Pipes PVC for water supply system: features of application and mounting

Pipes PVC for water supply system: features of application and mounting

Recently pipes PVC are applied to water supply system even more often because during creation of any water supply system special role is played by its durability, economy and durability. Pipes PVC differ in these qualities. Problem of any water supply system is delivery not only service water for watering, but also drinking. Therefore, water, passing on pipes, has to remain freshen also clean therefore it is so important to choose material of production of pipes correctly.

Technical characteristics of pipe PVC for water supply system

Pipes PVC (polyvinylchloride) are polymeric design which considerably exceeds other analogs by options of application and the reference specifications. The complex structure of polymer has allowed to improve significantly quality of pipes, for example, to increase the shock durability and frost resistance. At production of pipes toxic materials are not used, they have no specific smell, therefore, they are ideal for drinking water supply and creation of country water supply system from plastic pipes.

Main distinctive features of pipes PVC

Modern realities of life require new solutions and approaches in the field of construction materials. Environmental problems force people to develop suburban territories more and more. Holiday villages grow just in the eyes. And if the decision on construction or purchase of the figurative house decides simply, then water supply becomes the following vital issue. At the same time it is necessary to consider that delivery as drinking water, and for regular watering is necessary.

Selection of material for the pipeline is very extensive (iron, plastic, polyethylene). And pipes PVC are especially distinguished from all this range with the unsurpassed technical characteristics.

The main distinctive features of this type of pipes consist in the following:

  • low cost;
  • long life cycle;
  • are not subject to destructions from water flows and ultraviolet rays;
  • are not afraid of different alkalis and acids;
  • ease of assembly of the general water design;
  • do not collapse if water freezes inside;
  • are not afraid of small earthquakes (laying in the earth).

Choosing pipes PVC, you can be sure of their durability and reliability. Such high-quality pipeline will serve you not one decade.

Classification and PVC sizes of pipes

There is the following classification of pipes PVC:

  • pressure head;
  • non-pressure;
  • employees for distillation of the rarefied environments.

Sometimes on the ends of pipes bells for more dense connection with each other are established. Installation of the house or on giving the plastic pipes for water supply system which do not have such element is made by assembling of all parts by means of special glue.

Pipes differ by the sizes:

  1. To length: 1, 2, 3 and 6 m.
  2. To section: diameter of plastic pipe for water supply system can vary from 12 to 630 mm.
  3. To wall thickness.

Operation of pipes PVC happens at three indications of pressure: 6, 10 and 16 atmospheres.

It is important! Though pipes PVC maintain temperature to 60 °C, specialists advise to be limited to the maximum mark at operation of 45 °C.

Advantages and shortcomings of plastic pipes

As well as any other construction material, use of pipes PVC has the pluses and minuses.

Advantages consist in the following aspects:

  • are not explosive;
  • low toxicity;
  • the increased resistance to different chemical influences;
  • lightweight;
  • excellent flow capacity;
  • ecological security;
  • lack of corrosion educations;
  • do not ignite;
  • long life cycle (more than 55 years);
  • good tolerance of hydraulic shocks;
  • simplicity of mounting;
  • fine heat conductivity.

However even at all undoubted advantages, there are also some shortcomings, such as:

  • fear of high temperature;
  • need of careful warming at low temperature condition;
  • complexity of utilization.

When choosing pipes PVC for construction of water supply system it is necessary to consider all moments, beginning from the region of residence to diameter of plastic pipes for water supply system.

Summer water supply system at the dacha from polypropylene pipes

Any owner of the seasonal dacha knows that without regular watering you should not wait for good harvest. For this reason at arrangement of the country site each summer resident solves problem of constant water supply one of the first.

As to bring water in buckets from nearby column or reservoir very troublesome and hard physically, the most effective solution is arrangement on giving water supply system from polypropylene pipes. Of course, the corresponding financial expenses and small physical abilities will be necessary for its mounting. But as a result you will have possibility of systematic watering of the garden and kitchen garden.

Helpful advice! Before beginning to lay water supply system, surely draw the preliminary scheme, considering location of fruit trees, berry bushes, ranks with vegetables.

If you on the site have well or artesian well, then you will be able to provide yourself and the cleanest drinking water.

Pipes PVC for water supply system: features of application and mounting

There are two types of country water supply system:

  1. Folding. Pipes are laid on earth surface and connect so that at the end of season the water supply system could be sorted easily on components and to remove till next year. As advantage serves the minimum technical maintenance, possible connection to any water source and instant detection of leak. Shortcoming is annual dismantling of design for the winter period.
  2. Constant. For creation of water supply system of this type, pipes stack in the dug trenches which are covered from above with earth. Advantages consist in opportunity to use this water supply system even in cold season. Finding of pipes underground gives guarantee of their safety from thieves. It is possible to carry more labor-consuming option of stay and elimination of leak to shortcomings.

Before beginning the structure of summer water supply system, in advance decide on its look correctly to make the account estimate.

Laying of country water supply system from pipes PVC

Comfortably to live in country lodge, having opportunity to enjoy the nature, clean air, tranquility and the well-groomed house adjoining territory, it is necessary to think of conditions of the water life support system in advance. Therefore, the water supply system needs to be equipped so that its working capacity and functionality did not depend on weather patterns (snow, hail, rain, heat). Correctly chosen material and skillful pipeline laying is pledge of the durable and reliable water system.

It is necessary to begin with the project. It is not necessary to be the professional engineer and to precisely draw lines, it is rather correct to reflect location of the house, summer kitchen, flower bed, garden and kitchen garden in paper. That is those places where regular water supply has to be carried out. After that it is possible to do measurements, and it is better to add a few length, some part of pipes will leave on cutting and connection.

Having drawn overall view of water supply system, attentively count all turns of pipes to know necessary quantity of coupling pieces. The order is better to do once that pipes, fitting and couplings were from identical party.

Before laying of underground water supply system, there is always question: on what depth to dig in pipes? Owners of personal plots should not forget that frosts will come, and some part of water all the same will remain in pipes. According to the reference specifications, the minimum level for laying of all street underground services is 1.6 m.

This parameter has been calculated on the basis of different measurements on soil freezing. Therefore it is better not to risk and dig out trench of the specified depth. It guarantees operability of the pipeline at any weather patterns. If you have no opportunity to do so deep trench, then it is better to ask for the help in the local construction organization. Specialists with an accuracy of centimeter will call to you the level of freezing of the earth in your region. Naturally, you will need to pay for this service.

Important! The earth at depth from 1.6 m never freezes through, temperature at this level always positive.

If environment does not allow to make so deep ditch (the stone rock, clay), then it is necessary to make preliminary heat insulation of pipes. However it is also not necessary to dig in pipes PVC and it is too deep. As pressure can be very big, and the water supply system will not sustain, will burst and will leak.

After full laying of all country water supply system, it is necessary to carry out its inspection. It needs to be made before covering trench with earth. Include water at first on small power, and then gradually increase pressure. You watch closely that water did not dig anywhere and freely passed in pipes. Be not too lazy to bypass the pipeline on all length, paying special attention to tightness of joints. If you have not noticed any deviations from norms, safely dig in trench. Process of laying of water supply system is completed.

PVC of pipe and fitting for water supply system

Use of such basis as polyvinylchloride has considerably increased durability and practicality of pipes and fitting for water supply system, thereby having sharply increased demand for similar construction material among owners of seasonal dachas. Fitting is the parts necessary for the PVC connection of pipes.

They also have high engineering properties, such as:

  • high chemical durability;
  • tightness;
  • long term.

Important! PVC of pipe and fitting are so safe in the ecological plan that they have been certified by most the European states.

Fitting deservedly is the most universal connecting design. They are widely used when mounting, the main thing to pick up them according to diameter of pipes PVC for water supply system. As material of production has quite insignificant weight, such pipes can easily be transported even to the remote places of residence.

Ease of mounting which can do to any person belongs to additional pluses. It should be noted also significant economy of the budget. Having spent minimum of means, you receive own high-quality water supply system on the personal plot.

How to connect plastic pipes for water supply system

There are several main ways of connection of plastic pipes for creation of water supply system.

Pasting. Before process check junction pieces for compatibility. For this purpose insert pipe into fitting – occurrence has to be on two thirds. For exact cutting of pipes it is necessary to use knife or the roller cutting torch. Then the edge cut is smoothed out by means of abrasive paper or normal file. Carefully delete shaving and blow pipe. The smoothed-out surface is degreased.

Glue is applied on inside face of feature connectors. Only after that the pipe is accurately entered into fitting and turns on 1/4 turns. It provides uniformity of distribution of glue structure. Then connection is fixed in the manual mode for drying (approximately on 25-35 sec.). Residues of glue are removed napkin.

Clutch coupling. Such type of connection is applied if the pipe diameter exceeds 50 mm. The tube section is put to the coupling, doing the corresponding marking. Glue is applied on inside face of pipe and the coupling, and carefully is fixed according to tags.

Flanged coupling. At this way the rubber gasket which connects bolts the pig-iron flange is used.

In bell. At first all connection places are greased with silicone structure (sealant, end face), and then the pipe is entered into bell to the corresponding mark.

Welding. The most reliable mounting mode. Pipes have to be very exactly cut. By means of special welding devices pipe end faces warm up to the necessary temperature, and then strong connect. Such method of connection is often used for pipeline laying underground.

In water supply application of any of above-mentioned ways of fixing of pipes is possible. But before everyone it is necessary to carry out preparatory stage. It includes cutting of pieces of necessary length (surely check that all diameters of plastic pipes for water supply system were identical), removal of facet, cleaning of the ends of pipes and their degreasing.

Arrangement of water supply system in garden from plastic pipes is capable to improve significantly living conditions for its owner. Using pipes PVC, you will create strong and long-lasting water supply system which will allow to operate water resources rationally.

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