How many board in cubic meter: how to make calculations

How many board in cubic meter: how to make calculations

Construction of owner-occupied dwelling, giving or any other construction demands drawing up the estimate. Specify amount of building materials and their cost in it. There are several methods allowing to carry out the corresponding calculations. The board is widespread material which is operated everywhere. To define how many board in cubic meter, it is necessary to get acquainted with options of calculation and nuances of this process.

How many board in cubic meter: kinds of timber and feature of their calculation

Boards which are used in construction of houses and other designs differ in several criteria. First of all material of which they are made is considered. Technical characteristics of product depend on breed of tree.

Depending on method of production these construction elements subdivide into types:

  • cut;
  • not cut.

The first of them treat the premium and have regular shape as all their edges give in to processing. In turn, not cut products are most often used for the organization of draft floorings, etc. The feature of such material is that its side edges are not processed, they contain bark and have the natural form. It simplifies production of edging board and influences its cost.

To answer question of how to count cubic meter of board, it is necessary to decide on what of materials will be used in the course of construction in the beginning. For example, the cubic capacity and cost of cut part are simpler to calculate as it has geometrically regular shape.

For not cut products there are constant values which are arithmetic averages numbers. The table of boards in cubic meter in this case not always approaches as it considers rounding even of cut timber.

Separately It is necessary to tell about construction materials for fine finish. Floorboards, lining, block house and products which imitate bar belong to this group. The special edges and grooves necessary for dense connection of separate elements among themselves enter design of these fair parts.

Useful information! When calculating fair sawn timber it is necessary to be guided only by dimensions of the main part of board. Thus, the amount of lock connections is not considered, for calculation only numerical values of the body of product undertake.

Irrespective of the fact which the kind of material is used, the uniform formula is applied to calculation of quantity of boards in cubic meter. Exception in this case are not cut products. Their calculation has the features because such parts have no all edges necessary for calculation.

Formula of volume of cubic meter: how many eaves board in 1 cubic meter

The cube is geometrical figure which consists of 6 equivalent edges. Each of them is square.

For scoping of this figure it is necessary to multiply among themselves 3 indicators:

  • length;
  • width;
  • height.

To find out how many boards in 1 cubic meter, it is necessary to multiply several values. As a result mathematical expression which looks as follows will turn out:

V = h x b x L, where:

  • h – height of cut product (m);
  • b – width of element (m);
  • L – extent of one part (m).

It is possible to determine the volume of 1 element by such formula. It is important to remember that when carrying out calculation it is necessary to transfer millimetric values of product to meters. For example, to define how many boards 25х150х6000 in cubic meter, will be required to transform numbers by means of multiplication them on 0.001.

Ready mathematical expression after such transformation will look as follows:

  • V = 0.025 x 0.15 x 6

As a result it turns out that the volume of one wooden part is equal 0.0225 cubic meters (m ³). Further it is necessary to calculate how many pieces of eaves board contain in 1 cubic meter. For this purpose there is simple formula. It means division of 1 cubic meter into the volume of 1 board which has been received by means of last mathematical expression.

Let’s consider calculation on example:

  • 1 m ³ / 0.0225 m ³ = 44.4

Thus, 1 cubic meter contains approximately (if to round) 44 boards. After that it is already possible to define independently amount of the material necessary for construction of specific design. And also at this stage it is possible to make the general estimate with the indication of the price of eaves board for cubic meter.

For calculation of cost of 1 eaves board mathematical expression which means multiplication of volume of 1 part by the price of cubic meter is used.

Let’s consider on example:

  • 0.0225 x 136 = 3.06

Calculation has shown that the cost of 1 product of cut version will be about 3. If the cost of 1 part is known, and it is necessary to calculate the price of cubic meter of board, it is necessary to do the return manipulation. In this situation it will be required to separate the price for 1 products (3.06) into its volume (0.0225).

Pay attention! Sometimes, especially upon purchase of small party of boards, there is confusion to signs after comma. In certain cases sellers of timber specially expose the cost calculated when rounding up to 3 numbers. However under the law such value is suitable only for big parties of boards. Upon purchase of several products it is recommended to carry out rounding to 0.000001 m ³.

When calculating quantity of board and cost of sawn timber for cubic meter it is desirable to consider unplanned losses which very often happen during construction. Therefore it is recommended to buy cut products with small stock (several pieces).

How many boards in cubic meter: calculation of not cut sawn timber

Calculation of cubic capacity of edging board has some nuances as its form is not correct. Such material has no rectangular cross section on all extent therefore it is used for the organization of shoddy constructions. The lower and upper surfaces of edging board shall be processed on all length. Otherwise this product is side part of log (croaker).

For finding of volume of not cut sawn timber in 1 cubic meter and also its quantities there are several methods. At once It should be noted what to define how many boards in one cubic meter, are quite difficult if it is about the irregular geometrical shapes. Therefore the initial numbers received when calculating not cut parts will represent approximate indicator.

Let’s consider what ways are used for calculation of cubic capacity and quantity of not cut timber:

  • package;
  • piece;
  • way of selections.

In the first case it will be required to load sawn timber into package which has to have regular shape. After bookmark it is necessary to measure the necessary indicators. Further the standard procedure of scoping with use of the values received at removal of measurements is made. Such method for the products which do not have accurate edges is most widespread. For example, by means of it it is possible to calculate cubic meters of board 25х150х6000 in cubic meter (not cut).

It should be noted that in mathematical expression of this kind the special coefficient (to width) which represents arithmetic average number is applied. Such option though is not fast, however it allows to answer question how to calculate cubic meter of board.

The piece method assumes use of the numbers corresponding to arithmetic averages to values of height and width of cut product. These sizes in meters are calculated.

To find arithmetic average number, it is necessary to execute measurement of board. The minimum width (in the bottleneck) and maximum is measured. Further both indicators develop and halved. After that the same manipulation with height is carried out. The numbers received during calculation need to be increased at each other and by product length.

Let’s consider how it looks in the form of mathematical expression:

  • (b max + b min) / 2 x (h max + h min) / 2 x L = V

Using such formula, it is possible to determine the volume of 1 not cut element and to answer question of how to calculate part cubic capacity. After obtaining this value it is possible to calculate also total quantity of boards in cubic meter. For such calculation it will be required to use the formula similar for cut part (the cubic meter is divided into product volume).

Useful information! Upon purchase of crude boards it is necessary to be attentive. Sellers have to use coefficient which influences reduction of total amount taking into account future shrinkage. For calculation of wet coniferous products 1 cubic meter is required to be increased by number 0.96. In turn, the coefficient for deciduous breeds makes 0.95.

The last way allowing to determine the volume of sawn timber and its quantity in 1 cubic meter – method of selections. It is used when calculating big consignments of wooden building materials. The essence of this method is that choose a little from the lump of boards. Then measurement of parts and calculation according to piece way is performed. The received numbers are multiplied by the total number of parts in party.

How many board in cubic meter: how to make calculations

How many boards in cubic meter 50х150х6000: calculation

As example it is possible to take not cut product with dimensions of 50 by 150 by 6000 mm. In the beginning we transfer millimeters to meters. Some people do not know how many millimeters in 1 meter. For transformation it is required to increase necessary number in mm by coefficient 0.001.

In finished form (with the substituted values) the formula will look as follows:

  • (0.155 + 0.145) / 2 x (0.055 + 0.045) / 2 x 6 = V

After addition and division on 2 we receive arithmetic average of width and height of not cut part.

Thus, the formula takes more clear, standard form:

  • 0.15 x 0.05 x 6 = 0.045

Calculation of which finding of volume of 1 board is result is so made. For determination of quantity of products in 1 cubic meter the same formula, as in case with cut analog is used.

If necessary it is possible to calculate the area of one board. Most often it is required when the producer specifies the price for square meter, but not for cubic meter. The formula of the area means multiplication of width of part by its length. It is important not to be mistaken and not to forget to transfer millimeters to meters in this case.

To determine the cost, the same formula, as in case with cut sawn timber is used. It is necessary just to increase the volume of 1 part by the size which corresponds to the total price of cubic meter. Calculation of cubic meters of board 50х150х6000 is so carried out.

Calculation of board by means of the online calculator

Perhaps, the easiest way (on an equal basis with the table of sawn timber) by determination of exact value of volume and quantity of wooden boards – the online calculator. It represents the program with the set algorithms which allow to calculate all necessary values of timber. Such method gives the chance to calculate not only eaves board, but also other kinds of these products.

Pay attention! To avoid mistake probability when calculating material on the online calculator, it is necessary to specify at once for what board measurement is used.

Process is made quite simply. In the beginning it is necessary to find the calculator on one of the profile websites, having used search line of the browser. Further it will be required to enter necessary indicators in the corresponding cells. The calculator of boards in cubic meter will make calculation independently.

This way enjoys popularity and allows to define quickly and precisely all necessary values of sawn timber. When using the calculator it is recommended to check filling accuracy several times. In case of mistake calculation will be executed incorrectly that is fraught with serious discrepancies in final digits.

How many boards in cubic meter: table (6 meters) and councils for its application

The last method allowing to define quantity and cubic capacity of wooden products is use of the special table. This way is very convenient as it does not demand carrying out long calculations. Everything that is necessary, – is simple to find the necessary value in the table, using basic data (width, height and length).

Quickly to find the correct answer to question how many boards in one cubic meter, the table approaches in the best way. However specialists point to one defect of this way: the numbers corresponding to cubic capacity or quantity are often rounded. Therefore if you need to execute the most exact calculation, it is recommended to conduct all calculations independently.

The volume of eaves board in cubic meter:

Dimensions of board, mmLength, mVolume are 1 piece, m ³
50 on 20060,06
30 on 10060,018
20 on 15060,018
30 on 15060,027
20 on 20060,024
30 on 20060,036
25 on 10060,015
40 on 10060,024
25 on 15060,0225
40 on 15060,036
25 on 20060,03
50 on 10060,03
40 on 20060,048
50 on 15060,045
20 on 10060,012

Besides, before search of the necessary value it is desirable to make sure of compliance of length of sawn timber. Tables can be different, containing information on cubic capacity of boards 3, 4 or 6 m long. Today wooden products which length is 6 meters are the most widespread. How many boards in one cubic meter? The table allowing to define quantity of sawn timber also uses the rounded values.

You should not forget that the board can be made of different breeds of tree. Therefore before use of the table it is recommended to be convinced that you have chosen necessary kind of sawn timber.

How many boards in 1 cubic meter: table (6 meters):

Dimensions of board, mmLength, m Number of pieces in 1 m ³
50 on 200616
30 on 100655
20 on 150655
30 on 150637
20 on 200641
30 on 200627
25 on 100667
40 on 100641
25 on 150644
40 on 150627
25 on 200633
50 on 100633
40 on 200620
50 on 150622
20 on 100683

The tabular method is good the fact that it does not demand carrying out calculations or independent filling of dimensional and other values of sawn timber for obtaining the answer. It is suitable for definition of cubic capacity and also allows to answer question of that, how many boards in cubic meter. The table is ideal for calculation of big parties of product.

The prices of eaves boards for cubic meter: 50х150х6000 and other versions

Today in the construction market it is possible to meet set of kinds of timber. All of them are differentiated not only on dimension, but also on breed of tree of which have been made. And also the cost of these products is influenced by production technique and their purpose. To learn about that, how much is cubic meter of board, it is necessary to get acquainted with all kinds of these parts.

The most popular in construction of owner-occupied dwellings, dachas and also other designs the classical eaves board is. It can be the 1st and 2nd grade. The first option is more expensive as possesses higher technical characteristics and durability.

Width and height of boards, as a rule, has no impact on their cost. It is connected with the fact that in cubic meter, irrespective of dimensions of wooden sawn timber, there will be identical quantity of parts. In the sense that you receive 44 eaves boards for the identical price 25х1500х6000 or 22 parts 50х150 having the same length.

Separately It is necessary to tell about the eaves boards executed according to specifications. Such boards differ in good qualitative characteristics and can be used at construction of different designs.

Not cut products cost cheaper as are less qualitative. Calculation of their cost is made with use of average values. However for construction they are not recommended. It is better to use better timber, for example, eaves board 40х150х6000 or similar products with other dimensions.

Upon purchase of wooden sawn timber it is necessary to pay attention to some moments. For example, the board shall be equal. The product curvature most often indicates that during its production the technology has been broken. Such parts are not used in construction as have no necessary quality.

How many does the cubic meter of board weigh? At acquisition of this building material it is necessary to consider its weight. So, for example, the eaves board made of dry fir-tree weighs 450 kg (1 cubic meter). 1 m ³ crude products has weight of 790 kg. The dry pine has the weight 470, and crude – 890 kg. This knowledge will be necessary when transporting products.

When choosing sawn timber and its calculation it is necessary to be attentive. The board should not have cracks, chips and other defects. Small cracks are allowed, however it is recommended to buy integral, qualitative product. And also it is necessary to pay attention to availability of knots. It is connected with the fact that they have negative effect on durability of wooden part. The choice of way of calculation depends on specific case. In case of need it is always possible to use services of specialists which will help to execute the correct calculation and to make the estimate.

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