Warming of walls of country house
Unfortunately, from year to year the cost of 1 cubic meter of natural gas
Competent warming of brick walls
Brick buildings are among the most reliable, long-lasting and strong. However it happens so
Finishing of the house from bar
Finishing stage of construction of the house from bar is finishing of rooms. What
Facing of the house siding
The siding is preferred also by specialists in construction area, and beginners who only
Warming of external walls of wooden house
Need of warming of wooden house can be dictated by noticeable increase in heatlosses
Types of interfloor overlappings
The purpose of any owner at construction or reconstruction of country house – to
Monolithic overlapping from hollow blocks
At construction of country house, after end of laying of load bearing walls, there
The house from the pro-thinned-out bar
If you have decided to build the house for full-time residence in the country,
Construction of brick fence
“My house – my fortress” is expression, in literal or figurative sense, many apply
How to impose the house with brick
One of expensive, but very effective methods of external finishing of the house is
We remake the attic in inhabited penthouses
That the first penthouses have appeared at the beginning of the 18th century very
Construction of garage
The owner of country house is also the owner of the vehicle – exceptions
Glass roof in owner-occupied dwelling
Originally and somehow specially houses with glass roof beautifully look. And if earlier such
«Dry» technology of warming of facade
In the first part of article about warming of the house we have considered
Metal ladder with wooden finishing
Connection in one product of metal and tree is not novelty or any opening.
Construction of verandah the hands
Improvement of personal plot — business important and necessary. To build the new fence
Ladder to the cellar by own efforts
In the majority of owner-occupied dwellings and separate economic buildings the cellar is used
From what to cut the house
The choice of breeds of tree for construction of own house is in our
Construction method of the frame house
Construction of the frame house, as well as any other housing, begin with production
Construction of septic tank the hands
Guide to independent design and construction of septic tank. Construction of septic tank in