Mirror tile with facet: unusual transformation of interior

Mirror tile with facet: unusual transformation of interior

The mirror tile with facet is finishing material which has pleased many designers and masters in the construction sphere at once. The tile has unusual exterior thanks to what can become basis for creation of unique, fascinating interior. With its help it is possible to realize the most unusual and creative design decisions which, thanks to high operational rates of product, will be pleasing to the eye of owners many years.

What is represented by mirror tile with facet

The facet tile is provided by small fragment of the mirror having strictly set form and the size which edges are processed in a special way: the slanted party of product it is chamfered. Such processing gives to reflective coating more distinguished, graceful and unusual look, allowing to open new edges of use of mirror panels.

The facet is not only peculiar element of safety, but also beautiful decor. Under sunshine the slanted edge begins to be poured by all colors of the rainbow that looks very stylish and beautifully. The maximum effect is reached for panels with wide facet. The narrow edge does tile more graceful and accurate.

Process of production of products is provided not by just normal cutting of mirror, and assumes use of technology of muffling. During production of mirror tile which price depends on the size and type of product the special mufflers provided by amorphous, gaseous or crystal connections are entered. These components give to final product necessary transparency which is characteristic of traditional mirror. Material is not gentle and brittle. It is rather difficult to damage it.

Advantages and shortcomings of mirror facet tile

The facet mirror tile on wall is characterized by clear advantages along with other facing materials. Having special design, the integral structure of facet tile is steadier against moist and temperature influences, than simple mirror. It influences the term of operation of product. The tile does not come into contact with alkalis and acids therefore at its cleaning with different aggressive cleaning agents the product will not lose the primitive operating and esthetic ability.

Thanks to uncommon exterior which can be favourably emphasized with different technology of laying of tile it is possible to receive unusual options of mirror panel on wall. The price of composition will be defined by quantity and type of tile. Such tile will allow to create unique interior of the room, having visually expanded its open spaces.

Along with advantages of product, it is necessary to specify also some shortcomings of tile. Each element is quite brittle. Material demands careful and accurate transportation that in the course of transportation it has not crumbled, has not broken or was not scratched. Over time the surface of tiles can darken. It is possible to avoid such problem by means of competently mounted effective ventilation system.

One more shortcoming is the high cost of products. It is connected with the fact that production of tile demands use of hi-tech devices and expensive additional components.

Kinds of mirror tile with facet

Today producers release the wide range of mirror tile with facet which can be bought different form and the size. The most popular option is the square, it is the simplest to stack and combine it with other materials for finishing of the room. Kind of square is the rhombus. Thanks to laying of products on diagonal, the interesting and unusual mirror panel turns out. Squared elements also enjoy popularity. They can be spread, imitating brickwork with shift, or to have in chessboard order.

There are also other forms of product executed in the form of trapeze, polygon, triangle, circle or oval. However such tile is usually made to order. The mirror panel from elements of nonconventional form demands more labor-consuming mounting.

The mirror tile can have the sizes from 100х100 mm to 500х500 mm. The most popular of them are: 150×150, 200×200, 250×250 and 300х300 mm. The facet size in it can fluctuate within 10-30 mm. The less product dimensions, the more graceful the mirror panel formed by certain quantity of elements turns out. Thickness of products usually is 4 mm, however there are also more massive options with thickness to 10 mm.

The special attention is deserved by mirror mosaic. The tile is provided by tiny small square with edges which, reflecting rays of light, are poured in iridescent flowers. The sizes of chips are 10×15, 20×20, 20×42, 50х50 mm, they are fixed on flexible mesh basis at distance about 2 mm from each other. Usually such tile is applied in combination with products of the normal size. From it it is possible to create unusual panels or to issue zone around the lamp, mirror or locker.

Material of production and exterior of mirror products

The facet tile can be made of glass, plastic or polyurethane with special light-reflective covering. The first option is the most widespread. In addition to standard elements, it is possible to make the products to order the individual size and desirable form having the original form of edge.

Exterior of tile from polyurethane similar to smooth surface, however it possesses less accurate and clear reflection. In comparison with products from glass, such material has smaller weight that facilitates further mounting. The tile is mainly used for facing of ceiling. The cheapest option are mirror products from acrylic.

The most widespread product is the mirror colourless tile which will approach under any interior. Effectively also mirror panels with facet from tinted glass under gold or bronze will unusually look. There are options painted in different color: blue, green, dark gray, red, beige, olive and blue. The color tile can be used as independent element or to be combined with colourless material.

Photos of mirror tile visually display wide range of products, it can be monophonic or ornamented. The abstract pattern, the drawing with sanding method or by means of the thermopress can be applied on its surface.

Mirror tile in interior: photo of design decisions

The facet tile with smooth surface can be used both for filling of the big areas, and for creation of effective panel which can be limited to framework or borders. Such niches should be improved surely lamps to gain the maximum effect of play of light indoors. The mirror composition can be created independently from separate elements or to order ready mirror panel with facet.

Important! Use of smooth surfaces in interior has to be carried out with observance of sense of proportion. Otherwise its excessive quantity can negatively affect nervous system.

As mirrors visually increase space and saturate with additional light the room, use of facet tile is especially relevant for small-size rooms. Unusually also the inserts executed from different types of product, but the identical size will safely look. This material can be combined with ceramic tile of dark shades that in combination will allow to recreate illusion of depth of space. Also effectively mirror panels on wall look, photos visually display different options which are framed with frame of silvery or white color.

The good decision is the combination of the sites trimmed with mirror elements with different extent of reflection which have to be concerning the place of observation at the different level.

Helpful advice! As luminous sources which will be reflected in smooth surfaces it is recommended to use opal or LED lamps. They will not make negative impact on sight of the person, tiring him.

The mirror tile with facet is universal finishing material which can be used in decor of any rooms. Thanks to extravagance inherent in it, elegance, elegance and courage, she successfully fits into any style of interior design.

Mirror tile with facet: unusual transformation of interior

Options of use of mirror tile with facet

Products can be stacked not only on walls, but also on ceiling, creating thereby unlimited space as demonstrate photo of mirror tile in the bathroom. In this case the tile for walls can be figured, and on ceiling smooth products with subtle color shade can be used.

The mirror ceiling tile visually raises the room, increasing its height. However in this case the effect of the inverted room is at the same time reached. Especially it is notable when the mirror tile has laid out all area of ceiling. For the best effect the mirror panel which is laid out by facet tile, photo visually it are displayed, has to occupy small part of space. The important moment in this case is what will be reflected in mirror ceiling. In this case special requirements are imposed to floor covering.

Use of mirror tile on ceiling is justified only for small rooms. At registration of interior of large rooms with high ceilings such effect of the height will fill the room with emptiness and cold.

Helpful advice! By means of tile it is also possible to issue doors of sliding wardrobes in the hall or the room.

The mirror tile is extremely seldom used for finishing of floor. In this case the interior has to be thought over to trifles not to create negative effect of what will be reflected in mirror. Indoors with mirror floor application of other smooth surfaces is not recommended.

Facet tile at registration of interior of the hall and bathroom

Very reasonable decision is the arrangement of mirror tile in the hall. Here appropriate to create the reflecting panel on one of walls where the person will see himself to the utmost. The narrow and long room can be corrected due to finishing of side walls mirror tile which can be combined with other finishing materials.

It is appropriate to use mirror tile at registration of zones through passage which not always are rather lit. Original option is laying of facet tile on the stair riser therefore the ladder gains ease and soars in air.

It is possible to revet with mirror tile in the bathroom any surface. It is connected with the fact that material possesses the moisture raised by resistance to influence. Smooth surfaces will allow to expand visually room open spaces, having made it lighter. It is especially important for small rooms.

Most often the mirror tile for the bathroom is located over the wash basin and on wall near the bathroom. The mirror panel executed from harmoniously combined products of different look, but one size will be stylish and unusual to look.

If the bathroom has the screen, it can be issued by means of mosaic tile which is steady against mechanical damages and scratches.

Helpful advice! To emphasize light refraction in each fragment of mirror panel, it is indoors recommended to mount pointed lighting.

Mirror panel from tile at registration of kitchen

The kitchen which interior is issued with use of mirror inserts on walls and ceiling will look expensively and stylish. This material is used for creation of design of the room in style of classics, baroque and empire style. Thanks to play of light and patches of light which are reflected in mirrors the raised, solemn mood is created.

It is very important not to go too far in mirrors in kitchen, photos visually display negative effect of smooth surfaces. In this regard smooth surfaces the friend opposite to the friend is not recommended to have that considerably will overload the room. Even if on the opposite sides mirror panels are issued, they should not be reflected in each other as it will create additional discomfort.

The mirror tile in kitchen can be met at registration of apron – surface between table-top and lockers of upper tier. However such panel will quickly become soiled from splashes of water and greasy raid. Such surface needs regular cleaning. Also smooth surface looks good in lunch zone.

Mirror tile in the bedroom and the living room

The mirror tile in living room interior has well proved. With its help it is possible to zone the room. This good decision in combination with split-level ceiling. It is also possible to lay out facet tile one of room walls that will visually expand its dimensions and will emphasize interior parts. Here it is possible to use tile with engraving, painting or patterns on surface of products.

For the living room the good decision is performance of mirror ceiling which can be framed with baguettes with gilding. On ceiling it is necessary to impose with tile only zone around chandelier. Light patches of light which are reflected in smooth surface will increase room illumination level.

Helpful advice! For the living room issued by smooth surfaces it is recommended to use elements of furniture and decor from genuine leather, tree and fabric.

One more successful design decision is use of property of mirror to double objects, nearby. Near mirror wall it is possible to put several flowerpots with window plants or beautiful glasswares which quantity will double in mirror display that is clearly demonstrated by photos of mirror tile in living room interior.

Helpful advice! Mirror tile it is necessary to make out that part of wall near which the most beautiful piece of furniture or decor is located.

At registration of interior of the bedroom mirror tile it is not recommended to have opposite to bed and on ceiling. It will create certain discomfort and embarrassment. In the bedroom it is better to place mirror panel with headboard of bed or to create two inserts over bedside tables.

Technology laying of mirror panel on wall

Before starting laying of tile, it is necessary to prepare the basis: to plaster all roughnesses, to level surface and to cover it with primer. It is extremely important stage as the slightest deviations will negatively affect the reflecting effect of tile. Mounting of products is carried out with use of silicone, liquid nails or cement and sand solution.

Helpful advice! For the best adhesion of tile with surface coarse-grained sand is added to liquid glue.

The size and quantity of tile is selected according to the developed sketch of future panel. In this case the probability of cutting of products as it is very difficult process that can lead to the considerable expenses of material connected with its damage during cutting has to be excluded.

Laying of panel from mirror tile is carried out from the lower horizontal row. Between products it is necessary to leave gaps no more than 3-4 mm to compensate error concerning uniformity of the parties of tile. The clearance height is regulated by means of crosses of the necessary size.

Full drying of surface occurs in 4-5 days then the finish of seams by means of silicone, excepting availability in its composition of acids is carried out. Having waited for full drying of finish, by means of rag with microfiber and means for cleaning of mirrors it is possible to start polishing of surface.

Care of mirror panel is not heavy or labor-intensive process. Rather periodically to process tile special means and to wipe with rag, polishing products. Thanks to such leaving it will be possible to keep primitive gloss and mirror effect of surface for long time.

By means of mirror tile with facet it is possible to realize courageous design decisions thanks to which the room will take stylish, refined and magnificent form, and will be pleasing to the eye of owners for many years.

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