Fibreboard: thickness and sheet sizes. What influences product cost?

Fibreboard: thickness and sheet sizes. What influences product cost?

Hardboard, or fibreboard – one of the most popular modern construction materials. Fibreboard use when finishing floor and walls, mounting of interroom partitions, for warming of roof. It is excellent material for production of furniture and doors. Upon purchase of the sheet evaluate density, the size, production time, conditions of transportation and storage. The main criteria for correctly choice of fibreboard: thickness and sheet sizes, material price. It will be a question of it in this article.

Production fibreboard

Increase in cost of resources and care of ecological state of environment forces many producers to invent all new construction materials and to implement technologies which allow to save significantly raw materials without special damage to quality of end products. Bright indicator of such changes is the sphere of production of furniture where natural massive wood different synthetic materials have succeeded.

The first import furniture which has been imported into our country in the second half of the twentieth century by the esthetic and rugged construction has shown that for production it is possible to use waste from processing of tree. Further development of production technique of fibreboard has allowed to bring closer exterior of material to natural wood, having improved plates the special film similar in the invoice to wood. Production of the laminated fibreboard increased in geometrical progression. Today this material can be bought at very affordable price. Sheet sizes of the laminated fibreboard are different and will satisfy any, even the most non-standard, the consumer’s request.

Fibreboard: thickness and sheet sizes, material price

The possibility of obtaining required net area, the minimum quantity of waste and final durability of finished product depends on the correct definition of necessary dimensions of construction material.

When performing finishing actions prefer as the whole plates. For determination of number of pieces, the total area of work area taking into account cutting is calculated. In some cases it is possible to get separate preparations which can be bought in woodworking workshops. Is included the cost of services in their cut in the total cost of such remains.

Before cutting of sheets for finishing work and heat insulation detailed measurements of walls, floor and ceiling are taken. Then, proceeding from standard plates of the different sizes, versions of schemes of their cutting are formed, and the number of the remains in each case is compared. The most optimal variant at which the minimum volume of scraps is reached is selected.

Helpful advice! Knowing necessary dimensions of fibreboard it is possible to decide on way of transportation and the convenient location of storage of plates in advance.

Standard dimensions of the fibreboard-sheet

Fibreboard is considered the improved and more advanced analog of chipboard. Orgalin has the increased value of durability and density of material. It was succeeded to improve these parameters thanks to more careful grinding of raw materials with its subsequent pressing under the influence of high pressure.

Thickness of fibreboard fluctuates depending on density of material and is 3.5-25 mm. Each type of fibreboard has the dimensional ruler. fibreboard soft and average density are the thickest. Thickness of these plates is 8, 12, 16 and 25 mm. Semisolid fibreboard have thickness of 6, 8 and 12 mm. The thinnest are fibreboard 3.2 mm, 4.5 mm and 6 mm, firm and superfirm with thickness.

Fibreboard sizes of sheets of different hardness almost identical. They are defined, proceeding from the specific equipment which is used by the producer. Length of plates is 1220-3660 mm, width – 1200-2140 mm.

Standard dimensions of fibreboard of leaf:

  • Soft fibreboard: length – 1220, 1600, 1800, 2500, 2700 and 3000; width – 1220 mm.
  • Semisolid, firm, superfirm fibreboard: length – 1220, 1700, 1800, 2050, 2500, 2745, 3050, 3350 and 3660; width – 610, 1220, 1525, 1830 and 2410 mm.

Helpful advice! The plate can be made under the order with the dimensional indicators other than the standard. But the maximum dimensions for soft plates make 5.5 m, for firm fibreboard – 6.1 m.

Fibreboard ranges of application depending on product thickness

Thickness of fibreboard of leaf and its durability stay in inverse relation. Respectively before construction jobs it is necessary to determine type of fibreboard by its assignment.

For heat-insulating covering of walls, ceilings and overlappings use porous soft fibreboard 8-12 mm thick which remind felt. These plates are also the good sound insulator.

The semisolid type of plates which remind thick cardboard up to 12 mm thick can be used for production of furniture, as back walls of cabinets and drawers. This material is applied to substrate under future floor covering.

Fibreboard: thickness and sheet sizes. What influences product cost?

Firm plates up to 6 mm thick are excellent facing material for walls and ceilings. I use it for mounting of interroom partitions and for production of door cloths.

Superfirm plates 6 mm thick use for facing of floor, doors and furniture. Unlike firm fibreboard they are impregnated with pitches, and the special film on the basis of PVC is applied on surface.

Correctly to determine the fibreboard size of leaf which width and length is different it is necessary to measure dimensions of working surface. Having multiplied linear indicators, the total area of each certain site turns out. Having put them, we receive total quantity of sheets for purchase. Further all models of sites are located in the rectilinear plane, and the rectangular contour which covers all images is formed. After that from the available standard dimensions of fibreboard is selected the most acceptable which will provide the minimum residue of material.

Fibreboard price for leaf of product

The cost of fibreboard depends on the general dimensions, type of material, the producer, availability of number of intermediaries. Soft fibreboard irrespective of the sizes have the lowest cost. Products of import production will be considerably more expensive that not always results in high quality.

Important criterion is the actual location of the producer. The closer it is, the transport component of the price will make less. Considerably it is possible to save at wholesale purchase of party.

Standard thickness and fibreboard sizes of leaf. Product price: what influences it?

All known producers fibreboard turn out products of certain format with the standard sizes established by the standard. Why then the price policy at different producers significantly differs? The way of production fibreboard remains invariable already many years, and the range of types and color gamma similar.

Final cost is influenced, first of all, by big name of the famous producer. Then its location is considered. And it is directly connected with transportation costs which are spent by the producer at material production.

The following criterion which influences the cost of end products, the size and thickness of product. Depending on dimensions of material the different amount of raw materials and chemical impurity is spent.

The grade also influences material cost. Fiber boards happen two grades: І the grade has no visible damages, for ІІ grades are allowed insignificant dents, scratches on face side of product.

The following parameter is the kind of fibreboard. Here important role is played by composition of raw materials, its number, way of processing and availability of impurity.

Availability of protective layer and decorative coat adds additional margin to product cost. Here the producer is spent for the expenses connected with technology of causing necessary texture on plate therefore the price of the laminated fibreboard of leaf which sizes and thickness are accurately normalized will be much higher, than at simple not polished fibreboard of the same dimensions.

Helpful advice! Some producers sell sub-standard sheets which on the dimensions or external state (the damaged edges) do not conform to requirements. These defects have no significant negative impact on quality of panels, but will help to save on material cost.

Running start in the price policy for the sheet fibreboard quite essential therefore if for performance of small amount of works of the whole leaf is too much, it is possible to take an interest in repair and hardware stores about availability of scraps of fibreboard of different length which are on sale at reduced price.

Where it is possible to buy quality construction material?

Today in the country there is huge number of outlets where it is possible to buy construction materials on any request. Each shop tries to expand the range, according to requirements of the consumer and emergence in the market of new goods.

Repair construction jobs – very responsible and laborious action. It is necessary to approach the choice of necessary materials with all responsibility and attentiveness. Having in detail studied the price policy of hardware stores it is possible to choose for himself the most acceptable option.

Helpful advice! It is convenient to buy necessary materials in large hardware stores where there is good selection of products, and specially trained consultants will help to choose what is necessary.

For purchase of construction goods it is possible to use services of online stores. Many such structures work directly with manufacturers that determines the cost of products, which 10 times less than at competitors. The order can be issued without leaving the house at any convenient time. And the service of fast delivery will allow to receive goods in the specified place in the shortest possible time.

The modern range of fiber boards is very various. Everyone can choose for himself worthy option, proceeding their scopes of fibreboard and own financial opportunity. If to exercise in the choice of this construction material judgment, previously having studied the price policy for the region, it is possible to receive good product for very moderate payment.

But you should not forget also that the raw materials, additional components are more quality and pressing level is more reliable, the best quality there will be final product and, respectively, above its cost value.

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