Glass-magnesium panels: modern and multifunction analog of gypsum cardboard

Glass-magnesium panels: modern and multifunction analog of gypsum cardboard

At present glass-magnesium panels – very popular material which is applied in all spheres of construction. It has succeeded universal gypsum cardboard. Glass-magnesium sheets are the modern material representing composition glass-magnesium plate. About characteristics of glass-magnesium sheets, their features, spheres of use and also about many other you learn from this publication.

Glass-magnesium panels: we get acquainted with new modern construction material

Glass-magnesium sheets, or magnesium oxide wallboard, is absolutely new sheet material which is widely used in all spheres of construction, though has appeared in the market not so long ago. The construction sheet both for internal, and is applied to outside finishing work.

Glass-magnesium panels differ in durability and excellent water tightness. Material is very similar on the properties to gypsum cardboard that does it very competitive in the market of products for finishing work. To get the construction sheet will not make special work as many firms are engaged in its implementation.

The popularity of glass-magnesium plates is explained by excellent characteristics, ease of processing and reasonable price. Though material is easily knifed by the fret saw, file, plasterboard and other similar tools, it does not mean what magnesium oxide wallboard fragile. Even on the contrary, the glass-magnesium plate differs in durability and flexibility. Besides, during material processing dust and garbage are practically not formed.

Glass-magnesium panels from magnesian knitting and the fibreglass mesh performing the reinforcing functions are made. Magnesian knitting is kind of concrete which turns out as a result of interaction of chloride of magnesium and caustic magnesite. Classification of glass-magnesium panels is carried out depending on thickness of plate and separate qualitative characteristics. There are also options which are applied as decor. Such type of panels does not demand additional finishing. Decorative sheets are presented at the market in wide color range.

Helpful advice! During material selection it is necessary to be guided by way of use. The premium best of all will be suitable for outside application. The cost of such panels several times of high price normal, but qualitative characteristics of glass-magnesium sheets allow to transfer influence of natural factors quietly.

Advantages and shortcomings of glass-magnesium plates

Still quite recently gypsum cardboard had no alternatives in the market of building materials. But with the advent of glass-magnesium leaf which is more technological the situation has changed. High level of operational indicators is explained by composition of material which includes natural and natural components. Excellent strength indices, equality of density of structure are reached thanks to roasting at temperature of 2000 °C.

Glass-magnesium plates have special advantages over other similar materials:

  1. Universality. Material is used in all types of finishing: plates less than 6 mm thick are put on ceilings, sheets of 6 mm are suitable for walls, the construction sheet of 10 mm is laid on the floor, magnesium oxide wallboard 12 mm thick and is more applied to creation of facing of facades, interroom partitions.
  2. Durability. Magnesium oxide wallboard plates quietly maintain any mechanical damages.
  3. Density. The budgetary material has density about 1 kg on m ³, luxury leaves – more than 1.5 kg on m ³.
  4. Simplicity of processing. Easily it is cut, does not crumble, does not break.
  5. Fire safety. Maintains temperature more than 1000 °C, interferes with spread of fire.
  6. Moisture resistance. The plate does not absorb water, does not inflate, is not blown up, does not change form and also does not give in to rotting, is not afraid of mold and fungus.
  7. Environmental friendliness. Does not cause allergy.

All these parameters specify that irrespective of range of application, glass-magnesium plates are optimal variant. Sheets differ in durability, they are stronger than gypsum cardboard and are cheaper than tile. Despite all advantages, the price of glass-magnesium sheets rather democratic that allows to apply material without restrictions.

As for shortcomings, they are characteristic of glass-magnesium sheets in case of use of material of poor quality.

They are shown so:

  1. Decline in quality, fire and moisture resistance is the result of addition by some unfair producers in composition of material of asbestos, lime and chalk. Also it leads to emergence of fine dust that is very dangerous to allergic persons.
  2. Plates of low quality emit salts which accelerate rotting processes. It can have an adverse effect on metal construction of frameworks and timberings.

Also it is possible to carry the price for glass-magnesium leaf to shortcomings. But the cost of material is completely compensated by excellent technical characteristics and parameters.

Glass-magnesium sheets: technical characteristics of glass-magnesium plates

Usually magnesite plate consists of such materials:

  • bellied perlite – 5%;
  • magnesium oxide – 40%;
  • magnesium chloride – 35%;
  • small excelsior – 15%;
  • fiber glass fabrics – 1%.

As additional binding add synthetic fibers to structure, and perlite considerably increases sound-proof characteristics. Main properties of glass-magnesium sheets: durability, hardness, fire resistance and moisture resistance. Material is steady against fungi, mold, is capable not to get out of long time shape under the influence of humid environment.

As for durability, material quite dense, the uniform texture, during operating time is not stratified. Thanks to the increased characteristics of density has the increased wear resistance to mechanical damages and deformation loadings.

Glass-magnesium leaf: characteristics and features of use of material

Glass-magnesium leaf is very simple in processing. The initial edge of plate is easily cut through by normal construction knife then the leaf needs to be bent to the opposite side in the place of the made section. Then the bend is similarly cut.

By criteria of flexibility the glass-magnesium plate reminds gypsum cardboard, plywood, OSB. Without moistening and heating magnesium oxide wallboard practically has no this indicator.

Thanks to the high level of moisture resistance glass-magnesium plates can be used for processing of the rooms subject to influence of humidity: baths, saunas, shower rooms, pools and also for any outside finishing work. This construction sheet does not absorb water and does not change the structure, does not inflate, does not crack from dampness throughout the operational period. According to laboratory researches the magnesite plate of premium class does not change the properties even after 100 days of stay in water.

Glass-magnesium panels: modern and multifunction analog of gypsum cardboard

It should be noted environmental friendliness of such sheets. For production of material exclusively natural and natural substances which do not do harm to the person and the environment are used. Do not include asbestos and other harmful components in structure of magnesite plates.

Glass-magnesium plates – material very popular for today. It first of all is connected with simplicity of mounting. Magnesium oxide wallboard is ideal for installation both on profile systems from gypsum cardboard, and on timber frame constructions. Fastening is carried out by means of MN or TN 25-65 self-tapping screws. It is also possible to apply to these purposes screws with the intense drilling termination SN and SB 25-40.

In case of use of plates of premium class And it is necessary to make easy drilling under screw hat. For other types of this material, namely for classes B-G, it can be not done as the screw perfectly sits down in surface of magnesite leaf. Exclusive durability of plate allows to carry out assembling even by means of normal nails and pneumogun that is absolutely unacceptable in case of use of gypsum cardboard.

Use of the magnesium oxide wallboard allows to save significantly money and time as the surface of material does not demand priming before puttying, facing by ceramic tile or pasting of wall-paper. And sound insulation of the room revetted with magnesite sheets increases twice.

Helpful advice! It is possible to cover glass-magnesium plate with vapor-permeable dyes. If to apply water-proof paint, then the top layer can be blown up and crack over time.

Variety of scopes of glass-magnesium sheets

Most often glass-magnesium sheets are applied to performance of the following types of works:

  • all types of external finishing of walls, including facing by stone, ceramic tile or stucco molding;
  • internal processing of walls under painting, pasting of wall-paper, facing by tile and battening down or panels, puttying;
  • elimination of roughnesses of surface of walls, ceilings and floors;
  • creations of interroom partitions, irrespective of finishing finishing;
  • processings of floor under laminate or parquet;
  • any architectural ideas for space decor;
  • finishings of baths, saunas, bathrooms and pools;
  • creations of banners, panel board advertizing;
  • arrangements of protective fire-prevention facing about the centers of spontaneous ignition;
  • sound-proof works.

Helpful advice! If over the panel plaster will keep within, magnesium oxide wallboard better to establish by the back (rough) party outside. It will allow to provide more dense coupling of facing with plate surface.

How many to cost construction of the house glass-magnesium panels

Glass-magnesium panels – one of the most popular materials for construction of the modern house. It is possible to use it all the year round, and frame panel construction does not demand special construction of the base. The energy efficiency of such buildings is much higher, and expense one construction lower, for transportation of material will not be required the special equipment.

As a result you receive premises to which it is possible to drive with the furniture at once. In the building plumbing fixtures are already installed, the power supply network, water supply system, the boiler is carried out and works indoors are finished.

On time process of construction of the room can borrow from two weeks to one month. It is very convenient for persons interested for short term to get new housing. Besides, construction can be carried out at all seasons of the year. Use of magnesite plate allows quickly, qualitatively and cheap to receive the house of dream.

Helpful advice! It is possible to apply glass-magnesium sheets to finishing of the base. Fastening is carried out on glue or by means of anchors. But in this case it is extremely important to pick up correctly material type, otherwise magnesium oxide wallboard not only will not sustain frost, but also it will be deformed under the influence of moisture.

The painted leaf: features and characteristic of material

The painted glass-magnesium panels are optimum material with ideal ratio of the price, quality and excellent esthetic characteristics. Basis of this product is the normal magnesite plate covered with acrylic paints.

Coloring is carried out in the industrial way – direct setup of acrylic paint by steel shaft on all surface of leaf. At the final stage protective lacquer which provides the increased wear resistance level is applied on top layer.

The cost of panels is influenced by such characteristics:

  • color of material;
  • the number of sheets which are bought;
  • plate thickness;
  • the number of the painted parties.

Sometimes the price of the magnesium oxide wallboard depends on category of material. All these parameters in total influence process of production and coloring of sheets and also consumption of paints and varnishes.

Estimated price of glass-magnesium sheets

It is possible to buy glass-magnesium panels as for internal, and external finishing of the room, they are used at construction of the building and other works. Depending on range of application and also for choice simplification to buyers material is separated into such categories:

  1. “Standard” (sheet sizes – 1220 by 2500 mm). This material most of all is suitable for performance of interior finish of rooms with normal indicators of temperature and humidity for all year. For mounting self-tapping screws are used.
  2. “Premium” (plate sizes of 1220 by 2440 mm). This magnesium oxide wallboard it is characterized by the increased durability level that allows to apply it to covering of walls of low houses, mounting of internal walls and partitions, arrangement of basis under soft roof and other works indoors. Specialists recommend to use self-tapping screws from stainless steel to fixture.
  3. Superpremium (leaf parameters – 1220 by 2440 mm). This material represents specially released ruler with the improved parameters of outer surface and possibility of the subsequent coloring, lamination, processing by plastic and interline interval.
  4. “Interior” (the painted magnesite plate the sizes of 1220 by 2440 mm).

Councils for the choice of qualitative glass-magnesium plate

Glass-magnesium sheets of responses have significant amount, however not all of them are positive. But the popularity of material does not fall, and on the contrary, construction of many important state objects does not do without application of the magnesium oxide wallboard. The main problem is that on material there is no marking. Unfair producers use it, violating production technique of plates.

About glass-magnesium sheets responses meet scopes of application, negative because of the wrong definition. Besides, most of consumers considers that such panels – full replacement of gypsum cardboard. But it not so because only some types of glass-magnesium leaf can be fully used instead of plasterboard plates.

As the price of magnesite plate quite high not to spend money in vain, it is important to know how to distinguish the high-quality panel from material of semi-handicraft work from cheap components:

  1. Color of material. Glass-magnesium plate of excellent quality has beige or yellowish shade. Material of poor quality most often white or light gray color.
  2. Edges of plate. At the magnesium oxide wallboard of bad quality of edge uneven and fragile.
  3. Leaf basis. The low-quality construction sheet is covered from rear side with interlining. It reduces fire resistance of material.

Helpful advice! To check quality, it is possible to place magnesium oxide wallboard piece in water for couple of hours. If the plate qualitative — water will not dim.

The interior or external finish of walls constantly is in huge demand. Thanks to it in the market modern construction materials will always appear. At present the latest finishing materials, including glass-magnesium sheets have huge popularity.

Thanks to modern technology of creation and exclusively natural components the magnesite plate pushes aside such materials as gypsum cardboard and plywood on background. Excellent technical characteristics of glass-magnesium sheets, the price – the main advantages of this material. The feature of such construction sheet is that one its party smooth and ground, and another – relief.

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