Painting of the house from glued bar

Painting of the house from glued bar

It does not make sense to list advantages of glued bar: accurate comfortable lodges are built everywhere, and this material is good both for easy country constructions, and for thorough country houses in which live constantly. All views of buildings almost completely consist of wood, and it demands special processing.

The manufacturing techniques of glued bar already mean initial processing, nevertheless, after construction of the house it is necessary to take timely measures for protection of wood against influence of the corrosive external environment: to apply on external part of bar of antiseptics, fire-retarding agent, paint. Internal part is also processed, but it is rather esthetic need.

Interior finish of the house from bar

Use of paint and varnish products is necessary if walls indoors are in addition not warmed by means of sheets of gypsum cardboard, lining or other materials. Tree – beautiful natural material therefore main goal of painting – to emphasize its invoice, natural beauty, natural color. In addition decorative layer protects wood from potential mechanical damages and also emergence of mold and fungus because of the increased humidity if indoors live changeably.

What needs to be considered before walls painting?

  • Quality and texture of glued bar.
  • The total area of the processed surfaces.
  • Variety of means for coloring.

The choice of structures for finishing depends on the material resources and tasks defining the maximum protection or dressing. Often apply usual, traditional materials which keep beauty of wood, but do not protect it from mold. It is possible to carry drying oil, wax for tree to them, oils for interior finish. The walls processed by these structures get warm solar shade.

It is possible to stop the choice on varnishes, especially there are several types, as on synthetic, and water-based. The first option of varnish dries quicker, the second is necessary when it is necessary to exclude smells of solvents.

Several functions are performed at once by mastics with wax content. In the course of finishing with their help it is possible to hide small mechanical damages – scratches, scrapes. The surface of walls becomes smooth, nice on the touch. Also the practical side pleases – further leaving comes down to rubdown by wet rag.

Protection and finishing of facade of the house

Passable along villages, it is possible to notice old wooden rickety houses. Logs from which they are collected have cracked long ago, became porous, have taken gray unattractive form. Not surprisingly – did not pay attention to external processing of wood earlier, were limited only to warming by means of tow or moss. The tree constantly was influenced by temperature drops and humidity, influence of ultraviolet, and has as a result lost not only esthetic attractiveness, but also the operating ability.

What strong would not be glued bar, without additional treatment it will not sustain aggressive influence of moisture and ultraviolet: fibers of cellulose and the lignin connecting them will collapse, there will be centers of fungus and mold, golden color will turn into gray. As a result the house will become unfit for human habitation. That it did not happen, it is necessary to arm with the sprayer or brush and to apply protective structures which will play barrier role between wood and the outside world on house walls. Are equally functional as the covering materials – opaque, and lessiruyushchy – transparent, keeping the wood invoice.

Thus, having covered glued bar outside with special protection, it is possible to get rid at the same time of two problems, first of which – wood destruction. Applying antiseptics, protect the house from rotting and mold, and putting means about ultra-violet with the filter – from influence of ultraviolet. The second problem – gradual change of exterior of bar – emergence of damages, loss of color. Here structures on the basis of oils, transparent varnish means will help and if wood has defects – paints of the covering type.

Painting of the house from glued bar

Stages of work on painting of the house:

  1. Grinding. Surface of material not always ideally smooth. Sometimes at the smaller price it is possible to buy glued bar which needs to be processed in addition smaller grinding. As a result wood will become prepared for causing protective structures – smooth, without roughnesses. After grinding the adhesion – coupling of paint with wood improves.
  2. Sealing of end faces. Even it is externally noticeable that end faces more porous, respectively, are capable to absorb moisture stronger, than lateral faces of bar. For their this reason it is necessary to process in addition right after installation of felling by means of acrylic sealant. It will prevent fast destruction and will allow to save on impregnation.
  3. Primer. Usually the producer gives guarantee that the bar is already processed by anti-septic tank, but additional protection will never damage – the risk of emergence of mold and insects is very high. On sale there are structures which at the same time perform primer functions, antiseptics, protection against ultra-violet radiation. If the building from glued bar is used as premises, you should not forget also about fire-retarding agents which at least for several minutes are capable to prevent ignition. Putting primer sometimes causes raising of wood pile. Easy processing by the smallest abrasive paper will help to return smoothness. Before painting the dust formed in abrading process should be removed.
  4. Painting. Buying paint, it is necessary to calculate correctly its quantity as process includes drawing not one, but several layers. Specialists recommend covering in three layers irrespective of, the structure covering it or transparent. Each following varnish coat or paints is put only after full drying previous.

Processing and coating glued bar, it is necessary to read air temperature – it should not fall below +5ºС. Also necessary condition – lack of atmospheric precipitation. The bar has to be dry and clean – only in this case the covering will be strong, equal and will serve the guaranteed term.

The short overview of products for wood processing

Producers of paint and varnish products regularly work on improvement of its characteristics, and now in the market the huge choice of paints and varnishes of different modifications.

Popular producers of the painting structures for wood:

  • The German company Zobel releases the Protec and Deco-tec series for outside and internal works. Varnishes and impregnations differ in adhesion large-scale, wear resistance – the covering does not demand updating within 10 years. Varnishes for outside works are “breathing”, at the same time protect wood from moisture and ultraviolet rays. Structures for internal works vapor-permeable. All products – water-based, are eco-friendly, have no smell. In assortment – impregnations, primers, intermediate and finishing coverings.
  • The Finnish producer Tikkurila offers series of primers, paints, protective equipment, transparent antiseptics, etc. All structures are firm to the atmospheric phenomena, have big life cycle.
  • The Osmo company from Germany offers quality and expensive products. Environmentally friendly structures with natural oils long serve and keep natural type of wood. For example, the line of the Landhausfarbe varnishes protects from decay and mold and though product initially transparent, the producer offers 2 thousand shades of color. Some types of azure have effect “metallic”. All products allow tree to breathe and protect it from moisture.

Prices of painting and additional works

Several stages of processing of walls – business labor-consuming and long therefore owners of houses often employ construction crews. When several people work, process moves much quicker, and the bigger amount of time leaves, generally on drying of layers of impregnation or paint. How much will painting of the house from bar cost?

The line of the prices changes depending on the region and the price policy of the companies.

Thus, painting of the house from bar – indispensable condition of preservation of functional performance of material and its natural attractiveness.

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