Corrugated pipe from stainless steel: universality and practicality

Corrugated pipe from stainless steel: universality and practicality

The corrugated pipe from stainless steel became the real break in engineering plumbing fixtures. Thanks to row to advantage and wide scope of application this innovation has promptly won popularity in construction. It is used for laying of various communications. The practicality and flexibility allow to apply to corrugation in various, even the most difficult conditions. In more detail about this type of products it is possible to learn from this article.

Corrugated corrosion-proof pipe: invention history

Such invention as corrugated pipe from stainless steel, has appeared at the end of the XX century. His authors – the Japanese scientists who looked for optimal variant for laying of communications in the conditions of the increased seismic activity on islands. There was so universal product combining flexible qualities of rubber and durability became. World experts needed not enough time to come to the general conclusion that flexible metal pipes have number of advantages before analogs from cold-rolled sheet steel and also before polypropylene and metalplastic pipes.

In this regard practically right after invention corrugated pipe their mass production in Germany, and then in South Korea which is the leader in production of flexible pipes from stainless steel now has begun. The Korean firm “Kofulso” treats the known companies which are engaged in their production. Owing to popularity of brand metal to corrugation still call as the pipe kofulso. Gradually the enterprises in the different countries have begun to specialize in production of corrugated products, and their application became universal in mounting of engineering networks and other communications.

Characteristics of corrugated pipe from stainless steel

Thus, flexible corrosion-proof pipes have gradually succeeded steel and polypropylene structures and also the communications from metalplastic used in creation of water, heating, ventilating and even gas systems. Durability of material is provided that in the course of production only quality stainless steel with impurity of nickel, chrome and carbon is applied.

It is interesting to know! Concentration degree in alloy of additional elements, such as nickel, chrome and carbon, is calculated with ultimate accuracy. It guarantees durability, durability of corrugated pipe and its resistance to corrosion.

The made material has to correspond to some list of the characteristics guaranteeing certain quality standards of products, in particular:

  1. Normal working pressure is equal to 10 atmospheres at allowable maximum load of 60 atmospheres.
  2. During operation the corrugated pipe from stainless steel maintains temperature of the passing substance from 0 °C to 100 °C. At the same time the maximum limit can reach 150 °C and above.
  3. Pipelines for the organization of construction jobs and individual repairs, depending on scope of application, release diameter 15, 20, 25 and also 32 mm.

Production phases of corrugated pipe from stainless steel

The multifunctionality and high quality indicators corrugations from stainless steel are caused by strict observance of technology of its production which, surprisingly quite simple.

Production includes such stages:

  1. Create pipe, using the special steel ribbon.
  2. Cook preparations using tungsten electrodes. At this production phase apply special automatic equipment of TIG. Process happens at high temperature which can reach 1150 °C.
  3. Reliability of seams is checked on the special laser machine.
  4. Create to corrugation using special shaft of various diameter.
  5. Carry out heat treatment of parts. Different types of pipes give in to certain extent of temperature influence as the annealed pipe possesses more large-scale of flexibility.
  6. Package products. Pipes divide into pieces of certain length. Products with small diameter turn into bays, and thick parts pack groups.
  7. Check quality and eliminate defects in the form of products with microcracks. For this purpose the metal corrugated pipe is placed in liquid under high pressure. At the same time to each bay fix the special device and gradually increase pressure to 10 atmospheres, then gradually reduce it.

The main advantages of flexible pipes from stainless steel

The special design in look corrugations provides to this type of pipes flexibility large-scale at the different radius of bending that does not involve narrowing of flow and does not lead to deformation of product. Moreover, after extension the pipe is not bent, and takes the original equal form. Mounting of corrugated pipe from stainless steel does not demand special efforts and the organization of additional manipulations with attraction of the bending equipment. In the course of works only fitting will be necessary for connection of parts and special fixtures.

Besides, stainless steel of pipe provides wear resistance large-scale. Products can be operated with the broad temperature range. At the same time the minimum indicator is equal to -50 °C that allows to pass through them substances with low temperature, for example, liquid nitrogen. The upper temperature mark can reach 150 °C.

Important! The boundary temperature indicator is dictated by not pipe, but plastic parts of fitting which do not maintain higher rates of temperature. Pipes remain whole at loading of 800 °C.

Corrugated pipes from steel are appreciated also ability to maintain big differential pressures. On average the limit indicator of product reaches 50 atmospheres, and special copies of tube from stainless steel are capable to sustain the loading equal to 210 atmospheres.

Thus, corrugated pipes have such advantages:

  • durability and durability;
  • flexibility;
  • resistance to differential pressures and temperatures;
  • stainless steel of pipe interferes with corrosion if to avoid influence of aggressive substances;
  • do not demand special service therefore they can be mounted in walls and floors;
  • do not need cleaning as inside deposits are not formed.

List of shortcomings of corrugated flexible pipe

Except the listed technical characteristics, it is worth mentioning convenience of transportation, storage, installation of designs and also pipe advantages in use that consists in ecological security, resistance to influences of rodents, emergence of fungus and mold. At the same time you should not forget also about weak points which are available for this universal and practical product, the main of them the following:

  1. In view of the small wall thickness of pipe there is risk of emergence of damages to those places where strong blows are probable. Therefore for the purpose of precaution sometimes it is necessary to mount the protection cover.
  2. The heat emission large-scale characteristic of corrugated corrosion-proof pipe, for heating will be plus, and here in places of heatgiving mounting of heat insulation for the purpose of saving of heat energy will be required.
  3. It is rather difficult to clean ridged surface therefore the simple sponge or fabric will not approach here – it is necessary to do it by means of special brush.
  4. Corrugation stainless steel, despite all the anticorrosion properties, nevertheless can be unstable to influence of number of substances and also be exposed to electrochemical corrosion therefore during its installation in such places it is necessary to use neutralized screens. For the purpose of protection against vagabond current it is worth providing grounding and to build in dielectric laying.
  5. At corrugated pipe exterior not really attractive in this connection it is desirable to hide them behind finishing on walls, and radiators should be covered with decorative panels.

Corrugated pipe from stainless steel: classification of products

Corrugated pipes from stainless steel have the classification. Pipes divide into types depending on diameter, scopes of application and degrees of flexibility corrugations. In mounting of household communications and for industrial requirements as it was mentioned earlier, the pipes having diameter of 15, 20, 25 and 32 mm are used generally. These are the most popular models, but they not exception.

Release products of different diameters, including the pipes having meter section. Such products are used for transportation of different liquids on production. Can also make models of other sizes by the individual order, but the price of corrugated pipe from the stainless steel made thus will be much higher.

Helpful advice! Thanks to true flexibility, corrugated pipe it is possible to apply to creation of systems and communications of different level of complexity.

Depending on purpose of pipe its properties are defined, classify products on such types:

  • the corrugated annealed stainless steel pipe – differs in the increased flexibility, for achievement of such effect during production it is subjected to special heat treatment;
  • not annealed pipe – does not give in to heat treatment therefore has smaller elasticity and weighs a little more;
  • the corrosion-proof corrugated pipe with protecting cover from polyethylene – is intended for gas supply, for systems which are subject to concreting and also it is used for laying of communications underground.

Depending on purpose, corrugated pipes in household construction use for mounting of heating, water supply and gas supply. In more detail we will talk about scope of corrugated pipes below.

Scope of corrugated pipe stainless steel

Corrugated pipes differ in the universality therefore they are widely used in mounting as centralized, and autonomous water supply and heating. It is possible thanks to properties of stainless steel to maintain big pressure though walls have the maximum thickness of 0.3 mm.

Corrugation perfectly transfers high temperatures at which influence it is not deformed. In this plan corrugated pipes are won against analogs from polypropylene and metalplastic. Therefore the corrugated pipe for heating and wiring of hot water approaches as well as possible. In frosty conditions such product from stainless steel does not suffer at compression and expansion of material therefore freezing and defrosting do not affect its flexibility. The flexibility of material is so high that hoses, depending on diameter, can be bent with radius up to 30 mm.

Thanks to such unique advantages pipelines from stainless steel use in various spheres. They are applied by builders, workers-repairmen, electricians and mechanics of community services in quality:

  • flexible pipes for heating;
  • systems of warming of walls and floor;
  • corrugated pipes for water supply system and hot-water supply;
  • pipes for binding of boilers;
  • channels for connection of counters;
  • heat exchangers;
  • gas distribution pipes;
  • corrugated pipes for ventilation, flue and conditioning.

These are the most widespread cases of use of corrugated pipelines, but in modern construction they began to be used also actively for creation of metal hoses in electrical wiring and as elements in the system of solar collectors.

Corrugated pipe from stainless steel: universality and practicality

Corrugated pipe from stainless steel for heating

The corrugated pipe from stainless steel to heating began to be applied rather recently, but she already has managed to prove perfectly in this sphere. Because the product has property to adapt to temperature drops and pressure, it is established as on inputs of heat supply, and directly in heating systems.

Helpful advice! Thanks to flexibility, excellent heat conductivity and the increased durability, in the “heat-insulated floors” system most often use corrugated corrosion-proof pipe for heating. The price of such products is a little higher as they have the specialized coating allowing to carry out freely filling of floors.

The particular advantage of corrugated pipe on heating consists that mounting is made without availability of the special equipment and tools. At the same time products are bent under different corner, without narrowing channels.

Buying corrugated pipe for heating, it is necessary to listen to some professional advice, in particular, it is recommended to study marking which contains on the label of the bay and indicates scope of application as it is impossible to apply it on pipes. If the integrity of packaging is broken, it is necessary to be careful of substitution. The actual price of corrugated pipe counterfeit can be 10 times less the cost of the original.

Thus, quality corrugated products are distinguished by such properties:

  • the price of heating pipes is a little higher than the cost of water pipes and much exceeds the price of products for flues;
  • pipes have very much flexibility large-scale;
  • seams have to be equal, without visible violations;
  • at visual examination it is difficult to find defects.

Gas corrugated pipe from stainless steel

For connection of boilers of heating, gas-fires, water-heating devices of gas type to gas network recently most often use flexible connections. There are several types of product which differ in the sizes, material and at the price of corrugated corrosion-proof pipe.

Flexible connectors for gas can be manufactured:

  • from elastic material are also braided by stainless steel;
  • from stainless steel, and have sylphon appearance.

Specialists advise to apply flexible eyeliner of the minimum length to connection of gas devices that guarantees reliability and safety. It is better to move up as much as possible plate to pipe, than to use long to corrugation.

The braid of corrugated pipe from stainless steel for gas is marked yellow strip. It becomes because externally flexible hoses for water and gas are very similar among themselves therefore water pipes designate in red-blue color, and gas – yellow. The inch eyeliner from stainless steel is usually completed with special unions which in position of joints fix nuts, and for the purpose of additional tightness use copper or aluminum washers.

The price of stainless steel pipe for gas is a little lower than the cost of rubber-cloth analogs, but at the same time not less reliable. This feature has influenced increase of demand for products from corrugated steel.

The pipe price from stainless steel for water of sylphon type higher, than the cost of products for the gas equipment that is justified them by reliability. The sylphon in itself has appearance of corrugated pipe with fixing unions on the ends. Connect sylphon eyeliner using washers and nuts. Connection can sustain pressure in 6 atm.

Metal corrugation for ventilation and flues

Stainless steel pipes apply as connectors between extracts and ventilating ducts and also as flues. At the same time the steel article in many respects wins against aluminum pipes though the price of stainless steel and aluminum almost identical.

Helpful advice! Steel it is the best of all for corrugation to use for flues as material differs in durability and anticorrosive qualities that also long life cycle ensures safety.

The normal corrugated pipe from stainless steel for flue in the diameter fluctuates from 10 to 15 cm with length in compressed condition of 60-70 cm. Inside it is reinforced by thicker steel wire that gives it the necessary configuration. In the stretched look the pipe can reach three meters. At the same time it is possible to choose the necessary length of flue.

Corrugated pipes from stainless steel are capable to sustain temperature to 900 °C therefore they can be used in heating services with different fuel, including coal and firewood. It is quite simple to delete combustion products from such pipes. Besides, harmful condensate with the content of sulphuric acid which is formed in flue has no destroying impact on steel as it is steady against influence of chemicals.

Fitting for corrugated pipe from stainless steel

Success in arrangement of water supply system or heating with use of corrugated corrosion-proof pipes depends on tightness of connections. The smallest leak can not only cause financial expenses, but also constitute danger to health and life of people. For ensuring the maximum reliability of connections use special fitting for steel corrugations.

Fitting is the mounting parts of connecting armature performing number of functions:

  • provide tightness in pipeline position of joints;
  • play role of adapters between pipes of different diameters;
  • change trajectory of laying and allow to improve already existing system;
  • regulate liquid flow in networks;
  • give the chance to increase system extent without the termination of its work;
  • allow to create new branches in any system during its functioning.

For connection of separate parts of utilities among themselves most often use brass fitting which, depending on purpose, can have the different diameter, the form of section and configuration. Such products consist of body, captive nut, plastic or steel ring stopper and the silicone laying which is hermetically pressing out flexible pipe.

Helpful advice! You should not save on fitting – better to buy them at the checked sellers who have well proved in the construction market. Low-quality parts can lead to failure of all system from stainless steel. The price of brass fitting is much higher than the cost of other alloys and plastic parts that is justified by quality and reliability.

Types of fitting for corrugated corrosion-proof pipe

There is good selection of fitting. Conditionally they are divided into two main groups:

  1. Seamless fitting. These are the all-cast products possessing reliability large-scale. At their mounting it is necessary to use the special equipment, in particular blooming pincers.
  2. Electrowelded fitting. Represent set of parts which are precisely adjusted among themselves that allows to create minimum clearances.

The type of connecting armature is selected according to goals, according to the total cost of the project, taking into account diameter of pipes and mounting conditions. As material for production metal or plastic can serve. Metal fitting is more convenient and practical therefore they are especially popular. Apply stainless steel and brass to their production. Plastic fitting uses in position of joints of the combined systems and also for connection to the central highways. For example, with their help connect corrugated pipes to polypropylene.

Depending on the carried-out functions armature is separated into such types:

  • the connection sleeve – serves for joining of direct pieces;
  • the adapter – is used for merging of pipes of different diameters;
  • the rotary corner – helps to change geometry of pipeline system;
  • the stub – is installed for the purpose of overlapping of part of system or certain working contour;
  • the T-coupler – allows to distribute evenly flow in two directions from the central highway;
  • the crosspiece – apply to branching of the central flow of liquid in several directions.

Technology of mounting of corrugated pipe from stainless steel

It should be noted that installation of corrugated pipes differs in simplicity of process. Thanks to variety of types of fitting quite really to collect any system independently, without involvement of specialists. The main thing – to observe the sequence of technology stages and correctness of the performed works in the course of mounting that as a result will allow to receive strong, reliable and long-lasting pipe joint.

Directly the technology of mounting assumes the accurate sequence of certain actions:

  1. Connection of fitting to pipes and mixers. At this stage it is necessary to be convinced that the captive nut on side part of connection of the pipeline is not tightened.
  2. Trimming of necessary amount of material. It is required to do it by means of special purpose tool – the roller pipe cutter. The cut has to be accurate, without agnails.
  3. The pipe is inserted into fitting and tighten captive nut.
  4. The pipeline is fixed in the necessary situation, using for this purpose special fixtures in the form of clips and collars.
  5. Check of operability of system. At identification of leak it is necessary to put captive nuts a little stronger.

It is interesting to know! Mounting of the corrugated pipeline takes much less time, than installation of rolling pipes as here such labor-intensive process as welding is not involved. For example, to establish normal annealed stainless steel pipe three times faster, than to mount its analogs from other materials.

Popular producers and price of pipes of stainless steel

As it was already mentioned above, leaders in the market of production of corrugated pipes from stainless steel are the companies from South Korea, the most popular of them the following:

  1. Kofulso – the most known company which stood at the origins of production of corrugated corrosion-proof pipes. On its technology release products for pipelines at other enterprises of this sphere. The popularity has affected as appropriate the cost of stainless steel and products from it.
  2. Lavita. Responses of specialists and users demonstrate that products of this producer are characterized by long life cycle, but fitting has less high quality. Defects meets frequency of 2-3 cases at 100 copies. Sometimes, that at tightening the metal ring can cut through wall therefore products of this firm cost cheaper, than the pipes Kofulso.
  3. Hydrosta. Products at the price and qualitative characteristics correspond to the pipes Lavita. Users complain too of fitting which leaks in every fifth case from hundred.
  4. Meibes. The company quite new in the construction market, but in time to prove well in the field of production of corrugated steel articles. Practically there are no claims from consumers, except for the high price of products.

Speaking about producers of corrugated pipes, it should be noted the fact that this type of products is not forged yet. According to experts this results from the fact that in production it is used special expensive the equipment, and technology quite difficult. Besides, production of corrosion-proof corrugated pipes is so far at development stage therefore there is no special agiotage on products.

Characteristics and the price of corrugated pipe from Neptun stainless steel

Speaking about producers of corrugated pipes, it is necessary to pay attention to domestic manufacturer – Neptun. It is the new company which represents the line of flexible corrugated pipes from stainless steel and also releases brass fitting and other accessories to installation of pipelines.

The most popular products of the company are the corrugated pipe from Neptun IWS stainless steel used in arrangement of various engineering systems, including communications of heating, hot and cold water supply and also in creation of water heat-insulated floors and fire extinguishing systems. Besides, the separate line of production is made by corrugated pipes for flexible eyeliner to gas devices and the hermetic metal hose applied to laying of current networks.

Helpful advice! It is necessary to consider that the price of corrosion-proof pipes rather low, much more money leaves on consumables which are necessary at installation. Mounting of the flexible pipeline from stainless steel loses in this plan to installation of plastic and polypropylene pipes as is more expensive.

Steel corrugated pipelines and fitting of Neptun IWS completely conform to requirements of energy saving and environmental friendliness. Products easily are cut and bends, without changing the section through passage, without formation of microcracks and other damages on metal.

Councils for the choice and mounting of corrugated pipe from stainless steel

Buying pipes and accessories to pipeline system, it is necessary to remember that its high-quality mounting and long term of operation depend on number of factors that it is necessary to take into account even in the course of acquisition of materials. In this plan it is necessary to consider the following:

  1. During purchase of its product it is necessary to examine carefully regarding availability of damages of mechanical character and bends.
  2. The pipe has to be strong and it is easy to be bent, taking the set form.
  3. Preference is better to give to the brands checked and well proved in the construction market, you should not be seduced with low cost.
  4. During mounting it is necessary to adhere accurately to algorithm of actions, to follow the instruction.
  5. After installation of system it without fail needs to be checked for integrity, using the maximum allowed pressure.
  6. Fitting has to be fully completed.
  7. When there is need of connection corrosion-proof corrugated pipe with other material, it is recommended to apply brass armature.
  8. Use of cheap fitting of poor quality in position of joints of corrugated pipes can lead to considerable reduction of operational term of system.
  9. You should not apply special efforts during tightening of plastic elements as plastic simply will burst from excessive pressure.
  10. For the organization of mounting it is necessary to prepare special horn keys and also scissors on metal for trimming of pipes at right angle in advance.

Corrugated pipes from stainless steel are characterized by practicality and reliability in use therefore the popularity of such products promptly grows. They are successfully used in different spheres of repair and construction: in arrangement of water supply system and heating, as flues and eyeliners to gas devices in vent system. Their mounting is quite simple therefore if to approach responsibly process and not to sell too cheap on materials, then it is possible to install independently and quickly the reliable and durable pipeline.

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