Onduline: the price for leaf, the sizes and properties of soft roof

Onduline: the price for leaf, the sizes and properties of soft roof

The popularity of euroslate as roofing material in private construction is explained by a number of advantages. Among them – the water resistance, environmental friendliness and noiselessness. The lightweight, simple cutting and simple mounting are also considered as important. Having got acquainted with key parameters of the material onduline: the price for leaf, the sizes and also with examples of calculation of onduline on roof, quite really to carry out laying of roof with the minimum expenses and without waste.

Onduline: characteristics of material

Strong heating (120 °C) and pressing of cellulose fibers with the subsequent corrugation is the cornerstone of production onduline. The turned-out sheets are painted and impregnated with the bitumen modified by polymers.

As a result receive environmentally friendly sheets of bituminous wavy onduline with such properties:

  • water resistance – protection against moisture is provided with special impregnation, besides, when laying onduline on cellulose fiber roof in the sun are accustomed to drinking among themselves that does material even more resistant to water influence;
  • invulnerability to corrosive medium – onduline are not terrible alkalis, acids and oil products;
  • small weight – with width almost in 1 m and length of 2 m the sheet onduline weighs 6.5 kg, i.e. it is easier than slate of the similar area by 4 times;
  • fast and simple mounting – thanks to lightweight of the sheet onduline, it is convenient to transport material and without effort it is possible to lift to the place of laying, without resorting to assistance; convenient and easy cutting – it is possible to cut out from sheets of material elements of the necessary size with ease by means of hacksaw, previously having oiled hacksaw blade;
  • plasticity – material can give the necessary form: it perfectly bends and will be suitable for covering of roofs of any configuration;
  • various color range;
  • reasonable price – the sheet onduline is cheaper metal tiles, but is more expensive than slate, however the last does not differ in environmental friendliness.

The noiselessness is considered one more undoubted plus of this covering. Comparing it to metal tile or slate, it is possible to note that onduline completely absorbs noise of rain and hail. Thanks to this property there is no need to equip additional sound insulation: in construction with such roof always quietly and comfortably.

Helpful advice! Upon purchase of onduline choose original material as similar to it analogs in use quickly lose color.

Onduline: the prices for leaf, the sizes

It is possible to get acquainted with line of products and technical characteristics of euroslate on the official site of Onduline and also on web pages of the companies which are engaged in its implementation. Knowing the price and the onduline sizes and also other parameters, it is possible to calculate most precisely amount of required material and to orient in onduline cost for covering of all roof.

Technical indicators and the sheet sizes onduline for roofs

The normal sheet onduline for roof which size is 2 x 0.96 m weighs slightly more than 6 kg. Thanks to such lightweight it is convenient to lift sheets on roof and to mount without assistants. If mounting is executed correctly, the roofing covering will stand despite of serious (170 km/h) wind gusts. Material and fluctuations of temperatures is not afraid, maintaining from -50 °C to +110 °C.

The fact that onduline at frost becomes brittle completely compensates ability of recovery of properties when heating. The structure of material is invariable even after 25 times of freezing and defrosting. The stated guarantee of onduline producer – 15 years (if when mounting special nails were used). However, experience shows that the term of operation of material reaches 45-50 years.

Strength indicators of onduline are quite enough not to be deformed under the weight of possible snow loads. Will keep euroslate and weight of one-two people. The rated load on 1 m² coverings makes 960 kg/cm, durability is 1800 kPa.

Depending on the manufacturing country some indicators of onduline can differ what data in the table confirm:

Material parametersFrancePolandBelgiumUSA
Length, m2222
Width, m0.950.950.921.22
Total area of the sheet onduline, m²1.91.91.842.44
Useful area of the sheet onduline, m²1.61.61.542.11
Thickness of plate, mm332.43.5
Quantity of waves, piece10101012
Width of wave, mm959592100
Height of wave, mm36363235
Weight of the sheet onduline, kg665.68.6
Warranty period15151015
Colors, quantity55612
Onduline: the price for leaf, the sizes and properties of soft roof

The prices for the sheet onduline Smart

onduline Smart has come to replacement to traditional onduline. In these products the possibility of convenient and fast mounting at the expense of special guides by means of which sheets are fixed most exactly is implemented. Each sheet of such material has mounting marking on which nails are driven in. The scheme of fastenings provides as much openings how many nails need to be chucked in the sheet onduline, namely 20 pieces.

Helpful advice! The term of operation of onduline in many respects depends on following of technology of mounting. Attentively study the instruction enclosed to material, do not save on nails and observe furring step.

The total area of the sheet onduline Smart has smaller value in comparison with traditional sheets. Parameters of 1.95 x 0.95 m – the new sheet sizes onduline. Useful area at the same time does not decrease thanks to technology of laying of these sheets which assumes to mount them with an overlap 5 cm less, than when mounting classical onduline. Reduction of this size influences also the mass of roof. Knowing how many the sheet onduline Smart weighs, it is possible to count as far as the total weight of covering will be lost.

Except the material, the companies implement the accessories necessary at covering of roofs euroslate: corporate nails for onduline, the fad, the valley gutter and other elements. Their description and the prices are available in catalogs of products. Having visited online stores, you can recognize by what price it is possible to buy onduline for roofs.

In addition to the price, the sizes and other characteristics of products, in catalogs it is possible to study possible onduline colors: photos will help you with it.

Onduline: the price for leaf, the sizes. How much is onduline Tile

One more product provided in catalogs are sheets of onduline of the Tile. Photos of samples of material show presence at coloring of dark cross strips thanks to which the leaf imitates tile. The covering makes to such onduline of roof (the photo confirms it) its exterior almost indistinguishable from type of roof of metal tile.

The qualitative structure and all characteristics of onduline of tile are similar to Smart products. In leaf 7 waves are located, for fastening use 18 nails. It is identical to the version of Smart and the price of onduline of the Tile for leaf. Sheet size — 1.95 x 0.96 m at thickness of 3 mm. The producer gives 100% of guarantee of leakages within 15 years.

All additional elements and the accompanying roof accessories from this material are offered in the corresponding color execution.

At the affordable price of onduline of the Tile the appearance of roof from this material makes impression expensive. And the reason for that – interesting color scheme.

How to calculate onduline on roof

To have idea of that, how much is onduline on roof (the prices for leaf and sq.m. are available in prices), it is necessary to calculate the required area of covering correctly. For duo-pitch form of roof use formula which allows to define the necessary number of sheets.

For this purpose find ratio of roof area to the useful area of the sheet onduline:

Coefficient (C) = Sk/Sl

  • Sk – the roof area, m²;
  • Sl – the useful area of the sheet onduline, m².

It should be noted that such formula works if the configuration of roof has no difficult transitions or adjunctions of slopes. Besides, the coefficient depends on roof bias: to 10 ° it is equal to 1.3, and from 10 to 15 °C = 1.54.

Helpful advice! When calculating required amount of material for roof consider that sheets are mounted with an overlap. Therefore use not the total area of leaf, but useful to calculation.

If the roof has difficult design with several adjunctions or other irregular shapes, the net area of covering is found out by other method. Theoretically, it is necessary to break all roof surface into elements with plain surface. Then to calculate the area of each separate element then to put all received sizes. And already apply the corresponding coefficients to the received sum.

Proceeding from that, how much is the sheet onduline and also additional components for mounting, it is possible to determine the size of costs of covering by euroslate of all roof area.

Nuances of mounting of euroslate

When laying covering sheets are mounted with an overlap: longwise this site is equal to 30 cm, and on width corresponds to two waves. The technology of fixing of sheets can change depending on roof bias. If bias less than 10 °, under onduline carry out the integral basis from plywood plates. If bias to 15 °, then for furring use bar with step of 45-50 cm. For bias more than 15 ° can be done gap between elements of furring of 55-60 cm.

Sequence of fastening of sheets following:

  1. The hood mold is mounted.
  2. Initial row is fixed strictly along eaves overhang.
  3. Mounting of the first leaf is done from outside, opposite to that from where wind most often blows. Leaf fix aflush with overhang of pediment and leave 5-6 cm of leaf behind eaves.
  4. For fixing of one leaf use nails, hammering them at first on corners, further, fix the lower part of leaf, and then take leaf on the center and from above.
  5. The second and the subsequent sheets stack on previous with an overlap and so until the end of row. The following row is begun at sight, cut half that the joint of sheets of the second row fell on the middle of leaf of the first row. Thus carry out all even ranks.

Roofing onduline, it is necessary to pay attention to such moments:

  • if when mounting there was situation at which it is necessary to step on the laid material, try to put leg on the highest point of wave, but not in groove. At the same time it is desirable that footwear was on soft sole;
  • placement operations is recommended to be performed at temperature from -5 °C to +25 °C;
  • laying of the first leaf is done from outside opposite to that from where wind most often blows;
  • it is necessary to fix sheets of material on corporate nails. The instruction has provided to use 20 nails on 1 leaf. Wide hats of such nails promote strong fixing, giving to covering wind-resistance. At such technology of fastening the producer gives guarantee for durability and excellent functional performance of covering;
  • it is not necessary to pull strongly when mounting material, using that onduline is plastic. Sheets it is necessary to have most exactly both down, and across.

Sheets of onduline are applied as to covering of new roofs of cottages, country houses, farm buildings, and to reconstruction of the served roof. And at repair works of onduline it is possible to fix directly from above old covering. The plasticity of euroslate allows to fill any (even with big radius of curvature) surfaces. Ease in processing, the possibility of rational cutting, almost wasteless process and the affordable price do onduline by one of the most demanded roofing materials.

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