Decorative stone in interior: stylish registration of the house

Decorative stone in interior: stylish registration of the house

For finishing of internal rooms people use stone for a long time. This material perfectly is suitable for the embodiment of any design idea as it harmoniously fits into apartment interior. But at misuse the decorative stone in interior will look roughly and uncomfortably. Therefore how correctly and stylish to use material as decor, this publication will tell.

Stone for wall decoration in the apartment: what to choose for finishing

The stone is the strongest, strong and durable material. Use it since the time of the first people on Earth. Durability of stone is proved by such buildings as the Egyptian pyramids, the Great Wall, antique temples and medieval castles. Besides the natural stone looks extremely beautifully. Therefore this material very popular in design of rooms.

The loft, minimalism, modern classics and other styles of interior design do not do without participation of decorative and natural stone. Material harmoniously fits into registration of each room, including bathroom and balcony. Originally door and window openings look. The main thing not to overdo and to harmoniously add stone with other materials.

In decor such natural breeds are used: granite and marble, sandstone and slate, malachite and shell rock, quartz and agate. These materials after processing perfectly look, and the stone decor is the most the trend is fashionable. Modern designers choose similar invoices for effective registration of different surfaces:


But minus natural stones is that they heavy and expensive. Therefore architects even more often apply artificial stone which on external characteristics concedes nothing to natural. Besides, it gives in to processing easier and in certain cases transfers temperature drops and conditions of the increased humidity better.

Helpful advice! For external works frost-resistant plates with the minimum durability and rough exterior are used. Easy stones will be suitable for internal works better.

Decorative stone in interior: types of materials

The artificial stone on exterior is very similar to natural, but it is not got from bowels of the earth. Production of decorative material is carried out in the manual and industrial way. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare solution and to pour in metal, plastic or silicone mold. Add dyes, mineral and acrylic substances to mix, and then send under press at high temperature. After drying the received stone is burned if necessary, and further covered with different specialized coating.

Mineral components in such stones make up to 70%. Thanks to variation of colors and textures, receive different options of finishing material. This artificial stone, thanks to the decorative characteristics, can replace any natural stone.

Depending on components the finishing stone is divided into such types:

ceramic granite;
stone on concrete basis;

Also in decor the liquid stone – material in the form of not stiffened mix is used. The flexible stone is popular in interior. Material represents leaf in roll. On technical characteristics reminds linoleum, only consists of marble crumb and has stone rough surface.

Thanks to these I will give out stone, architects have wide choice of material for decor which perfectly imitates different types of marble, color sand. The heterogeneous texture does interior finish under stone unusual, and the decor of the room looks esthetically, naturally and beautifully.

Advantages of decorative stone, decor

Use artificial stone in interior of the hall, kitchen, the living room, bedroom, office. It will perfectly add design of any room. Besides, decorative stones have number of advantages:

durability. To artificial stone mechanical damages are not terrible, it is much more plastic, than natural;
durability. Facing life cycle artificial stone is more;
reliability. The decor from artificial stone is not afraid of cleaning and washing;
environmental friendliness. Toxic substances are not part of decorative stones, so, it does not bear harm to health;
fire resistance. The artificial stone does not burn and does not melt;
esthetics. The stone is combined practically with any invoices. Use of artificial stone forms the special atmosphere, creates effect of naturalness at the minimum financial expenses.

Helpful advice! Application of artificial stone is not only fine decor, but also way to hide defect. For example, rusty stains, crack or fungus.

Stone for wall decoration in the apartment: selection criteria

The living room has to be cozy and comfortable. That the desirable effect has been reached, materials have to be picked correctly up and grouped. For this purpose it is necessary to consider such factors:

successful combination of stone to other materials. Stone facing has to be combined with texture of walls, ceiling and floor. Also to stone doors, windows, plinth, furniture and accessories have to be harmoniously picked up;
color of decorative stone. In design all shades have to be in harmony among themselves. The classical decor means the 3rd basic colors, 2 additional and 1 sensitive accent. If the masonry is applied, then this principle cannot be ignored in any way;
form and size. All objects in finishing have to be in harmony, otherwise cumulative effect will be spoiled;
competently placed accents. In living rooms it is better to make one-two bright parts, for example, arch, column or the decorative panel;
quality of laying. The more qualitatively facing is executed, the stone looks more nicely;
quality of decorative stone. It is the best of all to use in interior materials of the known brands. In such stones toxins are not used, so, they are safe and qualitative. The cheap facing stone loses color over time and begins to crumble.

Important council! The decorative stone as the main background should not be applied in all rooms, except toilet and the hall. Perfectly 2-3 elements with identical decorative facing look.

Artificial stone in interior: use options

Application of decorative stone in facing of internal rooms – it is stylish, refined, magnificent and creative. Most smartly the stone of white color looks or enameled. It is in harmony with the majority of styles and the directions of decor, irrespective of the invoice. Use of decorative stones has no restrictions for creative people. But there are some rules to which it is necessary to adhere not to turn the room into gloomy cave.

When it is better not to use facing stone for interior finish in interior:

too small room;
narrow walls;
inharmoniously grouped invoices of floor and walls;
incorrectly picked up types of facing;
the decorative stone does not correspond to style of the room.

The artificial stone perfectly is suitable for room decor, but it cannot be used as parent material in any way.

Decorative stone in interior: stylish registration of the house

Role of decorative stone in interior, finishing

Thanks to application of artificial stone the interior of the room becomes refined, smart and aristocratical. For this purpose tiles stack straight lines in the form of classical geometrical figures. Freshness and eccentricity in design chaotic laying of stone introduces. It is possible to add such interior by means of green flowerpots on supports.

Most often the decorative stone in interior of the house is applied for:

fringings of doors and corners and also window openings;
calculations of niches for shelves;
frames of fireplace and wall about it;
registrations of wall behind the TV.

The artificial stone can be used for registration of any room in the house. Especially beautifully the decorative stone in interior of halls, wide kitchens, in corridors, in studio apartments looks. He will perfectly emphasize advantages of each room and will help to place accents successfully. The artificial stone creates design of any complexity, we suggest to consider in details options of use of decorative brick in interior below.

Stone in interior of sleeping and children’s rooms

Use of stone with imitation of white marble over the “heat-insulated floor” system perfectly will be suitable for design of the modern bedroom. And material of any texture and color will be suitable for walls near headboard of bed. But it is better to use materials of light colors. Some design decisions demand contrast finishing. Most often this reception is used in styles the loft, techno or hi-tech.

It is necessary to use stone in the bedroom carefully, this room has to remain easy, spacious and air. Bright accents the room will be given by facing of certain sites of walls stone of dark shades. The natural coloring and relief texture will give to interior of the Mediterranean, rural and ethnic notes.

Harmoniously light finishing and furniture of saturated tones looks. Also not bad with stone decor beams on ceiling, wooden furniture, linen textiles and soft carpets on floor look. Effectively it is possible to add decor with lamps in the form of ancient metal lamps, torches or kerosene lamps.

Perfectly the brickwork of natural gray color looks. The brown-violet interior of the bedroom will be ideal for it. Mirror inserts will help to make the room is lighter and are cozier. The bedroom not the place for glossy stones in interior. As they look cold. Also part of wall with stone facing needs to be illuminated, otherwise the bedroom will turn into gloomy cave or crypt.

Artificial stone – find for design ideas in registration of the children’s room. Thanks to them normal walls turn into fantastic locks and towers, vaults or underwater kingdoms. Beautifully the mosaic and panel from stone looks. It is also possible to decorate pictures and frames of mirrors. Stones can be ornamented in bright bugs and snails.

Finishing of the living room and hall decorative stone, interior

The decorative stone in the hall became classics for a long time. Thanks to it, the interior of the room becomes status, magnificent and at the same time charming. Energy of stone brings feeling of confidence, reliability and rest to the house. And the freezing-through hall walls at outer door will not spoil type of stone.

Recently it is fashionable to make out part of the room in style of “the wild nature”. In this case the artificial stone has to resemble as much as possible to natural surface. The special atmosphere will give photowall-paper which is picked up under stone in interior with the 3D drawing, elements from wood or wall with live plants. Especially beautifully the curling flowerpots look. The laying in such registration has to be uneven and even chaotic.

Registration of the room provides use of the ground pebble or color sea pebbles in what style. Effectively the decorative stone on wall in the living room behind chair or around fireplace looks. Such facing will best of all transmit heat of the operating fireplace to surrounding space. It is possible to replace live flame with electric fireplace or niche for candles. It is possible to lay out stone both part of wall, and all aperture.

It is possible to place accents in interior by means of the arch issued by stone, ledge or column. It is possible to add such decor with tree, natural fabrics or fur. The artificial stone like granite or sandstone is suitable for registration of the living room in style of country or chalet. Plaster or light marble will help to create the classical atmosphere, and the tile under brick will be suitable for minimalism or style the loft.

Helpful advice! The natural stone perfectly passes air and moisture therefore only it will be ideal for registration of fireplace. And here the artificial stone with the content of acrylic resins is safe only at low temperatures.

Decorative stone in interior of kitchen

The kitchen is that place where the artificial stone will help to create original design. The decorative stone in kitchen looks very beautifully, besides competent use of materials will help to emphasize advantages of the room favourably. The horizontal laying broadens the small room, and vertical narrows. It is possible to issue both all wall, and separate parts of kitchen.

Warm colors of surfaces create additional cosiness and will help to increase appetite. And the smooth surface of stone table-top will leave nobody indifferent. The unique drawing of the polished stone creates effect of luxury. Besides, such surface is very practical. On it there is no trace left from knife and hot cups.

In any room it will be beautiful to look mosaic. In kitchen the decorative stone can be laid out the drawing.

Selecting artificial stone for registration of kitchen, it is better to give preference to the materials of big density covered with special means. Such products will easily wash and also will not melt at influence of high temperatures.

Finishing by decorative stone of corridor and other rooms

It is most practical to use decorative stone in corridor, study and also on loggias and balconies. It is especially good to apply decorative brick in these parts. Such material will add to interior of cosiness and warm look. Besides, it is very practical.

It is the best of all to use fragmentary stone in corridor interior. The corridor which is pasted over with stone moves to cozy small streets of the ancient European cities. The laying can decorate completely all wall or its separate fragments. Also mirrors in the forged frames, the lamps reminding street and benches will help to emphasize graceful beauty of masonry in corridor. The big clock with the Roman digits, as on city town halls will become special ornament.

The glazed balcony trimmed with decorative stone or the warmed loggia will turn into the cozy town for tea drinking or reading books. Also here it is possible to issue green corner or working area.

The bathroom not exception for application of decorative stone. The only restriction – not to use honeycomb material. Such stones will not absorb steam and moisture. Strong and not slippery is better to choose material. The stone tile covered with glaze, porcelain tile, acrylic and polyester stone best of all will be suitable for bathroom. Paule in the bathroom can make of marble which quickly evaporates moisture or tile with pattern of wooden boards. Slate will be suitable for walls. You should not choose sandstone. Under the influence of moisture it quickly loses color. In small bathrooms you should not revet completely all walls. It will bring to that, as without it the small room will seem tiny.

Use of decorative stone in interior of housing allows to create the fortress or cozy corner. Everything depends on the chosen style and material for registration of rooms. The stone in interior is perfectly combined with tree, wall-paper and all types of art plaster. The ready result always turns out stylish, original, individual and eloquently demonstrates faultless taste of the owner.

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