Carbonic heat-insulated floor
In pursuit of comfort the mankind invents all new ways to provide itself with
Heating of garage the hands
With the onset of cold weather owners of “iron horses” begin to worry about
Caisson for the well: production and mounting
The system of autonomous water supply from discharge of unjustified luxury has turned into
Oven heating with water contour
Warmly for the house – pledge of cosiness and comfort. There is set of
Infrared heat-insulated film floor
Infrared heat-insulated floors have appeared relatively recently, however have managed to push aside the
Air heating: design and mounting
Traditional water systems still remain the main source of heat in houses. However passionless
Electric heat-insulated floor
One of the most modern heating systems, so-called “heat-insulated floors”, is known to everyone.
Water supply system from well: how to equip system
The mankind spoiled by comfort stubborn does not wish to live in Spartan conditions.
The choice of system of the sewerage for the house
Times when the sewerage equipped in country house looked as something unusual, have passed
Systems of water heat-insulated floors
The modern medicine claims that the optimum formula of thermal comfort for the dwelling
Electrical wiring in wooden house
Without connection of the country house to electricity it is impossible to provide comfortable
Water supply system in country house
Freezing of water pipes in the winter — real crash for single housing construction.
Independent installation of heaters
The question of replacement of radiators of heating is equally relevant also in old
The ventilation device in the house
Process of updating of air in rooms, necessary for maintenance of normal internal microclimate,
The alarm system in country house
The majority of country houses are used by us, mostly, temporarily: during issue, on
Hot-water heating: heating of the house
Approach of severe winter sets thinking on heating of the housing. The lucky persons
Electric heating: heating of the house
The problem of heating is always relevant, too there are a lot of places
Grounding in owner-occupied dwelling
Grounding of owner-occupied dwelling performs two major functions: protection of the person against defeat
Design of ventilation of the house
Ventilation is understood as the air exchange of rooms regulated naturally or artificially creating
Thermoplinth — heating of the house
Any models of heating systems, in the course of improvement, undergo changes. Outdated types