Construction of garage

Construction of garage

The owner of country house is also the owner of the vehicle – exceptions are extremely rare. In this regard the question of construction of garage – the place where it is possible not only to leave the machine has big relevance, but also to provide it appropriate care and service.

At first many try to be limited to canopy which protects the machine from bad weather for temporary parking. But the canopy does not allow to arrange fully tools, spare parts, additional parts. There it is difficult to establish workbench and work table, it is almost unreal to organize viewing hole for minor repair of car. Even if to implement all these ideas, then half-open spaces of such garage will be provided by the overview of working disorder for public eyes. Construction of more or less capital building becomes objective necessity.

Types of garages and their arrangement

So, garages subdivide into several types, proceeding from their location and constructional decisions:

  • Built-in;
  • Attached;
  • Separate.

The built-in garages are built along with the house, the socle part of the building or the cellar most often is for this purpose used.

The attached garages have with the house or other building one general wall or more. They are rather simple in the constructional plan, and often become logical part of architectural complex. Unfortunately, very often free space of the country site is completely given for the main building and therefore construction of the attached design becomes problem.

The separate garage can be established in any part of the site that allows to vary the construction sizes. Besides, in such garage it is possible to think over arrangement of the equipment and to provide the increased functionality of space – to equip viewing hole, cellar, working and repair zone, that is to create the most ergonomic interior.

Materials for construction of garage

For construction of garage the same materials are used, as at construction of country houses. Among the most often found options it is possible to see designs from:

  • Tree;
  • Metal;
  • Bricks;
  • Slag stones;
  • Steel concrete blocks;
  • Foam concrete blocks.

At material selection it is important to consider all its technical characteristics and features of building and construction works. Besides, it is worth evaluating the internal atmosphere of future design as the humidity and temperature condition created indoors have direct impact on the speed of aging of the car, that is on duration of its operational term.

Wooden garages are in stable demand, and the reason of it not only in the low cost of material. Similar designs differ in number of advantages:

  • It is possible to use the facilitated base option as the weight of tree is not really high and does not demand the rigid basis for walls.
  • Low price of material and works.
  • High speed of mounting.
  • The built room differs in the balanced microclimate in humidity and temperature.

Minuses of wood are perfectly known to all. It is ability to fast ignition, exposure to rotting and defeat by insects. These defects are eliminated by material processing by special structures that in addition raises garage life cycle, its durability and reliability.

Brick garages are in the second place in popularity and belong to capital buildings. Of course, at construction construction of the strong and qualitative base will be required and the cost of works is estimated as rather high. But these shortcomings are outweighed by long life cycle (up to 100 years) and also reliability of design and comfort of garage for the maintenance of the car.

Metal garage treat quickly built buildings which are on sale most often in the form of elements, ready to assembly. The necessary base does not demand big investments and is simple in production. Among difficulties of works on installation of metal garage It should be noted need of availability of the welding machine and ability to use it. Also similar buildings are considered not as especially favorable for the long maintenance of car because of the internal atmosphere sensitive to differences of external temperatures. If the owner is interested in qualitative garage, then it is worth thinking over beforehand heat insulation and also methods of protection of walls against corrosion and rust.

Slag block garage – it is qualitative, inexpensive and strong. The wall stone used at construction differs in good insulating indicators. It is easy to work with it therefore construction of garage will not demand involvement of specialists from outside.

Steel concrete garages demand special approach as to order elements, necessary for construction, it is necessary through specialized firms or directly at the plant. Certain skills are necessary for construction of design, but the received result is worth it. Garages from steel concrete are famous for the quality, durability and durability.

Garages from foam concrete blocks enjoys the growing popularity. Among their advantages there are builders and users note the following characteristics:

  • Fast mounting;
  • Good material properties – small shrinkage, low water absorption, environmental friendliness, good heat-shielding;
  • Excellent internal microclimate;
  • Resistance to burning, mold and biological damages.

The variety of materials allows to select the most suitable according to properties and option, available on means. Further it is worth deciding on the project, location of garage and to begin to be engaged in works on its direct construction.

Construction of garage

Design and breakdown on the area

Not to be mistaken with amount of future construction, it is necessary to prepare the project. In it all linear sizes considering both dimensions of the machine, and feature of internal interior of the room will be displayed.

The projection of outside contour of the car, that is its parameters taking into account all open doors including luggage carrier is taken as basis. Further it should be taken into account the following increases:

  • from opposite to driver’s sitting – 0.1 meters;
  • from three other parties – 0.8 meters;
  • in the presence of workbench – in addition 0.6 meters to bumper or 0.2 to open door.

If other interior decisions are planned, then they are also considered in addition to basic measurements.

Height is defined depending on growth of the driver or with open cowl of the machine (the lifted back door at the station wagon or the hatch-back). It should be added 0.1 meters to this size or a little more. Strongly high you should not do ceiling as it is necessary to increase further expenses on heating of internal space.

Having decided on dimensions, it is necessary to move all sizes to the site planned under construction. It is important to choose one of corners and to mark necessary sizes from it, having defined geometry of construction site.

Stages of construction of garage

Working stages directly depend on the chosen material for wall construction and also on what scheme has turned out as a result of design. However the principle of works remains invariable for the majority of options therefore it is possible to consider construction on the example of the most widespread decision: brick.

Sequence of works usually following:

  • Earthwork operations;
  • Base;
  • Construction of socle and walls;
  • Mounting of gate;
  • Overlapping and roof;
  • Floors and blind area;
  • Finishing and warming.

Level and quality of earthwork operations depend on what the owner at himself in garage wishes to see. It can be viewing hole separate or combined with cellar, or normal bulk floor. It is worth noticing that the urgent need in viewing hole is observed seldom as in the majority machines are serviced and under repair in the conditions of car service. Therefore it is worth thinking of real need of this garage element thoroughly.

The base is chosen proceeding from material of walls, and its arrangement should pay special attention. The structural strength of garage and durability depends on quality of this type of works.

The socle is direct continuation of the base and undertakes all loading on protection of garage against excess humidity. Therefore it is very important to provide qualitative waterproofing of element for what two layers of roofing material are used usually.

Construction of walls is often combined with installation of garage gate. Therefore prior to the beginning of bricklaying or works with other material, it is worth getting acquainted with secrets of mounting of gate and their constructional features.

Among options of roofs usually choose between twin or flat. Stop more often on the second decision as mounting of flat roof is simpler. At the same time problems with roof – waterproofing are minimized by roofing material and roof membrane keep within quickly and without mistakes even nonprofessional builders.

Floor garage is the serious stage of works which is unreasonably ignored by many newbies in construction business. It is worth thinking of material selection in advance and to consider number of factors:

  • The wooden floor – is favorable for the machine, but demands active ventilation of underground space;
  • Concrete floor – badly gets warm and has an adverse effect on safety of the bottom of car at the long parking of the car in garage;
  • Normal soil – is well pressed over time, but there is danger of preservation in garage of excess humidity.

The blind area is created for convenience of the driver and used for rolling-out of the machine from garage manually. It is created by providing small on height of embankment with bias from garage. At arrangement blind area it is worth using layered structure – the draining soil, sand, crushed stone, clay and concrete.

Finishing work of walls of garage is carried out exclusively at will. Wooden walls can be sheathed plates of SMALLPOX or to cover with protective structures. The brickwork is recommended to be jammed cement slurry, to plaster and even to paint. Metal walls need to be painted regularly as it gives additional protection against rust and corrosion. On other materials decisions are made taking into account objective need of esthetics and leaving.

Warming of garage is carried out according to the general climatic situation in the region as plus 5 degrees are quite comfortable temperature for car. If serious frosts are expected in the winter, then it is worth thinking of warming of walls and the organization of heating in garage.

The qualitative garage constructed by the hands is reliable protection of the car against bad weather, the convenient location of storage of garden stock and means of active holiday and also working workshop so necessary in the conditions of country life. All this can be organized independently at competent approach to construction of the building and its arrangement.

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