Laying of tile

Laying of tile

Creation of house interior – occupation for people patient, professional and creative. Papering, covering tree or facing by tile, photowall-paper or coloring – options weight, is also wide also fork of the prices of materials. Without special skills it is difficult to perform finishing work, but there is no best teacher, than practice.

As a last resort it is possible to employ workers and to control their activity, and after – to take over work and to pay. When everything is made with own hands, the interior gains special charm and new value. Brush dab, the movement of the palette or drop of paste will be impregnated with personal contribution to housing improvement, warmed with warmth of the creator, that is host.

Facing by tile

Fans of ease and people, inclined to frequent change of environment, prefer wall-paper, admirers of purity and smoothness – paint, judges of coldness and practicality – tile. Some morbidity of ceramic tile can be compensated warmth of wooden plates from which covering is not so universal, but is unique beautifully.

Starting facing by tile, it is necessary to make sure available the necessary tools and to calculate amount of material. The simple formula (the area of facing needs to be separated into the area of one tile) yields result which is complemented with 10% of material. It is secure on case of dyeing of edges, emergence of cracks, mistakes when cutting.

When the purchased tile costs in the room accurate piles, and in small suitcase the hammer, pincers, plumb, nails, level, cord, trowel and capacity for solution are assembled, it is possible to start preparation of walls. After removal of old plaster new plus 1 cm thick tile thickness is imposed. Moistening of tile and surface of walls improves quality of laying, at the same time material should be struck to influence of moisture one day before performance of work, and working surface of walls – in several hours and just before facing.

The recommended proportion for mixing of mortar – 1:4 (ratio of cement and sand). It is necessary to add water and by means of trowel to achieve homogeneous mass. The mix applied on wall and grabbed will form base for laying of tile.

Directly during performance of work it is important to achieve ideal horizontal and vertical alignment. The general rule is the movement from below up, that is by the principle of superstructure of tile row behind row. The first row – fundamental: that it has turned out ideal, between two tiles laid in different corners pull cord. On it there is also alignment.

The accurate vertical of ranks is observed if not to forget about plumb – one of the major balance tools in construction. When putting solution on tile it is impossible to pass sites that fastening to base (on wall) was strong, and the dried solution did not crumble from under tiles. The quality of coupling of tile and wall defines quality of laying in general.

Laying of tile

Cutting of tile

Masters know secrets of fast cutting of tile without prejudice to its beauty and without excess expenses. Why it is necessary to cut off it? Even at the correct calculation of material for facing seldom it turns out to use tile of the natural size to issue difficult sites of wall. These are sockets, boxes and cabinets which hide pipes of communications.

Correctly laid tile creates feeling of integrity of space. After laying there should not be free sites, edges of plates have to be equal that at entrance to toilet, the bathroom or kitchen there was no unpleasant feeling of unfinished repair. In these rooms the tile best of all shows the advantages, for example resistance to the increased humidity.

Inaccurate cutting of plates leads to additional expenses of material, and the master does not keep within the estimate. Cutting will take place not so tensely if previously to wet material. Half an hour in water, and material becomes pliable to aggressive influence of cutting tools. Selection of the tool for cutting depends on plate thickness.

If it is thin wall ceramics, it is possible to use the glass-cutter, will be suitable for more dense floor tile tile cutter. The operation principle consists in drawing the flat line thanks to diamond roller then sharp and direct shot of the hammer the tile breaks up accurately on the line.

The cut on tile can be only one: correction of inaccuracy is inadmissible as as a result it is possible to expect only set of splinters of improper form. Local destruction of external covering of tile thickness in share of millimeter leads to weakening of its structure. At break there are no splinters and chipped edges.

It is necessary to complete cutting process by grinding: edges will not be sharp, and tiles will become safe for further work. The care of the master and sleight of hand will help to avoid falling of tiles: the ceramics differs in fragility, despite the weight and visually perceived density.

Ceramic tile – the embodiment of reliability and durability of house finishing. The fundamental nature is combined with the wide range of coloring and the sizes. The complexity of work is compensated by result in the form of accurate waterproof walls: without untidy cement drops and stains which any master respecting himself will not leave.

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