Installation of window sill the hands

Installation of window sill the hands

Window sills became integral part of interior of any room for a long time. Except esthetic loading they undertake also rather large volume of functions: protect rooms from cold from the street, serve as analogs of shelves and even tables. Anyway window sills are the pronounced part of window turned into the room and therefore it is important what appearance this element has. If window sills has lost the attractiveness or has begun to collapse, it can easily be replaced with the hands with new. Also it will be useful to learn the range and specifics of mounting if repair on balcony with glazing is planned – installation of window sill is necessary and there.

Types of window sills

The range of window sills does not differ in variety, but it is always possible to choose optimal variant from the available types. Classification of designs is conducted on materials, and on this sign allocate window sills:

  • Plastic;
  • Wooden;
  • From MDF and chipboard;
  • From stone natural and artificial.

Plastic designs differ in the increased popularity in difference from other materials. Among advantages of material It should be noted:

  • Low cost;
  • Good heat-insulating indicators;
  • Water tightness;
  • Resistance to influence of sunshine;
  • Fire resistance;
  • Long life cycle;
  • Possibility of imitation of covering of any material;
  • High strength and rigidity of design.

Wooden window sills are first of all environmental friendliness. Such products give to rooms the special atmosphere of cosiness and comfort. If preference is given to tree, then it is desirable to pay special attention to wood grade. The pine and larch are considered as the most long-lasting, but valuable breeds differ in attractive texture: mahogany, oak, ash-tree, cherry, chestnut, maple. The increased humidity in the repaired room becomes the main restriction for installation of wooden window sill – there is danger that wood can crack and be deformed.

MDF and chipboards have appeared in the construction market not so long ago, but already have managed to show the competitive advantages. Such window sills:

  • Are strong;
  • Have good rigidity;
  • Are not deformed;
  • Moisture resistant;
  • Are not subject to influence of sunshine;
  • Are esthetic;
  • Are steady against damages.

The stone artificial or natural belongs to the most expensive solutions. Such window sills emphasize the status of the room, originality of registration of interior and financial wellbeing of the house. The natural stone is considered whimsical material as it is very difficult to pick up optimum color combinations and the drawing to room interior, especially if it is required to establish several designs in one room. Artificial analogs it is more convenient in use, have smaller cost, but are almost indistinguishable according to the drawing and decor from natural decisions.

Today plastic designs therefore features of their mounting are of paramount interest to those who are engaged in repair independently enjoy the greatest popularity.

Mounting of plastic window sills

“Plastic” is used usually in three cases:

  1. Replacement of similar window sill at window PVC;
  2. Installation of new design at wooden window;
  3. Finishing work on balcony after glazing.

In each case there are features and nuances.

It is the simplest to carry out works with PVC window, but also here it is recommended to work together – the speed of mounting and accuracy will be much higher. All operations are carried out in certain sequence which is recommended by the companies dealing with the matter professionally.

  1. We remove measurements. For this purpose it is necessary to find out distance from wall to frame, and, having brought window sill, most precisely to make marking on cloth.
  2. We cut off superfluous. Now it is necessary to saw off excess of cloth. It is the for this purpose best of all to use the electrofret saw with file on metal, that is with small cloves.
  3. Installation. We mount the prepared design in profile which is located in the bottom of window PVC.
  4. Alignment. By means of level we expose horizontal and by special support — we fix design. Frequency of support has to be such that the window sill did not cave in under loading.
  5. Foaming. Final fixing of cloth by means of foam is carried out in three steps. Connection of window sill with profile is at first closed – it will help to avoid inflow of cold from the street. Then cover with foam all basic elements to prevent their shaking. The last moment – closing of slots in position of joints with walls.
  6. Cosmetic works. After drying foam in visible places is cut off, and joints process sealant for color of window sill. It allows to give accuracy of design and to provide one more insulation layer.
Installation of window sill the hands

Mounting of plastic window sill to wooden window is conducted according to the similar scheme, but there are features. It is natural that works begin with measurements and to cutting window sill according to the taken measurements. Further nuances as the design of wooden windows does not mean availability of special profile for mounting begin. It means that at connection of elements between them the slot is formed.

It is possible to solve problem in two ways:

  1. To apply special metal clip-on earrings;
  2. To hammer under window sill bottom wooden wedges which width will allow to lift design before dense connection with window casement.

Further alignment by means of level, and foams follows. But as the cloth is densely fixed only below, in the course of expansion foam can lift constructional element. To avoid it, on window sill it is worth putting press. It is also possible to make struts with emphasis in upper part of window. Similar precautions will not allow design to be deformed. After drying of foam it is necessary to cut off its excesses and to put cloth surface in order.

For window sill on balcony the mounting instruction is a little another. It is caused by other width and length of cloth. Also on balcony it is almost unreal to fix window sill on polyurethane foam or glue as the area of connection of elements is very small.

Therefore works are conducted according to the following scheme:

  1. We choose cloth width. It has to be such to be on balcony was comfortable, and at the same time there would be opportunity to use design not only for esthetics.
  2. Fastening of cloth. Mounting is conducted on brackets which need to be established with frequency of 4-5 pieces at one meter of window sill, that is the distance between fastening elements in 0.20-0.25 meters is considered optimum. Fastening is conducted to the window PVC profile by means of self-tapping screws on metal. Availability washer press at such mounting is obligatory.
  3. Installation of window sill. The cloth on window PVC bottom by snapping in profile fastens, but all weight of design lays down on brackets.
  4. Additional fixture. It is carried out in window casement by means of screws with round head.
  5. Isolation. Becomes by means of foam and sealant.

Thus, the plastic window sill can be established practically to any room and to any window independently. Also similar operations can be performed also for wood structure.

Mounting of wooden window sill

The beginning of works means carrying out necessary measurements and adjustment of cloth under them. After that it is worth following such rules:

  1. Warming of wooden window sill. It becomes by upholstery of the lower part of cloth felt or other similar material. From above heater nestles lath.
  2. The lower part of slopes as much as possible is removed. Then the surface is cleaned from garbage and dirt. It is possible even to ground to avoid excessive dust generation and to increase adhesion of wall.
  3. Preliminary mounting is necessary for alignment of horizontal. The window sill for this purpose keeps within on wedges, and their situation is fixed plaster.
  4. The cloth by means of lime plastering which is stacked above wedges on 10-15 cm fastens. The window sill is placed over solution and pressed into wedges. Excess of mix is removed.
  5. All roughnesses mask plaster including slopes which put in order at the time of installation at once.
  6. Slots close acrylic sealant.

If desired the wooden cloth can be processed the special structures protecting window sill from moisture. It will help to increase design life cycle.

Alternative decisions

As the window sill is important part of interior, it is necessary to use it “intelligently”. Small transformation of design will allow to increase functionality of this element. The window sill can become:

  • Table, including folding. That is the board is used as the workplace suitable for meal or occupations. If desired at the edges it is possible to mount shelves for storage of small things.
  • Cabinet. Usually for this purpose use part of window sill, turning the site at slopes into full-fledged racks with doors.
  • Winter garden. Level arrangement plant from floor to window, additional lighting and the place for cozy rest – everything that is necessary for implementation of this idea.
  • Children’s corner. All the time is not enough for kids the space for toys. Having separated the child’s “treasury” blind, it is possible to make one more game zone.

There would be desire, and it is possible to think up and realize the idea rather easily. Especially, so far as concerns such just mounted thing as window sill.

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