Laying of laminate on diagonal

Laying of laminate on diagonal

When planning repair there is always a wish to achieve ideal result from use of the most modern materials. Laminate, thanks to the consumer qualities became quickly popular and most of users are satisfied that have chosen, in due time, this floor covering. The same who only plans replacement of floor, wants to apply laminate of inexpensive class, but does not know how to avoid a little bored interior registration, it is possible to recommend diagonal method of laying of laminate. Laying on diagonal is more difficult, than traditional, but is quite feasible.

Diagonally the laid material visually increases space and gives it special style. How to choose good laminate from inexpensive series how to calculate requirement and how to lay it on diagonal we will understand this article.

We choose laminate

Unconditional advantage of the laminated floor covering is richness of the choice of the invoice and coloring. The laminated floor can imitate any natural materials, including all breeds of trees. At the same time it is most practical more cheap materials and some more expensive.

Constructional material represents himself multilayer sheets which thickness can vary in the range from 7 to 12 mm, length – from 1260 to 1845 mm, width – from 90 to 195 mm.

When choosing laminate it is worth being guided by the following criteria:

  • Price categories of this material the most different, cost can depend even on brand therefore think how many you are ready to spend for purchase, having oriented in quantitative requirement. You will find laminate of similar characteristics in each price range. Whether it is worth overpaying for the brand? It is better not to consider the cheapest grades after all.
  • Thickness of laminate board is important indicator of stability of behavior of material: the she is more fat, the steadier against loadings and floor will be warmer. Excellent characteristics on heat insulation, sound insulation and sound absorption the covering which design has provided polyethylene substrate has. Such floor when walking remains almost noise-free and interferes with penetration of external noise into the room.
  • The class of product is chosen proceeding from that, the room will be used how actively. For example, kitchen and corridor – the most intensively used rooms, the bedroom – less. Specialists warn that strength classes of different brands differ among themselves therefore it is necessary to study information on specifically chosen model. The class is higher, the material is more expensive. The highest classes are appropriated to laminate, intended for offices. So-called office laminate is most popular with consumers, but think whether huge margin of safety is necessary to you?
  • Moisture resistance of laminate – the indicator significantly influencing its cost. If in the house there are small children, pets, then this indicator needs to be considered. At accurate use, any laminate behaves well.
  • Castle or glue? Castle laminate is more convenient in assembly, is most practical since it is possible to repair, dismantle it all covering and again to collect, but it is more expensive. Glue laminate is not too convenient in mounting, but it is cheaper and the glue layer is peculiar protection against moisture penetration in connection.
  • Color and impressive registration of floor plays important role in interior therefore it is necessary to make idea of the end result of repair. Color of laminate board has to be pleasant, but it is more important that it harmoniously looked, generally, in relation to walls, ceiling, furniture.

All finishing materials can be separated into basic models: dark tones and light tones. For axiom it is accepted that dark color is classics, style. However practice proves identical demand of floor coverings of light and dark tones. For small rooms specialists advise for finishing of floor and ceiling to use light, even ordinary-looking tone as the effect of lack of borders is created. Light floors it is simpler in leaving, on them dust and mechanical damages is not so noticeable.

Dark floor, of course, perfectly looks in refined interior, for example, in combination with furniture in the Italian style. He is most effective in big rooms, but demands more careful leaving and seldom is suitable for small apartments.

If to argue on the invoice, then today on sale of model, the imitating expensive natural parquet, wooden board under oak, ash-tree, maple, cherry, birch, under tile, under skin, there are also absolutely unimaginable impressive registrations for rooms in vintage style.

How to calculate requirement of material?

At traditional method of laying to calculate requirement of laminate it is very simple: the total area of the room undertakes and is divided into the area of one laminate board. The sum is rounded up and some stock on material damage case is provided.

When laying laminate on diagonal at an angle in 450, requirement is calculated also, only to the area it is necessary to add 15%.

Laying of laminate on diagonal

What will be required for work?

Except the most laminate board and substrate, it will be required to us:

  • hacksaw;
  • fret saw or electrofret saw;
  • stationery knife;
  • tape measure;
  • joiner’s square;
  • soft pencil or marker;
  • rubber hammer or wooden mall;
  • adhesive tape;
  • wooden bars 1 cm thick for fixing of covering on perimeter – 12 – 16 pieces;
  • steady stool or vice for fixing of boards during their sawing.

Laminate laying

Laminate is laid on ideally leveled floor, it can be concrete slab or bulk floor. Floor is previously cleaned from dust and dirt and covered with primer layer. Before laminate the basis needs to be laid substrate, it is got, usually, in the same shop where buy laminate.

The substrate for laminate provides neutralization of shock noise and heat insulation. The most popular with buyers is the polyethylene foam substrate. It is moisture resistant, it is not subject to any diseases, damage by wreckers, is simple in mounting and costs not much. Stack substrate with small blousing on walls (2 cm), the strips or plates laid end-to-end fix by normal or painting adhesive tape. Laying of laminate should be begun with far corner of the room, from window as light falling from window will obviously not give seams as if to stack laminate boards upside-down.

At diagonal laying it is not necessary to hurry and try to use laminate board quicker. It needs to be sawn rationally that there were no too small pieces which will not be useful then anywhere. Do not forget that in the room 4 corners, and it will be necessary to adjust covering to each of them. So pieces which are doubtful for using in one corner can be suitable for other corner, just postpone them until term away.

The laminate covering has to have expansion seam, for this purpose on all perimeter it is necessary to leave gap between covering and wall in 1 cm. The first small corner is put taking into account gap at once, in the subsequent apply wooden bars or the remains of laminate board to observance of gap.

The measurement of boards is made on the square on 450, it is also possible to make template of any suitable cardboard and to use it. Each row will have the trapezoid form, the top side of such trapeze will be always equal to bottom side of trapeze of upper row. Several first rows will be very short therefore integral, consisting of one board. The ranks consisting of several components (boards) hook with previous temporarily, previously having sawn off from extreme left floor board the necessary size at an angle. Temporary coupling is necessary more precisely to measure the right wedge. Having made this missing element, all row needs to be brought out of gearing and to add it to full length. Now it is possible to latch thoroughly and, if necessary, to provide with mall dense connection down among, slightly forcing down boards. Snapping is made, having brought row groove to connection of previous and having raised the opposite edge. After ranks are connected, we lower the mounted row before click. It is inconvenient to one to fasten long lines, it is necessary to do it together. In such work there is nothing difficult and heavy therefore it is possible to attract the son or the teenager’s daughter to the help. Skills in mounting are developed quickly, and you will adapt to snapping performance, the panel can be shaken slightly in the course of coupling. If there is no opportunity to involve the assistant, then it is possible to use small load. It is necessary to latch at first one edge of row and to press down it load that the lock was not opened when you connect the opposite edge. Such tactics is applied until, yet do not reach the following (left) corner.

After row overtakes the following corner, it is necessary to change the direction of the line of cut of the left corner of board and to continue, for the rest, the same.
In this way we change the direction when we reach one (right) corner.

It is not necessary to be upset if edges of cloth have turned out not absolutely equal, they will be closed on all perimeter by floor plinth. It is better to get plinth with soft (rubber) edges, it most densely adjoins to surfaces.

In door openings and in laminate position of joints with other material, for example, with tile, use metal powders. They are different coloring, lengths, are step.
In places of passing of heating pipes, it is necessary to cut the fret saw oval entrances, afterwards they can be closed special plastic stubs.

Than it is better to saw?

It is better to saw and stack laminate together, previously having agreed, to control each other. All calculations need to be written down and if you do not remember precisely how many you have measured and have forgotten to note, then will better try on once again. Having measured by tape measure necessary sizes, on floor board pencil or marker it is necessary to plan lines has spent on drink.

It is the best of all to saw laminate boards the electrofret saw completed with nozzle for woodworks. The board is stacked facedown and sawn on the planned line. To prevent chips on board surface, the electrofret saw has to work at the raised turns, do not allow strong pressing, the movement of the tool has to be smooth and uniform. The line needs to be sawn till the end.

Grinder too well copes with sawing of the laminate. At the same time it is necessary to use disk on metal. The hacksaw will always help out if there are no other tools. For laminate it is necessary to take cloth with small teeths.

That the formed sawdust did not close the line of cut, it is necessary to think over as you will delete them. It is simple to blow off hard and dangerously therefore it is necessary to use the vacuum cleaner or some vacuum adaptation.

Care of laminate

Laminate does not demand for itself special leaving, it needs to be wiped with wet rag as it needs moistening. It is impossible to allow the passage on such surface of liquids. If it has occurred, then it is necessary to wipe and leave soft dry rag in the place of the passage at once dry. It is better to press rag to floor something, it will gradually extend the moisture which has got to slots. Sometimes laminate swells up if in it significant amount of water has got. It is not necessary to take any actions, except applying of fabric or soft tissues, gradually the surface will accept initial flatness.

Scratches and chips can be closed up special mastic, it is on sale in good selection and to pick up the necessary shade will not make big work.

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