Gas concrete – benefits of use

Gas concrete - benefits of use

The fact that construction material gas concrete consists of cement mix, aluminum powder, lime and quartz sand is known to all. Though it not absolutely so. It includes only their minerals with addition hydra of silicates. Let’s list other famous myths and delusions concerning gas concrete.

Lime causes metal corrosion

Many think that the lime which is contained in concrete negatively influences armature. There is no pure lime in gas concrete, and it cannot influence condition of armature in any way. But if it was also present, all the same armature would remain the same because cement and lime give alkaline reaction. It does not allow corrosion to develop. So all bayonets and reinforcing elements in gas concrete are protected from metal rust.

Aluminum in concrete is not necessary

Aluminum is added to gas concrete on miscellaneous. By means of its dissolution in cement mix then pours out in bulk. Or direct way of addition of aluminum powder, about 400 g on cubic meter. These grams turn concrete mix into full cubic meter of construction material. Each part of such powder enters reaction with IT – ions and turns into oxide and hydrogen which swell gas-concrete mix. Following it, leaves that in gas concrete there is no pure aluminum. It is dissolved in concrete mix.

At the end of process it turns out that in cubic meter of gas concrete there are 20 kg of soluble aluminum. To understand, it is a lot of or a little, we will give example: from 200 to 400 kg of aluminum oxide are the share of cubic meter of brick, and in concrete aluminum can reach more than 50 kg. As aluminum is considered resistant mineral, it is impossible to find it not necessary.

What type of laying of blocks is cheaper and simpler?

There are two types of laying of blocks, the first is on solution, and the second – on glue. Let’s adduce arguments for comparison of easy and cheap way of laying of blocks. Everything will depend on the builder.

For those builders who are engaged the in craft long ago the laying on solution is usual thing and to retrain them to work with glued solution there is no sense. It can take a lot of time and forces. For that person who only begins to master construction craft, as well as for this purpose who has decided to study laying at glue, will be required less time and efforts.

The fact that the laying on glue does not demand power loadings as at laying on solution, influences lowering of its quotations. Cement slurry it is required 6 times more, than solution on glue. Mix of dry glue is much cheaper. Solution of glue is more expensive, than sand cement slurry, but at the same time it is spent for 6 times less.

In general, glue is necessary for laying of blocks because is not only economic, but also strong substance.

To build the building to three floors, the gas concrete with density of 600 kg on cubic meter is necessary. Because with density of 400 kg for stability of walls it is not enough. Density of gas concrete is one of characteristics, and it is impossible to connect with durability. They should be considered as separate parameters. Heat conductivity and inertia depend on density generally. Durability depends on quality raw materials, its processing and preparation. Density is considered too, but is not key parameter. So at construction of the building it is worth paying attention to concrete durability, but not to density in any way.

The gas concrete is afraid of humidity, and foam concrete does not

Any protected construction material can serve long time. Even if the gas concrete has time of an open type, it is long-lasting, as well as foam concrete. The humidity of the house with qualitative roof will depend on 3 moments – it is absorption of humidity material, design of walls and season in which the room is used. Absorbing capacity depends on density. If density small, then and is a little humidity. The correct design of walls and good finishing which has vapor permeability high are also necessary. Plaster of walls from gas concrete both indoors, and outside is surely carried out. It is under any weather conditions important to cover the building with roof qualitatively. After such recommendations any building material can serve eternally.

It is necessary to add insulating material for thermal shielding of the building to gas-concrete walls. At construction of present houses heater is not required because of thickness of wall blocks in 320 mm which meet the requirements of norms of thermal shielding of the building. Old buildings demand certain protection against humidity and cold. But for a start the laying of walls has to have sanitary and hygienic characteristic. Also it has to carry out task of decrease in heating expenses of the building and meet standards, having provided residents with comfort.

The gas-concrete laying is not suitable for shower and bathrooms

Because the gas concrete is capable to absorb humidity from air, consider that it cannot be applied in bathing and shower rooms. Over time this wall will break. But it not so. The humidity in gas concrete does not destroy laying. And in shower and bathing the humidity can arrive only from the inside that too slightly influences laying. Practically in all apartments and other buildings where the humidity is increased, use autoclave gas concrete.

Today the price corresponds to quality. The choice for you. Our council – choose proceeding from characteristics of wear resistance, weather resistance, vapor permeability and thermal conductivity of gas-concrete laying.

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