Mirror ceiling and «star sky»

Mirror ceiling and «star sky»

The most traditional design of ceiling – the white surface created in the different ways: film tension, mounting of gypsum plasterboards, pasting by tile or wall-paper, and sometimes and just painting. White color is chosen not for nothing: it visually increases floor-to-ceiling height and is perfectly combined with furniture, walls and window registration. And what if to wave hand on usual standards and to build the ceiling cardinally different from normal, boring covering?

Let’s consider how it is possible to create independently updated room interior by means of courageous, but magnificent decisions. Let’s construct mirror ceiling, and then we will be engaged in mounting of the night sky covered with stars.

Mirror ceiling: we expand space

The choice falls on this type of ceiling covering when the repair purpose – visually to increase the area of the low-ceilinged small room. In the room with high ceilings of mirror will look it is extremely inappropriate: the premises will turn into the foyer of theater or the hall for disco. It does not make sense to arrange ceiling with reflection in the children’s room or in study, perhaps, the most suitable place is the bedroom. As option – kitchen or the bathroom where mirror panels can be combined with plastic or gypsum cardboard.

The mirror ceiling in modern execution is covering from glass and mirror fragments or from the tiles with the reflecting sputtering having most often square shape. They can be the different sizes – with the party from 30 cm to 120 cm. The range of such panels is big: neutrally smooth surface is complemented with products with bronze, blue, green, gold and other shades.

Pluses of mirror ceiling designs:

  • fast mounting;
  • possibility of installation on uneven surface;
  • resistance to the increased humidity;
  • improvement of parameters of lighting;
  • combination of functionality and esthetics.

From shortcomings it is possible to allocate special leaving – spots, stains and dirt on the surface of panels can spoil exterior and also there is possibility of mechanical damages.

Installation of mirror ceiling

Before mounting of tiles it is necessary to make predesigns, having measured the area of ceiling. Most likely, individual cutting to order will be required, so the sizes of rooms have no certain standard. Special cutting will be required and if instead of square tiles the figured elements making pattern or ornament will be used. Fortunately, many firms are engaged in professional cutting of glass (respectively, and mirrors) for acceptable payment.

Mounting of normal mirrors is made in two ways which have number of differences.

Installation by means of fixture

If to fix mirror panels directly on concrete or wooden ceiling, it will take a lot of time and forces therefore it is previously necessary to lay the plasterboard foundation. It becomes according to the same scheme, as normal suspended design on profiles.

Are necessary for works:

  • fixture — screws (self-tapping screws);
  • screw driver;
  • small ladder;
  • drill.

That to attach mirror panels to the plasterboard basis, it is necessary to drill in corners of each element openings by the sizes of screws. Tiles in turn put to the place of mounting, insert screws into openings and fix them. That the metal edge of fasteners has not damaged smooth surface, put on rubber washers screws.


Mirror panels well will keep only on smooth surface, so before gluing it is necessary to make the basis of gypsum cardboard (or plywood). The great value is attached to the glue choice: there are special structures for mirrors with the content of epoxy resin or silicone rubber.

Accurately cover with glue the surface of the panel on perimeter and also in the middle, then densely press it to the basis. Having taken a little and having convinced that the element was pasted, it is possible to pass to the following.

Mirror ceiling and «star sky»

Plates from polystyrene

It is also type of mirror material, but safer – rolls from the thin self-adhesive polystyrene covered with film. This material differs in ease and durability.

Operations procedure:

  • rolled material is straightened – we roll and we put from above load;
  • to open sticky layer, we delete film;
  • in turn we paste pieces of material, densely pressing each of them and carefully smoothing.

On sale there are rolls and without self-adhesive layer, in this case it is necessary to pick up suitable glue. Plates from polystyrene do not transfer high temperatures and the increased humidity.

“Star sky” — original tension design

The ceiling covering has the speaking name – in finished form it really reminds the night sky covered with thousands of shining stars. On the one hand, the design is rather simple, with another, certain skills are necessary for its correct installation.

In what secret of “star sky”?

Basis of stretch ceiling – standard PVC the film mounted in the traditional way: fix framework from the aluminum shape, on it fix the warmed cloth.

“Heart” of system is light the generator which have between ceiling and the tense film. It forces to shine and be poured tens of light threads (in fact – cuts of fiber-optic cable). The overall picture of the planned image depends on arrangement of optical fiber – perhaps, it will be just scattering of stars or certain constellation.

Sveto the generator (projector) is good the fact that with its help it is possible to regulate illumination brightness, allocating some points more, and muffling light of others.

There are different types of the equipment:

  • LED. Has long life cycle, but is afraid of overheating. Creates one-color or polychrome lighting. If desired the normal, constant duty of work can be replaced transitional, consisting in smooth change of one color on another.
  • Halogen. Provides bright lighting, but the installation site of lamas has to be in availability zone that it was possible to replace quickly fused element. The special color filter serves for creation of illumination from set of shades.
  • Additional. This laser equipment necessary for design of unusual effects, such as falling of star, flight of comet, rotation of planets or galaxies, modulations of the polar lights.

The modern and convenient control board facilitates manipulations with the different modes of illumination.

Advantages of optical fiber

The esthetic party of use of optical fibers is not subject to doubt – the ceiling covering becomes faultless in terms of decorative registration. Besides, number of the qualities distinguishing it from normal lamps has this appearance of lighting:

  • low level of heat conductivity;
  • safety (fire, electrotechnical);
  • energy consumption economy;
  • long life cycle;
  • the increased wear resistance;
  • lack of noise.

If there is no desire or knowledge for independent design of “star sky”, there is opportunity to get the ready sets including different quantity of the shining elements – from 100 to 500 pieces in one set.

Technology of installation of tension design with illumination

There are two types of mounting which are essentially differing in way of arrangement of optical fiber.

  • With puncture. In rather thick film – – do to basis of tension design necessary quantity of punctures through which outside remove the shining ends of optical fibers.
  • Without puncture. The film has to be thin that light of fibers could get freely through it. Such ceiling looks more esthetically at the switched-off lighting.

The choice of film depends also on the metric area of the room, quantity of fiber optic elements, projector power.

In what room installation of ceiling “star sky” is more appropriate? It depends on preferences of owners of the apartment. It is worth to remember that decorative illumination can be used along with the main lighting therefore unusual registration is suitable also for the children’s room, both for the bedroom, and for the living room in romantic style. If in cottage there is pool of the closed type – “star sky” will be harmoniously combined with the water surface, being reflected in it and creating the atmosphere of unusual mystery.

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