Glass blocks: the sizes and the prices of products from the famous producers

Glass blocks: the sizes and the prices of products from the famous producers

In recent years blocks from glass, thanks to the innovation technologies and the design ideas, have received new life. Increase in demand for finishing material has pushed the famous producers to improvement qualitative and to improvement of esthetic characteristics of products that promoted expansion of the range. From this article it is possible to learn about glass blocks: the sizes and prices for products from world manufacturers.

Features of production of glass blocks: highlights

Production of glass blocks is difficult, production step-by-step process which is carried out on the high-quality modern equipment with involvement of technically competent personnel.

Raw material with the small content of oxide of iron is applied to production of products that in percentage should not exceed 0.07%. The special procedure for decolorization of glass consists in addition of chemical reagents, such as antimony oxide, cobalt, metal selenium and cerium, in initial blend. Further for giving to product of necessary shade special dye which has to be ecologically safe and at the same time most effective is brought in production blend.

Important! Durability of glass blocks and degree of their resistance to aggressive environmental activity directly depends on the correct and harmonious production process of production of products.

Glass blocks are made on the automated lines conveyor-based. Liquid glass melt boils down in furnaces at temperature of 1500 °C. Then the welded glass passes pressing stage therefore products of the necessary size are formed.

Kinds of glass blocks depending on different parameters

Today glass blocks are presented at the construction market in wide assortment. Depending on certain characteristics all products are conditionally separated into categories.

On scope of application distinguish decorative and industrial glass blocks. The first option is used for finishing of inhabited and office rooms. Material is applied to creation of partitions, windows, elements of furniture, wall decoration and door openings. Thanks to the fact that products are issued different forms the sizes, colors and textures, they can be used for the embodiment of the most courageous and unexpected design decisions.

Industrial glass blocks are characterized by the raised strength indices, moisture impermeability, fire resistance that gives the chance to apply this material in production workshops, laboratories, dining rooms and on stair enclosures.

On material distinguish plastic blocks and foamglass. Products of the first option are built in in matrixes, frames, modules from PVC. The second version is provided by blocks from frothed cellular glass thanks to what material is characterized by the increased durability and can be used as nonflammable heat insulation. Products can be completely transparent or painted in any shade. Color glass blocks turn out by means of special dyes which are added to weight before molding of products.

Depending on type of surface blocks from glass are the following:

  • smooth, missing up to 85% of light, however objects through them are looked through is indistinct;
  • opaque which light transmission ability reaches 50%;
  • glossy with the smooth surface given a high polish;
  • relief transparent light guides or light-scattering that depends on vector of borders of corrugation;
  • stained glass with the pattern applied on surface;
  • with openings which can be used as decorative niches during creation of partitions;
  • with color inserts in the form of images of fruit, vegetables, sea plots and other compositions.

Depending on lighting characteristics glass blocks can be light guides, light-scattering and translucent that is characteristic of hollow products. In form of product are square, triangular, round, wavy, rectangular and many-sided. Also exclusive blocks which form is developed by the individual order are issued.

Standard and individual dimensions of glass blocks

Glass blocks are provided by products with geometrically closed cavity which is formed by two molded glass halves connected among themselves. Thickness of standard glass blocks is 75-100 mm.

Modern glass blocks have square shape and are characterized by standard dimensions of 190х190х80 and 240х240х80 mm. In catalogs of products it is possible to meet so-called rectangular halves with dimensions of 190х90х80 and 240х115х80 mm. Also producers release products of nonconventional form: round, triangular, angular different sizes. In this case the price of glass blocks will be much more expensive traditional elements.

Helpful advice! It is possible to order semicircular blocks, with the buried big corner, with the buried side edges, made by the individual sizes.

The biggest glass blocks which are released by producers are square products of 300х300х100 and 240х240х80 mm in size, halves dimensions of 240х115х80 mm. The smallest products have values 115х115х80 and 60х146х80 of mm.

Producers offer the models having oversizes. Square glass blocks can have dimensions 200x200x222, 190x190x70, 190x190x50, 145х145х55 mm. Rectangular bricks are issued of 240х115х80 and 190х90х80 mm. Triangular blocks make only in one size of 172х172х236х80 mm. Numerical values are deciphered as height-length-hypotenuse-width.

The weight of walls and partition depends on option of mounting of glass blocks. If it is carried out by means of glue mix, only the weight of products which depends on their dimensions is considered. For example, the standard block of 240х240х80 mm will weigh 4.1 kg, product of 190х190х80 mm – 2.5 kg. The weight of their halves will be twice less.

From what producer it is better to buy glass blocks

Today in the construction market it is possible to buy glass blocks both from domestic manufacturers, and from the foreign companies. Thanks to the high competition among manufacturers, products are in broad price range. Finishing materials from brands from Russia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Italy, China, Belarus are in great demand.

It is possible to distinguish from the western companies the German and Italian producers which turn out the high-quality products differing in the severity of forms which is ideally polished with surface and wide color palette of soft shades. However such material has high cost.

The Czech producers in the aspiration to compete with world brands on the price policy specialize mainly in colourless glass blocks with internal coloring. Thanks to special technology of coloring, products differ in bright saturated shades. However process does not influence rise in price of products.

Glass blocks from the Russian and Polish producers are characterized by good ratio of the price and quality. Here emphasis is put on creation of multi-colored elements which can be with smooth surface or with its impressive registration. Also producers release glass blocks with the decorative drawing. In the lowermost price segment the products from China and Belarus which are not differing in big variety of forms and invoices are located.

Glass blocks: the sizes and the prices of products from the famous producers

Glass blocks for walls from the German producers

The main difference of the German products is very high quality and high price. World famous producer from Germany is the Solaris company which releases products with ideal geometry. Thanks to it laying of glass blocks can be carried out on modern seamless technology.

Blocks are manufactured in diverse color palettes and invoices. Unique series with ornament on surface in the form of drops enjoys special popularity. In addition to standard forms and the sizes, the company specializes in production of round and angular glass blocks. The certain place is taken by collections of glass blocks for finishing of floor.

One more not less famous producer is the German concern Weck. Glass blocks have exact geometry, the ideal ground surface and equal end faces thanks to what it is easy to work with them; it allows to save on mounting as the price of laying of glass blocks will depend on labor input of process.

Glass blocks of the Italian leading brands

The Vetroarredo company is considered one of the best world brands on production of glass blocks. Having centuries-old history, using advanced technologies, the producer quite successfully manufactures quality products with ideal geometry. Glass blocks are characterized by high sound-proof and heat-insulating qualities. Thanks to the fact that products are painted in weight they show good resistance to external influences without loss of original state.

In catalogs of the company large number of the collections differing in unique design of products is provided. The special attention is deserved by series of the metallized glass blocks having the specialized coating providing smooth surface.

If there is question where to buy glass blocks of exclusive design, it is necessary to address to the Italian company Cogir Glass which is engaged in production of products unique in own way that affects their cost. It is possible to buy such glass block from $17. The producer applies unique technology of production as a result of which small glass color balls are applied on glass. By means of these elements the drawing on product surface is created. It is possible to make the whole pictures of several such blocks. And products with abstract patterns can be combined safely with normal glass blocks.

Advantages and shortcomings of the Russian glass blocks: price of products

Glass blocks of the Russian production differ in broad variety of the forms and decorative ornaments displayed on surface of products. Also here it is possible to choose strong and long-lasting industrial glass blocks.

Products from the Russian producer are made not only standard thickness, but also with the value equal to 78 mm. Colourless glass blocks, thanks to special production technique, on quality exceed analogs. Essential advantage of products is the acceptable cost of the products which are in the average and low price range.

It is possible to distinguish the low level of heat insulation and noise isolation of material and insufficiently smooth surface of the polished products from shortcomings of products of the Russian production.

The only manufacturer in Russia of glass blocks is the Star’Glass company which is known to consumers thanks to quality and inexpensive products. Here the modern German equipment is used, the latest technologies are used. Products are provided in wide assortment of flowers, forms, the sizes and decorative compositions. The surface texture can be executed in wave mode, grids, thaw, crystals and diagonal lines. Products can be painted inside and in weight. All colors are provided in several shades.

Czech glass blocks: sizes and prices of products

Glass blocks from the Czech Republic are characterized by such advantages:

  • high workmanship that is manifestation of centuries-old tradition;
  • bright saturated tones and big variety of ornaments;
  • democratic price policy.

It is possible to distinguish from shortcomings only possibility of use of material only for registration of internal rooms as material is susceptible to temperature drops.

Helpful advice! Such products are recommended to be stacked in the seamless way with use of crosses for glass blocks.

The most popular Czech producer is the VitraBlok plant which takes the leading position in the world market. For production of products the modern foreign equipment is used. Here the strict control of quality of glass blocks therefore products conform to the highest requirements is carried out. In catalogs of the producer the wide model range of glass blocks is provided, beginning from traditional forms and finishing with non-standard configuration.

Helpful advice! At the VitraBlok plant it is possible to order products according to the individual sketch, cost will depend in this case on complexity of execution.

Popular brands of glass blocks from France and Poland

The French international company Saint-Gobain covers set of the plants on production of mirror and glass manufactory which are located in 46 countries of the world. Products are characterized by high quality, original design, variety of forms and coloring. It is the only producer releasing bulletproof blocks.

The Polish producer Ciech Vitrosilicon has received the world popularity thanks to quality products which are manufactured on the modern equipment using guidance system of production of ISO 14001. The company releases the hearth industrial bricks from glass possessing reliable burglar retardant protection.

Decorative products are represented in 6 collections differing in color gamma, form and the sizes of products. Also in catalogs of the company it is possible to see the exclusive elements having unusual design.

Chinese glass bricks and glass blocks: advantages

Glass blocks from China are characterized by number of advantages:

  • rather high strength;
  • resistance to temperature fluctuations;
  • high level of noise isolation;
  • good transparency and simultaneous protection against public eyes;
  • durability which depends on the correct technology of laying of products and further care of them;
  • variety of geometrical forms and coloring, beginning from monophonic and finishing with transitional shades;
  • low cost.

It is possible to refer poor quality of products of the majority of trademarks and increased requirements to mounting of glass blocks to essential shortcomings of the Chinese glass blocks. The hands it is not necessary to carry out their laying. Thanks to the fact that products are characterized by large-scale of cracking and destruction at the slightest mechanical influence work should be entrusted the experienced master.

It is possible to distinguish the Dezhou and Hebei companies which offer products balanced at the price and quality from popular Chinese brands. The range of products differs from Hebei in broad variety of flowers and forms of products. The unique offer from the producer are the shaded products having the painted end faces, at the same time internal part of the block remains transparent.

The Dezhou company is not so known in the construction market, however is characterized by very broad set of products having quite original design.

Among the good selection of glass blocks presented at the construction market it is possible to pick up products of any form, color, the invoice and decorative registration which will ideally fit into design of the room. It is enough to study features of products offered by the leading manufacturing plants and to choose the material meeting the stated requirements.

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