Device of continuous footing
After the project is approved, the space for construction is chosen and all necessary
Ways of finishing of socle of the house
Finishing of socle, in addition to performance of function of decorative registration, is capable
The well on water: independent drilling
Reality such is that not all happy owners of own parcels, whether it be
Heat insulation and waterproofing of the cellar
The basement of many country houses or cottages is in most cases used defectively
How to organize collecting rain water
The sloping roof of the small size can collect 2500 liters of rain water
Arrangement of the basement
When choosing the project before construction of the house, each person should think of
Construction of the continuous footing
Continuous footing — the universal design suitable for construction of buildings of any types
Construction of the column and pile base
Column and pile designs are at first sight very similar. At least, in elevated
Construction of the plate base
The plate base, perhaps, is least widespread in domestic private construction. The reason in
Installation of drains, councils for service
Mounting of system of removal of water – one of obligatory stages of construction
Waterproofing of the bases and cellars
Whether it is necessary to waterproof the base? If it is about the building
Construction of cellar by own efforts
Comfort level in owner-occupied dwelling directly depends on his owners. Unsightly lodge with wooden
Waterproofing of socle and first floor
To lose doubtful “pleasure” to live in the house, fully impregnated dampness, it is
About drainage from specialists
The drainage represents the pipelines, channels used to removal of excess moisture (thawed, rain,
Construction of cellar the hands
Summer – time of intensive preparations of gifts of the generous earth. Preservation, pickles,

Construction and repair