Plot planning

Plot planning

At construction of the house on the site it is important to arrange competently it. To think of where the house where — reservoir and where — the cesspool, costs for blueprint stage and planning, after construction of the main building it will be extremely difficult to move it that there was enough place, say, for pond will be located.

Where to arrange the house? It, of course, first of all, depends on land relief and orientation on parts of the world. Also daily use of the earth, at home, of farm buildings, etc. is important. In the quiet small village where noise of the street does not irritate and ashes from the scurrying-about machines do not fly to as in summer open windows, the house it is possible to arrange to the front to the street and near it. At the same time the court yard in front of the house can be as open, with the low front garden, decorative small fence and tightly closed, clamped on the one hand by side wall of the house, with another — garage, other farm buildings, and fenced off on the front from the street by blind fence and high gate.

On the contrary, will save location of the house in the depth of the site from noise of the close route and department its dense garden. If in the farm buildings you intend to place any small production, to place musical studio or something not less noisy, here also costs will take care of removal from houses of neighbors or reliable noise isolation.

The house should not shade strongly the site and at the same time can serve the site near it as protection against cold norths. You should not have also it too close to reservoir, in the summer the reservoir magnet attracts different insects, and to mosquitoes at all — home. And the excess dampness is not necessary to the house.

When planning fire and sanitary standards are also surely considered. Before beginning development of the site, will be not superfluous to conduct research regarding structure of the soil and level of underground water. Perhaps, it is necessary to carry out drainage. It is not obligatory to call specialists, to check level of underground water not difficult and independently. For this purpose at the end of summer — early autumn near border of the site the hole about two meters in depth digs. (Afterwards it can be used under something therefore too think of arrangement of hole, to do to anything excess work). Through couple of days in hole water will settle, and you will be able to measure its level from ground level. If this distance is less than a meter — your site needs drainage if around one and a half — that drainage is desirable, but is not vital need.

The fertile layer of the earth on your site also should be protected therefore on site future location of the house, the fertile layer should be removed or shifted the tractor. Places where loose building material (crushed stone, sand) will fall down, also should be prepared, for this purpose it is possible to use wood deck 3000kh 3000mm for each separate material with sides in the 200-300th. It will save both the earth of your site, and building material which has property to be trampled and taken away on vast distances. The removed fertile layer needs also to be able to be kept, for this purpose the earth is collected in rolls or heaps and sowed with peas, the grown peas are mown and left on site. It is also quite good to add the brought peat and manure there. When time of breakdown of garden this well rested and fed-up earth to you still comes it is useful.

The green green hedge will help to divide your site into sectors (kitchen garden, garden, recreation area, barbecue, the playground). Depending on the separated zones, it can be dense or translucent, from ornamental plants or fruit crops.

In recent years more and more people refuse kitchen garden, as the main supporter for all year. Further and further tens of hundred parts sowed by potatoes and slave summer labor on infinite ridges consign to the past. More and more place is allocated under shortly short-haired lawns and tennis courts. Places of infinite hotbeds are taken by shady arbors, and instead of barrels with the water which is basked in the sun for watering inflatable pools appear at least. For full providing for the summer (and and for the winter to roll up something — will be enough) to family of four people quite enough one hundred part of kitchen garden. It is not difficult to cultivate this number of the land, it will not demand from you titanic efforts, and at the same time will undoubtedly supply if necessary with so necessary vitamins.

It is the best of all to distribute your small kitchen garden on long ridges with width no more than one and a half meters (and the meter is better), between beds the steamship in the 200-300th suffices. To add to it about twenty-thirty square meters of hotbeds and you will not need vegetables unless potatoes will request a little additional earth. If your greenhouses, hotbeds are expected year-round functioning (how to make such hotbed — the greenhouse will be considered in other article), then they will need heating that is, it makes sense to place them closer to the house that the line of heating had not to be pulled too far, or to do independent.

During the planning of the site and design it is at home not necessary to leave also about proportions. If you have small site in 4–6 hundred parts, and you will build the huge house, garage, workshop, surround all this four with meter fence, then it is possible that once having left in the garden you will feel in it as in the prison cell with the pressing walls. Of course, the feeling of safety is important, but as well as sense of proportion.

It is quite good if your high fence is hidden by trees and bushes. Well-groomed, shortly cut lawn, paths covered with moss from wild stone or the spaces paved with tile visually move apart space. Correctly built perspective from bushes and trees of different height and form can create illusion of immensity of your possession. The plants exhaling pleasant aroma should be planted closer to the house, but at the same time it is quite good to consult whether can cause these plants poisoning and headache (lilac, lily of the valley in the closed space).

You should not forget when planning about the playground, and near it the strawberry bed very much will not prevent … At the same time it is quite good that the playground on the one hand has been covered from wind with bushes of green hedge, but with another — it was well looked through from outside at home, especially if you have small children.

It is the best of all to place the site for barbecue equipped with arbor or canopy on the bank of reservoir, opened on North side, or to give it shadiness having planted fruit-trees on edge.

When planning it is necessary to consider future arrangement of drainage and drinking wells and to observe sanitary distance between them. The entrance to the house or garage of the machine has to be convenient and not occupy a lot of useful area and if you are going to leave the machine near the house on the open parking, it is necessary to remember that from roof slope in winter time the descent of snow and ice is possible. The entrance to the house of the necessary equipment under construction needs also to be considered. Perhaps, you decide to dig out on the site pond by means of the bulldozer or the excavator, at the same time it should be taken into account also possibility of their arrival on the site. Having built the house and having broken garden kitchen garden, you can quite block the only possible journey of the equipment to the place of your future pond.

Remembering proverb about “hundred times measure” during the planning and preparation, you will avoid many disagreements and difficulties already in the course of the construction. Competently to make the plan of works, it is not necessary to be the great specialist. It is just necessary to take the handle and paper and on points to write down all the desires and imaginations connected with allotment which you have. Then mentally to realize them, stage behind stage, and the puzzle gradually itself will be finished, points of your desires will correct numbers and priority of the subsequent execution.

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