Painting of ceiling from gypsum cardboard

Painting of ceiling from gypsum cardboard

Any registration of ceiling has to be faultless, and that is why. Walls are partially covered with cabinets and pictures, floor – furniture and carpets, curtains hang on windows, therefore, only the ceiling is visible completely, and each defect will be noticeable from any point of the room. The special attention is required by ceilings with the plain surface painted in one or several tones, for example, the ceiling made with gypsum cardboard use. It is appreciated among owners of apartments thanks to possibility of creation of the unique multilevel configurations created under specific interior.

Quite often gypsum cardboard instead of traditional white color is covered with pastel or bright shades, applying paint on all area of ceiling or creating patterns, ornaments, and even the whole pictures. What paint to choose as it should be used what to pay attention to – we will dwell upon these moments.

The first step – the choice of ceiling paint from gypsum cardboard

Painting of ceiling is widespread as it is rather inexpensive and rather reliable option. However it is impossible to tell that the technology of coloring of gypsum cardboard is simple. For resistant and esthetically attractive result it is necessary to observe all stages of preparation: hard putty, alignment, primer, grinding. Finishing stage – putting paint therefore before work it is worth getting acquainted with features of different materials closer.

The oil paint is not used as its characteristics are not suitable for coloring of ceiling from gypsum cardboard. Specialists recommend to select structures on water and dispersive and water emulsion basis.

They have properties which are appreciated in the course of construction or repair:

  • quickly dry;
  • are not toxic;
  • have no unpleasant smell;
  • well give in to updating (there is no need former covering at a distance).

Dispersive types are steady, well keep initial color, but are issued generally white color. Emulsion structures, on the contrary, have wide color range which includes practically all colors, from pale pastel to ultra-bright.

So, what painting water-based structures are offered by producers for painting of gypsum cardboard of ceilings?

  • The most expensive is solution which part latex is. It gives to quality covering thanks to which the ceiling becomes equal, steady against pollution, vapor-tight. It is simple to look after such covering as at the same time it is possible to use both ordinary water, and cleaning agents. Besides, during putting paint on gypsum cardboard it is capable to hide small cracks (to 1 mm). Two layers of latex solution – and ceiling look ideally.
  • Acrylic paints – inexpensive, easy in drawing, steady against abrasion enjoy wide popularity.
  • In rooms with the increased humidity it is reasonable to use silicate structure which distinctive feature in antiseptic properties: it interferes with development of microorganisms.
  • Silicone paint has integrated all best properties of two previous structures. It is so elastic that pressurizes cracks up to 2 mm wide. The silicone covering is waterproof therefore it is appropriate to use it in rooms where the additional waterproofing – in kitchens and in bathrooms is necessary. After drying the film steady against pollution and not demanding additional application of anti-septic tanks is formed.

One of rules of drawing any of numerous paints – recurrence, that is painting from two and more times, thus after each layer it is necessary to sustain pause before full drying. How exactly to paint ceiling from gypsum cardboard, the instruction on the label as different types of products have the nuances will help.

Except differences in structure, paint and varnish products have difference on gloss degree. Practically in any line opaque and gloss paints and also their options with prefix are provided to floor-. The dullness is capable to hide small roughnesses, it does ceiling to “deeper”, increasing room height. The gloss paint is steadier, suffers from wet leaving less, expands with the gloss space. The only minus – on gloss defects in the form of scratches and roughnesses are well noticeable. Many specialists suggest to make compromise and to stop on semi-gloss or semi-gloss structures.

Sometimes gypsum cardboard ceiling enamel white color which is also steady and interferes with moisture penetration. Unfortunately, such enamels cost rather much therefore are applied much less often.

Painting of ceiling from gypsum cardboard

The second step – preparation of tools and devices

Having bought aqueous emulsion ink of necessary color and soil under it (it is better to choose structure of deep penetration), it is necessary to prepare simple, but obligatory tools.

It is a little of them:

  • Fur roller. It is necessary to pay attention to its pile – it has to be short. Rollers with long pile not so exactly apply solution, at the same time spray it in different directions. Also the material “fur coats” is important. Foam rubber in this case is inappropriate – it forms small bubbles which create roughnesses. Optimal variant – so-called fur. For additional convenience it is possible to get bar which increases roller handle length.
  • Paint brush. It is necessary where it is difficult to be active the roller – in corners, around openings, at the edges of panels.
  • Tray for paint. Very big tray should not be taken as paint quickly dries.

Except the listed tools any practical painter has special set of clothes with obligatory headdress. Paint – material liquid therefore to paint ceiling, without having soiled, it is impossible.

The third step – processing of seams

It is clear, that one sheet of gypsum cardboard not to close all ceiling, especially, if it is about multilevel design. On joints of two panels there are seams which need to be closed up so that as a result the face of joint represented whole with leaf and was not allocated on the general background.

Processing of each seam includes three obligatory stages:

  • Primer. Plaster which is in operating panel has spraying large-scale therefore without primer and the speech cannot be about further paintings. Soil represents substance which connects plaster dust and prepares surface for causing other construction structures. Sites of sheet of gypsum cardboard on which the middle is bared demand especially careful processing.
  • Sealing of seams putty. If to break technology of putting hard putty, even at quality material cracks will appear afterwards. On packaging with material there is detailed instruction which should be observed with ultimate accuracy. Usually dry mix is dissolved in warm water (or room temperature) and stirred until homogeneous dense mass is formed. More effective stirring will provide the construction mixer. It is necessary to apply only freshly cooked mix, otherwise the consistence will be broken, and the layer of the putty applied on seam will be uneven.
  • Reinforcing. Specialists recommend to use special tape – the tape strengthening seams which can be got in any construction supermarket. It is glued in two different ways: or on the basis leaf gypsum cardboard before drawing putty, or on the first layer of putty.

The armor technology is simple, nevertheless, for achievement of good result it is necessary to meet number of conditions. Special requirement to the palette: it has to be wider than tape for reinforcing, and in the course of work of its edge have to slide according to leaf. Tape it is necessary to have so that she fell on the middle of the processed seam. Separate pieces of tape have with an overlap. It is impossible to use finishing putty, so further on site seams the network of cracks will appear – for processing of joints special structures are provided. Excesses of putty need to be deleted to exclude roughnesses at further processing of sheets of gypsum cardboard. Imposing several layers of putty, it is necessary to wait every time for full drying of material.

The fourth step – putty of sheets of gypsum cardboard

After seams are processed and have finally dried out, it is possible to be engaged in putty of sheets of gypsum cardboard.

There are two options of putting material:

  1. More economic option at which put only one layer of putty. Then make finish and impose the second layer, already finishing. As a result of these simple actions the surface, equal, ready under painting, turns out.
  2. More expensive option containing 3 layers of putty. After starting layer – traditional finish, then double two – still layer and finish. The third layer consists of fiberglass which is pasted that layers of putty were stronger and were not showered. Apply layer of finishing putty on fiberglass.

The finishing putty is sold in finished form. It serves for giving to ceiling of ideally smooth surface therefore upon purchase it is necessary to pay attention to date of production. Apply this type of putty wide with spatula, at emergence of roughnesses use the smallest abrasive paper. The leveled surface is grounded – and the ceiling is ready to painting.

The fifth step – painting of ceiling from gypsum cardboard

This stage, as well as the others, demands accurate respect for technology:

  • For a start it is necessary to prepare material. Having opened with bank, it is necessary accurately, but intensively to mix paint, for this purpose often use drill with the corresponding nozzle. It is necessary to remember that water-based too dense structures are not forbidden to be parted with clear water, but in small amount.
  • First of all it is necessary to paint places, hardly accessible for the roller, – corners on joint of walls and ceiling, sites between different levels design gypsum cardboard. For this purpose apply brush, but apply paint not with the normal sliding movements, but spikes. Such way prevents emergence of stains and strips.
  • Time to put the first coat of paint. Movements of the roller – it is obligatory parallel to wall on which there are windows. Each strip left by the roller has to cover previous approximately on 10 cm, but this rule concerns only the first layer. Excesses of paint on the roller will do only harm therefore its every time should be dipped accurately in paint and “to wring out” slightly on ridge surface of tray (pallet). The fur coat of the roller has to be coated completely, and not just one some one its party.
    keep uniformity of layer, it is necessary to remember two rules: having begun the first layer, it is necessary to finish it, without taking break; it is impossible to change the roller, without having finished layer as each tool leaves mark, individual, distinguishable from others.
  • Having waited for full drying, it is possible to start drawing the second coat of paint. It is conducted perpendicular to the first, that is the roller moves from window to opposite wall. Only in this case the covering will be homogeneous and equal. From time to time it is necessary to step aside and to attentively examine the painted surface – from working position some gaps it is possible to miss. The ceiling is ready – two layers usually are enough.

Such is technology of painting of ceiling from gypsum cardboard by means of ordinary paint roller. The second option – coloring by paint spray gun which has two pluses: high speed of work and uniformity of covering. But it is necessary to consider that the paint spray gun is additional expenditure and not each paint is suitable for drawing by means of this device.

Painting of ceiling takes no more time, than preparation of gypsum cardboard for painting. Some time leaves on drying-out of layers of putty and paint. Nevertheless, process of coloring takes place quickly, and later short time it is possible to see equal freshly painted ceiling — result of the spent efforts.

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