Floor coverings for garage

Floor coverings for garage

Garage — that place where the inveterate motorist carries out huge amount of time. Often it becomes for the owner of car practically secondary residence therefore it is no wonder that a lot of attention is paid to arrangement of garage. The order and purity in garage mainly depend on that, the floor covering is how successfully chosen. Practicality of material — here that needs to be regarded as of paramount importance at its choice.

Understandably in most cases in garage arrange concrete floor. Such preference is caused by those indisputable advantages which are possessed by this material: durability, durability and low cost of production. But there is also reverse of the medal — concrete floor of garage without flooring, in the absence of any processing, in severe and severe conditions of operation is subject to quite fast destruction. Therefore the question of protection of the basis against negative impacts to which it is possible to refer contact with car tires, household chemicals, lubricating oil, gasoline, etc., does not suffer delay.

What has to be covering

At arrangement of floor in garage it is necessary to be guided by the certain norms caused by features of this room. First of all, the floor covering has to conform to such requirements as:

  • resistance to mechanical damages,
  • the increased durability (in comparison with floor coverings for the house),
  • easy cleaning of technical liquids.

It is possible to increase durability and wear resistance of concrete bed in several ways:

  • to use the strengthening structure for processing of surface of the basis;
  • to make polymeric bulk floors;
  • to lay tile (sidewalk, ceramic, clinker);
  • to use modular floor coverings;
  • to make bulk floors on cement basis.

Processing by the strengthening structures

It is essential to increase durability of surface of concrete floor it is possible by means of processing by special structures which represent connection of the high-strength portlandtsement and any fillers. Such structures can be liquid or dry. The first can be applied both on old, and on newly placed concrete (in day of laying or morning of the next day). Mix, getting on depth of 3-5 mm, protects concrete, filling with itself microcapillaries and time, interfering with these to water penetration. This processing increases wear resistance and density of material and lowers its dusting. At the same time the superficial durability of concrete increases almost twice.

The strengthening dry mixes are quite plain in application. They are rubbed in the freshly poured and leveled top layer of concrete owing to what it is condensed. After grinding of time are as much as possible closed. The floors arranged using such mixes are capable to maintain very considerable loading, even tracks of the heavy caterpillar machinery, and the term of operation of such half of 15-20 years.

Polymeric bulk floors

This type of bulk floors, depending on the used components, is subdivided on:

  • polyurethane;
  • epoxy;
  • polymethyl methacrylate.

These are one or two-component structures forming wearproof, strong, impervious layer which thickness varies from 1 to 10 mm. It is considered that epoxy covering the strongest, and polyurethane is the most elastic. Therefore if in priority strength characteristics of covering, then use of epoxy structures is recommended.

Before use of the self-leveled mix the basis is subjected to thorough training: grind, put two layers of primer. Their good drying is required. It is possible to apply structure only at above-zero temperature, on dry concrete bed.

Initially polymers are transparent. In the course of production of structure different fillers are added to it (quartz sand, marble and granite crumb, color if it is necessary). Fillers give to floor external attractiveness and antiskid properties. The greatest efficiency the granite crumb in this respect has.

There is opinion that with epoxy structures it is easier to work, than with polyurethane, but they have smaller resistance to shock loads and abrasion.

Let’s list the main advantages of polymeric bulk floors:

  • seamless, continuous structure of covering;
  • moisture resistance;
  • resistance to temperature drops;
  • durability;
  • resistance to abrasion;
  • esthetics, decorative effect of covering (any color scheme);
  • resistance to aggressive chemical influence;
  • fire resistance;
  • antistatic properties.

The only minus of covering of a such type is the high cost of materials. But, if to take quite long period of operation (producers give guarantee up to 45 years) into account, expenses completely pay for itself. The coverings demanding smaller expenses, often, having served several years, need serious updating.

Floor coverings for garage

Bulk floors on cement basis

Such floors are issued in the form of dry mix which before application needs to be dissolved with water. The composition of solution contains the additives increasing wear resistance and durability of covering. Use, spilling layer 5-15 mm on the grounded and dried basis surface. The structure is parted, strictly following the instruction since the slightest change of proportions of mix is fraught with loss of quality of ready covering.

Except normal gray, make color structures. Bulk cement floors have quite long term of curing. Having filled in floor, it is possible to drive in garage on car not earlier than in week.

Floor from ceramic tile or porcelain tile

For floor in garage it is better to stop the choice on the special floor tile having worthy strength characteristics. Normally it is industrial technical tile which possesses large-scale of resistance to abrasion and can maintain considerable loadings. For garage floor material III-V of classes — just what is necessary. Low water absorption gives the chance to delete pollution from such covering with water jet from hose. Different chemicals which are always used and stored in garage will not do harm to floor from ceramics.

If this building is not heated, it is necessary to buy frost-resistant material. In recently constructed, new garages the tile on the floor is not laid. At construction shrinkage such covering will just crack.

Minus of such floor is the fragility of material. So, the fallen heavy metal subject can seriously damage covering. The seams hammered by dirt will be weak link also. Blows and heavy load can lead to the fact that the tile should be shifted again.

The tile becomes quite slippery if on it moisture gets. Therefore for arrangement of garage floor it is necessary to buy the material possessing relief surface or such which part the special substances giving to tile effect of anti-sliding are.

Before laying the basis is grounded. Width of seams between tile is from 2 to 12 mm. It is important to choose correctly structure for finish. It has to be steady against influence of different chemical liquids. If to miss this moment, the covering will quickly become useless. Operation duration in many respects depends on quality of seams and tiled material.

Sometimes the consumer has doubts in expediency of application porcelain tile of tile, expenses for which exceed expenses on ceramic covering. Specialists are uniform in opinion that porcelain tile operational technical characteristics significantly exceed ceramics indicators. Such covering will sustain considerable loadings, will not break when falling from above of any subject, has high resistance to abrasion. Besides material has lower level of water absorption.

As the main loading is the share of floor, and it is the heavy car, large number of the equipment and tool, such solid and strong material as porcelain tile, perhaps, the most rational option for garage. High density interferes with ingress of contaminants in covering that cardinally facilitates care of it. It is possible to refer some complexity of processing and cutting of material to shortcomings.

Rubber floor films

The covering from rubber tile which is made from the fractional rubber crumb received when processing old car tires is quite practical and effective option for use in garage. It is possible to carry to number of advantages:

  • the anti-sliding surface;
  • durability (life cycle up to 10 years);
  • wear resistance;
  • high strength;
  • good indicators of sound insulation;
  • excellent shock resistance — even falling of heavy subject will not do to covering harm;
  • esthetic type, availability of set of forms, flowers and sizes;
  • chemicals resistance;
  • trouble-free cleaning, including from sleet;
  • maintainability (at coating damage, mounted from tile, only the spoiled segment is subject to replacement. In case of damage of floor with the laid rolled material, change all roll).

The last has all properties inherent in tile, and besides, simpler mounting. With width of roll of 120 cm coating thickness can be from 0.4 to 4 cm.

Laying of rubber tile on the prepared plain surface is carried out by means of polyurethane glue. Material can give the necessary size and the form, using the electrofret saw or hacksaw for floor coverings. It is important to provide insignificant bias of 1-2% for free outlet of water. It is possible to lay material with the shift or way of direct laying.

Modular floor PVC of covering

It, perhaps, the simplest covering in laying. Its basis is heat-resistant PVC in which the high resistance to the most part of chemical reagents is inherent. Material is stable at high and low temperatures. It is capable to maintain from -30 °C to +60 °C and if it is used in places where there are no heavy loads, then and up to -60 °C.

The covering has high wear resistance, easily gives in to cleaning. Stack this material, fastening modules among themselves. If serious loadings are assumed, paste tile. If they are not expected, then it is possible to be satisfied just with availability of special “locks” which strongly and reliably connect modules. Upon termination of mounting floor is ready for operation. At damage the defective unit of covering is removed and replaced.

Different color schemes, from classical black and gray to saturated bright tones are proposed. Care of such covering is absolutely easy — elementary wet cleaning, is more often with use of cleaning agents.

Owning knowledge of features of this or that floor covering for garage, it is possible to decide unmistakably on the choice to make the forthcoming stay in it extremely effective and comfortable.

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