How to make the house energy efficient

How to make the house energy efficient

Pursuing the aim to make the house more energy efficient, it is possible to solve two most important problems:

  • as much as possible to save natural resources;
  • it is considerable to reduce financial costs on energy consumption.

Whether it be installation of solar panels, or the thought-over house lighting system, or the different ways directed to energy conservation they will allow to reduce financial expenses. Some measures for decrease in energy costs demand single investments without the need for ensuring control of their implementation. Others, on the contrary, do not demand monetary investments, but provide more attentive relation to some things. At the same time it is important to understand that the energy efficiency should not become end in itself, all measures have to be directed only to achievement of comfortable stay in the house. You should not be nervous if children forget to switch off the crane with water or light. No economy will be able to justify your loosened nerves and feeling sick. Even if you manage to do though any achievements in the direction of energy conservation, money and natural resources, it is already worthy praises.

So, we will consider some options of decrease in energy consumption of the house.

Heat insulation

Addition of new materials or reconstruction of the existing isolation of ceiling, walls, floor, roof, the cellar will allow to reduce loss of heat to 40%. Besides, good isolation will interfere with warming up of the house in hot summer days, guaranteeing favorable microclimate without air handling. Modern insulating materials are plain in mounting, are durable and do not demand special conditions of operation. Variety of the range allows to choose the most suitable materials for finishing of any surfaces from within or outside of the house.

Important role in maintenance of internal climate is played by carpets and rugs. At the expense of big dense floor carpet it is possible to keep heat, bedside rugs are element of decor and also are capable to bring thermal comfort in bedrooms and nurseries. Wall carpets are the additional isolating element between external and internal environment.


Ventilation plays important role in ensuring normal air exchange. Quality air favorably affects health and health of inhabitants of the house and promotes maintenance of designs, household appliances in the normal state. However excessive ventilation often is the reason of losses of heat, especially in winter time. It is necessary to establish adjustable valves on extraction and incoming valves (grids) in the house, to close for the winter air vents in the cellar, on the attic, in time to close furnace valve.


Old wooden or aluminum windows are the reason of heatlosses of the house. To considerably increase comfort of operation of windows and new window blocks are capable to exclude penetration of cold outside air.

Tinted glasses also help to keep comfortable temperature in the house. If it seems to you that the facade of the house loses from presence of tinted windows why not to establish low-emissivity glasses on back facade.

Modern windows ensure safety of all elements of the house even in extreme weather patterns, they are waterproof and perfectly keep internal air temperature.
Good outer doors are also effective board between internal and external space of the house.

Blinds at windows are capable to protect the house from overheating during summer heat. It is important that their use was not difficult. Timely opening of blinds will save from need of use of artificial lighting before dark. The natural daylight is most useful to the person, pets and houseplants therefore it is necessary to use possibility of daylight hours for 100%.

Light roofs and walls well reflect sunlight. If you live in the region where the warm and sunny weather prevails, then light tone of exterior finish will protect the house from overheating in hot months.

Residents of northern areas should choose for external design of the house dark tone as dark colors attract and well absorb sunshine.

How to make the house energy efficient

New household appliances

Desire of the person to save on purchases is not always justified. If time to change household appliances has approached, you do not hurry to get cheaper models. Perhaps, their design has become already outdated and is not energy efficient. At the same time, having made choice for modern energy saving dish washer, the vacuum cleaner, the refrigerator, etc. and having paid a little more, than for old model, the user has opportunity of significant economy further. The equipment of new generation quickly pays off due to economic energy consumption. For example:

  • Highly effective water heaters quickly heat water to the necessary temperature, all energy spent by them goes on water warming up, but not the equipment. Additional bonus of operation of such heaters is surprising ease of service.
  • Washing and dish washers with availability of the house-keeper functions effectively wash ware and at the same time can save water and the electric power.
  • Lamps with small consumption of energy and energy saving bulbs many times reduce costs of the electric power.
  • Installation of counters on water and heating allows to control expenses. New counters with automatic regulation of giving of heat care for comfortable temperature and exclude excessive cash expenditures.
  • Modern mixers of water with effective nozzles considerably reduce water consumption during acceptance of shower or manual washing of ware.
  • Programmed Split system also nights maintain the set temperature and air humidity during the day. It is not obligatory to install in each room expensive systems at all. Perhaps, at night for maintenance of cool microclimate it is enough to use the conditioner installed in corridor.

Of course, from the moment of purchase of new household appliances until its full payback there can pass the considerable period. Not at once owners of devices will be able to feel real economy of money, it is not so big. But over time all notice cut in expenditure as rates for energy carriers constantly grow and the less expense of the electric power, the reduction of expenditure is more noticeable.

Rational use of household appliances

Before connecting new household appliances it is necessary to study carefully the recommendations of the producer about its use. It will save from accidental damage of the device and will help to orient how to use the equipment most effectively.

Incomplete loading of the washing machine leads to irrational expenditure of water, the electric power and laundry detergents. Upon purchase of a car be guided by needs of family. If family small, then it should be taken into account small models not to delay with washing. And, on the contrary, the big unit that it easily coped with large volumes of work is necessary for big family.

Many models of refrigerators are equipped with energy saving function, do not forget to activate function. In long absence it is worth switching-off the refrigerator, it is not rational to store in it insignificant stock of products which always are in shop. In modern houses, as a rule, use two refrigerators, at the time of departure in issue it is reasonable to disconnect at least one of them if there is no opportunity to disconnect at once two.

You should not heat strongly all house, kitchen, the hall and the living room do not need special heat, and in the nursery and bedrooms it is possible to use additional temperature regulators and to hold doors closed.

In the conditions of such climate where summer short, but roast, is not obligatory to get the expensive systems of climate control. Quite sufficient can be installation of ceiling fans, rollet outside of windows which need to be closed in the afternoon and to open at night.

Economical heating

During the cold periods we spend a lot of money for heating. Unlike inhabitants of high-rise buildings, owners of owner-occupied dwellings have opportunity to save significantly on heating. There are several ways of increase in efficiency of the furnace:

  • To use modern model which burns less fuel is hotter burns and makes the minimum irritants.
  • Permanent competent care of the device is the key to its effective work: it is necessary to clean constantly filters, flue, to watch sealants.
  • To install the programmable thermostat which will be able to support the minimum mode when in the house there is nobody, but by the time of return of members of household to heat rooms to comfortable temperature. Programmable thermostats control climate and provide manual setup of parameters of temperature, changing it during the day, in the evening and even in the absence of owners.
  • Ventilation in the rooms intended for guests or which are seldom used it is possible to block and heat these rooms in the minimum mode.

If in the house the solid propellant or wood-fired furnace is operated, it is necessary to watch with special care draft in flue. The good draft promotes effective operation of the furnace, at the same time heat waste is excluded, together with smoke heat does not go broke.

Economic lighting

Economical lighting is not only transition to energy saving lamps. Initially thought over lighting system by means of different lamps promotes rational use of the electric power. The design of modern lamps provides ideal lighting with the minimum expenses.

Fluorescent lamps are recommended to be used in places where the fixed or long light is required. Frequent inclusion and switching off considerably reduces the term of their service.

It is reasonable to provide big dormer-windows if the mansard floor is used as premises. The more the area has flown down, the use of natural daylight is more rational.

Planting of trees

The trees growing from West side of the house will be able to save the house from overheating in summer months. Besides, in shadow of foliferous tree it is possible to put arbor or to put table with chairs for rest. In the winter the tree will lose foliage and will not interfere with passing of luminous flux. The distance from the rooftop to krone has to be sustained so that the leaves which are falling down in the fall did not fall on roof and did not provoke its aging.

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