Collars: first aid to pipes

Collars: first aid to pipes

Collars, bolts and nuts have to be in each economy. Sometimes such simple adaptation can great help out in emergency situation. For example, at leakage of pipe, connecting collar of toilet bowl. Not superfluous will be also availability of piece of crude rubber. It should be noted that the greatest number of requests to plumbers arrives in the morning on Monday, so emergencies have arisen from late Friday evening on morning of Monday.

All sign number of emergency service. The emergency service in most cases does not eliminate leak, and blocks water, at best, on the apartment. Happens that at incorrectly mounted hydraulic system in the apartment all entrance suffers. And not in all settlements call of this service free. Here also it turns out that first aid the plumbing fixtures should be given independently.

The leaked pipe needs to be isolated crude rubber and on both sides to record it by means of collars. It is necessary to pick up collar slightly more, than pipe diameter, but so that after tightening of its handles by means of bolt and nut to receive reliable adjunction of the isolating material. It is necessary to fix collars near place of failure that water had no opportunity to get into cavity between pipe and rubber. Its large number will damage rubber, and all process should be started anew.

The lack of ready factory collar is half the problem, and absence of nut bolt in household is accident! The collar can be made independently of can, tin cover, aluminum level. And so adjustments, smoothness and durability of tie to achieve improvised materials if it is not bolt and nut, it is almost impossible. As collar often use aluminum wire, but it looks even the thick wire will cut through soft material. Though factory collars are different in width. Collars from 1 cm wide are most often used in the equipment, household and on productions, but there are also thinner. Such are more often used for fastening of easy pipes to wall or other motionless subject. Because the collar is thinner, the more it is affected by vibration from which the twist weakens – the nut is turned off.

In shops of the equipment, economic, construction it is possible to meet such variety of collars that the width of the range can cast into stupor. You should not be frightened. If to understand, then in household diameters of 1.5 cm – will be useful for polypropylene at emergency. Collar radius in 3 cm is useful not only for fixing of pipes to wall, but also will serve as the condensing element for rubber and plastic hoses of washing and dishwashing machines. Rubber over the years, even the most dense, stretches and bursts therefore the collar can be useful to give reliable connection of hose with the nut union which is the adapter to the machine.

Collars: first aid to pipes

Some collars have rubber or plastic insert, others are made of strong material, and there are such that on density is thinner than tin can. The last are more often used for fastening to wall of the materials not subject to mechanical damages and not experiencing any strong strain. And the weight of part is small. Rigid aluminum collars with carefully processed edges allow to fix materials which have the big weight and not really strong structure that can in interaction with thin collar lead to damages. As additional protection of such materials serve sealing elastic bands.

If necessary collars of this kind are most favorable to fix to wall sewage pipes from plastic. A lot of things depend on endurance of the metal, but under the weight which will be added to pipe by water, at distant arrangement of fastenings the pipe can sag, and joints will disperse – with all that it implies (literally) effects. The recommended arrangement of collars should not exceed 4 meters. If to ponder, then in one apartment in houses of standard construction, on condition of arrangement of 2 collars on the very brink of pipe and one in the middle, such distance between them will not turn out. It is better to make a start at calculation of necessary number of fastenings from joints of pipes, the insurance is required in these parts.

Metal pipes always fastened on the hooks of armature which are sticking out of wall. Of course, plastic pipes it is much easier pig-iron, steel, but water, but not material gives the main weight.

The lack of bias or very small corner of drain of the sewerage creates permanent load on joints. In one, not wonderful day the system will leak if in time not to suspend pipe so that it had no possibility of sagging. The bent bar was suitable for metal pipes, for modern sewerage systems it is enough to pick up strong collars, reliable long dowel and the self-tapping screws capable to maintain big weight.

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