Facing of the house siding

Facing of the house siding

The siding is preferred also by specialists in construction area, and beginners who only try the forces in facing of buildings. It is appreciated suitable technical characteristics, presentable exterior and the moderate price. Universality of siding – one more plus: until recently it was used for finishing of office and economic buildings, now applied also to facing of dachas and country houses of full-time residence. What does the owner of the house who has decided to execute mounting of siding by own efforts have to know?

Material selection and preparation of the tool

Preparatory activities occasionally take more time, than directly mounting, and each stage demands certain knowledge. Having made the short strategic plan, it is possible to reduce preparation and to make it more effective.

  • Calculation of quantity. For beginners this process becomes simpler: it is necessary to measure the area of working surface (walls, the base) without deduction of the area of windows and doors as “excess” material is useful if mistakes are made. Of course, the area of large windows and doors needs to be considered.
  • Material selection. There is set of types of products which differ on production material. Prefer to usually heavy steel or rather expensive aluminum products vinyl – long-lasting, easy, convenient in mounting and not demanding the subsequent leaving. The range of vinyl siding is big: among color products it is possible to find the material imitating red brick or wood.

Attention! Buying material, it is necessary to check uniformity of color of products as products from two different parties sometimes differ in shade.

That panels developed quickly in the same continuous covering, it is necessary to buy special component parts. The first element is mounted to starting profile, the last is fixed by the finishing profile covering the cut-off edge by the size. Besides, the H-profile – for connection of two panels, J-profile – for registration of side edge, window and door openings, F-profile for eaves and panel spotlights is required.

Tools and fixture. Except unconditional skill tools which half each economic owner of the house has will be required, the second can be got in any hardware store. So, the normal hammer, tape measure (to 10 m), the level, chalk, the fret saw (or the electrofret saw) and ruler square are necessary. That construction process happens more effectively and quicker, it is possible to use the perforator, power saw, punch, special scissors on tin (or on metal).

Attention! Fixture should be selected such that it did not provoke rust formation. Best of all galvanized products will approach: bolts, brackets and nails.

It is a little about fixture size. The nail has to enter basis on depth of 2 mm, therefore, its length has to be slightly more, diameter of leg – 3 mm, diameter of hat – 8 mm and more. Brackets should not fix rigidly panels, their length – not less than 40 mm. Instead of bolts galvanized self-tapping screws ( No. 8 ) which usually apply to mounting of sheet metal plate will approach.

Preliminary preparation of walls

The plain and integral surface of siding will turn out only if on facade there is no excess element left preventing mounting of panels. Therefore, it is necessary to remove everything: sun blind, platbands, external ledges (for example, window sill or wind panels), rain water pipes. If walls of the house are decorated with thread or other decorative elements, they should be dismantled too.

After the working surface is cleaned, it is necessary to check it for flatness, the plumb, level and long direct rail for this purpose will be required. Let’s assume, there are serious roughnesses. It is possible to eliminate them in two ways: installation of furring or direct alignment. Furring will not be required if walls of the house are made of tree. The brick, concrete, stone, plastered walls demand additional waterproofing and construction of furring.

Facing of the house siding

Isolation of walls and mounting of furring

It is possible to do without furring only in certain cases:

  • finishing of the new house from tree is necessary: glued bar, the rounded log;
  • it is necessary to revet the old wooden building with equal walls;
  • walls are sheathed by the leveling materials which can replace furring: Fibreboard, plywood, chipboard.

In all other cases the additional design – furring which becomes basis for mounting of siding is mounted.

Material for furring:

  • eaves board (30 mm x 100 mm) or rails (50 mm x 80 mm);
  • wooden bar (40 mm x 50 mm);
  • nails (100 mm).

Furring is established on the area of all working surface, without forgetting sites around window and door openings, perimeter and corners.

Attention! The distance between elements should not be more than 40 cm – such arrangement facilitates mounting of siding.

If additional heat insulation is required, in installation time of furring mount heater (for example, 50-millimeter polyfoam or mineral wool). Waterproofing material fix between furring elements by means of nails or other fixing parts.

Specialists recommend to start mounting of siding after full completion of construction of furring – only this way it is possible to reach faultlessly plain, homogeneous surface.

Mounting of siding

At installation of siding it is important to observe the accurate sequence. For a start it is necessary to establish profile: for this purpose it is necessary to choose the initial point – the lowermost point of working surface. Level and coated tape will help to define horizontal arrangement of the initial point – it is necessary that the siding in assembled form had plain surface. By means of level it is also necessary to mark vertical position of corners. At the initial stage it is necessary to take care of joining of panels – it is necessary if length of wall exceeds their length. In position of joints it is necessary to leave gap between panels – about 8-10 mm, and for their fastening to use H-profile.

Establishing angle section, it is necessary to consider distance from eaves to profile corner (about 6.4 mm) – it is necessary for ventilation. The angle section fastens on all its length nails (interval between fixture of 25-30 cm), at the same time it has to hang down a little over starting rail – approximately on 6 mm.

When the profile is recorded, it is possible to start directly mounting siding of panels. Cutting off pieces of panels of necessary length, it is necessary to remember possible expansion of material, that is from the necessary length take away 6-8 more mm. For installation of level in profiles it is a little bent, at the same time the lower part is fixed in starting profile, and upper fix to furring by means of nails. In the same way mount all other elements.

Along perimeter of window and door openings fix J-profile, without forgetting about waterproofing: water has to flow down above fixture in the last row. Connections of J-profile and platbands also should be pressurized. At the end of work establish spotlights of the panel and edging profiles from which frame gives to siding facing the finished look.

Features of installation of siding:

  • It is necessary to maintain small gap between edge edge and elements of accessories. In the summer 5-7 mm there are enough, during the winter period it is a little more than 8-10 mm.
  • The siding has property to extend therefore, using fixing parts, it is not necessary to drive in them against the stop. Usually between nail head and level leave small gap – about 1 mm.
  • When mounting decorative elements, electric cables, protective parts of opening for fixture have to exceed diameter of the used self-tapping screws (nails) on 5 mm.
  • Interval between fixing parts of 35-40 cm. The nail is inserted on the center of the provided oblong hole and hammer strictly at an angle 90 degrees. It is necessary for protection of panels against breakdowns and swellings.
  • When mounting each panel you should not hurry: it is only necessary to beat when the lock was finally latched. At the same time products have to be located freely between points of fastenings – to pull or strongly it is impossible to press them.

Having executed wall decoration siding, it is possible to issue the base by means of similar material. For this purpose apply special socle siding, and products of the German producers are especially appreciated. Technology of mounting reminds wall decoration, but in addition establish profile outflow, for water drainage from the base.

Thus, with little effort, making use of professional advice and own experience, it is possible to revet the house with siding, beautiful and strong material.

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