Finishing of the house from bar

Finishing of the house from bar

Finishing stage of construction of the house from bar is finishing of rooms. What it would be, its main objective – to protect wood from insects, mold and rotting, that is from fast destruction. Also protection against ignition is not less important. Implementing recommendations about interior and external finish of the building, it is possible to keep for a long time it in original faultless form.

Temporary finishing of the bar-shaped house

With finishing about one reason should not hurry – the house for the first two years sinks, and finally this process comes to an end only five years later. It does not mean that it is impossible to perform absolutely finishing work as special materials are developed for this period. On the structure they softer and flexible and if the house sinks on 3 cm, it will not affect finishing.

Careful grinding of walls and impregnation by their protective structure can replace finishing of the bar-shaped house completely. Impregnation excludes appearance of scratches and damages and also creates barrier from smells which are absorbed in wood.

All coverings intended for wood processing are divided into two views:

  • Protective. Give smoothness of surface of walls.
  • Tinting. Paint tree in suitable shade of color.

Need of exterior finish of the bar-shaped house

One of difficulties of the correct exterior finish – material selection which would perform all necessary functions. It has to be fire-resistant, have high heat-insulating qualities, not form condensate, at the same time not interfere with ventilation. High-quality finishing differs in durability and reliability, it is capable to protect the building from the corrosive external environment: temperature differences, excess moisture, strong wind. Besides, it is necessary not to forget also about esthetic function.

Tightness of walls: caulking iron

Creation of warm walls – one of conditions of construction of houses of bar. For this purpose they are also caulked as in the course of construction between wreaths slots appear. Even at assembly put heater up to 1 cm thick on each wreath, and when mounting apertures, window and door — to 4 cm. Process of sealing begins on the construction course: from the lower ranks to upper. The caulking iron is internal and external, both of its views are obligatory. After year it is desirable to caulk the house once again.

High-quality preparation: grinding and impregnation

Before starting finishing of facade, it is necessary to make grinding – it is obligatory stage before wall decoration ceramics, artificial stone and also before painting. The tool for works – the grinder. For convenience it is possible to separate the area of the processed site into several sectors. The quality will be much higher if to carry out grinding twice: the first time with abrasive paper of rough fraction, the second – small (for example, 100).

The smooth prepared wall should be processed impregnation and protective structures. The choice of offers is big therefore it is necessary to define that it would be desirable to see as a result: the kept texture of tree or dense bed without the natural drawing. Some varnishes and oils favourably emphasize the wood invoice, at the same time protecting material. Others shine less and almost do not appear through, but perfectly protect from fungus and mold. For confidence not less than two layers are better to cause structure.

Projecting painting of the house from bar, it is necessary to remember that the interval between grinding and painting should not exceed 4 days, otherwise it is necessary to grind repeatedly.

For mounting of siding esthetic processing of bar is not necessary, the main thing – protection of wood. But additional furring will be required.

Finishing of the house from bar

Warming of walls and apertures

Even in the course of construction for windows and doors arrange the prepared designs that then it was possible to establish quickly chosen models. Upsetting designs, as well as walls, it is necessary to warm by means of specially provided materials.

Between wall and facing material lay mineral wool which, in turn, is protected by vapor-permeable film. In this case heater is protected from humidity and temperature drops. Sometimes use other materials, for example, roofing material or other coverings with bitumen content.

If boarding is applied further, then they need to be processed for painting according to the same scheme, as bar – grinding with further impregnation and primer.

Types of finishing materials and their feature

The most demanded finishing materials is the following:

  • Siding. In the majority made of plastic, he is not afraid of decay, does not demand additional painting as he initially has tone. Big advantage – simplicity of processing and mounting during which there is no need for special purpose tools. Also this material differs in low cost.
    Except plastic, there are also other types of siding: cement, vinyl, wooden, wood, steel. Each of types has the properties useful to construction of different types of buildings. For example, the cement siding is irreplaceable when constructing facilities to which the increased standards of fire safety as it does not burn are shown. Any kind of panels of siding does not absorb smell and dirt, is long-lasting, gives in to wear a little and serves up to 50 years.
  • Artificial stone. It serves as substitute of more expensive analog – natural stone, besides it is easier than it. Minuses are obvious: high cost and technology difficulties. If there is opportunity to qualitatively process this material, then it can decorate any construction. The set of invoices and shades are perfectly combined with other materials, especially natural origin: ceramics and tree.
  • Plaster. Inexpensive material which is quite often used for finishing of residential buildings. It hides roughnesses of walls and is the excellent basis under painting. If to stack plaster with observance of all technology subtleties, it will serve 20 years and more. The only defect – labor input of process as it is normal all works are performed manually.
  • Facing brick. Looks esthetically and reckons set: color, corrugated, with pattern, under natural stone, just smooth. Plus is its additional function – he acts as heater. Special elements which add to brick at production do it especially strong, frost-resistant, long-lasting and incapable to absorb moisture.
  • Lining. It is the proved material representing the boards of small width fastened among themselves in the grooving way long ago. Lining it is possible to sheathe any plane indoors, even ceiling. One of types of lining – the block house serving for the decorative purposes and imitating bar.

After the house completely sinks, it is possible to choose any of the listed materials for its facing, but before it it is desirable to make calculations that the nobility how many materials are required.

Interior finish of the house from bar

If not to take the device of communications in attention, then the interior finish concerns warming of rooms of the house taking into account future interior from all directions. It needs to be begun after installation of water supply system, electric wiring, the sewerage and heating services.

Equipping premises, it is worth to remember about the attic and the cellar, warming and which waterproofing guarantee full-fledged comfort. The same concerns also penthouse.

Arrangement of premises:

  • Flooring. There are several options depending on the base and previously carried out works. Some of the most applied technologies: flooring of boards on logs, laying of covering on tie, multilayer floor on soil, flooring on beams of overlappings. If as top layer use boards, grinding and painting is applied. Also other materials, for example, laminate, carpet, parquet board, ceramic tile are popular.
  • Ceiling. Two main decisions: to leave it in initial look, having varnished, or to level, using stretch ceiling, lining, gypsum cardboard, plastic and panel boards.
  • Decoration of the walls. Very often leave walls such as is, having processed them protective structures and having varnished. In this case wooden surfaces will look more naturally, but at the same time they will be less warmed. Sometimes in rooms, as well as outside, lay the heat-insulation layer consisting of heater plates, for example, of mineral wool or polyfoam. Respectively, they disappear under lining or gypsum cardboard. Finishing finishing of walls is painting, putting varnish, paperhanging.

Having executed correctly interior and external finish of the house from bar, it is possible to hope for long and comfortable stay without repair in the cozy, warm house.

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