Chipboard is rabbeted moisture resistant: new development of building materials

Chipboard is rabbeted moisture resistant: new development of building materials

Production of new construction materials does not stand still. Every year the producer increases and improves the range of the products. Not so long ago in the market of construction materials chipboard rabbeted moisture resistant has appeared. This material possesses large-scale of resistance to moisture. Its peculiar design allows to use it in different spheres. The main characteristics and ranges of application of material can be learned from this article.

What is chipboard rabbeted moisture resistant

Chipboard with groove turns out as a result of the excelsior pressed in the hot way mixed with thermosetting pitches. Thanks to layered structure this material is steady against deformation changes in result of temperature drops and humidity.

Thickness of sheets of chipboard with groove can be 12-22 mm. For easy mounting of plates which is carried out thorn groove each edge party of chipboard has the cut rabbeted connection: two crests and two grooves. Plates exactly and densely adjoin to each other. Such construct allows to carry out mounting of plates without tools and special skills.

Waterproof polymers which give to ready-made product big coefficient of moisture resistance are part of rabbeted chipboard. It allows to use plates in not heated rooms with the increased humidity (loggias, balconies, change houses, warehouses). This material can be used as basis under future tile in bathrooms, but at term of use of special glue and finish for intertiled seams.

Moisture resistant rabbeted chipboard possess high strength rates (bend, break, stretching). It does possible application of rabbeted chipboard for floor. The plates established on logs are capable to sustain high loading, without publishing scratch and without caving in on all area.

Helpful advice! For mounting of floor less than 100 m ² from chipboard with groove, it is not required to leave technical gaps between plates.

Rabbeted chipboard for floor is characterized as the moisture resistant laminated chipboard.

Chipboard advantages with groove

Main advantages of groovy chipboard:

  1. Thanks to availability of the convenient feature connector the thorn groove, laying of plates for floor can be carried out easily, quickly and without use of special purpose tools. As a result it is possible to receive ideally plain surface without height differences and gaps.
  2. Plates possess high rate of moisture resistance that does possible their application in rooms with the increased humidity.
  3. Plates well maintain load of break, bend, pressure. Ideally cope with dot loading without deflection and scratch. Evenly distribute loading that promotes high strength and rigidity of floor.
  4. Hazardous substances are not part of this construction material that does product environmentally friendly and suitable for application in children’s institutions, medical institutions, premises.
  5. Small weight has plates big dimensions, but that allows simply, easily and quickly to mount them without involvement of experienced workers.
  6. Chipboard of plate are available at the price. It is possible to receive good, qualitative and long-lasting covering for moderate payment.
  7. Products from chipboard with groove resistant to influence of mold, fungus and different microorganisms.

Ranges of application of rabbeted moisture resistant chipboard

Specialists allocate several main directions of application of moisture resistant chipboard with groove:

  • moisture resistant chipboard for floor is most demanded. With its help the raised floor, “floating” floor, dry tie of combined type which has compartments for heater, without use of water-based mixes for filling can be mounted;

Helpful advice! For construction of the racetracks, tennis courts, podiums and other designs demanding strengthening moisture resistant rabbeted chipboard is successfully used.

  • moisture resistant plates are ideal for alignment of wall surfaces. They are safely used as basis for the subsequent finishing finishing (decorative plaster, wall-paper, lining, plastic). panel chipboard, having warm and sound-proof properties, perfectly will be suitable for construction of interroom partition. Plates fasten self-tapping screws on previously mounted framework from rails;
  • moisture resistant rabbeted chipboard 12 mm thick ideally can replace ceiling gypsum cardboard. It is much easier and is more convenient in work, than fragile analog. It is used for the leveling basis under finishing covering;
  • the plate is irreplaceable for roofing works. The small weight of leaf, high density (820 kg/m ³) and moisture resistance allow to use material for the device of the inside warming layer;
  • base. Perfectly is suitable for removable timbering under filling at the initial stage of construction jobs.

Helpful advice! During the device of any design with use of rabbeted chipboard, all joints need to be processed the pressurizing material (glue, mastic, liquid nails).

Rabbeted chipboard is inexpedient to be used for production of furniture. For these purposes it is possible to buy chipboard just for decoration, the price for leaf will depend in this case on dimensions and type of material. It is also possible to order individual cut of chipboard by the sizes which are necessary for creation of specific furniture products.

The device of draft floor with use of chipboard with groove

All installation works can be performed independently without involvement of specialized workers. Works should be performed in the accurate sequence.

First of all it is necessary to execute laying log with distance which corresponds to chipboard thickness of plate. For plates 16 mm thick the step makes 30-40 cm. If to use plates 22 mm thick, then the step will make about 60 cm. All emptiness between logs are filled with sealant, gaps as a result of roughness of floor are filled up with sand.

Further, beginning from distant opposite door of wall, laying of chipboard of sheets by means of self-tapping screws begins. The following sheet is inserted into groove and fastens self-tapping screws to logs, similar to the first plate.

Helpful advice! Mounting of sheets should be carried out so that the seam between the next plates fell on bars. In the narrow long room logs stack across moving direction.

Mounting of “floating” floor

Such method allows to equip floors with use of dry tie. As a result sandwich construction which comes to the end with laying of rabbeted chipboard turns out.

This method consists of several stages:

  1. On concrete bed the vapor barrier layer keeps within.
  2. Polystyrene foam plates or the haydite basis are arranged.
  3. The following layer is the substrate. For it plastic, construction paper, membranes can be used.
  4. The completing layer – moisture resistant chipboard with groove.
Chipboard is rabbeted moisture resistant: new development of building materials

Mounting of material on ceiling and walls

Installation of leaf of rabbeted chipboard on wall is carried out by means of self-tapping screws by step of 30-40 cm without application of furring. If to use nails, then it is necessary to drive in them at an angle 45 degrees.

On ceiling apply plates 12 mm thick to mounting of chipboard. Them fix on previously equipped framework from wooden rails by means of self-tapping screws, nails, special brackets. Joints of plates surely pressurize special mastic or glue.

How much is chipboard: material price

Moisture resistant chipboard with groove are made two standard dimensions: 1830х600 mm and 2440х900 mm which thickness can be 12, 16 and 22 mm. The price of moisture resistant chipboard directly depends on dimensions of material and thickness of product.

Helpful advice! It is necessary to select material thickness proceeding from its further assignment. For covering of ceiling or roof it is necessary to use thin material, and chipboard with thickness of 22 mm will be ideal for the device of floor and partitions.

QuickDeck producer

QuickDeck is one of the most popular producers of waterproof plates. The product is suitable for performance of all works about which it was told above.

Feature of the products QuickDeck:

  • material has the high level of wear resistance. According to the European EN 13229 standard material has the 33rd class of operation and AC6 abrasion class. These indicators allow ready material not to lose the characteristics for 6 years. And it only at its use in shopping centers, educational institutions, sports sections. For premises life cycle can make up to 20 years;
  • according to the European EN 312 standard material has P5 water resistance class. It means that the plate possesses good indicator of resistance to swelling. It will inflate for only 10% on the expiration of day of stay in water;
  • moisture resistant chipboard with groove are completely ecologically safe. Material belongs to the class of harm E1, according to EN 13896 European standard. It means that the product does not allocate hazardous substances like natural wood;
  • the surface of material is steady against direct influence of ultraviolet rays;
  • material possesses high rate of fire resistance. The missed lit match will not lead to the fire or marks on surface;
  • plates have the increased sound-proof properties. Floor from rabbeted chipboard will not scrunch. And partitions from such material will provide appropriate heat insulation and noise isolation;
  • the covering does not demand special special leaving. Material is capable to maintain influence of different household chemicals.

Moisture resistant rabbeted chipboard: reviews of material

Good technical characteristics and high quality of material do it irreplaceable for performance of many construction jobs. It is confirmed by numerous responses of consumers. Thanks to practicality of use, many specialists stop the choice on moisture resistant rabbeted chipboard. It concerns question when it is necessary to perform works in rooms with the increased humidity, for finishing work of floor, ceiling and walls. Simple and easy mounting can execute the minimum number of people without special skills that considerably reduces the price of the cost of repair work.

And the fact that chipboard with groove with great success is applied in the considerable number of television projects uplifts this material on the first positions of the rating list.

The opinion of specialists demonstrates that chipboard is popular material in the modern construction market. It is possible to receive good product which possesses high rate of durability for moderate payment, it is capable to maintain considerable loadings, without caving. Thanks to easy rabbeted connection it is possible to receive ideally equal, rigid, rigid and steady base which will serve many years. Easy and fast mounting will allow to recover design after its possible dismantling.

Durability, durability, good exterior, considerable economy of money and time when performing repair construction jobs make moisture resistant rabbeted chipboard the leader in the market of budget proposals for finishing of rooms.

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