How to make summer shower?

How to make summer shower?

City bustle tires and irritates. Many would like to move to quieter settlements or the suburb, but, alas, it is necessary to earn money worthy living. So it is necessary only to sigh and dream of modest lodge somewhere in the quiet, beauty spot. Allow why — to dream? Modest lodge in the beauty quiet spot — our native giving. Yes, not everyone “will pull” on the full-fledged mansion in which it is possible to live all the year round. However, we will think and why to us notorious “lodge in the village”?

“To enjoy the nature, silence and relative privacy (in comparison with apartment “ant hill”)” — it is sure, but many will a little muffledly answer. However life in pastoral conditions is good only in warm season — from late spring to early fall. In other time inhabitants “enjoy” roads on which it is possible to pass only on the tractor, problems with heating, unavailability of elementary things and other “lovely” features of rural life.

This picture is a little exaggerated, but we recognize honestly, not too. So, giving — option ideal. Not accidentally in the same West wealthy people have concept of “summer” lodge.

Summer shower — important component of comfort

The summer shower is very important for normal life at the dacha. It is clear, that it is about giving real, but not banal plot of land. We need “summer lodge” in which it is possible just to live — and it is good to live. Certainly, you should not try to solve all problems at one stroke and to try to repeat completely the level of comfort of the city apartment. However it is possible to make much, there would be desire.

Ready or self-made summer shower?

In network it is possible to meet the interesting options of country shower offered for sale. As a rule, it is rather solid, original constructions, but very much expensive. Still constructions at very modest price meet portable more often (and primitive), but they have other shortcoming — they are simply inconvenient in use.

Advertisers convince that to their model the only exit for you and to do something by the hands — in vain to spend forces, everything that can be done at the dacha — so is shish kebabs. Allow not to agree with it, even the sound construction will not demand from you special efforts. The most interesting that it will cost much cheaper similar purchased (at least — time in one and a half). There is one more plus in favor of “homemade products” — you draw the drawing (more precisely, you change “under yourself” some scheme from the Internet) then you think over construction to the last part. It is rather important, at everyone the habits and it is desirable “to enter” it in landscape of your site as much as possible.

The choice of the place for summer shower

The space for shower is chosen rather carefully. Ideally it has to be the place on the height — simpler to make normal drain, is rather close from the house that it was not necessary to splash on pools in case of bad weather, but also is not too close, otherwise water will harm the base of the building. There is a lot of such here wishes and if to trust some websites, all of them horror as are important. Actually you are just brought to need to buy or order shower from them, no more than that.

It is unclear? Let’s tell more simply, all these problems are easily solved and if properly to think, then even without special complications. The only serious wishes — choose the solar place (that water in tank heated up itself) and you take water aside from the house.

Optimum scheme of connection of shower

People are different, and, respectively, habits differ cardinally. Someone wishes normal construction with locker room and spacious shower cabin, someone considers locker room “excessive luxury”, etc. It is necessary to consider the number of family members, their dimensions and habits. In a word, think. We recommend not to be greedy and build the normal building in this case. Provide, your giving will become how cozier if after strained (and very dirty) day of work you are able to be washed up not hastily, saving water and being afraid to disorganize design to sharp movements, and really — “in high”.

Plan of works

Rather often more or less simple constructions are under construction nearly “by eye”. There are one-two writing-book sheets with the scheme of forthcoming “scope of work” and one more — with transfer of materials. It seems that it is quite enough, but believe, everything is much more difficult. The person is suited in such a way that simplest perceives evident information. It is possible to hold something in the head, but some parts inevitably will be lost., It seems, the trifle, but it means loss of time for “campaign” behind the forgotten tool or material, new calculations of structural strength, additional financial injections, etc.

Sit down and think properly. Not half-hour during football break, and really. Have thought? Again you sit down at the computer and see the thematic websites — whether you have considered everything, have forgotten nothing? It is desirable not to draw schemes by hand, and to unpack on the computer in several copies. In several: one constantly rushes with itself(himself) (it is useful for specification of information), one is lain at home on work table, and still by couple at the good friends enough understanding construction.

Design of shower cabin

As a rule, people begin to think of design on closing stages of construction or after it. It is perceived as something secondary what it is possible to pay not especially attention to. By the way, in vain. Design — not only coloring of construction or various “thingies”. It also the choice of the scheme taking into account surrounding landscape, materials. Agree, brick construction, clapboard or plastic demand different approach and will look absolutely on miscellaneous.

How to make summer shower?

Sizes shower

The marking by means of normal pegs and ropes is at first made. The sizes of future base match the sizes of framework or even exceed several it. The most widespread option of shower cabin — 1 m ² plus locker room several smaller sizes. Such digits can be met on the Internet. However it is absolutely clear that advisers were never engaged in construction and are “room” theorists.

Apparently, they proceed from the sizes of the normal bathroom where most of us and takes shower. However forget about the simple fact that to the average person it is a little rather small here — even taking into account that the movements of torso and hands do not limit wall. Just imagine box of 1 m ² in which you wash. To the teenager or the child still will descend, and here to the ordinary person it will not be comfortable. Small locker room — also not the most reasonable idea. We remind — here you hang up dirty and clean clothes. Do you really want again to be soiled and go to wash?

The “coziest” versions of country shower cabins begin from 1.2 x 1.2 m, and it is even better than 1.5 x 1.5 m.

Base for summer shower

The base — important part of any construction and it is necessary to treat it very seriously so from construction it is necessary to treat proposals of homebrew “experimenters” with some vigilance. For example, it is possible to meet various options of summer shower without the base and can seem that it is rather interesting idea. Kind of not so — shortcomings at method the weight and, first of all, excessive fragility of design or the high technology level not too actual for the ordinary person.

Concrete — here the most optimum material for the base. Strong, long-lasting, available and, the most important, not demanding high professionalism. Base thickness directly depends on material of which you will build summer shower, but anyway — not less than 10 cm. Certainly, it is extremely desirable to do the base reinforced.

It is desirable to lift the base by means of timbering. Thanks to this simple method dirty waters will merge much quicker. Before filling prepare the place for draining. For example, instead of future pipe to put the stick of suitable diameter wound by roofing material.

Floor in shower

Floor options much. It is possible to leave concrete bed, having just laid it rubber rug or normal wooden pallet from the nearest shop, the last option is simplest and economic, and it is possible to wall the special metal pallet for shower which is on sale in shops of plumbing fixtures.

It is desirable to separate locker room and directly shower cabin not only some partition (not necessarily standard door — will descend also curtain for shower), and more experienced specialists recommend not to be limited to powder and to raise floor in locker room. Flooring in locker room more often is done of tree, but also the normal piece of linoleum will descend.

Drain for shower

The drain for dirty water can be made as by means of pipes, and specially laid groove. Both options have the advantages and shortcomings. For example, it is slightly simpler to establish pipe, but it is more difficult to service in case of blockage.

Drain hole

The hole digs at distance not less than two meters of shower cabin, and 3-4 is better. Water will inevitably stand here that will negatively affect condition of the base. Needless to say, it digs far away from any building. Depth of hole is about two meters that for usually family it is quite enough. On bottom the layer of crushed stone or slag is filled, and walls become stronger the most normal old tires. As all know, given the green light at the minimum desire it is possible to find much.

There are also other options of removal of dirty water. For example, the strengthened grooves on which water goes for watering of some plants become. If you do not intend to use shower at the same time and for washing, harm from such water will not be.

Shower framework

The framework can be built from ordinary wood or metal. Both options have both advantages, and shortcomings. Let’s try to understand together.

Wood — rather inexpensive, eco-friendly and esthetic material. It is very simple to construct similar framework and the subsequent covering is possible. It is possible to carry the fact that even impregnation from decay will not give guarantee of durability of construction to minuses.

Metal is slightly more expensive, but also durability is much higher than it. Such framework has to maintain tank with water considerably of bigger weight. Rather decent cost belongs to minuses.

Rama can be brought together as on the earth, and directly on the base — depends on the design and presence of assistants at you. It fastens (wooden or iron — absolutely all the same) to armature in the base. For this purpose it is possible to drill openings, to thrust them after filling or to attach simply to armoring lattice before filling.

Materials for walls

It is possible to give scope of the imagination — be not limited only to usual wood. At your service plastic and polycarbonate, slate and professional leaf. It is possible even to pull some waterproof and opaque material.

Tank for water

It is possible to install tank both on framework, and on separate superstructure over it, about it, to you to solve. It is considered that for normal, comfortable the average person is required to wash about 40 l of water. Respectively, calculate tank volumes, equaling on the number of family members and their hygienic habits. Tanks for potential tank weight. First of all, it is plastic kegs of different volume, but here it is possible to connect imagination. The main thing for us — availability, convenience and low cost of material.

In spite of the fact that metal tanks heat up quicker, the weight of metal is rather noticeable. About aluminum it is also best of all not to think — to it quickly “will attach legs”. That water heated up quicker, over tank it is possible to build something like hotbed, and to paint the reservoir dark colors. “Hotbed” is constructed simply: the ordinary superstructure to framework fitted by film (it is desirable dark).

For creation of shower from bottom side of tank the normal crane to which the shower nozzle fastens crashes. Well and it is clear — do not forget about cover through which water will be filled in. If for any reason the option with hose does not suit you and will come carries buckets manually — in advance think of normal — stationary ladder.

Useful tips

The space near shower cabin will differ all the same in excess moisture. It can use to the advantage and to plant near hygrophilous plants. We mean not only something decorative, but also quite useful — the same cucumbers.

It is undesirable to leave slots, but some ventilation has to remain. “Greenhouse effect” will be created otherwise and indoors decay can be got. if you cautiously treat drafts — make shower cabin closed from them, but build similarity of window leaves for normal ventilation.

If have wanted to carry out lighting, you should not pull it directly in cabin. Even having bought “waterproof” bulbs and wires, some danger remains. Bring it to locker room or “window leaf” from the street better.

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