Children’s room by own efforts

Children's room by own efforts

Own room is very important for the child – it is axiom which cannot be disputed. However not all parents understand that the room has to correspond to inner world of his owner. It has to be pleasant first of all to the kid, but not guests of the host. The interesting ideas of ingenious designers simply will not approach, they are intended first of all for adults.

So — there are children’s room and desire to make of it something interesting. The hand usual reaches for phone, trying to discover the newspaper with announcements of masters. Let’s think properly — whether services of strangers are necessary to us?

The Internet and media actually dazzle with enticing offers of construction services. Many are supplied with interesting photos according to which it is possible to judge skill of crew. Stop! And whether this is true? It is difficult to be sure that the pleasant photo has not been downloaded from Network or “is not corrected” by means of the Photoshop. Let’s address more reliable sources — own acquaintances who have already passed through difficult stage of repair by others hands.

Alas, but here the situation looks more unattractively, but is more real. About a third can brag of high-quality, sound repair for the reasonable sums. There are enough problems: tightening of initial terms; continuous attempts to save (in own favor) on quality of materials, “extort” of the additional amounts on unforeseen expenses and at last — poor quality of the done work. Moreover — that third of “lucky” most often — just indulgent people who are happy just because at last “have got off”. Flaws of quality and unpleasant situations just do not want to be remembered.

Certainly, we will not find fault with all masters without grounds — the real Creators capable to create masterpiece in precisely allotted terms and without “nervousness” to the customer occur among them. There are only their services so many that the representative of the middle class simply “will not pull”.

We suggest to think of repair by own forces. You were never engaged in it? It does not matter! High-quality, sound repair quite can do even to classical “humanist” — it is necessary just to put the head — and not to hurry. Certainly — it is about simple repair without special “delicacy”. The mass of useful information contains in the Internet and reference books — just are not lazy to look for it and, certainly — to check.

Article will not answer all questions — it will help to orient and repair the room so that it was pleasant to your child.

The beginning of repair — planning

Planning — important part of any serious action about which quite often forget. Even “beaten” life people often do not want to understand: “staff” work is necessary.

Business begins with preliminary design. Preliminary — in the course of work it can exchange more than once: high cost of some materials or complexity of their processing, toxicity or rejection of some idea by the child. Having made it, it is possible “to dance” further already consciously. You remember — means and time have to be taken “with stock”. This very important condition because some surprises meet even at professionals.

You do not hurry to buy materials and tools — it is quite possible that in far corner of garage of you list good few was overlooked. It, of course, exaggeration but to sort the stocks and really it would be advisable. Ask to make the same friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Only it is necessary to do it not “somehow”, and having handed them in advance made lists with desirable things. Verbal descriptions most likely will just be forgotten also as a result of people or will fill up you with any stuff, or just will not remember request. Do not hesitate to ask — the most part of people will listen to you quite kindly, but even if not so — what you will lose?

Economy has to be reasonable — any tools and the more so material are bought only the best quality — will be cheaper. Distances bent trowels of semicentennial prescription? You do not hurry to refuse — just thank for antiques and buy normal. Low or even mediocre quality by all means “will halloo”.

Do not forget – it is the children’s room

The mass of councils of applied character is brought already together by you and now you have a clear view of each action. Now you know well what is coloring, the putty and is a lot of other “terrible” words. However often forget about the simple fact that the room — the nursery. No, external attributes are observed rather correctly — there is sports corner, there is children’s furniture and on regiments toys are placed.

The child sees the world differently — remember it. The sex, age, temperament, hobbies of the child matters. By the way — it is relevant even for newborns.

First, children love bright colors, but is moderate. Excessive brightness and contrast will excite it, and excessive hobby for pastel tones is not necessary for us too. Word — golden mean.

It is desirable to exclude glasses, mirrors and the polished objects from the room. Business even not in hypothetical danger to be cut with splinters — it has negative effect on children’s mentality.

It is desirable to avoid sharp angles in the room, as well as any excessively sharp geometrical designs. Children and teenagers, are quite often clumsy even if they seriously play sports — the organism grows and, respectively, constantly changes. The surplus of geometrical drawings is also not desirable: large number of corners does the room “prickly” and uncomfortable.

The room has to be adapted for needs of the little owner. It means that furniture has to be adjusted by the size, excessively high stool is not simply inconvenient — it is dangerous. If any regiments are located too highly — be not under a delusion — sooner or later the kid by all means will find way to reach them, here only the way is usually quite hazardous to health.

Further — the room has to clean up easily. Toys from plasticine will be scattered here, to spill tea or juice, to fall on floor food and many other things. Therefore it should be taken into account design and from this point of view. For example, the carpet in the nursery is very desirable, but not “from wall to wall”. Otherwise cleaning will become very problematic.

It is worth remembering that children are rather careless and capable to bring the room to “indecent” state quickly. Therefore you should not be fond of parquet floors or expensive silk wall-paper. Much better linoleum (or laminate) and wall-paper under painting will approach. By the way, wall-paper can be decorated together with the child, then he with pride will say that he did repair together with parents!

Sports corner

Sports activities are very important, and even if the child is written down in several sections and circles at once, establish him. The matter is that the growing organism needs to splash out sometimes energy, and to put it “away for later” there is no opportunity — children so are not able!

That there were no whims and abuse, it is simpler to build the simplest sports construction. It is not important at all, purchased or self-made. It has to maintain the wildest jumps of the little man playing “Tarzan” and, certainly, it has to be convenient to it to be engaged on it.

By the way, not all complexes are created with calculation of convenience. So getting such, try “to try on” it mentally.

At registration consider psychology

Age and floor — here that needs to be considered at design of the room. Forming of mentality goes since the early childhood — literally from the cradle. Therefore the Little Princess style not too will suit the boy.

The ideas for design it is possible to find great variety: the nature in all its variety, space, travel and many other things. The most part perfectly will suit both to boys, and girls after small corrections.

Be careful with registration in modern styles: with participation of Barbie and other doubtful characters created for pumping out of means from parent purse. Business even not that it will turn back for you additional expenses further — similar things have extremely negative effect on children’s mentality.

Zoning of the room not the easiest, but very necessary business. If there is opportunity, try to divide the room into conditional zones. Most often it is sleeping, educational and game parts. If it is correct to make everything, then the child will be easier to be accustomed to discipline. Besides, the subconsciousness will perceive them as “almost separate” rooms, and it is important for psychological comfort.

It is possible “to divide” the room the mass of interesting ways: curtains (even if them it is long less than a meter), any bas-relief on wall and ceiling, different wall-paper (they can just be painted) in each zone. Word — include imagination.


Ideally the room has to come to East or South side — for the maximum number of natural lighting. It is rather important issue which is strongly affecting health so, and development of the child. Curtains at windows it is desirable to hang up the lungs which are not interfering light and air. Magnificent, heavy “dust collectors” are undesirable.

It is desirable to divide artificial lighting into the main and zone. Unpretentious (easily to dust with it) chandelier — it is good, but it is desirable to have separate luminous sources at bed (as night lamp), game zone and, certainly, the place for study. It is desirable to have opportunity to regulate lighting sources.

Furniture in the room

Furniture has to be minimum. Many parents (it is rather even — grandmothers with grandfathers) fill up with gifts, without thinking of situation in general. As a result, the room begins to remind flea market. It is filled by good things, but for the child of the place does not remain.

Ideally the room looks approximately so: bed, cabinet, desk (for children is more senior), couple of chairs, several shelves, sports corner. It does not mean that for other things in it there is no place — just be not fond of “materialism”. If the kid in the course of the game needs to clutter up the room, it is better to do it by means of children’s tents and to that similar things which easily develop and clean up.

What ideas would not arise at you, be convinced at first that they will not do harm to the child. Construction materials with toxic allocations, poisonous paint, excessively bright coloring — all this makes negative impact. At repair of the nursery the rule “Measure Seven Times — Cut Off Once” has to become for you the most important.

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