Corrugation for cable: the best decision at the isolated mounting

Corrugation for cable: the best decision at the isolated mounting

The products which are released from polymers are widely used more and more. Ribbed corrugation for cable it is used not so long ago, but it is the best option from all technology innovations for protection of power supply networks. Easy, compact and flexible channels from PVC keep form, forcing out outdated technologies. Protective corrugations from polymers it is worth understanding selection criteria and features of mounting in more detail.

What is polymeric corrugated pipe for cable

Corrugation for electrical wiring is flexible pipe from PVC. Thanks to the properties, including the increased flexibility and elasticity, polymeric products facilitate mounting of power supply networks in the hardly accessible and subjected to heavy load places. For example, in the houses built in seismodangerous regions at fluctuations it is simpler to protect the electrical wiring isolated in such a way.

Protection in the form of pipes from polyvinyl chloride is also possibility of association of several wires in one channel. Such method is used for mounting of difficult multicomponent distributing, lighting design and stretch ceilings with the combined lighting. Scope of corrugated pipes rather wide. The modern enterprises release several kinds of special purpose product.

The pipe corrugated by PVC for cable, as a rule, small diameter that excludes need to gouging the deep and wide channel for the hidden laying. It is issued in bays, in such packaging it is convenient to transfer and transport it.

Important! The low prices of polyvinyl chloride is insignificant surcharge for quality, reliability and speed of wiring at construction new and reconstruction of old objects.

Polymeric materials from which the pipe for cable laying is issued have the mass of positive properties. For example, if there is ignition because of short circuit, quickly fading polymer interferes with fire spread.

PVC pipe for electrical wiring is also excellent isolation, and safety that is important not only in residential units, but also under production conditions. It is much safer to lay cable of high tension at repair, knowing that the polymeric product protects from defeat by electric current.

Corrugation for wires and its most important properties

The corrugated structure is capable to sustain the enormous pressure and mechanical loading what any plain tube cannot show under the same conditions.

The convenience of use of PVC corrugations for wiring does not raise doubts. Advantage of the isolated mounting is also that it is easy to carry out it at any angle, even on surface of the arches and arches.

In hard-to-reach spots and on curvilinear sites to do the hidden highways in a different way it is very problematic. The flexibility of product guarantees high-quality mounting of electrocable with exact repetition of difficult bends at any features of architecture.

The flexible corrugated pipe of small section gives the chance to carry out mounting of difficult joints and turns, up to turn on 360 °. The cable enclosed in the hidden groove evenly fills it, cutting down expenses on plastering of surfaces after primary stage of mounting.

In modern construction of corrugated pipe mount not only in buildings, but also outside of them that finds application in the organization of network of power supply for objects with outside lighting, especially in country household. For quite some time now mounting of power supply networks is quite seldom made without application of flexible isolation. In certain cases landscaping is considered.

For example, the corrugation is recommended to use red for the cable providing night illumination:

  • paths and beds;
  • pool or fountain;
  • baths and saunas;
  • artificial reservoir;
  • platforms for brazier and barbecue;
  • covered arcade or terrace.

Convenience in work – important argument of application corrugations for cable laying in the earth and during the outside works. It is scissored on metal or other suitable devices.

Cable laying in corrugation: kinds of flexible products

At the moment the protective polymeric sleeve is issued for different construction requirements, including sewer to corrugation and protection for cable of different tension. Depending on properties of polymer and the size corrugations for cable specialists recommend to apply it to different types of wiring:

  • for voltage cable;
  • for low-current networks (phones, television and computer UTP wire).

Protective corrugation, according to assignment, is issued not only in polymeric, but also in metal execution. Flexible pipe products differ in material, color and design (for example, is double corrugation). In product stretch cable, quite often even not one – everything depends on working conditions and type of wiring:

  • the hidden internal;
  • outside;
  • underground.

Helpful advice! Upon purchase pay attention to thickness and section corrugations not to overpay for unclaimed properties. The cable has to pass easily in sleeve.

There is other type of classification of products – on durability degree:

  • easy pipes;
  • heavy;
  • superheavy.

Easy corrugation it is applied to the flush mounting in the building (it is sensitive to ultraviolet). Heavy and dense corrugated products are issued for laying underground (differ in the increased resistance to pressure).

For convenience of definition of assignment conditional color designation is used that it is reflected in the table:

  1. Gray – Standard electrical wire
  2. White – Computer networks, the Internet
  3. Green – Telephone or other low-current cable
  4. Red – the External power electrocable
  5. Blue – In the “heat-insulated floor” system and flexible water runs
  6. Yellow – Needs of gas supply
  7. Corrugation black and brown – Insulated wires of household appliances and other electric devices

It is the general industrial and construction standard, but not always adhere to it, especially if in the rest after the large volume of works the small stock of product in bays is observed.

As cable laying in corrugation and dismantling is carried out whether the probe is necessary

Before emergence of sheath flexible pipes from PVC for electrotechnical systems the cable was bricked up directly in deepening. Mounting was complicated by the fact that the open ends were fastened to the tire or other support which is passed in piece of metal pipe. At emergencies or malfunctions the cable was taken from under plaster (with risk of damage).

At attentive studying of line of modern offers in the field of application it becomes obvious that also the product with the internal probe is on sale normal hollow corrugation. It quite often call “broach” – and in it its assignment.

Helpful advice! Think of how to pass wire inside corrugations. Optimal variant when mounting system there is opportunity to hook on it and to stretch quickly.

The probe if it is provided, is always visible in polymeric tubes. It is the thick metal wire located inside on all length. The protective cover for wiring is cut together with the probe as required.

It is very simple to use broach: having hooked on wire the end of the probe, the cable is stretched through all length of polymeric tube. The probe – guarantee of convenience of filling of tube with electrocable. The simplest engineering decision confirms saying that all ingenious – is simple. Only having carried out drawing of electrocable corrugations at big length inside, it is possible to estimate simplicity and wisdom of this decision.

On pieces of corrugated pipes, insignificant by the size (for example when there is need for isolation of connection of wires) do not use the probe.

Attention! Doubtful economy does not come true acquisition without probe corrugations for cable inside: the price differs insignificantly, and work without probe slows down almost twice.

The convenience of application corrugations consists also that protection of cable is made without special purpose tools and does not demand special efforts. Only the internal probe and the tool will be necessary for cutting then the cable keeps within the prepared grooves.

When dismantling old contour of electrical wiring it is optional to take corrugated sleeve from groove under plaster. After extraction of wires from the isolating cavity the probe will not be required any more. Corrugation, hidden in groove, can remain in it that will exclude need to do repair. It is enough to take the necessary piece of electrocable, having pulled for its end. Empty the corrugation is recommended to fill in at the edges with foam.

Corrugation for cable: the best decision at the isolated mounting

Technical corrugation for cable and its classification

Variety corrugations for cable, diameters, differences in the section and thickness allow to use it in the different purposes.

Normal thin-walled products – lungs, sleeves, flexible, least resistant to pressure. Though they are applicable both for outside, and for internal works, most often the sleeve hides in specially prepared niches where there is no big pressure.

To corrugation also use:

  • in framework structures;
  • in stretch and false ceilings;
  • in protective wiring of cars;
  • when mounting vertical metal support.

Products of the increased durability – heavy PVC of pipe which are expected sufficient mechanical loading, including temperature drops and difficult operating conditions. They can be filled in in concrete structures, be mounted under big plaster coat or underground at small depth – at transfer of cable to the neighboring buildings.

Superheavy corrugation it is designed to provide the maximum protection of power supply networks against potential damages. It is applied when wiring is laid in the places demanding the highest level of safety.

Parameters protective corrugations under cable vary – within 16-50 mm on outer diameter and from 10.7 to 40.2 mm by internal dimensions.

Recommendations about the choice of product according to its diameter:

  • for the closed contour of thin wires with connection to coaxial networks, sockets, computer and telephone networks, when mounting electric devices and alarm systems diameter of 20 mm suffices;
  • mounting of electrical wiring between distribution boxes and connection of electric boards is carried out using products with a diameter of 32-35 mm;
  • connection of cable between floors – up to 40-50 mm.

Material is on sale in bays on 25 – 100 m, most often with the probe or broach facilitating filling of flexible sleeves. For convenience of transportation of the bay pack in thermoshrinkable polyethylene.

Scopes of application superheavy polymeric corrugations

Superheavy PVC the pipe copes with the raised loading and pressure when laying in soil at sufficient depth. It can protect communications under traffic-bearing surface and house footing, near support of bridges and barriers. At the same time the cable laying price increases in corrugation insignificantly, generally at the expense of expenses on more expensive thick wall pipes applied to outside works.

If thin corrugated sleeves keep within under plaster of vertical walls, then hide big format in concrete ditch – under the traffic area asphalted by the parking.

Helpful advice! There is no sense to get such products because of the increased reliability superheavy corrugations if difficult operating conditions are not assumed.

It is better to buy PVC product according to technical characteristics or to pick up metal to corrugation for cable if the raised loading is probable.

The choice of this type of products can be dictated by care of safety if it is about laying of the power supply network at construction of the buildings expected big accumulation of people such as:

  • schools and other educational institutions;
  • shopping centers;
  • hotels and hotels;
  • medical institutions;
  • industrial buildings of monolithic type;
  • stations and other transport infrastructure.

The high flexibility of superheavy corrugated pipe allows to use cable on rotary and curvilinear sites of different function. Similar products serve for additional isolation of electrical wiring from moisture, chemical reactants and mechanical loading. Polymeric street corrugation for cable differs in high fire safety, especially if it is made of the self-fading PVC. It prevents spread of fire at unexpected ignition because of possible accidents.

Classification of PVC of products and metal hose for cable on the level of fire safety

For quite some time now requirements to use in construction of infrastructure of materials, steady against ignition, amplify. Specialists recommend to use corrugated pipe for cable, proceeding from degree of their fire safety:

  1. For laying in nonflammable designs (concrete goods, brickwork, concrete framework, monoliths) any corrugated sleeves are applicable.
  2. In the hollow designs made of non-combustible materials the corrugation can use, not sustaining combustion.
  3. Mounting in overlappings from flammable materials (covering wood, composite boards) demands application of pipes, steady against ignition, it is desirable with special impregnation. Flammable plastic is forbidden to be used in similar conditions.
  4. The open broach of cables is carried out from the materials which are not extending burning (mounting is made at distance from combustible coverings).
  5. Corrugation from the self-fading polyethylene and polyamide, it is used for outside wiring in rigid constructions.

Attention! Laying of power supply networks in explosive constructions is made in flexible metal sleeves and the materials protected from magnetic fields. Plastic pipes, are not intended for these purposes.

Properties double-walled electrotechnical corrugations

When choosing products for construction needs it is important to pay attention to technical parameters and availability of certificates. The double strengthened pipe from different polymers having is considered the most reliable:

  • external ridge covering;
  • smooth inside layer.

These constructive differences promote durability and plasticity of these products. The increased flow capacity is provided by smooth wall in sleeves which correspond to diameter of cables. Products are issued in the “classical” and combined types.

In the strengthened designs the foiled (metal) layer can be used. It provides protection against the raised loading and mechanical pressure. Rigid double corrugation guarantees the high stiffness coefficient strengthened corrugated sleeve is issued with big section. These pipes intend for difficult operating conditions – under the soil and in raised floor, under tension floors and in cement screed.

Important! Electrotechnical the corrugation is forbidden to apply to transportation of liquid environments, for example, for giving in summer shower or the boiler of hot water. For such purposes it is better to use two-layer piece of metal hose.

Merits and demerits of corrugated pipes

Each polymeric product has indisputable merits and demerits. Among advantages of protective sleeves specialists note:

  • resistance to big temperature ranges (from −30 °C up to +90 °C);
  • convenience of mounting corrugations at all seasons of the year and in difficult weather conditions;
  • sufficient rupture strength thanks to stiffening fins;
  • available mounting and easy broach of cable in corrugation for outside and internal works;
  • the plasticity provides making of any contour, in most cases without fitting;
  • at emergency and partial destruction of designs of corrugation it stretches a little or narrowed thanks to what the cable is not torn inside;
  • resistance of polymers to corrosion, chemical reactants and soil of different acidity;
  • the long term of operation (up to 40–50 years);
  • availability (if to speak about corrugation metal for cable of 16 mm, the price for meter is 11-15 rub).

Among possible minuses:

  • weak resistance to destructive influence of ultraviolet in outside wiring;
  • ignition probability in the unprotected plastic.

As mounting is carried out: clip-on earrings for corrugations

For mounting of corrugated design the sufficient range of accessories, including the probe for broach and clip-on earrings for corrugations of 16 mm is offered.

Plastic brackets for mounting can be combined with nails if surface material is suitable for such fastening.

Important! Cable laying cost in corrugation is rather small – it insignificantly is reflected in material inputs when replacing all systems.

In indents (furrows in walls) laying under quickly stiffening solutions (alabaster or starting plaster) is made.

Special clip-on earrings for outside mounting are issued different format – taking into account diameter of pipes, for example, of clip for corrugations of 20 mm. Application of the collars which have remained from building and construction works, especially for laying in ventilating and other boxes at combination of communications is possible.

It is quite possible to organize the protected mounting of the hidden communications the hands if the corrugated product is picked correctly up for diameter. For this purpose previously gouging wall, having made marking special purpose tool that the groove has turned out. Estimated price of cable laying in corrugation for running meter is specified at the specialist of civil engineering firm. The sizes and cost of laying of cable in corrugation in the estimate are reflected in advance.

The open type of mounting of cable is carried out behind walls from HL and behind tension cloth, using brackets and special clip-on earrings. They are established with the identical interval excluding sagging on horizontal surface. The cable in heat-insulated floor is mounted on special grid.

As we see, before acquisition of protective products for electrical wiring it should be taken into account all characteristics and to specify how to stretch cable in corrugation. When laying electrocable inside corrugations on big piece availability of the probe is desirable to simplify broach. Superheavy double corrugation it is applicable only for underground laying of cable and in floor with the raised loading. In living conditions independent mounting of easy products is available if the section of cable is less than diameter of corrugated sleeve.

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