Garden arbor the hands
On personal plot of any country house the cozy arbor is simply obliged to
The pool for giving: the best decisions
Rest in country house is first of all comfort therefore registration of the garden
The pool on the private site
Creation of the pool can seem not too complex business, at first sight. To
Stone blocks laying: detailed instruction
Walking on curved small streets of the ancient cities, involuntarily you notice how beautifully
Garden paths as landscaping element
Decorating garden or the house adjoining territory with decor elements, you should not forget
Path from reinforced concrete slabs
Speaking about garden paths, we imagine the twisting paths winding between beds and trees.
«Live» fence
Admirers of all natural prefer to surround themselves, whenever possible, at arrangement of personal
Rockery the hands
The design of a garden is the art created in a designing process, stage-by-stage
Fountains at the giving: original options
The country fountain — effective way to recover artificial reservoir. Besides, beauty of the
Artificial reservoir the hands
Having got the house with the site under full-time residence or giving, and not
Winter garden or greenhouse
Having built the house, we try to make it warm and the coziest that
Year-round care of artificial pond
The look and sound of water brings harmony in surrounding space, calms nerves and
Beds the hands: councils
When the house on the country site is built, all communications are brought and
Plot planning
At construction of the house on the site it is important to arrange competently