Heating of garage the hands

Heating of garage the hands

With the onset of cold weather owners of “iron horses” begin to worry about the property. The most terrible for motorcycles and cars at all not off-season with its slush and rains, and fall of temperature to negative values when on metal there is condensate which is gradually destroying material. For this reason heating of garage for many becomes priority. How competently to equip heating of the room and at the same time not to be ruined? Let’s understand.

We choose heating services

As shows experience, temperature in garage should not be same high, as in premises. Will support quite enough it around 5 C. One more indispensable condition: availability of ventilation which will delete excessive moisture and dangerous exhaust gases. There is a lot of ways to equip heating in garage. Before to stop on one of them, it is necessary to answer questions objectively:

  • What room space?
  • How will the heating system, periodically or constantly work?
  • What financial opportunities of the owner of garage? Whether he will be able to afford the expensive equipment?

Answers will help to make right choice. First of all, we choose system type. Depending on removal of garage from housing consider two types of the warming designs:

  • The general with residential unit. Very favorable system. It can be equipped only when the garage is at distance no more than 20 m from the house. Otherwise the high extent of heating main will make such heating unprofitable.
  • Autonomous. Assumes use of individual heat source. Options there can be set, from costly to budget here.

Having decided on type of system it is possible to think of the choice of type of heating which depends on the principle of functioning of source of heat.

Gas system

Gas – inexpensive fuel, for the majority this factor becomes solving in the choice of heating services.

Gas heating appliances are divided into two types:

  • Catalytic heaters. Fuel in such devices burns down in special cells at which there is catalyst. Thanks to it the power of devices reaches 3.3 kW and about 95% of harmful combustion products of gas are neutralized. Devices are among enough effective and safe, can be used even for heating of housing.
  • Infrared devices. The equipment is torch with ceramic cells. The burning-down gas heats elements from ceramics which accumulate heat and transfer him to air over torch. It rises to ceiling of the room and warms air from below and up to the top. Power of devices varies from 2.4 to 6 kW. The main lack of it like devices – combustion products remain in air therefore the room needs to be aired regularly.

Choosing gas heating appliances, it is necessary to understand that despite low cost of fuel, essential expenses at stage of arrangement of heating are inevitable. They are connected with purchase of the equipment and fee of specialists who will establish it and to connect. Independent works are excluded here. Gas is among potentially dangerous substances therefore to make experiments on mounting and connection is not necessary. All works, including the subsequent service, have to be carried out only by the specialists having the license for holding such actions.

As the main advantages of gas heating are considered:

  • Low cost of fuel.
  • The high efficiency of devices allowing the device to work very economically and effectively.

Refer need of access to the centralized gas pipeline to shortcomings of system that is not always possible also potential danger of the fuel relating to explosive substances.

Hot-water heating

Represents the closed heating contour on which from the heatgenerator to radiators the water acting as the heat carrier circulates. Strictly speaking, in the heating system of garage not water, but antifreeze is most often used. These are reduces productivity of heating appliance a little, but protects system from defrosting.

Specialists recommend to install autonomous water system only in the separate well warmed garages. It can be shell rock structure, gas concrete or heat-insulated brick from mineral wool or polyfoam. It will be rather effective, but not cheap option. Most often the system is used as the general with residential unit, then arrangement of the warmed heating main is required. Installation of the pump for pressure maintenance in system can be also required. Also hot-water heating is mounted for heating of several nearby the standing garages, in that case it is more profitable.

Carry to indisputable advantages of system:

  • High reliability. Under repair most often radiators which are very simple for replacing need.
  • Durability. Competent operation guarantees not one decade of uninterrupted operation of the equipment.
  • Safety and purity.

Rather high cost of its arrangement is considered essential lack of hot-water heating.

Air heating

It is rather new and a little widespread method of heating of garage. For heating of the room different convectors, thermal veils, fans and guns are used. Their principle of work is identical: devices create intensive flow of the warmed air which very quickly warms the room. It should be noted that the air stream can be directed also to the car that will allow to remove completely collected moisture, even from the most hard-to-reach spots. For system different types of heatgenerators are used. They can function on different types of fuel or the electric power.

Indisputable advantages of air heating:

  • Fast creation of the most comfortable microclimate indoors. The system perfectly gives in to adjustment and even when using self-made devices it is easily possible to achieve the necessary temperature and air quality. If desired the additional equipment for moistening and filtering is installed.
  • Simplicity and low cost of mounting. There is possibility of combination of heating services from ventilating that is very favorable. It is quite possible to connect the conditioner to construction in the summer. The lack of traditional radiators allows to use useful area more rationally.
  • Profitability of air heating. The lack of communications and the intermediate heat carrier, extreme simplicity of system and small number of its components allows to save significantly.
  • Reliability of system. The design is not subject to low temperature impact, respectively, does not freeze. The operability of construction is not affected by frequency of its use at all. Anyway the heatgenerator reaches the maximum power in a few minutes.
  • Durability. The design working with any type of the heater is not exposed to aggressive influence. Therefore the term of its operation is not less than 20 years.

Strong noise at forced circulation and rather high running costs in case of use of electric devices belongs to heating shortcomings air.

Heating of garage the hands

Systems on solid fuel

Perhaps, the most popular way of heating of garage. As source of heat the different designs functioning on solid fuel can act: boiler, primitive metal furnace. The lack of serious costs of the equipment and its service is considered the most attractive factor of use of solid propellant boilers. At the same time it should be taken into account that the solid propellant boiler can quite be assembled independently.

Besides systems have advantages:

  • The small sizes that allows to save the place indoors. Some furnaces can be not installed permanently that gives the chance to remove them for the summer from garage.
  • “Pantophagy” of the equipment which can use different fuel, up to the garbage accumulating in garage.
  • Independence of availability of communications.

Common fault for all solid propellant boilers – high risk of fire. Therefore it is required to follow safety rules strictly.

Solid propellant boilers, this equipment can use any solid fuel from peat to firewood. One laying of fuel lasts for the device for 10 hours. The furnace has rather high efficiency – 80% that is caused by availability of two combustion chambers at once. Process of burning is regulated by special valve. The room in which the equipment is located gets warm very quickly.

Those who chooses this device should consider some features of its operation:

  • The equipment has to be installed on the basis from heat resisting material 20 cm high.
  • The flue has to provide total absence of soot and condensate in the channel that sandwich pipe as the offtake is reached by use.

One more popular model – the primitive metal furnace. This classical equipment using firewood. Represents welded metal capacity with door through which fuel, and exhaust pipe is loaded. Most often the equipment is manufactured of 100 or 200 liter capacities. The main advantage of the furnace can be considered the low cost and extreme simplicity of design. However there are also shortcomings. It is small life cycle that is caused by fast burning out of metal, the low efficiency and complexity of regulation of process of burning.

Despite it primitive metal furnaces are very widespread. For production of the simplest sample it is necessary to follow from can the instruction:

  • We begin with ashpit. For this purpose a little below than mouth of capacity we cut through rectangular opening and we process its edges file.
  • We carry out opening for flue. We mark future opening in the can bottom. Its diameter has to be less, than diameter of the offtake prepared for the furnace on 2 mm. By means of the hammer and chisel we cut through the marked opening, we level it round file.
  • Installation of flue. Densely we drive element in the prepared opening. If branch is not located, we finish opening. At the same time we consider that the part has to enter the bottom hardly.
  • We mount grid iron. We take metal rod and we curve from it “snake” which will act as grid-irons. The sizes of element have to correspond to can size. We bend ready grid and through mouth we establish in construction. We straighten design.
  • We establish door in ashpit to regulate draft.

The primitive furnace is ready. It is also possible to make under it special support. By the same principle it is possible to execute the device from metal barrel. Such equipment will have two doors: for fire chamber and ashpit. And the grid iron is carried out from armature and reliably welded on the body from within.
One more helpful advice. Too fast cooling is considered the main lack of primitive furnaces, metal badly accumulates heat. However if to impose design with brick, it will be possible to get rid of problem.

The heated-up brick screen will give warmly much longer. Only “minus” — time for fire chamber of the furnace will leave slightly more. The laying is carried out at distance about 150 mm from equipment walls with obligatory air vents. Specialists warn that to carry out furnace facing without gap or it is not necessary to stack facing in chessboard order, all effect of installation of the brick screen will be lost.

The heaters working from electricity

Options of such heating set. The most different devices, from mobile to stationary models can act as source of heat. It is possible even to use traditional home heaters. To gain bigger effect of heating about the device install the fan which strengthens circulation of the warmed air and reduces time for heating of the room.

Advantages of system:

  • Simplicity in service and arrangement.
  • The wide range of the heating equipment owing to what to pick up the necessary device will not make special work.

High energy consumption is considered the main lack of electric heating that, respectively, leads to serious financial expenses. Besides, the system is dependent on supply of electricity, theoretically it can be at any time stopped.

Heating on the basis of working off

Very popular is design heating garage used oil recently. It is very economic heatinstallation allowing to use the waste material fulfilled, therefore. Except profitability it differs in extreme simplicity of design and assembly. It can quite be made independently.

The furnace functioning on liquid fuel is two capacities connecting among themselves by means of close meshed perforated pipe. At the same time the lower part is at the same time fuel tank and boiler. From there is fuel, being warmed, is thrown out upper part of design where there is pipe and tank. This part represents heating coil and fire chamber which are warmed up to 700-900C at furnace conclusion to the maximum power.

The volume of the lower part of design has to be about 8-15 liters. There will be quite enough such values for 10-20 h work as fuel usage makes about 0.5-1 l an hour if the section of flue is equal to 100 mm. In the lower capacity the opening with cover which will act as jellied mouth has to be executed. Besides with its help it will be possible to carry out adjustments of intensity of burning, if necessary sucking air.

Is going to bake only from thick metal, thickness not less the 4-6th as thinner walls can quickly burn out. The exhaust pipe needs also to be strengthened as temperature in it can reach 250C. Length of flue cannot be less than 4 m. Section of branch is chosen experimentally, at the same time is considered that the power of boiler increases with increase in section of pipes torches and offtakes. Structural components of system shall be removable for convenience regular, not less once a week, cleanings of construction.

For ignition of the furnace the following operations are performed:

  • We fill in fuel liter in the lower capacity.
  • We insert the newspaper into jellied opening and we set fire to it.
  • Fire which has appeared in the lower capacity warms tank in 5-10 min. and process of burning passes into pipes.

It is worth referring their potential danger to number of shortcomings of the devices working at working off. Therefore, without having necessary knowledge in the field of heating, you should not experiment with similar constructions. It is better to address specialists or to get ready option. One more “minus” of design: impossibility of stable providing the device with fuel of one quality therefore breakdowns of system are possible.

Options of heating of garage set. For the room it is necessary to choose the most suitable way. Experience shows that the simple in arrangement can consider use of electric devices, but this method also and the most costly. The most practical is gas heating, however it is also rather expensive and is not always available. And the cheapest and simple option – independent production of the solid propellant boiler or device working at working off.

What to choose – to solve to the owner of garage who is guided by features of the specific room. No matter, what option will be chosen, anyway competent arrangement of heating guarantees that the warm garage will turn from discharge of fantasy into category of pleasant reality.

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