both advantage, and shortcoming. However really quality material is much more expensive. Besides it is necessary to add finish, glue structure, materials for surface preparation to costs of finishing, etc.

Overview of ceramic tile of Kerama Marazzi

The Kerama Marazzi company is the leading Russian producer of the tiled products intended for finishing of floors and walls. Products of this factory include both budgetary, and elite options of materials with the improved characteristics.

The catalog of ceramic tile of the Russian production with the Italian roots of Kerama Marazzi includes the following collections:

  • English;
  • Two Venice;
  • Indian;
  • Neapolitan;
  • Roman;
  • Scandinavian;
  • French style, etc.

Pay attention! Products of Kerama Marazzi are created using the digital press therefore the design of tile to the bathroom turns out exact and accurate. The producer uses own patented glazes at the expense of which the drawing turns out volume and live. The most known of them – kristallin, has no analogs in the world.

The choice of design of tile for the bathroom: finishing in different color

To perform finishing work in the bathroom much more difficult, than in the living room or the bedroom. Therefore inadmissibly to be mistaken with design or coloring of material. Specialists recommend to avoid too bright coloring. They quickly bother and can make negative impact. Also, not the best option for the bathroom is the monophonic tile. Similar registration looks too simply and boringly.

Design of tile for the bathroom: the room in black color

Not each owner of the apartment will decide to choose black tone as coloring for the bathroom. Though similar interiors look gracefully, smartly and laconically. Especially attractively the tile with glossy gloss looks. The lack of black finishing is that on its background traces from the dried water droplets are visible.

Selecting finishing material for the bathroom in black color, it is necessary to consider features of lighting. One bulb is not capable to provide the sufficient level of light. Optimal solution for the dark bathroom will become several lamps of the built-in type placed on all perimeter ceiling. It is desirable to use daylight lamps.

Attractively the tile in the bathroom of black and white color without drawings with smooth surface looks. But in this case it is not recommended to use normal lamps. It is better to stop on energy saving lamps with day type of lighting. Such approach allows to keep contrast of the white and black room in interior. The matter is that normal lighting distorts real color of material because of what the dark tile can seem brown. To dilute the general background it is possible to use white color. Others of tone of palette will not be suitable for these purposes.

Use of glossy ceramic tile of white color in interior

The white shade symbolizes purity, it is used for registration of the bathroom in classical style. This color never gets out of fashion, however it is necessary to use it with care. Completely white bathroom looks too brightly and brightly. Such interior is sterile therefore it will be uncomfortable to residents to be in the room.

To receive harmonious and attractive design of the bathroom, it is enough to buy the white ceramic tile decorated with small amount of decorative elements. This coloring is combined with any shades therefore with the choice it is difficult to be mistaken. However the white tile has also essential shortcoming: on light background the contaminated seams will be evident. Therefore it is necessary to support constantly the bathroom in ideally clean state.

Helpful advice! To solve problem with the darkened seams between white tiles, specialists recommend to use finish of other color. At the expense of it availability of pollution in this zone will not be such explicit.

Ceramic tile to the bathroom: design of modern finishing

The choice of red tile to the bathroom: interior

Red – color of determination and passion. The similar shade of tile will suit strong and keen people, leaders in the nature. It is not recommended to use red color for finishing of walls if in the house there live people with aggressive character. Such registration has serious impact on nervous system, excites it and works annoyingly.

The tile executed in red color looks brightly and attractively in bathroom interior. To reduce negative impact of this shade on people, it is enough to dilute decoration of the walls with other tones. The tile of red and white color is ideally combined among themselves. The result will turn out harmonious and not striking. Due to contrast of flowers finishing will look expressively. Use of elements with the small decorative drawing will not prevent. Geometrical patterns and vegetable motives will be suitable for these purposes.

Violet ceramic tile: bathrooms

Violet color belongs to discharge of dark shades and is rather hard perceived. Nevertheless, its use in the bathroom as separate accents is allowed. Otherwise the interior will be too overloaded. Walls of pink or light-violet color with inserts of more dark shade will become optimal variant of registration.

Ideal combinations:

  • lilac and plum;
  • violet and gentle-lilac;
  • lilac and pink;
  • violet and gray/white/golden;
  • pale lilac and wood.

Interestingly use of dark-violet tile as finishing for floors looks in bathroom interior. Walls can be issued light tile with the horizontal strips executed in the same color. Use of fruit and flower tones is always relevant for this room. It is better to combine lavender tile with mosaic elements. Beauty of the bathroom in violet color gamma will be emphasized by presence at interior of metal and glass.

Use of blue tile in the bathroom: finishing indoors

The tile of blue shade is suitable for creation of interior in cold color gamma. It perfectly is suitable for creation of the atmosphere of pacification and cosiness. It is necessary to remember that blue color cools and refreshes situation therefore the interior is recommended to be diluted with additional shades.

Perfectly the ceramic tile for the bathroom of dark blue color looks.

This shade is perfectly combined with other flowers:

  • white;
  • beige;
  • gray;
  • mint;
  • blue;
  • sand;
  • gray.

The tile of yellow or wood-brown color will become good addition to blue background. If this coloring is chosen for floor tile, then it is better to make walls light. Quite often on the Internet it is possible to meet tile photo in the bathroom where blue color is combined with creamy, violet, yellow or green.

Helpful advice! As decorative addition it is recommended to use big mirrors, blue color visually conceals space.

The choice of green tile for the bathroom: beautiful interiors

Green registration of the bathroom will be suitable for adventurers and pensive natures. The tile of olive and light-lime shade will fill room interior with ease and lightness. To enhance this effect, specialists advise to add decorative elements of yellow color to the room.

As the most trend flowers are considered:

  • mint;
  • lime;
  • olive;
  • pistachio.

Photos of ceramic tile of dark green color in interior of the bathroom look magnificently, but is cold. In this case it is better to combine the main background with white shade. Use of dark green tile as accents in lighter room of the same color gamma is allowed. This option of finishing perfectly is suitable for registration of rooms of the small size. The situation turns out complete and harmonious.

Design of tile for the bathroom: interior in yellow color

To create if desired the atmosphere of heat and cosiness it is better to give preference in the bathroom to tile of yellow color. This shade opens great opportunities concerning design. In combination with white bright yellow color has the invigorating effect on the person.

If as the main background sand-yellow color is chosen, brown decorative elements pleasantly diversify interior. For creation of easy and gentle registration it is necessary to take lime and light yellow shade, and the last should not be bright.

When choosing yellow tile it is necessary to consider lighting. If enough natural lighting gets into the room, then you should not use tile of this shade. Also it is not recommended to use material with glossy surface. The dull finish in interior of the bathroom will be more appropriate. Use of the yellow tile decorated with stamping or patterns is allowed.

Unusual design of ceramic tile: original interiors

Producers of tiled products for finishing of walls and floors constantly improve production technologies and work on improvement of design.

Thanks to it in the market it is possible to find tile of different configuration:

  • square;
  • clinker;
  • rectangular;
  • in the form of mosaic.

Helpful advice! Fans of wood can use for finishing of the bathroom tile under laminate. This material it is realistic imitates natural surface, at the same time the covering is not afraid of moisture at all.

Eco-friendly design of the bathroom with use of tile under tree

The tile which imitates wood is most often used for creation of interior in style of country. This type of finishing will be suitable also for fans of east direction in design. For maintenance of the general mood availability of the bathroom or sink made of natural stone and also classical furniture from valuable breeds of wood will not prevent.

The design of the products executed under wood can include also other effects:

  • scrapes;
  • brushing;
  • uneven coloring;
  • texts.

For creation of interior in retro style it is possible to use tile which imitates parquet board. Producers supply to the market tile with wooden composition in the form of mosaic. This option of finishing is suitable for registration of zones where the sink, shower cabin or bathtub is established.

Use of ceramic tile for the bathroom in the form of mosaic

The ceramic tile executed in the form of mosaic not only is attractive from the decorative point of view, but also is convenient concerning mounting. The small size of elements allows to execute finishing even in the most hard-to-reach spots and to make it most accurately.

Advantage of mosaic consists in its universality. Material of finishing can be monophonic or contrast. The covering is combined with other materials and is suitable for zoning of the room or creation of emphases on certain sites of the room. As addition to mosaic wall panels or tile of the large sizes can be used.

For rooms of the compact size it is better to take pastel shades of cold color gamma:

  • lilac;
  • light blue;
  • green;
  • turquoise.

The mosaic can imitate different surfaces, for example, metal, tree or marble. In case with stone the covering can be monolithic or consist of pieces of different shades.

Ceramic tile in the bathroom with imitation of natural materials

For registration of the bathroom it is possible to use the tile imitating natural surfaces. Such interior looks unusually and originally. The most widespread imitation – under brick or marble. These products have relief or smooth surface and beautiful pattern. Material is recommended to be used for partial finishing of walls or separate surfaces.

There are also other not less interesting imitations:

  • under stone;
  • marbled;
  • under marine rubble;
  • under laminate (jointless surfacing).

It is possible to find unusual options of products in sale, for example, relief tile with volume form or covering with 3D – the image. Even if in shop there was no suitable option, buyers can always order tile it is necessary the size. Many producers offer tile of oversizes or can apply any image to the surface of material under the order. All these advantages and opportunities have turned ceramic tile into the most demanded and popular type of finishing for the bathroom.

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