Garden arbor the hands

Garden arbor the hands

On personal plot of any country house the cozy arbor is simply obliged to be. Exactly there it is possible to have breakfast slowly in the mornings, to fry shish kebabs, to receive guests and to admire summer thunderstorm with full comfort. The arbor is the same necessary attribute of country life as bath or brazier. Therefore any owner arrives at idea of need of construction at himself similar construction sooner or later.

But prior to all construction jobs it is necessary to decide on type of arbor and material of which it will be made.

Types of arbors

The main classification sign of the building – material as both the design of design, and feature of mounting more depends on it. Proceeding from this moment, arbors for the garden site can be separated into the following types:

  • Wooden;
  • Brick;
  • Metal;
  • Polycarbonate;
  • Forged;
  • Textile (canopy).

The wooden arbor is the most widespread decision, and has put here not only in availability of material. Of course, wooden options are more cozy and more organically perceived in landscaping, but appreciate wood material fast assembly and also possibility of creation of folding design. It is easily possible to cope with construction of arbor alone, carrying out all works as the hands.

The brick arbor more reminds the capital building, than any of the described types. At competent approach the similar design can be used as summer lodge, spending not only day time, but also night there. Such arbor is under construction slightly longer, but also life cycle at it is significantly higher. It is worth remembering that for similar construction availability of the base is indispensable condition.

Metal arbor. It has such advantage as staging of works. That is it is possible to put framework and the basis and to have a rest outdoors in good weather. To gradually organize roof and glazing, to lead arbor to more capital look. The device of such arbor will require piles or pipes for framework; brick and stone for floor. And here walls and ceiling are made of any material, convenient for work (plastic, glasses, film, etc.)

The polycarbonate arbor is rather innovative decision. Such option quickly is under construction, and selection of materials of problems does not make. Polycarbonate is suitable both for walls, and for roof that significantly facilitates mounting works. And what is important, the cost of such building will be absolutely low.

The shod arbor belongs to decorative decisions. Its creation requires rather long time and rather big means. At the same time the shod design is exclusively summer option as openwork walls will not protect neither from wind, nor from rain.

The textile option is convenient if you the rare guest on the garden site, but like to have a rest at the same time with comfort. The arbor represents framework on the base on which the canopy from textiles stretches. The cozy tent for summer holiday turns out.

Except material at construction of arbor it is important to decide on its geometry which directly depends on requirements to the area of construction. Small buildings look in square or rectangular execution better, and here it is better for six to build the bulky arbors expected large number of the people – eight – or dodecagonal form.

Also prior to works it is worth thinking of whether there will be arbor capital, that is with glazing, or it is necessary only for warm and dry weather. Having decided on own desires, it is possible to start construction. The main algorithm of works includes the following stages:

  • Creation of the plan;
  • Choice of the place and assessment of soil;
  • Laying of the foundation;
  • Mounting of the basis and framework;
  • Construction of roof and roofing works;
  • Dressing and finishing.

Design project

Works on construction of arbor as it usually happens, begin with sketches and calculations. The thought-up building needs to be drawn carefully on paper with mark of all parameters. Further knowledge of height, width, length and also the list of expected materials will allow to be correctly the estimate and not to be mistaken upon purchase of the main parts.
The plan can quite be made independently as there are no special difficulties in this work.

The place for arbor

Knowing design and its linear sizes, it is possible to choose the place. Here it should be taken into account several moments:

  • The flat platform with the minimum differences on height;
  • Availability of natural shadowing from crowns;
  • Compliance to the general design of garden;
  • Proximity to reservoir (at its availability).

For many owners important condition is the proximity of arbor to the house as not all want to carry food through garden that to have dinner with comfort outdoors.

Having decided on location, it is possible to begin direct works on construction. However before it it is recommended to estimate still quality and type of soil as it affects need of the base and its type. It is conditionally possible to separate garden soil into the following types:

  • Rocky;
  • Sandy;
  • Water-saturated (irrespective of the name of soil);
  • Clay.

If independently it is difficult to define soil, then it is worth addressing specialists for the analysis. If not to make it, that is danger of the wrong mounting of construction and its further deformation.

The most reliable of the list are the first two positions, that is soil sandy and rocky. The base is built to them easily, and depth of bookmark can be only 0.5 meters.

Construction of arbor on water-saturated soil depends on degree of its fullness water. The base is in that case recommended to be done in the form of columns.

Clay also dictates the terms. As this soil is saturated with moisture, it is necessary to build on racks, but their quantity should not exceed six pieces, and support are obliged be located strictly on perimeter. Besides, it is worth taking care of foundation insulation, otherwise not to avoid freezing of soil and distortion of arbor further.

Garden arbor the hands


So, the best base for arbor – on columns. That all works have been carried out with high quality, it is recommended to adhere to the next moments:

  1. The site under arbor has to be carefully cleared of grass and plants, and the top soil is removed.
  2. Marking. It should be noted lines of arrangement of walls, the center of design and installation site of columns of the base.
  3. In noted places holes not less than 0.5 meters in depth escape.
  4. In holes the crushed stone layer is filled. It will provide drainage and will help to create more rigid basis.
  5. On perimeter of hole the PVC film creating insulation course is laid.
  6. Columns are prepared. As material it is better to use oak or larch. Section of column has to be not less than 70х70 mm (better 100х100), height – 3 meters. For arbor from metal it is worth using profile or pipes of suitable configuration.
  7. Wooden columns need also to be insulated. For this purpose their lower part is covered with bitumen or tar, it is in addition possible to envelop roofing material.
  8. Installation of columns. Bars need to be leveled on vertical and horizontal. To fill up holes with gravel and to fill in with concrete or cement slurry. For fixing it is worth fixing columns by means of rails, having connected bars horizontals.

It is possible to continue works on construction of arbor further only later couple of days. Such term is necessary that columns were strongly recorded in soil.

During this time it is worth preparing other construction material. For example, to cover wood with protective structures – drying oil or something similar.

Wall construction and laying of floor

Special attention is paid to walls in the course of finishing, that is at the final stage of works. Now it is necessary to make binding, that is to connect upper part of the put columns among themselves. The bar with a section of 50х100 mm (for wooden arbors) or profile is for this purpose used wooden (for metal designs). The binding is mounted strictly horizontally. If necessary on bars do rectangular dredging for the best connection of parts among themselves.

Floor is mounted from improvised materials. It can be paving slabs, decorative stone or wooden logs on which the eaves board will lay down then.

Roofing works

The roof at arbor usually becomes cattle, that is inclined plane. It will have two side surfaces or to solve four only to owners. There are no problems with construction in one option.

The double-pitch roof will require rafters in the form of letter “A” in number of four pieces. They are established from each wall of arbor with fastening to binding, and among themselves connect rails.

Mounting of Italian roof requires eight rafters. They will be directed from corners (4 pieces) and from the center of each wall (4 pieces).

It is better to do furring of plywood. As roofing material practically any decision will approach: flexible tile, tarpaulin, slate, professional flooring, etc.

For arbors also do metal of rafter metal. They are welded on upon the connecting profile which is carrying out binding role. Then it is possible to start laying of roof at once if it is, for example, sheets of polycarbonate or plastic, or to mount furring and to prefer more standard roofing material.

Dressing and finishing

The last stage will help to implement all design imaginations and to equip arbor according to personal requirements and preferences.

For walls of arbor can it is required:

  • Glass;
  • Lining;
  • Plywood;
  • Gypsum cardboard;
  • Wooden board.

Any of these materials will reliably protect internal space from wind and dampness. Usually dead wall at arbor only one therefore for other parties it is worth making handrail. It will give completeness of design and will create the atmosphere of cosiness.

Besides, it is very convenient when in arbor electricity is brought. For this purpose it is worth stretching cable from the house, having placed it in special corrugated hose. At observance of this moment it is possible to establish quietly in socket arbor, switches and to mount lighting.

For other constructive parts it is possible to take care of the following improvement:

  • To issue ceiling rail, lining or plastic panels;
  • To lay floor linoleum, carpet or laminate;
  • Walls – at their availability – to trim with wall-paper, to paint or put layer of decorative plaster.


Thus, the arbor can become the embodiment of all desires of owners of the site, emphasize their traits of character and define lifestyle. Big or small, temporary or constant, wooden or metal – any arbor gives to the garden site identity. Works on its construction are very simple, but if there is no confidence in the forces, then it is always possible to invite third-party specialists for the organization of all works.

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