Construction of verandah the hands

Construction of verandah the hands

Improvement of personal plot — business important and necessary. To build the new fence protecting from excessively importunate attention of passersby or envious neighbors, hotbed or the greenhouse for receiving big crops irrespective of nature whims — any works anyway pursue two main goals: effective use of the earth for receiving big crops (it is desirable with simultaneous decrease in labor costs) or higher level of comfort personally for us — the rest for the second time. It is difficult to dispute it and it is not necessary, common sense, but not changeable mode forces to work thus.

Having connected brains and hands, even the modest personal plot can be turned into the cozy place where with pleasure all family will gather. Believe, for this purpose the big capitals are not necessary, it is enough to lay hands and certainly the head.

Verandah — the ideal decision for those who want to broaden the territory of the house, without investing serious money in the project. Here it is possible to place the game room for children or adults (perhaps, you thought of billiards long ago), the summer kitchen or the place for sit-round gathering all family.

What is verandah?

Verandah and terrace — rather close concepts if to trust some websites. Really, both — extensions to the house. The terrace can be attached to the house, but is the open area. Canopy (and that not always) and handrail — that’s all construction. There are also more solid options, but all of them have the general part – it is not glazed extension to the house.

Verandah — quite natural continuation of the house. In fact, it is one more room, just without heating. Glazing of verandah is obligatory even if the most part of time of window are flung open.

Classical option of verandah — the easy half-timbered house attached to the house. Brick options meet, stone or massive logs — everything depends on imagination of the owner. However at once we will make a reservation, massive, expensive constructions in this case do not make special sense. The verandah is not heated, respectively, delicacy with brick or stone has rather design, than the practical decision. However it is better to realize the creative decisions in cheaper ways. However, the choice for you.

What the verandah is under construction of?

It is possible to meet the websites where verandahs with fireplaces and the centers are offered, but these are any more not verandahs, but rather oddish option of loggia or the separate room there is a lot of glazing.

Independent construction or search of masters?

So, the decision on the beginning of construction is made, and it is absolutely unimportant that has pushed you: have visited on a visit at neighbors, have seen in the telecast or have just decided to broaden the house. It is important to solve who exactly will be engaged in construction — you or “mercenary”. Each option has the merits and demerits which we will try to understand.

Announcements in media dazzle with proposals of the specialists offering the services. It would seem, only money is necessary and any whims will be executed. Alas, no. Even screen “stars” continually tell about unsuccessful repairs in the residences, referring to the heart-breaking facts as the proof. Do you represent what can happen to the “ordinary person” who does not have patrons and the “correct” acquaintances?

The problem consists in lack of guarantees. Masters show the website with beautiful photos and responses. You are sure that it is real photos and not bought responses? It is necessary to hope for decency, trying to find swindlers on physiognomies. Other option — to ask acquaintances who have already used services of “mercenaries” and have attached verandah.

There are no such? It is necessary to risk or address to the construction organization. However, risk here not much below, but here the prices frankly frighten. The most unpleasant is that they are not final. Favourite “entertainment” of builders — “to untwist” the client on money. The final price in comparison with initial is from 30 to 60% — in the “decent” organization. In “indecent” like to take advance payment and to promise within several months. No, they do not refuse work, just interfere with them different circumstances. Eventually, can return you money (most likely having held at the same time some part), but time is missed.

There now we have also come to the decision to be engaged in verandah independently. Be not frightened, there is nothing special difficult in it if you stop on frame option. It is the simplest, available literally to everyone way.


Beautiful pictures on the Internet — it is good, but it is necessary to correlate them to reality — your house. Unfortunately, too many do not try to compare own house with the pleasant project. Meanwhile, it is necessary to consider also the level of your skill, financial welfare, availability of free time, etc. At first the scheme of the project is formed. The scheme as some changes all the same should be made. It is not so difficult, apparently, especially if have undertaken the most practical option — frame. It is difficult to be mistaken here, and small errors will not lead to serious problems.


Treat planning as it is possible more seriously — it will save to you time, money and nerves. Whenever possible make lists and schemes on each action, and in two options — electronic and paper. First it seems, as so everything is clear, and “pieces of paper” are contemptuously swept aside. At best, something very primitive is drawn, for own understanding, on scraps of writing-book sheets. We do not urge to employ professional architects, you also will cope.

Provide: several sheets A4 where are unpacked (are written, drawn) schemes of future verandah, materials and tools, necessary for construction, the address of acquaintances which can help something. Each leaf — in several copies: part is pinned over work table, part “passes” from hand to hand the family members who are directly involved in business. Simply. And now provide, it will become how simpler to work, having executed offered.

Construction of verandah the hands

Tools and materials for construction of verandah

It will be necessary for you:

  • Spade
  • Hammer, sledge hammer, axe
  • Tape measure, construction level, cord
  • Trowel, nail-catcher, steel corner
  • Saw, electric screw driver, power saw
  • Nails, screws

And also such materials, as:

  • Brick
  • Cement
  • Filling brick or gravel
  • Bitumen
  • Roofing material
  • Tow
  • Boards, logs, perhaps lining
  • Paint and antiseptics

Transfer of materials and tools preliminary. Perhaps, you need to add something or to remove so the above-mentioned — only basis from which it will be simpler to you to make a start. We remind, you do not hurry in shops: at first check availability of necessary things at acquaintances. It becomes very simply: the list necessary with transfer in pieces and kilograms then it is unpacked in tens copies is formed and is distributed. Certainly, it becomes in good time. Nobody will run because of you in garage even if there several bags absolutely not of the necessary cement were overlooked. It is possible to pronounce by phone or at personal meeting, but the vast majority will just get rid your words within hour. Printing (printing, but not hand-written list is better) information is taken more seriously.


For frame construction the column base suffices. This rather wide concept, but we directly will consider columns from bricks. Way this extremely simple and reliable. It perfectly suits all who have no experience of construction and have no desire to put experiments on own property.

Holes about a meter in depth then the sandy or gravel pillow — depending on structure of the soil is filled up dig. Layer of fill — from 10 to 20 cm. On pillow the melted bitumen — waterproofing pours out. Further the concrete bed, most exactly is filled in. As soon as it cools down, brick foundation columns give all the best. It is possible to fix rods from armature for fastening of future columns of framework in them. Attention: columns and reinforcing rods are exposed on level.

The distance between columns and quantity of columns depends on design therefore count the weight of future verandah and its pressure upon the base in advance. You remember, the floor of construction has to tower over ground level — protection against moisture. However be not fond, it is desirable to build verandah so that the level of its floor was below floor height in the house on 20-30 cm. It becomes for several reasons: on half of the house less drafts “walk”, there is opportunity to get verandah under roof canopy though partially.

Having finished construction of columns, we process them bitumen (the waterproofing is very important — if moisture impregnates bricks, then and boards will begin to become impregnated with moisture) and we fall asleep. It is desirable to use not soil, but filling brick, slag or at least beaten brick for these purposes.


The bars fastening to the metal rods which are sticking out of them are put on columns. Certainly, openings in bars have to be in advance marked and drilled. These bars will also become the basis on which you put floorboards.

Columns with the prepared openings are got on armature then connect among themselves boards or bars on top. The framework is ready.


The roof of verandah becomes usually inclined lean-to that rain, and, above all, snow, freely rolled down. For this purpose we fix to framework additional boards / logs at an angle. One end leans on framework, the second fastens to house facade. Fastening options weight, beginning from the normal metal corner beaten by dowels to house wall, finishing with the mass of specialized devices. Everything depends on your desires, opportunities, finance and certainly, the house.

On rafters furring from the most ordinary not cut off boards fastens. Fastening depends on the chosen roofing material. For example, professional flooring it is possible to fix nearly on logs (speaking in images), and roofing material demands to make furring continuous. It is considered that the roof has to be the same, as well as house roof, but actually it is not so critical if only they harmoniously looked together.


The offered option the simplest — just you fix boards to bars, having impregnated them previously with antiseptics. Boards 75-125 mm wide and 30-35 mm thick are considered as the most optimum.

Walls and windows

This stage requires responsibility and attention so you do not hurry. At first the elbow board fixed on racks is established. What height to solve to you. The level of 50-70 cm is considered “classics” of verandah, but if you like other ideas, act. Much like opportunity to lean on window sill — in that case elbow board do to wider and establish above.

The lower interval is sewn up with lining, wooden boards or even professional flooring is your house, to you and to solve. If there is not enough finance or forces for full finishing, make temporary of the same professional flooring, etc. It is not necessary to do intermediate option and then for years screws up the face or to remake all the same. Next month or year you will complete work as it is necessary.

Windows are mounted carefully, but are afraid to you there is nothing — small defects will not be evident, and large the elementary attentiveness will help to avoid. By the way, it is not obligatory to do windows to the roof at all. The door is established from any party — it is not critical.

If you have any ideas, be not afraid to implement them. Just properly consider them and count effects.


The offered verandah option — only the scheme from which you will make a start. It is the simplest, version cheap and available to the average person. Actually there is a lot of options of verandah and designers offer set of interesting trends: Japanese, Mediterranean, rural, country, colonial, ethnic and many, many others.

You do not hurry behind changeable mode — trust the taste. The most important to create the cozy place where with pleasure all family will gather, to communicate or just to be silent — together.

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