Thermoshrinkage for wires and its application as insulating material
Thermoshrinkage for wires serves as the insulator on current carrying sites. Its application allows
Interroom doors: we choose, we establish
Interroom doors – the integral attribute of any house. They separate inhabited space into
What to do if laminate creaks?
The very first problem which each owner of beautiful floors from the laminated board
Painting of the house from glued bar
It does not make sense to list advantages of glued bar: accurate comfortable lodges
How to warm garage roof
Each motorist decides to be engaged in warming of roof of garage or not
Floor coverings for garage
Garage — that place where the inveterate motorist carries out huge amount of time.
Fence from improvised materials
The very first task for the lucky who have become owners of own parcel
Footpath and brick steps
If the house is built or revetted with red brick and issued by beautiful
Gardening of roof
It is natural to surround aspiration of the person itself with green plantings —
How to choose the correct window
The arrangement of windows, their form, the size, material of which frames are made
Preparation of the wood-fired furnace for heating
The wood-fired furnace in the house, especially if it is the only source of
The filter for the well: production and cleaning
Happy owners of the country real estate, both comfortable cottages, and small country houses,
We clean and repair well
The well which is pure uninterrupted source or even basis of autonomous water supply
How to make the house energy efficient
Pursuing the aim to make the house more energy efficient, it is possible to
The choice of power plant for country house
People use cottages and dachas more and more active and live in them not
Choice of devices of hot-water heating
We already told about installation of electric heaters and, in general, have concerned question
The gas furnace for bath
Choosing the furnace for bath, many stop on gas option, and for this purpose
Problems of operation of boilers
The boiler house became integral part of the majority of cottages long ago. To
Types of boilers for country house
Hot-water supply and heating – without what there cannot be no house if, of
We choose fireplace for the house: overview
Fireplace in country house. These two concepts ideally supplement each other, engendering in owners