Corner weight from steel: ways of determination of unit and actual weight

Corner weight from steel: ways of determination of unit and actual weight

The steel corner is one of the most widespread kinds of metal rolling. Before construction, irrespective of its volumes and also at the order of these products there is need for determination of mass of party. Today there are several ways allowing to calculate corner weight. The mass of product depends on its type and thickness of the parties.

Kinds of steel corners and their feature

Corners from steel are classified by width of the parties. On this indicator all parts are subdivided into two versions: equal-shelf and unequal-shelf. In the first case the product has the identical parties, and in the second – one of the parties prevails on width.

The weight of steel corners is the necessary parameter for carrying out construction and transport calculations. Many factors have impact on this indicator. First of all the mass of the parts relating to this group of metal rolling depends on dimensions of products. And also the way which has been applied by production of these parts has great influence on the size of weight.

Pay attention! All products of this type are carried out by two methods. The first of them assumes rolling of primary preparations through special shaft which create part. This way is called hot-rolled as before molding of product warm up to the necessary temperature. The second method of manufacture of steel corners – it is flexible. For its implementation the special profile bending equipment is used.

To determine the weight of metal corner, it is necessary to find the weight of 1 meter of product at first. Such calculation is made with use of two indicators: area of cut and unit weight. These values need to be multiplied. Each of standard sizes of steel parts has own unit weight which is defined by different ways. One more widespread method of finding of this parameter – by means of special tables.

The last way allowing to determine quickly the weight of 1 m of steel part (for example, the weight of corner of 75х75х6 mm) – the online calculator. It is the special program which carries out calculation on the formula entered in its code. For determination of necessary value it is required to enter data in appropriate cells – and the online calculator itself will execute calculation.

Corner weight: nuances of determination of mass of running meter

The producers which are engaged in release of this kind of metal rolling are obliged to respect requirements and the rules. It is important to note that in tables which can be found in the regulating documentation the theoretical weight of 1 rm of part is specified. In turn, calculated weight is size which cannot almost be received.

For finding of the actual mass of product there is only one way – weighing that is not absolutely convenient. The most widespread kind of products has two parties which width is 50 mm. The weight of corner 50х50х4 for meter can be calculated independently or to use the special program for this purpose.

It is also worth understanding that for carrying out calculations average values of density of metal are used. The constant value which is 7850 kg/m ³ is applied to the products made of steel. However now there is set of steel grades, each of which has the individual consistency value differing from the others. Thus, calculation of weight of party of corners is made with use of average values that is reflected in final digit.

In addition, steel corners can have different class of accuracy (A, B, C). Discrepancy tolerances with the accepted dimensions, also have impact on calculation of weight. From this such conclusion follows: normative documentation contains information on unit weight which, as a rule, does not correspond to actual. Producers are also guided by this documentation.

Independent calculation is often necessary when mounting different barriers and framework structures the hands. In this case the special place is allocated to product which has the following geometrical indicators: 50, 50, 5. The weight of corner of this kind is recommended to be looked for by means of tables which are specified in normative documentation.

Useful information! Production of steel corners considers percent of defects which is anyway formed in the course of production. Unfair producers specially reduce wall thickness, doing product more susceptible to loading. In case of acquisition of low-quality products and when carrying out its calculation the final digit will strongly differ from the actual mass of product. Especially it concerns calculations of big parties.

How independently to determine the weight of corner of 50 mm and other kinds of product?

The exact weight of steel article of this kind can be determined only when weighing. However such method is not always convenient. For finding of rated mass of party of corners it is necessary to calculate the weight of 1 meter at first. It is the simplest to use special tables which contain data on all standard sizes of steel products of this type. First of all it is necessary to measure width of the parties (shelves). And also it is necessary to determine thickness of the same parties.

Having used above-mentioned data, it is possible to find without effort according to the table the standard size interesting you and to look at the weight of 1 m of product (for example, the weight of corner of 50х50 mm). Then it is required to separate the received theoretical weight into density of steel which average value is 7850 kg/m ³. The following action – multiplication of the received result by steel grade density.

In case of need it is possible to carry out independent calculation completely. However such calculation can be inaccurate as it does not consider rounding-off radiuses between the parties. Process of independent calculation of weight of corner of 63 mm (or any other) consists of several stages.

First of all it is necessary to determine the area of cut of part. That to make it, it will be required to measure length of one party (shelf) and to increase the received digit by thickness. Further it is necessary to subtract the product thickness then the received number is multiplied by thickness from the extent of the second party. So the area of cut of one and second parties is defined.

After calculation of the area of the parties it is necessary to put these two indicators. As a result the general theoretical area of cut of steel corner turns out. It is necessary only to increase this value by density and 1 m. Thus the theoretical weight of 1 m of steel part is defined.

Calculation of weight of corner: tables of state standards

The tabular way of determination of weight of 1 m of steel part is the most popular. This results from the fact that these schemes contain ready data which have been calculated especially for usability of values. Similar tables without effort can be found in the Internet. They are part of normative documentation.

Pay attention! For each kind of steel metal rolling there is separate standard.

Such tables are used when it is necessary to determine quickly the mass of small or large batch of corners. To find total weight, it is necessary to take value which corresponds to the weight of 1 m of steel part and to increase this digit by the general metric area. Thus, the crucial role is played by the weight of 1 meter of corner. The table allows to find this theoretical value without waste of time and forces. Similar schemes allow to perform the return calculation. For example, if the mass of party of steel corners is known to the person, then it is possible to determine the total length of all products by these data.

Documents contain tables in which more data are specified. It increases calculation accuracy. For example, it is possible to find the specific weight of different grades of steel in normative documentation.

Corner weight from steel: ways of determination of unit and actual weight

Use of the online calculator for calculation of weight

The special online calculator is programmed on finding of weight of one product. After obtaining the necessary value there is possibility of carrying out further calculations. The online calculator can be found in the Internet, having used search line of the browser. This method allows quickly and with high accuracy to calculate the necessary weight of corners of 50х50х4 mm and other popular kinds of metal rolling.

To execute calculation, it will be required to enter part dimensions into the corresponding cells. It is necessary to know the product extent and also thickness of shelves, width of corner and its height. For the maximum accuracy it is recommended to specify steel grade from which the part is executed.

This program makes automatic calculation for special formula. This equation has the following appearance.

m = ρ * S * (A + B — S) * L, where:

  • ρ – steel consistency value;
  • S – wall thickness;
  • A and B – the sizes of shelves;
  • L – product extent.

Pay attention! It is important to remember that the weight of corner 75, 50 mm (or any other) are size which first of all is help. Thus, the online calculator makes synchronization with the tables located in state standards in the beginning, and already then calculates the necessary parameter by formula.

In most cases the driven-in data can be found in special tables without effort. Most often the mass of products which enjoy wide popularity because of set of options of application is calculated. If the calculator does not find the necessary part in the table then it is necessary to make calculation for formula.

How to calculate the weight of 1 meter of corner of 100х100х7 mm: instruction

Corners are carried out according to requirements. In the course of their production possible deviations which are also stated in the corresponding normative documentation are considered. For calculation of the corner having dimensions of 100х100х7 mm it is the simplest to address the special table. In the document regulating equal-shelf products, the weight of 1 m of this product is 10.79 kg.

It is important to remember that for the correct calculation of weight it is necessary to determine precisely product wall thickness, otherwise the final value will be wrong. Parts with such dimensions can have different thickness. For example, the weight of corner of 100х100х8 mm will be more, than similar indicator of product which thickness is 7 mm.

There are tables which contain information not only on theoretical weight of 1 m of products, but also on that how many meters contain in 1 ton of steel. Calculations in such tables are made taking into account standards of state standards.

Steel metal rolling which width of shelves is 100 mm, and thickness – 8 mm enjoys wide popularity. The weight of 1 meter of corner 100х100х8 is 12.25 kg.

Unequal-shelf products also have the corresponding standard documentation which contains tables with all necessary data. For best accuracy it is possible to determine weight independently, having used the corresponding formula. The equation in this case looks as follows.

[(A + B — t) * t + (1 — π/4) * (r ² internal – 2 * r ² external)] * ρ, where:

  • t – indicator of thickness of the party;
  • A – flange width (big);
  • B – flange width (small);
  • ρ – steel density;
  • r internal – the radius of internal curve of the parties;
  • r external – the radius of external curve.

When using formula it is recommended to check the accuracy of calculations several times. It is connected with the fact that at independent calculation mistakes in numbers are quite often made.

Calculation of weight of corner 75х75х5 (for meter): fast methods of definition

Standard dimensions of these products are registered, however production of ideal products, according to these standards, quite difficult process. As a rule, finished products have certain errors. It is important that the deviation from the ideal size was in the limits specified in state standards.

The weight of 1 meter of corner of 75х75х5 mm – theoretical value for which definition there are several ways. The simplest of them – tabular. Besides, fast finding of the necessary value is made by means of the online calculator. The weight of 1 m of the corner having such standard sizes is 5.8 kg. In case of need it is possible to execute independent calculation of this indicator. Theoretical weight is calculated by means of special formula.

Useful information! For equilateral products the equations which are not suitable for definition to 1 m of mass of unequalateral parts are used.

By means of above-mentioned methods it is possible to learn the mass of products of the same width, but the steel corners having other indicators of thickness, for example, 75х75х6. The weight of 1 meter of data of parts is 6.89 kg.

Calculation of the weight of 1 meter of corner of 63х63х5 mm: recommendations

Equal-shelf steel articles having such dimensions are applied to mounting of various engineering and construction elements. It should be noted that length of similar parts varies ranging from 4 up to 12 m. For calculation of theoretical mass of product it is the simplest to use the table.

The weight of corner 63х63х5 (for meter) is 4.81 kg. Knowing this digit, it is possible to determine the mass of party. Corners of such size are applied as independent construction elements or as additional amplifiers to different designs. Many use these products for construction of barriers on private sites.

The mass of the corner having the similar sizes should be known. This indicator allows to calculate transport expenses and also to define quantity of the parts necessary for construction of this or that design. As a rule, the actual weight of products of this kind differs from specific approximately for 5%. It is connected with the fact that admission on width for corner of 63х63х5 mm can reach 1.5 mm. The weight of corner of 63х63х5 mm is calculated very quickly if to use special documentation.

The calculated weight of corner 50х50х5 for meter on state standard

In addition to standard data to which the unit weight of 1 m of product belongs for carrying out calculations also other indicators are used. The corner which parties have width of 50 mm is the most popular product today. Such dimensions promote high universality of this part.

This corner belongs to the category equilateral (or equal-shelf). It is used when mounting barriers and also is widespread on furniture productions. The use of such products allows to execute ideally equal corner that is great advantage at assembly of cabinets and other pieces of furniture.

The maximum thickness of this part is only 5 mm. However this product differs in quite good strength characteristics that allows to use them in engineering constructions of different degree of complexity. The weight of corner of 50х50х5 mm is 3.769 kg (1 m).

Pay attention! The ton contains 265.25 m of the steel articles having similar dimensions. Knowing this value, it is possible to calculate without effort their quantity and also to calculate the lump of party.

Length of such parts can be different. Range of extent is located ranging from 4 up to 12 m. These are standard indicators which can be compared practically with any kind of equilateral metal rolling.

Corners which parties have width of 50 mm can have other thickness. For example, products at which this indicator is 4 mm enjoy popularity. The weight of 1 meter of corner of 50х50х4 mm – 3.05 kg.

How to determine the weight of corner 40х40х4 (for meter) independently?

The theoretical mass of products which regiments have width of 40 mm, is defined by similar ways. For finding of this value it is necessary to address the table comprising data on dimensions of products and to choose the necessary option of corner. Such scheme contains nominal values of weight.

The weight of 1 meter of corner of 40х40х4 mm, according to tables, is 2.42 kg. Specialists recommend to check thickness of products before calculations. It is connected with the fact that now there are several modifications of corners of such dimensions which have the different thickness of shelves. It is visually very simple to mix part 4 mm thick and, for example, 3 mm.

The corner which wall thickness contains 3 mm has the weight of 1.85 kg for 1 m. The most widespread length of such part – 6 m. It should be noted that at the request of the customer extent can go beyond the standard framework making 4-12 m. For calculation of weight of corner of 40х40х4 mm by means of the online calculator it is necessary to specify steel grade.

The operational sphere of the parts having the similar sizes is rather wide. They are applied in economic and construction areas. Such corners are used for the organization of struts and also at assembly of lightweight framework structures. Some kinds of fastenings also do not do without application of steel parts with regiments of 40 mm. In 1 t there are 413.22 m of forty-millimetric products.

Steel corners are irreplaceable building material which is used for mounting of half-timbered houses. The parts having small weight are actively operated in the furniture industry and also applied in the economic purposes. Calculation of mass of steel articles – necessary action which allows to define conditions of transportation and construction nuances. For calculation of weight it is possible to use tabular way, the online calculator or to perform all operations independently, having applied special formulas.

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