Fountains at the giving: original options

Fountains at the giving: original options

The country fountain — effective way to recover artificial reservoir. Besides, beauty of the streams which are poured, sparkling in the sun helps to distract from daily cares, and the cool arising from the smallest splashes refreshes during heat. Once construction of the fountain was considered as pipe dream, and today he can be collected easily from ready parts. Several working hours and before you the best decoration of the country site or house.

Types of fountains

Let’s not go into technical details, and we will simply separate all constructions into two categories:

  • room;
  • street.

The decorative objects serving for decoration of certain room belong to the first look – it can be the living room, study, winter garden, the dining room. Most often the room fountain is executed in the form of the sculptural group consisting of animals or plants. The thin stream of water rises by small distance up or, on the contrary, is overthrown down, forming mini-falls. Silent murmur which is published by water has the calming effect therefore often room fountains have in places for meditation and relaxation.

The second type of fountains is established on ponds, in pools, sometimes create original compositions with falls, illumination and even music. The marble, metal or plastic construction equipped with special nozzles on which the form of the water drawing depends forms the basis.

The fountain at the dacha – style compliance

When choosing the place of doubts does not arise, any natural or self-made reservoir is good. If it is absent, it is possible to construct small pond especially for the fountain, having decorated it in natural style or having created, on the contrary, the construction improved by marble, natural stone or facing tile.

How can the fountain look if to consider it in terms of the main style of personal plot?

  • Classics – statue or relief construction with minimum of jewelry.
  • Rural style – mill, well, genre wooden sculpture.
  • Natural style – the fountain beating from the broken jug from under stone or directly from water, etc.

It is the simplest to install the device for spraying in specially prepared pond, at the same time the size of reservoir does not matter. One of conditions – water streams should not overstep the bounds of pond. On projecting phase of reservoir it is necessary to take care of the system of modulation, to calculate necessary the size of depth and width, to be taken by preparation of the place for the pump.
The ideal option looks so that all technical nuances remain unnoticed, and the visible party – only interesting composition from magnificent water streams.

We build the country fountain: simple design for independent installation

Let’s consider the main stages of construction of the fountain which traditionally begin with planning and come to an end with the decorating strokes.

Preparation of material resources

Some parts it is better to take in finished form, others can be built the hands. If the place for reservoir is chosen, it is necessary to prepare the main components:

  • the reservoir for water (it is necessary for creation of artificial reservoir, in the presence of natural pond – it is not required);
  • the fountain basis (to think over whether there is need for decorative registration);
  • set of nozzles (will be suitable for small pond plastic, for magnificent multilevel construction it is better to get steel parts);
  • the pump (optimal variant – the centrifugal model having sufficient capacity at the same time economic in terms of electric power expense).

Also materials for arrangement of pond – film for sealing, concrete support for the equipment will be required.

Fountains at the giving: original options

Construction of ditch and device of sewer drains

Of course, there is a wish to arrange future reservoir in certain place – on the central site in front of the house, near flower bed or, on the contrary, in the depth of garden. Anyway do not forget about communications – electrical wiring and water supply system – without them the fountain will not be able to function. The closer to energy sources there is construction, the it is easier to lay cable and pipe.

The device of sewer drain is considered unproductive, it is much more effective to implement the system of recirculation – repeated use of already used water.

The ditch is equipped according to the traditional scheme:

  • sandy drainage pillow;
  • strengthening of walls (using reinforcing and additional fixture);
  • laying of layer of waterproofing;
  • connection with sewer drain (if necessary).

That the working moments were not noticeable, sides of reservoir mask under decor from natural stone, tile, wild-growing plants, sculptural compositions.

Installation of the pump and basis of the fountain

The mounting mode depends on art task. If water streams have to be powerful and various, optimal variant – surface installation. Under water pumps are mounted if thin, more natural streams are necessary. The similar device is relevant for natural reservoirs to simulate the spring beating from bottom or geyser.

The electrical wiring demands special protection: water remarkably installs electrical equipment therefore without qualitative waterproofing the reservoir becomes dangerous.

The best place for the strong, big fountain beating in different directions – the center of reservoir. Ideally streams should not get on sides and surrounding soil. If the fountain weak, then it is possible to arrange in any part of pond. Sometimes construct composition from several identical devices, having them along the line of the pool or on perimeter.

Final stroke – dressing of the fountain

Before owners of country grounds there is dilemma: to buy ready decor or to create it the hands? Certainly, the finished products especially expensive and made of quality material, are capable to serve long, besides they look faultlessly – as though have descended from pictures of glossy magazines. It can be the graceful statue in Ancient Greek style made of light marble or beautiful shod construction under bronze. Respectively, they are established in the big, laid-out by ceramic tile reservoir.

But the true originality will be created by the products made with own hand. Besides they are quite appropriate in the small ponds arranged with the hands. Not so grandiose original jewelry, but exclusive also reflects the interests of the owners. What is costed by the fountain from the streams directed in different directions in thickets of water plants or translucent air dome in the center of complex composition from stones and pebble! At the edges of the fountain it is possible to place the figures made of clay, tree or concrete, painted in bright colors.

Ideal decor for any reservoir are water plantings. It and deep-water plants — water-lily, and small groups of thickets along the coast – sedge, iris.

Quite often clever fingers of owners of reservoir are capable to create the present work of art: the destroyed piracy ship with the water jet beating from deck crack or the copy of Victoria Falls in miniature. The imagination of authors destroys standards, turning the normal fountain into picturesque composition.

The fountain for the house: room option

The small, compact fountain will decorate practically any interior. It appears, the mini-model can be collected independently, having near at hand simple set of material. It will be required to us:

  • support or the reservoir for the fountain;
  • pump (the aquarian model will approach);
  • beautiful sink of the small size;
  • aquarian hose (10 cm);
  • decor for registration: small shells, haydite, multi-colored soil;
  • glue.

Any vessel suitable from the art point of view will act as capacity. It can be “ancient” jug with wide neck, flower cachepot or clay dish. Also more original objects — old boot with the plastic capacity inserted inside or flowerpot in straw braid will approach.

The tip from the sprayer of pump needs to be removed to create small pressure of water. The weak stream has to rise slightly over water surface, without creating waves or splashes.

Assembly instruction:

  • The prepared piece of hose is accurately connected to tip of pump and we place the received device on reservoir bottom so that the hose looked up.
  • We fill haydite in capacity, completely closing pump. We level surface.
  • We isolate haydite layer film, leaving small opening for hose.
  • On film we create the beautiful drawing from decorative soil.
  • We establish support for hose – sea shell with the opening drilled previously.
  • We pass hose throughout opening. Length of outside part – about 1 cm.
  • We decorate capacity perimeter with shells, multi-colored stones, beads, colored glass. We fill in water. The room fountain is ready.

As you can see, to create the powerful street fountain or the small fountainlet for the room absolutely simply, the main thing – to catch the ideas prompted by own imagination and to turn them into reality.

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