Glass blocks in interior of rooms of different function with photo the ideas

Glass blocks in interior of rooms of different function with photo the ideas

Today even more often it is possible to meet glass blocks in interior of the rooms issued in the different stylistic directions. Thanks to good utilization properties and esthetic qualities this finishing material can be used for creation of partitions, windows, decoration of the walls and door openings that will allow to make design refined, original and effective.

What represents decorative glass block: features of material

The glass block is provided by the hollow room unit created from the alloyed glass plates about 10 mm thick. The product can have square, triangular, round or rectangular shape. The first option is the most demanded. Glass blocks are characterized by sizes 190х190 and 240х240 of mm, 80-100 mm thick. The weight of product depends on dimensions and averages 3-4 kg.

Glass blocks – photo visually display different options – can be transparent or opaque, with smooth or relief surface, glossy, opaque or with high luster that affects light-scattering effect. Producers release products in different color gamma, beginning from quiet neutral shades and finishing with the bright shouting coloring.

Thanks to special design glass blocks are characterized by number of distinctive advantages. At the expense of air internal layer the acoustic permeability of material decreases by 60-70%. The product is at the same time characterized by good flow light capacity, and thanks to dense glass outlines of the silhouettes which are behind wall from glass blocks are washed away, it does not give the chance to peep that it is hidden from public eyes.

Material is characterized by high strength, resistance to clinking, smooth surface and environmental friendliness owing to what it can be used for construction of partitions in children’s institutions. Products have the increased moisture resistance, good heat insulation, resistance to emergence of condensate and impact of temperature fluctuations that does reasonable use of glass blocks for partitions in the bathroom, saunas and pools.

Glass blocks do not need special leaving. The surface is capable to sustain unlimited number of cleanings by means of any cleaning agents.

However this material is not deprived of shortcomings. It is possible to distinguish the considerable weight of product from the main bad points because of what it is not recommended to put up walls from glass blocks more than 15 m ². Besides mounting of elements is very labor-consuming and demands certain skills and knowledge. One more shortcoming is the high cost of products.

Glass blocks in interior of rooms: main recommendations

When using glass blocks in interior it is necessary to be guided by the main rule: everything has to be moderately. This material is capable to bring translucent beauty and ice chic in situation, having filled at the same time the room with cold.

Glass blocks should not be used at registration of interior in style classicism, baroque, empire style, the Renaissance or gothic style. Material will be relevant to more laconic directions, such as electrician, minimalism, ecostyle, pop art, hi-tech, modernist style, artdeco, country.

When using glass blocks it is necessary to be guided by certain recommendations:

cold glass should be combined in proportion with warm finishing materials, such as wall-paper, laminate, fabric, in the ratio 1:10 for premises;
in rooms where glass blocks are used there shall be decorative accessories from tree, fabrics or elements of forging;
colourless transparent products should be counterbalanced with bright saturated tones;
when using glass blocks as elements for zoning of space it is necessary to remember that the design created from this material bears decorative function, but is not multifunction element.

Options of application of glass blocks in apartment interior: photo of design decisions

Today glass blocks began to be applied often during interior design creation. With their help it is possible to realize original and daring ideas, it is favorable to play with light. In apartment interior glass blocks can be used during creation of walls, elements of furniture, decorative accessories, at decoration of the walls, windows and floor.

During major repair of the apartment often there is need for re-planning of rooms that allows to plan in a new way inhabited space, having chosen more convenient option of placement of rooms. In this case partitions from glass blocks are the interesting and original decision that at the same time does not make heavier space.

It is possible to fill the room with light and air by means of registration by glass blocks of window opening. It will be possible to gain the maximum effect at design combination to illumination that is clearly demonstrated by photos of glass blocks in interior of the living room and bedroom. Material is often used for creation of internal window between the bathroom and kitchen thanks to what the first room receives part of natural light.

The non-standard decision is use of glass bricks as floor covering. In this case the surface of products has to have rough texture that will exclude sliding probability. With their help it is possible to create podiums also.

Use of these elements allows to make furniture designs. For kitchen it is possible to execute bar counter or the island, for the bathroom glass blocks recommend to create the console under sink.

It is important! In spite of the fact that glass furniture looks extraordinary and originally, it cannot be moved to the new place as the design is created permanently.

Different methods of decoration of the walls from glass blocks

It is recommended not only to apply glass blocks to construction of trussed partitions, but also to decoratively revet with them wall surface, thereby it is successful to beat design of the apartment. In rooms which are deprived of natural lighting such as dark halls, corridors and lobbies, wall from glass blocks with illumination will not only be functional element, but also will become additional luminous source. However such design reception will not deprive the room of the atmosphere of dispassionateness.

It will be interesting and unusual to look glass design of the rounded-off form which considerably will recover interior design. It is also reasonable to make out glass blocks different ledges in wall thanks to what it is possible to expand visually room open spaces, having made it air and easy.

The original decision is dressing of the surface adjoining the ladder going on the second floor that is visually shown on wall photo from glass blocks. It will be unique to look false fireplace in the living room. By means of blocks from glass it is also possible to issue niche in wall that, undoubtedly, will draw attention to elements which are in it.

Helpful advice! For premises during creation of wall from glass block it is necessary to combine products with other materials: gypsum cardboard, chipboard or PVC panels.

Transparent glass or tinted inserts with illumination on wall surface will effectively look. Also material can be used for dressing of door opening in the living room. Here it is necessary to apply elements with internal decor in the form of pebbles, shells, herbariums or extraordinary installations which have to be selected taking into account the general concept of design of the room.

Glass blocks it is preferable to have pointwise, thereby decorating wall. In this case one tile has to be located on the site of 1 m ². Such option is often used in kitchen at registration of apron. In the living room one of walls can be decorated multi-colored blocks, thereby having created decorative panel or peculiar picture on its surface.

Glass blocks in interior of rooms of different function with photo the ideas

Use of glass blocks for partitions

The main direction of use of glass blocks is zoning of the room by means of creation of partitions. It promotes division of total area into several small open areas. In this case easier, free situation which is not blocked up with solid-web structures is provided.

Partitions can be different form: trapezes, pyramids, oval, circle with the openings executed in the form of steps, arch. The glass design can have the different height and width. By means of these elements it is necessary not only to zone the room, but also to create limited spaces in the form of shower cabins or wardrobe.

Helpful advice! In small narrow rooms it is reasonable to arrange partitions from glass blocks as transparent designs promote optical increase in dimensions of the room.

When choosing type of glass block for creation of partition it is necessary to consider assignment of the room as separate elements differ on degree of transparency and the nature of light-scattering effect. The glass transparent design is ideal for creation of lunch zone in kitchen.

In the living room it is better to apply opaque elements to barrier of cozy berth. In the bedroom multi-colored glass partition it is possible to separate zone of boudoir or clothes. Also the design will ideally fit into the room combined with the bathroom what any option of glass blocks will be suitable for.

Use in the bathroom of partitions from glass blocks

In bathroom interior glass blocks look very organically. The rationality of use of products is caused by durability, moisture resistance, environmental friendliness of material which is at the same time characterized by good flow light-reflective capacity and remains at the same time opaque.

By means of glass blocks in the bathroom – photos visually confirm it – it is possible to separate toilet bowl and to organize relaxation zone in the bathroom that is the rational decision for the combined bathrooms. Here it is better to use the opaque products having sufficient impermeability and visually not overloading the room. The partition in this case has to be direct or curved, reach the middle of height of the room or reach its ceiling.

By means of glass elements it is also possible to manufacture the screen under the bathroom or to protect the place for the water toning procedures. Today even more often in modern apartments it is possible to meet shower cabins from glass blocks which have different executions that does design of the room extraordinary and exclusive. At the same time such design decision allows to save money significantly. In this case material can be used also for floor covering in which it is necessary to build in in addition lighting that is demonstrated by photos shower of glass blocks.

Process of construction of partition of glass blocks

Construction of partition from glass blocks in the bathroom, the living room or other room will not cause complexity in masters who dealt with laying of tile and brick. However there are subtleties. Mounting can be carried out in two ways: end-to-end by means of glue solution and also on the special frame module which is grid with cells. Simpler performed by is the second option. Thanks to modular framework future partition will turn out better and equal. However it is heavy to find such grid in the construction market.

As glue solution use special glue, mix for laying of ceramic tile or cement and sand solution with addition of glue at the rate of 200 g on 5 buckets of mix owing to what the plasticity increases.

Helpful advice! If for construction of partition transparent glass blocks are used, it is better to apply glue structure of white color thanks to which the product will have more esthetic appearance.

For work it is necessary to prepare glass blocks of the necessary size, glue structure, mounting plastic crosses, armature rods from galvanization or stainless steel, the level, rubber hammer, sealant, color finish.

Algorithm of construction of partition from glass blocks

Before starting laying of glass blocks, it is necessary to clean the basis and to execute marking taking into account dimension of product and thickness of seams. For dimensioning of frame it is necessary to lay out one number of blocks, having spread out between them crosses. Further mounting of the directing metal frame of necessary width and height which fastens to panel walls, floor and if necessary to ceiling by means of dowels 50 cm long is carried out. In the course of mounting it is important to control horizontal position and vertical position of the module constantly.

After surface preparation it is necessary to start laying of glass blocks. The first row begins from wall. The glue structure no more than 1 cm thick is applied on the lower part of horizontal surface and lateral face of vertical guide of profile. Further the first block which is pressed into solution is installed. Glue mix is applied on its side face and the following element is established. Between them mounting crosses on both sides which sizes correspond to seam thickness have. Row proceeds against the stop in the vertical guide located on opposite wall.

It is necessary to remember that time of coupling of glass blocks with solution is more long, than when laying normal bricks therefore it is necessary to wait not less than an hour prior to construction of the following row that it is carried out by the similar principle. If cement and sand solution is used, after mounting of three rows of glass blocks it is necessary to leave design for drying not less, than for 24 hours.

For creation of reliable design every third row should be reinforced by means of metal rods which when laying on blocks should not contact to them in order to avoid the subsequent corrosion. It is controlled by means of mounting crosses.

After full drying of solution works on cleaning of surface of residues of mix are performed, the protective film from blocks is removed and the finish of seams is carried out. So far mix still wet, it is necessary to clean glass surface with soft rags.

Alternative options of assembly of wall from glass blocks

Instead of metal frame it is possible to use reinforcing rods from galvanized or corrosion-proof wire with a diameter of 4-5 mm. They are inserted into each subsequent row horizontally and vertically over mounting crosses, submerging rods which should not adjoin to glass, in solution.

If keeps within shower of glass blocks of not rectilinear form, it is necessary to establish more dense armoring lattice which will prevent shift of difficult design, and the laying will have at the same time accurater exterior. Horizontal rods need to be bent, giving them the required form. Mounting crosses in this case are located only from the inside of laying.

The simplest, but expensive way of laying which can be implemented for creation of partition from hollow glass blocks in the bathroom is use of the wooden or metal module with cells of the necessary size where blocks are inserted. The frame is painted previously in suitable color and fixed to load bearing wall. Each block is located in individual cell. Places of connection are fixed by sealant. The design is ready for operation in 12 hours.

Modern glass blocks, thanks to variety of forms, coloring and invoices, are capable to change any room, having made design original and unique. At skillful use of such universal finishing material, having the developed imagination, it is possible to force any boring and ordinary space to play new paints.

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