How many bar in cubic meter: ways of calculation and examples

How many bar in cubic meter: ways of calculation and examples

The bar is widespread construction material which is applied to construction of residential buildings, baths and various extensions. Its range is quite wide. At calculation it is necessary to calculate precisely how many bar in cubic meter as these data can be necessary at its acquisition and also for carrying out further calculations. There are several ways allowing to carry out calculation such.

How to calculate cubic meter and what it is necessary for

Most often in construction the materials made of wood are applied. In this case it is very important to know how to transfer the meters corresponding to piece length to cubic (or on the contrary). The cost of different products in the market can be specified in different measuring units. Quite often sellers establish the price for square meters therefore they need to be able to be defined too.

For the answer to question of how to calculate cubic meter, it is necessary to remember one important rule: this unit corresponds to the volume of material and is equal to the volume of cubic meter which extent of edge is 1 m.

There are normative documents approved by the state in which it is specified that wooden building materials have to possess the measured data (indicator of section and length). This rule allows to calculate without effort how many bar 150х150 in cubic meter and also quantity of beams of any other size.

In turn, the size of section is defined quite simply. To calculate this indicator, it is necessary to recede 100 mm from edge of bar or board and to measure width and height of product by means of ruler. Further, just it is necessary to multiply these parameters.

Useful information! For calculation of volume of 1 bar it will be required to take the previous value and to increase it by the extent (length) of wooden product.

After the above-stated calculations it is possible to count easily how many in cubic meter of bars. Such simple calculations allow to orient easily in the market value of wood products. And also it is much simpler to define necessary amount of material which will be required for construction of this or that design by this formula.

How many bar in cubic meter: features of calculation of different materials

In the market of construction materials it is possible to acquire set of kinds of wooden bars and boards. Generally they differ on the geometrical indicators, however you should not forget also about form. Let’s consider what products from wood are the most used in construction of owner-occupied dwellings and different extensions:

  • bar;
  • cut and not cut boards;
  • rabbeted board;
  • lining.

It should be noted that wooden bars and eaves board are the most widespread materials, demand for them maximum. To define how many bar 150 on 150 in cubic meter, it is possible to use one of three ways: online calculator, formula, table.

To make calculation of rabbeted board, it is necessary to use only indicators which have been measured without edges (grooves). Area parameter without ledges matches similar digit of already laid material.

In turn, the amount of lining can be measured in the meters corresponding to normal length. It is very convenient as does not demand transfer in other measuring units. The same concerns also OSB plates. Therefore way of determination of quantity of these products the simplest.

The most difficult is calculation of sawn timber which is called edging board. To calculate amount of this material in 1 cubic meter, it is recommended not to carry out independent calculation of width, and to look at arithmetic average value. Otherwise it will be quite difficult to define number of these products in cubic meter.

If necessary it is possible to use easier ways of calculation of this or that indicator of timber. For example, the special online calculators located on the profile websites enjoy wide popularity. And also it is possible to use one more method of calculation – tabular.

Calculation by means of the bar online calculator

By means of special calculators which can be found without effort in network calculation of quantity or volume of wooden bar is carried out. It is important to note that such program allows to carry out calculation both the glued, and pro-thinned-out kind of material.

The online calculator gives the chance to execute calculation of the bar necessary not only for construction of residential building, but also for bath or arbor. The main advantage of such method – the high speed of calculation. It is possible to define by such application how many it is required paints to paint bar surface, quantity and cost of dowels, heater, wreaths, etc.

Thus, the online calculator makes automatic calculation of the majority of the indicators necessary for construction. It is very important to choose correctly kind of sawn timber and to specify in the corresponding cells signed for convenience, exact data.

Pay attention! If the mistake has been made, the calculator will give the wrong final values that is fraught with shortcoming or, on the contrary, excessive consumption of wooden building materials. Therefore when filling cells it is necessary to be attentive.

Exact data which define kind of material can be learned, having studied the estimate on construction. When using the calculator of bar for construction of the house it is necessary to remember one more important rule: for determination of cubic meter it is required to know the extent of wooden product. It has to correspond to standard value which is specified in tables (for example, 3 or 6 m). It is noticeable that these parameters are rounded and are arithmetic average value of length.

Specialists recommend to make a start when choosing this indicator from length of walls of future construction.
Let’s consider what parameters will be required to calculate how many pieces of bar 150х150х6000 in cubic meter or its volume. First of all it will be required to measure the product width and also its height. Both of these indicators are calculated in millimeters. Further it is necessary to fill out the column which corresponds to the total length of walls. And the digit has to be specified taking into account internal partitions, it is obligatory in meters.

Then the cell in which it is necessary to enter height of walls (in meters) then the area of window and door openings is specified is filled. This indicator is calculated in square meters. It is necessary only to fill out the column testimonial of bar length in meters.

Calculation of quantity of bar in cubic meter: formula

Cubage of 1 board, as well as volume of cubic meter of wood decides on the help of similar formula. For descriptive reasons it is necessary to study step-by-step example which will allow to calculate necessary sizes of sawn timber independently. As it was already told above, for calculation it will be required to determine such parameters: extent indicator, width and depth of beam.

Not to get confused when calculating, specialists recommend to transfer millimetric values to meters. For example, to define how many bar 150х150 in cubic meter, it is necessary to replace the section size with more suitable digits (0.15х0.15). Respectively, the indicator of length remains untouched as it is already calculated in meters.

Further it will be required to use directly the formula allowing very simply and quickly and, above all, to independently calculate how many there will be 150х150 bars in cubic meter. Let’s consider this mathematical expression.

V = L x h x b, where:

  • L – board extent;
  • h – height indicator;
  • b – width indicator.

Thus, it turns out that it is necessary to increase length which is selected depending on specific features of construction (for example, 6 m), on width and height (0.15х0.15). As a result the ready formula (with the numbers substituted on the right places) will look as follows: V = 6 x 0.15 x 0.15. Digit 0.135 which is of one bar will become result of this mathematical expression. Further it is possible to define quantity of sawn timber in 1 cubic meter by this value.

Pay attention! It is important to remember that such formula is necessary for calculation of volume of one bar. But at the same time it is the first point in determination of quantity of wooden products in one cubic meter.

How many bar in cubic meter 150х150х6000: formula

In turn, to calculate quantity of bar 150х150х6000 in 1 cubic meter, it is necessary to separate 1 m ³ into value which has been received earlier, that is on the volume of 1 wooden product.

The mathematical formula will look as follows:

  • N (piece) = 1 m ³ / V

The formula with the substituted values in finished form in this case will be such:

  • 1 m ³ / 0.135 m ³ = 7 pieces.

Thus, the answer to question of that, how many pieces in cubic meter of bar 150,150, is number 7. Now it is necessary only to learn the price for 1 bar. For this purpose it will be required to increase the block volume determined by the first formula by the cost of 1 cubic meter of wood building material.

Therefore ready mathematical expression with the decision will look so:

  • 0.135 x 100 = 13.5

It turns out that the price for 1 bar which length is 6 m, – 13.5. To define cubage of board and quantity of the wood products which are contained in 1 cubic meter, not so difficult. The same mathematical calculation allows to learn how many pieces in cubic meter of bar 100х100. Specialists recommend to use formulas as they allow to execute the most exact calculations. It is connected with the fact that some tables contain the rounded values.

How many bar in cubic meter: ways of calculation and examples

How many bar in cubic meter (100 by 100 mm)

Similar calculations allow to define quantity of any timber which geometrical indicators can be measured (for example how many bar 100 on 100 in cubic meter). Extent of these wooden products can be any, however beams on 6 m are the most widespread. For calculation the same mathematical expression aimed at finding the volume of one piece is used.

If to substitute all necessary values, then the formula turns out such:

  • V = 6 x 0.10 x 0.10

As a result after multiplication of all values, we receive the answer to question of that how many in bar of 100х100 cubic meters, namely 0.06. This digit will be required for carrying out further calculations.

Further it is necessary, as well as at last calculation, it is simple to separate 1 cubic meter into the volume of one bar. The solution of this formula is number 16. Thus, the number of pieces of the wooden products of this type which are contained in 1 cubic meter is defined. At the end it is necessary only to carry out calculation of the price of sawn timber.

Calculation of timber by means of the table

The table is very fast way to define necessary quantity of bar in 1 cubic meter. She acts as crib in which already ready data obtained after carrying out the corresponding calculation are specified. Besides, from the table it is possible to take any the number, necessary for mathematical expression.

Table 1. Volume is 1 piece of bar in 1 cubic meter

Dimensions of bar, mm Length of bar, m Volume of 1 bar, m ³
150 on 20060,18
100 on 10060,06
50 on 15060,045
100 on 15060,09
50 on 10060,03
150 on 15060,135
100 on 20060,12
50 on 5060,015

It is also very important to know how many bar in cubic meter (6 meters). Tables of this kind very much. Let’s consider bars with the most widespread dimensions. This information is useful when calculating amount of material which will be required for construction of this or that construction.

Table 2. Amount of bars in 1 cubic meter

Dimensions of bar, mm Length of bar, m Volume of 1 bar, m ³
150 on 20065,5
100 on 100616
50 on 150622,2
100 on 150611
50 on 100633,3
150 on 15067
100 on 20068
50 on 50666,6

The above-stated tables provide data on timber which are the most widespread and used today. It is possible to find in the Internet without effort detailed information on this question. The full tables including everything the sizes are posted on the profile websites.

How many square meters in cubic meter of bar

As it was already told above, some producers implement timber in square meters. Sometimes calculations can be also conducted with use of such measuring unit. Anyway, before starting construction of the house or bath, it is necessary to learn to transfer cubic meters to quadrature.
Wooden bars can have different dimensions. Let’s consider as example calculation of quadrature of the beam having sizes 150х150х6000. First of all it is necessary to transfer millimeters to centimeters. It will help to find out how many in one cubic meter of square meters.

Useful information! After transformation of value of width, height and extent these indicators will correspond to digits 15, 15 and 600.

Further the bar thickness which is 15 cm will be required. It is necessary to separate constant indicator which designates length of one edge of cubic meter in centimeters (100) into this value. The mathematical expression allowing to define how many in cubic meter of meters, with the substituted values will look as follows:

  • 100 / 15 = 6.6

Thus, one cubic meter contains 6.6 sq.m of the bar having dimensions 150 on 150 on 6000. For calculation of cost of material just it will be required to increase the number of square meters by the price. For example, if for 1 m ² bar the seller requests 100 then the cost of 10 m ² will be 1000.

The overview of the prices for cubic meter of bar depending on material and dimensions

There is set of kinds of bar which are differentiated depending on material of production and the sizes. Coniferous timber enjoys wide popularity. Options of their processing can differ. Today most often it is possible to find classical coniferous bar of cut type 100 on 150 in sale.

It is important to know that the price is influenced by not only breed of tree and dimensions of product, but also its quality and also observance of specifications by production. It is influenced by age of tree, condition in which it grew, etc. Besides, in some regions cost on these or those breeds of trees above as depends on the prices of transportation.

Cut products from the same material 150х150 which have been made on specifications are implemented for smaller cost. Knowing about quantity of bar in cubic meter, it is possible to execute calculation of the total cost of material.

Today the most expensive are two types of beams: cedar of natural humidity 150 on 150 and the dry pro-thinned-out pine 140 on 185. Bars from dry pine can be bought in the construction market. Their cost is caused by oversize.

How much is the house from bar: overview of the prices

The final cost of construction of residential building from bar is influenced by several factors. First of all is the area of future dwelling and also the number of floors, type of basis (base) and feature of interior finish upon termination of construction.

The cost of the material necessary for the organization of walls and partitions can be different.

Today it is possible to get three main kinds of bar:

  • normal;
  • pro-thinned out;
  • glued.

Pay attention! Depending on form of section allocate square and rectangular kinds of these beams. For the organization of external walls it is accepted to use bar which has dimensions 150 on 150 or 150 by 200 mm.

How much is to build the house of bar normal? Such beams cost cheaper, than pro-thinned out, however have one essential shortcoming. Walls from this sawn timber demand obligatory external finishing. Such need is caused by formation of gaps in walls after material shrinkage. After finishing, as a rule, the cost of normal bar is equalized with the price of the pro-thinned-out sawn timber.

How much is the bar which is pro-thinned out? These products will be to the buyer more expensive. However this material has number of advantages. It does not take seat after mounting as it is equipped with the good system of grooves and edges which promotes dense joining of separate elements. In addition, walls from the pro-thinned-out bar do not need exterior finish because they have high coefficient of heat insulation and also presentable exterior.

Glued wood beams are the most expensive. It is connected with high quality of sawn timber and its technological effectiveness. The bar of this kind consists of several layers which are provided by dry-through wood. The walls executed from the pro-thinned-out beams do not take seat and are poorly subject to cracking that influences the term of operation of the house.

The price depends on the felling size and also on quantity of walls in inhabited construction.

What else to consider during the choosing and calculation of timber

There are some nuances to which it is worth paying attention before starting building material calculation. For example, not many people know about such parameter as technology length of product. This definition designates the actual length of bar or board most of which often exceeds average on 50-100 mm.

At sale of this or that sawn timber it is necessary to be guided by the standard length, component of 3, 4.5 or 6 m. There are also other, less widespread sizes. Thus, the seller has no right to add additional centimeters to traditional values. In general it is not so difficult, knowing necessary values, to define how many pieces of bar 150х150х6000 in cubic meter. The price of such products is calculated quite simply.

Useful information! Before acquisition of bar specialists recommend to measure its key parameters. It is connected with the fact that any real deviations different from the stated running meters can lead to serious mistake in calculations. Especially this rule is applicable in those situations when material volume quite big.

In addition to the key geometrical parameters, it is recommended to pay attention to sawn timber weight. It is important to remember that this indicator depends not only on dimensions, but also on such factors as density of wood and its humidity.

Anyway at material selection it is necessary to be attentive. During calculation it is desirable to check its accuracy several times. And it is unimportant what for these purposes is used method. If necessary it is always possible to ask for the help specialists who will carry out competent calculation not only bars, but also all materials necessary for construction of the house or bath.

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