How to choose tile for the bathroom

How to choose tile for the bathroom

Selection of tile for the bathroom is important step on the way to implementation of the project conceived by you. The durability and visual perception of the bathroom depends on this choice. Use of tile in the bathroom will be the best decision as it has a number of advantages in comparison with other finishing materials. Its main advantages are its practicality, durability, moisture-proofness, and good selection of design products.

What criteria it is important to consider when choosing tile

The quality of tile depends on technology of its production which is subdivided into three views.

Pressed. At this way of production the clay powdery structure is squeezed under pressure along with two parties. Thanks to this production technique the tile has low honeycomb and has the increased durability that allows to use it as floor covering.

Extruded. At this way clay weight is passed through extruder it stretches clay tape which is cut on tiles of the necessary size. Thanks to such way of production such tile exceeds pressed on variety of forms and trueness to size. The extrusion method is the most advanced way of production of tile for today.

Cast. The cast tile is made by pouring of clay mix in in advance prepared forms with the subsequent their drying. At such way of production of product turn out not ideal quality and can differ both by the size and on thickness. This type of tile is not suitable for laying in the bathroom as in heterogeneous structure of tile dirt and bacteria accumulate that complicates care of the bathroom.

Characteristics of tile

Characteristics of tile are specified on its packaging in the form of the table and badges registered in it. Let’s sort value of the main badges.

The palm against a dark background designates that the tile is intended for walls.

The snowflake is designation that the tile has resistance to low temperatures.

The foot against a dark background designates that this tile is intended for floor.

The flask means that the tile is not subject to influence of chemical means.

Letters AA are specified by degree of moisture resistance the closer the second letter is by the end of the alphabet the less tile is protected from moisture.

The rectangle with vertical arrows against a dark background is designation of thickness of product.

So, now it became clear that when choosing tile it is necessary to be guided not only its exterior, but also to its technical characteristics as pleasant copy can not correspond to them.

How to choose tile for the bathroom

Coloring and design

The ceramic tile is provided by set of serial and design collections with various drawings and color schemes for today. When choosing tile it is also worth considering that floor and wall tile have to be combined among themselves in order that one harmonious interior has turned out. It is necessary to consider some more recommendations.

If you have the small room, then you should not choose tile with the large drawing as all beauty of the large drawing reveals only in that case if to look at it from sufficient distance. To the room of the small area awaking much more successfully to look tile with the monophonic drawing or with the drawing of the small size. And if you have the big room that quite are able to afford to use the type-setting panel forming uniform complete picture, or tile with the big drawing

The choice of color of tile for the big and small room will differ. Let’s consider each option separately.

Selection of color of tile for the big room of the bathroom

The big room gives you great opportunities and allows to use any color and shade. In the large bathroom it is possible to use tile with any drawing and without it and also to use panel and mosaic of the big sizes.

Selection of color of tile for the small room of the bathroom

For the small room it is necessary to make choice for light tones. Thanks to light tons the room will look visually more. The set of similar light colors can become the main choice of color for you lime, blue, yellow, white, and. Also it will be useful to use mirrors and good lighting which considerably promote visual increase in space of the bathroom.

On question what tile should be chosen is not present and there cannot be definite answer the choice depends on your flavoring preferences and also, design and practical tasks. However to make right choice it is recommended not to neglect the above recommendations and at you it will turn out to create the unique interior.

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