It is qualitative to lay floor tile

It is qualitative to lay floor tile

Qualitatively and for nothing it is possible to lay floor tile only most

The person having patience and who has got used to accuracy quite will be able to lay floor tile most. It is not such complex work, but it is necessary to consider that it is first of all physically hard work interfaced to raising of weights, to drafts and large amount of the fine dust soaring in air. On it if your health does not allow to perform this work, then it is better to employ specialists. If you have decided to perform this work independently, but you have predisposition to allergic diseases, use gloves and respirator.

What tile to choose on floor

If at you the warm apartment and valves on batteries even in the winter you keep in half-open state, warming of floor to you to anything. Heat-insulated floors are relevant for those rooms where there is not enough sun or those which are located on the 1st floors, and under them there are not heated cold cellars.

The tile on floor needs to be chosen, proceeding from following reasons:

  • the tile of the average and small sizes is suitable for the small areas more;
  • for large rooms it is possible to choose any tile, including with the drawing;
  • on black and very dark tile dust is strongly visible;
  • light looks perfectly, but if to choose such, then it is necessary to think what finish you will close up seams; the light finish quickly enough loses exterior;
  • large to stack more guarantee quicker that you will be able to lay it exactly, but it is heavier and physical efforts when laying heavy tiles it is required more;
  • choose material by the financial opportunities.

If you are going to stack tile, then it is possible to get more expensive models due to economy. Today the choice is big and seductive.
As a rule, in shop services in calculation of amount of material necessary for you are free of charge provided, will offer glue and finish at once. Further glue can and be bought in addition any other for tiled works, and here it is better to take tile a little with stock. It is necessary to provide possibility that when cutting tile you will break it, and the following set of the same article in the same shop can have several other shade. Therefore get several excess tiles. The same with finish, buy in one place, especially if you are going to receive shade necessary to you by mixing grout of different colors.

That it is required to us

Surely check on delivery tile. If it is not too convenient to you to detain loaders, at least tear each packaging and check suspicious packages. So, in addition to the tile, it is required to us:

  • primer for internal works;
  • dry tiled glue for internal works; choose the mixes stiffening not too quickly;
  • finish necessary flowers;
  • nozzle on drill for glue mixing;
  • two average stopping knifes normal and 1 toothed;
  • small rubber palette;
  • rubber hammer; buying such hammer, be guided by convenience of its use: take in hands, knock on something;
  • get plastic crosses according to the recommendation of the seller, he will explain in what the difference of some from others and will help to decide on their quantity;
  • it is better to take capacity for glue high, but not too narrow, usually use plastic or metal buckets, it is possible to take basin with high boards;
  • scales for mix weighing;
  • measured capacity for water;
  • bucket with water and couple of soft rags;
  • ruler, soft pencil or marker;
  • glass-cutter;
  • big nippers;
  • grinding bar;
  • two levels: big and small;
  • manual tile cutter.

Tile cutter and cutting of tile

Tile cutter to be necessary for cutting of tile. Even if you have floorage under tile small, will tell about 12 sq.m, buy new inexpensive tile cutter with guarantee of the producer. To buy expensive tool there is no sense if you are not engaged in professional laying of tile, and you should not borrow from someone. First, you can break it, it is necessary to buy in exchange new and to return; and secondly they are so quickly in a stupor that lent at someone to turn your work into even more labor-intensive process.

Organize workplace where you will cut tile. It is possible to use small stool and small stool. Put stool at wall which in the subsequent is subject to repair. Keep in mind that the wall will suffer therefore choose the place where it is possible to spoil it. On stool is established tile cutter. It is possible to cut, of course, tile and on floor, but it is very inconvenient. Also take care of working light, you should cut tile on the planned line and it has to be well visible.

Cutting of tile – process responsible, but not such heavy, difficulties arise when cutting thin strips and performing bends and round openings.

Absolutely small pieces from long strips can be cut and the glass-cutter, it is even more convenient. The instruction where it is written how to use it is attached to tile cutter. Models differ from each other a little, but the principle of their action is identical. Perhaps, it is better for you to make the first training machine cuts, using some old tile. Before, that how to begin to use tile cutter, be convinced that the cutting castor is well fixed. Perhaps, it is required to drip a little lubricating oil on it and the directing frame (you watch the instruction). Put cut edge with soft pencil, and it is better marker and put tile on the basis of the tool so that the cut edge has appeared under the cutting castor. Raise handle of the tool and provide contact of castor with tile. Move castor of tile cutter from yourself, slightly bigger effort needs to be applied at the very end of cut edge which has to separate tile into two half. Edges of the machine cut need to be polished.

Bends if it is required to adjust tile to different round ledges, it is possible to execute them by means of special nippers. It is necessary to bite off tile on the line planned by marker from edges to the center.
Take surface, without reaching the line, try to bite off tile gradually, otherwise you risk to receive bigger bend, than it is required or to spoil tile in general. Edges need to be polished well.

Round openings carry out by means of special nozzles on drill and drill on tile of 6-mm in size. In the course of performance the tile will heat up, it is impossible to bring temperature to critical level, for this purpose it is necessary to dip periodically processed tile into water. It is necessary to carry out opening without effort application, the drill has to enter freely.

Surface preparation

Prior to works it is necessary to prepare floor surface, for this purpose remove old floor covering to plate. Put away all garbage from floor and carefully collect dust, it is possible to wash plate water with rag. Further it is necessary to apply primer which will connect all residues of dust and will provide good coupling of solution with surface. On packaging of primer drying time therefore you do not hurry is specified and do everything, observing the recommendations of producers of materials.

It is necessary to begin laying of tile with the most visible sites, but from wall or from corner. Besides, it is necessary to define where you have the highest place, from there and to begin works.

If in floor there are considerable deepenings, then they should be closed up before performance of the main works as tiled glue. Surely upon purchase of mixes study recommendations about use and buy mixes which suit you. The difference between brands consists in time of hardening of ready solution and in thickness of the put layer.

It is qualitative to lay floor tile

Laying of tile

Knead glue in small amount, expect to use mix before the hardening specified on packaging of time, observe the recommended proportions and way of batch. Nozzle on drill it is not obligatory to clean every time, it is possible to lower it in bucket with water, so glue on it will not harden.

Take the palette and apply glue on reverse side of tile, having distributed it on all surface, put with the toothed palette strips on all area of tile and lay tile on the prepared surface, leveling it hands by pressing method. The following tile needs to be stacked nearby, i.e. it is necessary to carry out row. You have to have access to tile because it is possible it it will be necessary to correct a little.

Between tiles we stack crosses on corners and on all parties. On corners we put crosses flatwise, and on the parties we put them vertically.

When you have laid already 2 tiles, they need to be leveled the help of levels and rubber hammer. It is also possible to use soft rags, with them it is convenient to press on tile, and there where levels need to be corrected only slightly, enclose rag under the hammer. Try to obtain ideally horizontal surface, do not allow the sticking-out corners! If corners stick out, their chip at operation is inevitable. Having leveled one tile by means of small level, constantly check condition of all row long level. Ranks have to be equal both in length and width. Not seldom the line can depart from wall therefore along wall you should stack later narrow edges. When all this is closed by plinth, the roughness of wall will not be noticeable.

Put away excess solution back in bucket, do not leave glue in seams, it will be difficult to be removed the stiffened look therefore remove at once. The tile needs to be cleaned from solution at once while it has not stiffened on its surface.

In some apartments happens that the floor height of the connected rooms (for example, 2 corridors) differs a little, it is not obligatory to straighten the level of both rooms at all, in door opening it is possible to make doorstep at a small angle. It will need to be made right at the end. If lines leave a little aside and are not combined in two rooms, then spreading doorstep, it is not necessary to try to support the line, on the contrary, lay out pieces, being guided by door opening. I.e. from the middle to edges: in the center piece on all length, at the edges pieces not of full length.


To go on tile and furthermore it is possible to carry out finish only after full hardening of glue, crosses also have to be between tiles before full drying. Besides, it is necessary to check several times the horizon while glue is pliable, the situation can be corrected.
Before finish it is necessary to take out all crosses and to remove solution from slots where it can affect quality of the rubbed clean seams.
If you mix several different flowers, then the batch needs to be done so that it was enough for all seams, differently there is risk of discrepancy of color. It is necessary to carry out finish the small rubber palette, at first filling seam, and then leveling it and removing superfluous roundish corner. Keep in mind that the hardened finish will decrease in volume a little. It is desirable that seams were lower than the level of tile only a little, otherwise then dirt will be hammered into intertiled seams. If you did not manage to reach from the first the necessary level of filling, seams can be added, previously having applied on them primer.

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