Metal ladder with wooden finishing

Metal ladder with wooden finishing

Connection in one product of metal and tree is not novelty or any opening. These two materials perfectly supplement each other, and people have learned to combine fortress one and operational attractiveness of another long ago. Designers as though automatically made use of the experience acquired many decades, have not understood yet that this alliance is not accidental at all. Has so appeared and became successfully to develop the idea of purposeful association of metal and tree consisting in ability of these materials to emphasize features of each other. This trend was helper of promoting of metal ladders, logical completeness which are given elements from tree.

In what secret of popularity of metal ladders in modern interior?

The interfloor ladder which is interlink in the house in addition to the main constructive function, possesses also role of expressive accent of stylistic orientation of space registration. In modern interior of country house the ladder design is the central object which is permanently drawing attention of guests and causing pride of hosts.
Always easily the metal ladder gets key role thanks to its variability and possibility of production of the model which is most fitting into the interior conceived by the author of the project of interior decor.

Supporters of metal ladders can be made of bronze, cast iron, aluminum, of carbon or high-alloy stainless steel. Structural steel is the most advantageous material at production of ladder from metal as such design is capable to remain functional almost eternally and to keep all the initial utilization properties.
Ladders on metal framework are easy in assembly, have high strength, rigidity and stability. They are not expensive in comparison with models from other materials, for example, which are completely consisting of wooden elements.

The high technological effectiveness of metal promotes creation of the reliable facilitated standard designs and exclusive top models differing in eccentricity of execution of elements and multicomplexity of form. The latest methods allow to create not only intricate designs, but also to allocate them with respectability and ability to decorate interior. Metal ladders can be decorated practically by any finishing materials: ceramic tile, porcelain tile, metal, tempered glass, wooden glued boards, natural stone and natural wood.

Big advantage of frame metal ladders also that it is easy to restore, modernize them. When carrying out in the house of major repair, if desired such design can be changed completely, having changed finishing.

Kinds of ladders on metal frameworks

Classification of all ladders comes from metal on design belonging to mid-flight or screw type. Mid-flight, depending on type of supporters, can be executed on stringers, ropes, bolets or steel bowstrings.

Models on steel stringers (supporting girders) are very universal and can be established in rooms of any type. In the presence of sufficient space and lack of restrictions on design, it is recommended to establish mid-flight saddle stairs. Such model is suitable for classical interiors of rooms and will satisfy tastes of admirers of respectability and adherents of traditional design positions. Availability of the fundamental, obviously surveyed support, creates feeling of thoroughness, reliability. The visual effect reflects the valid state of affairs. The metal framework, depending on finishing type, can be hidden, and the model will be perceived as completely wooden, concrete, etc.

Modular ladders in the basis have one central steel stringer consisting of modules which fasten to each other. Models of this kind differ in ease of mounting and big variety of forms. Spiral and circular staircases can be located in different places of the room, choose them at registration of interior in modernist style and techno.

The design on bolets can be mounted near wall and to look air, creating effect of zero gravity due to lack of stair risers. Steps of such model fasten to wall, and on the other hand are pulled together by means of special steel rods which are called bolets.

Ladders on steel bowstrings differs from design on stringers in the fact that install on stringers of step from above and steps can hang over beams, steps of ladders on bowstrings always have between beams and are fixed to them. The model looks as direct inclined profile as end faces of steps are the hidden bowstrings.

The type of load-carrying structure defines product belonging to this or that look, in addition metal ladders can be distinguished also on other indicators:

  • to configuration;
  • functionality;
  • to material of steps.

The existing standards have set restrictions on quantity of degrees for one march, their quantity should not exceed eighteen, on tilt angle, height and width of steps. The width of stair gets out of reasons of availability of the area, convenience and safety of its operation and can vary in the range from 60 centimeters to several meters.

For the purpose of safety of movement on ladders installation of barriers – hand-rail with vertical racks is provided. Barriers are made out by glass screens, rail-posts, forging, inclined and horizontal strings, etc. Racks of handrail (barriers) can be fixed to end face of the stringer, step or over step.

Tree in finishing of ladder on metal framework: advantages of the choice

The wooden ladder on metal framework integrates the best qualities of two materials: it is reliable and can maintain considerable operational loadings. The metal basis provides design with the increased durability and wear resistance, wooden elements give it grace and increase comfort of use. In comparison with the ladders which are completely made of tree, such designs have the bigger durability and unlimited term of use.

All-metal, concrete, steel concrete models lose to wooden ladders on metal framework on weight indicators. They very heavy and their mounting is accompanied by certain difficulties.

Tree, in comparison with other materials, option very relevant. The tree chosen for finishing of ladder defines what will be product in finished form. When using elite types of wood in the house the design will appear respectable, applying for special grace. If to choose normal, inexpensive grades, then it is possible to execute ladder cozy, pleasant to look.

In comparison with many other materials, natural wood wins also on indicator of safety of people: at movement on wooden steps it is less than the probability to slip. But also having slipped, it is possible to get off with less notable injuries. It is especially important to provide safety in families where there are children. They are very mobile and is frequent, having been fond of game, arrive unconsciously.

Unconditional external attractiveness of natural wood, its faultless utilization properties allocate this natural material with ability to introduce harmony, cosiness, soft heat and special freshness in surrounding space.

Metal ladder with wooden finishing

What types of wood suit for finishing of ladder?

For finishing of ladders it is recommended to choose the cast tree belonging to the first class. Steady against mechanical influences, in particular to abrasion, the oak, bamboo, ash-tree, maple are firm. Despite high price exotic breeds of tree are very popular: to merba. Wood of nut, beech, mahogany, ash-tree, cherry and pear is also popular in finishing of ladders.
Considerably it is possible to lower expenses, combining expensive grades with less expensive (pine, fir-tree) with which it is possible to trim less operated ladder elements: stair risers, plinths, moldings and other vertical parts.

Products from array of oak are high-strength, the term of operation them is not limited. Choosing oak, it is possible to be sure of its reliability, wood is attractive by the color gamma which is beginning light yellow tones and coming to an end with red-brown saturated shades. Over time material darkens, gaining age nobility and special refinement.

The main components of popularity of bamboo in its high strength, ease in processing and beauty. He is not afraid of moisture and is steady against mechanical loadings, perfectly copes with the raised operational loadings: the bamboo does not fade and does not change color over time in general, is not scratched. Bamboo finishing is known for the saturated decor therefore the ladder trimmed with bamboo by all means will draw attention, to cling look.

The ash-tree attracts with contrast of the drawing of wood, it is considered even stronger than oak and is capable to serve 50 and more years. Perfectly the ladder trimmed with ash-tree indoors with floor from boards of the same material looks. The situation gains extraordinary color, refinement and demonstrates good taste of the owner of the house. Wood of ash-tree has noble grayish shade on which the drawing of rough fibers accurately appears.

The maple is appreciated not only the esthetic attractiveness and durability, around the world producers of products from maple note faultlessness of its texture. For production of ladders the maple is ideal raw materials as wood has practically no waste because of the exclusive natural qualities. Its wood of light tones can be slightly tinted by brown or reddish shade. Over time steps can darken slightly, but at the same time do not lose the esthetic attractiveness. Wood of maple is pliable and solid at the same time therefore make intricate parts of it, including carved.

Merbau is from the tropical jungle of Southeast Asia, under this name two types of wood of similar characteristics are delivered. Merbau is extremely appreciated thanks to the rareness and bewitching natural beauty. Some specialists refer merbaa to breed of mahogany. Material is very resistant to moisture and mechanical influences, is not subject to rotting.

Features of mounting of wooden ladder on metal framework

When choosing model of ladder for the house it is necessary to be guided by the existing space conditions, compatibility of future construction with the chosen style registration, own financial opportunities, preferences and also to mean the main moments:

  • The recommended tilt angle of design 30 – 400, it is admissible, but it is not desirable for 450. If the angle of rise/descent makes more than 500, then it will be extremely inconvenient to use such ladder, not only to elderly, but also young people. The abrupt design will constitute danger to all family members.
  • The ladder connecting floors directly without isolation of space volume can provoke thermal imbalance. In such rooms it is always cold on 1 floor and very hot on upper floors. The one-volume type of arrangement of internal spaces is suitable for the houses located in warm climate more. Thanks to lack of isolation of the ladder mine the room is better aired. For frigid climate it is recommended to choose such type of arrangement when ladder to be in the separate volume isolated from premises.
  • When choosing the contractor, it is the most reasonable to charge work on production of product, finishing and mounting to one performer. It is desirable that the company had material selection and also provided on them guarantee. It is very doubtful to receive benefit from economy, having separated work into several stages and having charged it to different people, at the same time also to buy materials independently from the little-known supplier. In this case all responsibility for the end result will lay down on the customer. If there is no opportunity to employ the contractor, then it is better to make all work most.
  • At the independent choice of wood for the purpose of production of elements for ladder, it is necessary to own knowledge of behavioural features of the chosen material and to strictly observe technology of its processing. To please with the predictability and irreproachable conduct only the products made from correctly dried up and processed material can.
  • Any large elements made of integral array of wood are subject to risk of cracking and deformation therefore at their production it is necessary to be extremely accurate and to strictly follow rules of work with natural wood.
  • Responsible building and construction works cannot be charged to the accidental crews which do not have the corresponding admissions at all.
  • If you have chosen model of difficult configuration, then in the subsequent will be extremely problematic to bring on it dimensional furniture and other volume home decoration.
  • Observance of the recommended construction parameters (length of stair risers, width of steps) guarantees comfortable and safe movement on ladder.
  • Distances between the elements protecting ladder also have to be observed, too rare arrangement of vertical and horizontal elements can lead to falling from ladder of children and pets.
  • The fully enclosed ladder (with stair risers) is safest in operation, even psychologically the person, moving on such design, will feel much more safely, than on easy, too open ladder.
  • The ladder has to be well lit therefore in the place of its arrangement it is necessary to provide distributing of the power supply network and installation of lamps.
  • Remember that even wooden steps can be slippery, especially if they are wet. In the presence of big flights, it is the best of all for step to cover with carpet, having fixed it on all steps.

Finishing of metal ladder demands skill and great patience. In lack of due skills of metalwork works, it is better to charge finishing to professionals. If at you very great desire to make finishing independently, then first of all, needs to be meant:

  • The most available of all designs for independent assembly will be suitable ladder model from ready combined modules. The product gathers their separate elements fixed by means of fixing parts. Such models are made industrially, the detailed mounting instruction and the scheme of assembly is, as a rule, attached to them.
  • It is better to buy materials for ladder from the reliable supplier, it is desirable to buy all component parts in one place and to have opportunity, further, to consult at the seller about mounting subtleties. It is necessary to gain the necessary quantity of goods, even with small stock at once, than then to buy in addition parts which can differ in structure and shades. Keep in mind that any producer will not be able to give guarantee of exact hit in color of different consignments of goods. Especially it concerns natural materials.
  • Each solid producer accompanies the products with mounting hints and operation of the products made of it, surely specifies data on himself. Before buying goods, it is better to take an interest about this producer on different resources and to study possibility of contact with the company.
  • When choosing different impregnations, varnishes, paints for protection and dressing of surfaces, be convinced that structures are intended for internal works as a lot of products are intended strictly for outside works. They are toxic, and they cannot be applied to internal works. It is the best of all to choose structures which are used for covering of furniture and parquet.
  • Choosing very expensive breeds for finishing of ladder, it is necessary to study characteristic of material in detail. Perhaps, you will need to heat constantly the house that natural wood has kept the characteristics. If you are going to live in country house only in the summer, it is desirable that in the house the heating services with automatic equipment on maintenance of the necessary temperature has been provided. Moistening of air in the house with expensive furniture and finishing is also question very important, live materials demand maintenance of certain humidity in the house.
  • The breeds of tree containing pitches can, in use, unexpectedly begin to distinguish pitches for surface even if it is covered with several varnish coats. To it it is necessary to be ready and it is desirable to use materials from such wood only for finishing of vertical surfaces, but not steps.

Wooden ladders on metal framework of subjects are also good that they allow to combine in themselves refinement, beauty and safety of use. It is necessary to approach only attentively all questions concerning future construction for house blueprint stage. Safety of operation needs to be ensured also throughout all term of use of construction. Look-overs and timely repair are the key to integrity of design and your wellbeing.

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